Scouting for Boys







“Good afternoon,” Hedy said as she opened her front door to see her neighbour Judy standing there, her son Timmy with her in his Scout uniform.  “Jimmy’s in his bedroom if you want to go up, Timmy?”


“Thanks, Mrs Henderson,” the eleven year old boy said as he ran up the stairs, Judy smiling as he went up.  The dark haired woman was wearing a long red dress with black polka dots, the edge of a white slip just visible at the hem of the skirt and a white collar at her neck.  The sleeves were short, while she was also wearing matching red heels, a thin red Alice band holding her hair back.


“Is that a new dress Hedy?”


“It most certainly is, do you like it,” Hedy said as she twirled round.  The dress was light green with a subtle grey fern print, buttoned up the front from hem to neck with a high round collar.  Her heels were made of black velvet, her light brown hair styled in soft waves.  “I got it at Claudette’s yesterday.”


“Well it really suits you,” Judy said with a smile.  “Got the coffee brewing?”


“And some cake to have with it – come away in,” Hedy said as they walked into the kitchen, Judy putting the cake and plates on one tray while Hedy poured the coffee into a pot.


“So why did the boys want to get together this afternoon?”


“Apparently they have some sort of badge test this afternoon,” Hedy said as she poured the coffee into two cups, and handed Judy one.  “I’m sure they’ll be able to look after themselves.”


“Is Billy coming as well?”


“Does that answer your question,” Hedy said as the doorbell rang, and she went out, saying “hello Billy, go on up.  We’re having coffee in here Diana.”  Judy smiled as she saw her neighbour from the other side of her house come in.  Diana was wearing a long sleeved mustard coloured blouse with a green flower print, the shade complementing her own darker skin tone, and a matching band tied in her long black hair with a bow on the top.  The hair was held back in a bun, her black knee length skirt with a thin belt round her waist, and black kitten heels.


“That looks good,” she said as she took a seat, and accepted a cup of coffee while Judy cut the cake, putting slices onto plates and handing them round as well.  “So, what are your plans for the weekend Diana?”


“Alec and I are planning to go to the cinema – they are showing Carmen Jones, and I love Harry Belafonte.  What about you Hedy?”


“Well, I have the shopping and chores to do,” Hedy said as she put her coffee cup down, “and then church on Sunday.”


“Such an exciting life you lead,” Judy laughed as she looked at her friend.


“Well, not everybody’s husband is a newsreader,” Hedy said with a raised eyebrow as she looked at the door.  “Jimmy, is there something you need?”


She looked at her twelve year old son, standing there in his shirt and shorts, his kerchief round his neck with the woggle on the front, as he said “Mom, can you help me with practicing for my badge test tonight?”


“Of course I will?”


“And will Timmy and Billy’s mother helps as well?”


The other two looked at each other, and then at Hedy before Judy said “All right, what do we need to do?”


“Can you come into the dining room please?”


The three women stood up and walked with Jimmy towards the rear of the house, walking into the dining room to see Timmy and Billy standing there.  They had put two of the high backed dining chairs either side of a low coffee table, a green cloth sitting over the top of it.


But both of the boys had their scarves pulled up over their mouths and noses in a bandit style, and as Hedy turned she saw Jimmy had done the same thing.


“This is a robbery lady,” he said as he put his hand in the air, two fingers extended, “all three of you, sit down and don’t move.”


“Jimmy, we didn’t agree to a game, you said it was to help with your badge work.”


“Awww mom,” Jimmy said, “this does both.  Please?”


“What is the class,” Judy said quietly.


“Didn’t the boys tell you?”  Diana laughed as she said “it’s knot tying.  Look on the table.”


Hedy’s eyes opened wide when she saw the ropes on the dining table, before she said “Where…  Where did you get the ropes?”


“We collected them,” Timmy said as he looked at his mother, “please play as well Mom?”


The other two looked at Diana as she took a seat on one of the dining chairs, smiling as she said “it’s just a game, don’t worry,” and put her arms over the chair back.  Billy smiled as he said “thanks mom” and picked up a length of rope from the table before he walked behind the chair. 


Hedy and Judy walked over and watched as Billy wrapped the rope round his mother’s wrists and tied them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms as she wriggled round.  “You told the boys the rules,” she said as she looked over her shoulder.


“Yeah – be careful and don’t touch anywhere we should not,” her son said as he smiled back.


“You let him do this to you,” Judy said quietly.


“Yeah – it can be fun.  Have a seat – they’re not going to hurt us.”


The other two looked at each other, before Hedy sat on the other dining chair and put her arms over the chair back, Judy shaking her head and saying “I need my head examined” as she sat on the table between them.  She saw Timmy nervously pick up a length of rope, before he walked behind her and said “put your hands behind your back, Mo…  Lady.”


She sighed and put her hands behind her, feeling the rope on her wrists as her son slowly tied them together, Billy watching him and then nodding before he went to where Jimmy was binding Hedy’s wrists.  Is mother had her hands balled into fists, unsure if this was a wise thing to do – but she saw Diana smiling as she said “please don’t hurt us, you bad robbers.”


“Be quiet, or we make you quiet,” Billy said, but he was laughing as he passed some rope around his mother’s waist and pulled her against the chair back, making sure once again the knot was out of reach of his mother’s long, probing fingers.


“Are you going to do that to me as well,” Hedy said, and then she saw the white rope over her waist, the bands covering the belt at her waist as Jimmy followed billy’s instructions.  While Billy had taken the rope between the spars of the chair back, he told Jimmy to wrap it round the chair back – but Hedy was still held fast as she tried to move.


“Well, I guess that’s not going to happen to me,” Judy laughed – and then she saw her own son doubling over a long, long length of rope.


“Like you taught me Billy?”


“those are going to be famous last words, Judy,” Diana laughed as the young boy passed the rope round his mother’s waist, and then pulled it tight, trapping her bound wrists against her back as he wound it again and again round her.  Hedy and Diana watched as Timmy created what amounted to a white girdle, going from Judy’s waist to under her chest before she tied the rope off.


“How does it feel,” Diana asked as her friend tried to wriggle round.


“Well, it is tight,” Judy said as she looked over, “but why hasn’t he done this to you?”


“He hasn’t – yet.”  Hedy wondered what she meant by that as she watched Jimmy kneel in front of her, doubling over another length of rope before he passed it round her ankles and started to bind them together.  It was fascinating to her to watch as he wound it round again and again, then pulled it between her legs to make it tighter before he tied it off in front of her.  she then looked at Diana as Billy tied her ankles in the same way, Timmy making sure his own mother could not move her legs apart either.


“We’re not going anywhere,” Hedy said as she looked at Jimmy, “so please, take what you want and leave us alone.”


“Oh no – we’re not satisfied we have done enough knot practice yet.”


The three women looked at Billy as he took more rope, and wrapped it round Diana’s legs.  They watched as he wound it down her legs and then around her feet, tying it under her heels so that she could not take her shoes off.




Judy shook her head as she looked at Timmy, kneeling at her feet.


“Can I take your shoes off, Mom?”


Judy slowly nodded, wondering what he was going to do as he slipped off her red heels and she looked at the reinforced toes of her stockings.  He then took the rope, and like Billy tied it round her legs and down, securing her feet together as well as she felt the rope rubbing on her soles.


But it was Hedy who was staring, as her son tied her legs together, trapping the skirt of her dress under the bands of rope as he did so.  She could not move her legs, and as he started to wrap more rope around her upper legs and the seat of the chair, she wondered why it was starting to feel so nice to be like this…


Billy was also tying his mother’s legs together above her knees, trapping her skirt in the same way, but Judy shook her head as she said “I think that’s enough there Timmy, all right?”


“That’s fine Timmy,” Billy said as he looked over, “these ladies are not going to be walking anywhere now.”


“What else are you going to do,” Hedy said quietly, slowly, feeling very strange as Jimmy took even more rope, and walked behind her, wrapping it round her body below her chest as she was pulled even more against the chair back.  The band grew wider, Judy looking at her as she said “Hedy, are you all right?  Maybe the boys should…”


“No – no, they can keep going,” Hedy said in a quiet whisper, Diana looking keenly at her as her own son wound rope under her chest and between the spars of the chair back.  She was fixed into place now, the buttons of her blouse parting very slightly as her blouse was stretched over her body.  She noticed the same thing was happening with Hedy – but that was not the only thing that was happening to her.  She had a strange look in her eyes – one she knew…


“All right, guys – next ropes, and remember the rules.”


“What do you mean by…?  TIMMY!”  Judy was taken by surprise as her son next took some rope around her upper body, forcing her arms into her sides as he went round again and again, forming another tight band.  She tried to wriggle round, but her arms were held fast – and she could not help noticing the way her dress was now stretched, her chest forced up and out.


“Diana, what are they doing?”


“What robbers do,” Diana answered with a smile as Billy tied rope around her own upper body, ensuring she could not move them either.  She knew she could trust him, and the boys were behaving themselves, as Jimmy made sure Hedy’s arms were tightly secured as well.


Hedy looked down at the two bands of rope, forcing her chest out as one of the buttons threatened to open between them.  She was now immobilised on the chair, and as she wriggled the ropes were rubbing on her.


Making her feel quite faint…


“Well, I think you boys are going to pass your knot tying classes with flying colours,” Diana said with a smile.


“Thanks,” Billy said under his scarf, “but we gotta make sure you ladies cannot raise the alarm now.  He then looked over at Jimmy, who was staring wide-eyed at Hedy, admiring the way his mother looked.


The young boy looked over, and then nodded as he took one more length of rope from the table, and secured it to the chair back before he carefully threaded it under Hedy’s arm, above all the ropes, and then pulled it up and around the back of her head, moving her hair out of the way as he did so, then just as carefully under the other arm.  He tied the loose end to the chair back as Hedy realised she was truly, totally immobilised.


“When you say, cannot raise the alarm,” Judy said as she looked at her son, “what do you mean.”


“We’re gonna gag you, Mom,” he said as each boy picked up a folded white cloth, and then stood in front of their mothers.


“Just follow my lead – you get used to it very quickly,” Diana said before she looked at Billy.  “One hour maximum, and you boys needs to fix your own snacks.”


“thanks Mom,” Billy said with a smile as Diana opened her mouth and allowed him to put the folded cloth in, closing her lips over it before he folded a white scarf and pulled it round her head, covering her nose and chin as the other two women watched and securing the ends together at the base of her neck.


“We’re going to talk about this later, right,” Judy said, Diana nodding before Timmy pushed the folded cloth into her own mouth.  She could taste the cotton on her tongue, and then felt the pressure on her face as her own son tied a second white scarf tightly round her head as well, her cheeks pushed in as he knotted the two ends behind her neck.


“Yeah…  Later…”


Both women watched as jimmy pushed the cloth into Hedy’s mouth, and then tied a yellow scarf tightly round her head, covering her mouth and chin as she twisted her body.


“Let’s look for valuables, guys,” Timmy said as he led the other two out, leaving the three women alone.  Judy started to twist round, feeling the green cloth move under her as she did so, but her son was obviously a very good knot tier – she could hardly move at all, and was wondering what she could possibly do about it.




She looked at Diana, who nodded as she tried to twist round as well.  This was hardly the first time her son had tied her to a chair – or the first time she had been tied up – and if she could talk, she would have admitted she liked this, enjoyed the experience.  She could see there was still a lot of concern in Judy’s eyes.


“Htshsjhsshhpohsss.  Thhhffnthrthsshfth?”


Judy shook her head as she looked at her neighbour.






Diana shook her head – and then they both turned their heads and looked at Hedy as she twisted in the ropes holding her to her chair.  Her eyes were half closed, and she was sweating slightly, but she was also trying to speak.




She was moaning softly now as well as the ropes rubbed on her body with each movement.  Judy looked at her with a concerned expression, wondering if she was all right as she closed her eyes and let out another soft moan.


Judy had to admit, it wasn’t that uncomfortable, but something was definitely happening to her friend – she seemed to really be enjoying the experience.


Diana looked over and smiled under the white gag – she knew what Hedy was starting to feel, because she sometimes felt that way as well.  It was obviously a first time for her staid, straight-laced friend however…


“Shllbhffhnnn,” she mumbled as Judy looked at her, “hllhthlkhthhrlhtrr.”


Hedy moaned softly under the gags as the ropes worked on her, and she felt the peace, the calmness, and the pleasure.


And Diana?  Diana was thinking of what else she could show Hedy to make her life more exciting…







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