One Day at College









As she opened the door of the semi-detached house, she grinned and said “hey Markie – thanks for coming round and doing this for us?”


The brown haired young man shook his head as he said “I have no idea why the heck you wanted me to do this for you and your flatmates – and have they all agreed to this anyway?”


“Oh they think it will be a laugh – and I trust you, and they trust me.  So, how are you going to do this?”  She looked at him, wearing a denim jacket over a black t-shirt and jeans, as he pulled a pair of black leather gloves on over his hands, having put a bag on the floor.


“Well, why don’t we start with you,” he said with a smile, “take me to your room.”


He followed her to her room, looking at her casual outfit.  The dark haired student was wearing a woollen jumper, with blue, grey and white stripes, jeans and blue baseball boots, smiling as she closed the door – and then felt his hand over her mouth.


“Now then,” he said in a calm voice, “I want you to remain calm, and to do as I say.  Nod if you understand.”   He smiled as he physically felt her relax, and nod as he said “good – go and lie face down on your long seat, and put your hands behind your back.”


“You’re not going to hurt me, are you,” she whispered in a quiet voice as she walked over, and he took from his jacket pocket a length of yellow nylon rope.


“Not if you behave yourself,” he said with a smile as she lay down, and he gently guided her arms behind her back, folding them so that her forearms were parallel, and then wrapping the rope around her wrists, pulling it firmly so that they were held together, watching her flex her fingers as she giggled.


“All right so far?”


She nodded as he then bent her legs, smiling as he wrapped the yellow rope around and between her ankles so that they were held firmly together as well.  As he tied the rope off, she wriggled round, the edge of her jumper rising to reveal her bare midriff.


“Hmmm – maybe I should tickle you while I am here,” he said as he gently ran his gloved fingers over her sides.


“HEY!   Don’t you have to go and deal with the others,” she said as she wriggled round.


“I guess so – don’t go anywhere,” he said as he patted her bottom, watching her smile as he went out of the door, and down the stairs.  Picking up the bag, he went into the kitchen table, and removed from it a roll of clear tape, smiling as he palmed it and then walked along the corridor, quietly opening the room door.


The blonde haired girl was sitting at her desk, looking through books and making notes as she did so.  She was wearing a purple woollen top, blue jeans with a black belt, and white anklet socks – and she was so intent on her studying she did not hear him close the door, walk up behind her, and watch for a moment.




She suddenly looked up – and then felt the gloved hand over her mouth as he said “it’s Gina, isn’t it?  Well, Gina, I want you to listen to me.  I want you to remain calm, and not to struggle.”


Something in his voice made Gina feel she could trust him, as she slowly nodded and said “whttdduwnnttt?”


“Exactly what you wanted to happen, Gina – so if I take my hand away, will you stay quiet, and not alert anyone to what is happening?”


As she nodded, he said “Good – now, do me a favour, and when I take my hand away, raise your arms and put our hands together, palm to palm, above your head.”


“What are you going to do to me,” Gina whispered as she raised her hands, hearing the ripping sound before the tug on her skin as the man wrapped the clear tape tightly round her wrists.


“Keep you out of the way for a little while as I steal your nice things,” he said quietly as he tore the tape free and smoothed to down.  “Now, make yourself comfortable on your bed.”


As she lowered her arms, Gina stood up and walked to the corner of her room, lying down with her head on the pillow of her bed, that and the mattress covered in grey striped cloth.  She watched as the man took the roll of clear tape, and secured her ankles together in the same way, strangely calm as the tape went round and round.


“There now,” he said as he bent her legs, “you’re not scared are you?”


“No,” Gina whispered as she looked at him.


“That’s right, because you know I’m not going to hurt you,” he said as he taped her legs together above her knees, and then stretched her legs out as he gently removed her white socks.  As he gently stroked the soles of her feet, she giggled and said “no, don’t do that…”


“Maybe I should keep you quiet?”


Gina looked at him for a moment, and surprised herself by saying “Maybe you should.”  She watched as he folded her ankle socks together, and then opened her mouth to allow him to push them in, feeling the material on her tongue as the edges stuck out.


“Now, will you be a good girl and keep them in there, or do I have to put some tape over as well?”


Gina shook her head from side to side, wriggling as he turned her radio on.  She knew, if she wanted, she could reach up, pull the socks up and call for help, but somehow, she did not want to…





Macey closed the front door to the house – and then stared at the young man who came out of Gina’s room, smiling as he placed some jewellery into his jacket pocket.


“Who are you,” she said quietly as she stood there, her blue denim jacket over a white vest top with a black pattern on the front, tight black jeans, grey ankle socks and trainers.


“Me?  I’m the man who is asking you,” he said in a quiet, calm voice, “not to scream or shout, but to do as I say.  I promise you, I mean you no harm, but I do need to make sure you, like your other housemates, cannot raise the alarm or stop me.”


Macey looked at him, as he stood and smiled, and said quietly “I have your word?”


“You have my word – come into the front room with me.”


Macey walked slowly forward as he watched, and opened the door to the front room, the man smiling as he reached into his bag and took out a roll of silver duct tape.  Turning round as he closed the door, she said “and what are you going to do?”


Looking at her, her long black hair falling over her shoulders, he said “well, first, put your bag on the couch, take off your watch and put it there as well.”


As she eft them down, the man tore the end of the tape free, and said “good – lie on your back, and put your hands in the air, palms together.”


“All right,” she whispered, unsure why she was doing this, but she lay down on the carpet, watching as he took the roll of tape and wrapped it tightly round her wrists, securing them together as she made two fists, her silver painted fingernails pressing into the palms of her hands.


“Relax, it doesn’t hurt does it,” he said as he tore the tape free and patted it down.  She looked at them the cuffs of her jacket under the band, and whispered “No” as she shook her head.


“Good – put your feet up on my knee please.”  He watched as Macey did as he asked, and then wrapped the tape tightly around her legs, securing them together before he gently lowered them to the floor, and tore a strip of tape from the roll.


“Relax, remain calm – and put your lips together for me.”


“All right,” she said quietly and then she felt his fingers as he smoothed the tape firmly over her mouth, adding two more strips as she looked up at him, trusting him…


“There – now stay here,” he said with a smile, “I still have one more of your housemates to take care of, and she may be the most trouble…”




Bertha looked up as the door to her room opened, wondering who it was disturbing her.  The engineering student was wearing a grey zipped college jacket over a black jumper, faded blue jeans with the legs tucked into a pair of straight black leather boots.


She in turn looked at the casually dressed young man who closed the door behind himself, smiling as he said “hello Bertha – the other girls have told me all about you.”


“Indeed,” Bertha said as she cocked her head to one side, “and what did they say?”


“that you would be the one to stop me completing the robbery of this house, and that you would enjoy beating me to a pulp while you did so.”


“Quite possibly,” Bertha said as she stood up and walked over, “unless you can persuade me it would be better if I did not.”


“Well, that can be a little bit of a challenge,” he said with a smile, “now about I offer you a challenge.”


“A challenge?  Of what type?”


“I bet you I can use this,” he said as he held up a long length of thin gold and green rope, “and only this length of rope, and by the time I am done, you will not be able to get up.”


Bertha laughed as she looked at him, and said “all right then – how?”


“Put your wrists out in front of you.”


Smiling, Bertha watched as the man made a little loop on one end of the rope, and slipped it over her hands, then pulled it tight as her wrists were forced together.  He worked quickly, wrapping the rope around and between her arms before knotting it under her wrists.


“Okay – you have my wrists secured, I grant you that,” she said as she moved her arms round, “but I can still move.”


“For the moment – that looks like a comfortable place to be,” he said as he looked at her striped couch, “please, lie on your side.”


Bertha nodded as she walked over, lying with her head on one of the arms as he took hold of the remaining length of rope.


“So, how are you going to do this?”


“Like this,” the man said quietly as he bent Bertha’s legs, and then started to secure them together between her knees and her ankles, taking it around and between her legs over the leather before tying it off.  Bertha looked at him, and tried to move her wrists – but that made her legs bend more and move up, and when she tried to straighten her legs she found her wrists were pulled down as well.


“So – think you can get up and move about now?”


“I guess not,” Bertha said with a sigh, “very clever.  So, what happens now – you stop me calling for help?”


“Well, that would be logical – but how quiet do you want to be?”


“Do your worst,” Bertha whispered – and when she realised what she had said, she opened her mouth wide, as the man slipped s mall black rubber ball into her mouth, her teeth biting down on it as her lips tried to close over it.


“Now, about you being quiet, will this do it,” he said as he tore several strips of clear tape off, covering her mouth and face until the ball was sealed into place.  Bertha twisted round and tried to speak, but eventually she just nodded as she looked at him.


“Right – stay there,” he said with a smile as he left her in the room, and want down the stairs.  Both Gina and Macey looked at him and nodded, as he went upstairs again, and back into the first bedroom.


“You did it,” she asked as she looked over from the bed.


“I did – no problem.  I guess I really do have that gift Yvonne?”


“You do, Mark Williamson,” the girl said with a smile, “but what are you going to do about it?”









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