Scouting for Girls




How can I be sure,

When the world is constantly changing,

How can I be sure,

Where I stand with you…..”


The latest single from David Cassidy was playing as Tina tried to make herself comfortable in the chair.  Dee was kneeling down in front of her, pulling the loop of cord around her nylon clad ankles.


“Remind me of why I’m doing this to you,” her sister said as she passed the ends between her ankles and tied them together.  Dee was the older by two years, and at twenty was a legal secretary for a local firm.  This was her day off, and she was wearing a Chinese robe tied around her waist with a satin sash.


“I told you – it’s for the show my Scout troop are doing, and I need some practice before hand.”  Tina was eighteen, with shoulder length light brown hair, and was wearing a tan coloured short sleeved dress with a pair of matching kitten heels.  She had agreed to play the part of the hostage as a Den Mother, but wanted to know what it felt like.


As the music played in the background, Dee took another length of rope and passed it around Tina’s legs above her knees.  She had started by securing her sister’s wrists together behind the back of the wooden chair, and then wound a long length of rope around her arms, chest and shoulders to secure her to the chair back.  The final knot had been tied around the thin white belt she was wearing, but as she cinched the ropes between her legs she was wondering if she had gone a little too far.


“Not if I know those little scamps,” Tina replied as she asked the question.  “Can you do me a favour?”


“Sure,” Dee said as she tightened the robe around her.


“Put on the Osmonds album and make us some coffee.”


“All right then,” Dee said as she walked over to the record player.  Pulling the vinyl disc from the cover, she placed it on the player and moved the needle over.  As the music filled the room, she left Tina sitting in the chair and made her way to the kitchen.


Tina heard some noises in the kitchen – chairs moving and what sounded like a grunt – and called through “Are you all right in there?”


“Y… Yes, I’m fine,” she heard Dee call back.  “You just stay there and I’ll be back in a minute.”


Tina relaxed as the next song started to play


Don’t love me for fun, girl,

Let me be the one girl!



“Smart move,” the man said as he pulled Dee’s wrists behind the back of the chair and started to tie them together.  She had walked into the kitchen to find two strangers standing there, dress in open necked white shirts and dark pants, but with stockings pulled over their heads.  She had also seen the guns in their hands, and quietly obeyed when they ordered her to taker her robe off.


She was now sat in a kitchen chair, watching one of the men tie her ankles together with rope while the other lashed her wrists together.  She was wearing a rather large pair of floral pants, and a locket chain around her neck, but nothing else to keep out the chill she felt as she was being tied up.


As the man on the floor finished tying her ankles together, she felt rather than saw her arms being lashed to the back rest.  Her ankles were then pulled back, and Dee felt more rope being tied around her wrists.  A long length was then passed around her chest, above and below her small pert breasts in a crossed manner.


“Please,” she said quietly as the music continued to play in the front room, “Don’t hurt us.  Take what you want, but don’t hurt us.”


“You just be quiet,” the taller of the two men said as he took yet another length of rope from his pocket, knelt at the side of Dee and passed it around her legs above her knees.  “We just want the keys to your office, so do as you’re told.”  He pulled her legs together, then secured the ends of the rope back down to the front legs of the chair.  Dee let her head drop as she realised the helplessness of her situation.


“Hey, Jack,” the younger said as he peeped through the kitchen door, “take a look at the younger one.”


The older man looked through, walked back to Dee and said “Interrupt something, did we?  No matter – makes out job easier.”


“You harm a hair on her head, and I’ll….”


“You’ll what,” Jack said as he stuffed a white handkerchief into Dee’s mouth.  “I told you to be quiet, but now you forced us to make sure you will be.  Sit still and do nothing.”


Dee looked on as the younger one took a long thin black scarf out of his pocket, roll it into a thick band and stand in front of her.  Knowing it was useless to resist, Dee allowed him to pull the cloth into her mouth holding the packing in place, and tying the ends tightly together over her curly blonde hair.


“Why don’t you have some fun with the little sister, Dave, while I search the rest of the house?”  Jack handed the younger man his gun as they both left the room, Dee screaming in muffled frustration as they did so.




“And they called it Puppy Love,” Tina was singing to herself as the room door opened.  “Hey, Dee, have you got that…. Oh.  Who are you?”


She looked at the young man standing there, and giggled.  “Are you meant to be Clint Eastwood?”


“I beg your pardon?” Dave replied.


“You know, in that film where he robs the bank?  You look like him.”


“Hmm – what happened here?”


“Oh, rehearsing for a Scout show.  Why?”


Dave examined the knots.  “Not bad, but I can do better.”


“You can?” Tina said excitedly.  “How?”


“If I untie you, I can show you.  Would you like that?”


Tina nodded, and Dave began to quickly undo the ropes, folding them neatly as he did so.  As Tina stood up, she rubbed her wrists and said “Who are you anyway?”


“Me?  OH, you can pretend I’m a robber.  In fact,” he said as he pointed his gun at her, “before we start, take that dress off.”


“Oh, this is realistic,” Tina giggled as she reached back and unzipped her dress, revealing as it fell to the floor a white sleeveless top and brown pants.  “What do you want me to do?”


Dave pulled the chair she had been sat in a way from the wall.  “Sit down, put your hands behind the back of the chair, and I’ll show you how a real burglar would tie you up.”


Tina giggled as Dave took her wrist behind her back, placed them parallel to each other and quickly tied them together, before taking some shorter lengths and securing her arms to the chair back.  “Have you done this before?  That’s very secure,” she said as he picked up the long length of rope and, using a pair of scissors on a nearby table, but two shorter lengths off.


“Once or twice,” he replied as he pulled one of Tina’s ankles against a front chair leg and secured her leg in place, repeating the process on the other side.  He made sure both of the ankle ropes were passed around the crossbar that was in the bottom of the chair for extra support, before taking the length that had been around Tina’s legs before and tying it back into place, pulling her ankles together and lifting her heels off the floor.


“This is good,” Tina said as she turned and smiled at Dave.  “Where did you learn to do this?”


“As a burglar,” Dave replied, and a frown crossed Tina’s face.


“Where’s Dee?”


“In the kitchen,” Dave said as he took a white handkerchief out of his pocket.  “Don’t worry – my friend and I will be on our way soon.  Now, open wide…”




Dee tried to call out as she heard her sister’s cries, but the cloth in her mouth was making any form of lucid communication impossible.  Looking round the room, she noticed the knives lying on the draining rack by the sink, and she slowly started to try and move her chair over.




“There now,” Dave said as the door opened and Jack walked in.  “Now you know how it really feels to be tied up during a robbery.”


Tina glared at the two men as they stood there.  Dave had passed the rope around her upper thighs, holding her firmly to the seat of the chair, and then around her waist and chest in four places.  The rope was then secured at the back, taken over her shoulders and passed through the four loops before going over the other shoulder and tied at the back.  A black cloth was also pulled between her lips, keeping the handkerchief he had stuffed into her mouth in place.


“Nice job, Dave,” the older man said as he checked the knots.  “You won’t be going anywhere, will you dear?”


Tina moaned as he pinched her breasts, the pain being unexpected.  “Why don’t you put the other side of that god-awful album on for her,” Jack said as he left the room.  Dave smiled, turned the LP over and moved the needle back into place.  Tina started to try to scream as the signing started.


Let me be, let me be the one again….



Dee looked up as the kitchen door opened.  She had mad her way over to the sink, and was looking at the ropes that held her in the chair in a vain attempt to find a weak spot.


“OH dear, are we trying to escape?” she heard Jack say, and she looked up with a cream muffled by the cloth.  “Dave, untie her – let her see her sister, then bring her back here.


The younger man quickly untied Dee, and removed the gag from her mouth.  “What have you done with my sister,” she demanded as Jack quickly tied her wrists together in front of her.


Leading her by the arm, Dee screamed as she saw Tina lashed in the chair.  “Please, let her go, it’s me you want,” she sobbed as she was dragged back to the kitchen.


“We’ll go soon – but first you can give me the combination to the safe in your office,” Jack said as he held Dee’s chin in his gloved hand.


“All right, all right,” Dee sobbed, and she started to give the numbers.


“Very good, now – sit down facing the back of the chair.”


As she did as she was asked, sobbing all the time, Dee offered no resistance as Dave took the long length of rope and passed it around her waist and the chair back, pulling her forward so that her breasts were compressed against the wood.  He then tied her ankles to the back legs of the chair, before securing her wrists with a length of rope to the back bar.


“Thank you for your cooperation,” Jack sneered as Dave took a long dark blue wool scarf and pulled it into Dee’s mouth, knotting it under her hair.  She sobbed as she watched the two men leave the kitchen by the rear door, closing it behind them, and wondered how she and Tina were going to get out of this predicament.


She looked up at the clock on the wall as the hands reached eleven, then at the telephone set that was hanging on the wall.


Tina listened to the silence, before wondering what the faint scraping noises were that she could hear from the kitchen.  She knew Dee was still in there, having seen her briefly in her panties and her wrists tied, but had no idea what had happened to her in there.  Perhaps she was trying to get to a knife, or else to get herself free?


It was an agonisingly slow process as Dee dragged herself over to the wall.  Reaching the handset, she slowly started to rock the chair, reaching with her head to try and dislodge the receiver from the holder.