Wife Swap









The five men looked at each other as they sat on one side of the room, and then put their car keys into the glass bowl as their partners looked on from the other side of the room.  They had eaten well, and now it was time for the evening’s entertainment to begin.


“So,” he said as he looked across the room, “who would like to go first?”


The five women looked at each other, before Catherine slowly stood up.  The youngest of the five, her husband had recently been appointed Chief Financial Officer, and she wanted to show they were team players.  She walked across the floor, her soft black leather skirt rippling as she did so, and took a set of keys out.


She looked over as the tall Legal Officer stood, wearing a Saville Row suit with a shirt and tie, and took her hand as he husband nodded.  They walked up the stairs of the mansion and into one of the bedrooms, Catherine looked round as he said “are you nervous?”


“Yes – I… I’ve never done anything like this before.”  As she sat on the bed, the man looked at her – the tight black sweater her long brown hair was falling on the shoulders of, and the knee length leather boots.


“That’s all right,” he said with a smile as he took his jacket off, and hung it on the back of the door.  “I assure you, I will not hurt you.  Trust me?”


Catherine nodded as she said “do you do this often?”


“Oh yes – we find our wives enjoy the experience.  Are you ready?”


As Catherine nodded, he opened a drawer in a bureau, and took out several lengths of white rope, her eyes opening wide as he said “Please, put your hands behind your back, and we can begin.”


Catherine nodded slowly as she turned round, looking over her shoulder as he sat behind her, and then wound the rope tightly around and between her wrists as she felt them being held firmly together.


“That – that doesn’t feel too bad,” she said, smiling slightly as she wriggled her fingers.


“Done properly, it should not hurt at all,” he said with a smile as he knelt down, and put her ankles together.  Catherine could feel the rope tightening around them, and as she twisted her legs she heard the soft squeak of leather on leather.


“Okay – I can see you are gentle, and it is comfortable,” she said with a smile as he stood up, “so what happens now?”


“Now, if you are ready, I make you more secure.  Ready?”


Catherine nodded as he took more rope from the drawer, and secured her legs together below her knees.


“I wonder if Alan will do this for me?”


“He will be learning as well – now, I’m going to secure your arms to your sides.”


Catherine nodded as he took a longer length of rope, and tied it round her arms and body, noticing how her jumper was stretched as he did this.  He then tied the rope off behind her as she twisted round, and smiled.


“So what are you going to do to me now?  I can’t stop you, after all.”


“I know,” he said as he sat behind her, brushing her hair away from her head as Catherine shivered, wondering what he was going to do next?  Touch her?  Kiss her?


So the damp cloth he held firmly over her nose and mouth took her completely by surprise, as her eyes opened wide and she breathed in.  The effect was immediate as she felt the fog suddenly begin to form in her mind, and her eyelids slowly fluttered and closed…


He laid her on her side on the couch, whispering “forgive me” as he opened her lips and gently eased the cloth in, then wrapped the thin cloth round her head taking twice between her lips and tying the ends off before he checked her pulse.  Nodding, he sat down and waited…






The busty blonde smiled as she stood up and walked over, reaching into the bowl and taking out a set of keys.


“Derek – I get lucky again.”


The other three men nodded as the HR director stood up and they walked up the stairs, entering a second room as Elaine said “Well, you know what I like Derek.”  She was wearing a black evening dress with lace short sleeves, dark hose and knee length leather boots with straps going up the leg.


“I do indeed – do you want to be quiet and blindfolded first, and then I can surprise you?”


“Oh yes,” Elaine purred as Derek opened a drawer, and took out a roll of white tape and a pack of cotton wool.  Tearing a sizable pad off, he smiled as he said “open your mouth and close your eyes.”


“Yes sir,” she whispered before h put the pad in her mouth, and then wrapped the white tape tightly round her head to cover her mouth, trapping her hair against her neck as he did so.  He then put two cotton pads over her eyes before he wrapped the tape round her upper head to blindfold her.


“Feel good?”


“Hmmyhsss – nhwhhtt?”


“Time for you to be the caterpillar.”


Elaine nodded as he tore the end of the large roll of white tape free, and then pressed it to her left wrist as she stood with her arms by her side.  He worked methodically, Elaine hearing the soft peeling sound as the tape encircled her arms and body, Derek moving up the body until it was a white sheath from her waist to her neck, her fingers wriggling as she nodded.


“I’m going to lie you on the bed – after I secure your legs,” he said quietly as he picked up a second roll of taper and went in the other direction, the white covering and holding her legs together until she truly looked as if she was a white chrysalis, twisting round.  Under the tape, she was smiling, enjoying herself, feeling so helpless…


Derek smiled as he lifted the cocooned woman up, laying her gently on the bed, only the heels and shoes of her black boots showing.


“I hope you’re ready for your surprise now,” he whispered into her ear, Elaine moaning as she wriggled round.  Derek smiled as he stepped back, and opened the door, watching as she was carried out….



“Three to go – which of you would like to go next?”


Alan was sitting, fidgeting nervously as Derek’s wife stood up and walked over.  Ingrid was German, blonde, and was wearing a tightly fitting black leather waistcoat over a long sleeved red blouse, a matching leather skirt, dark hose and knee length black leather boots laced up the front.


She smiled at him as she reached into the bowl and drew out some keys, Alan watching carefully to see if it was his turn…


“Come,” she said as she held her hand out, Peter smiling as he took it and walked out with her.  The other man left looked at Alan as he said “don’t worry – it will be your time soon…”


“So, Peter,” she said in her soft accented voice as she closed the door, “what do you wish to do to me?”


“Make you my hostage,” Peter said quietly as he opened a drawer and took out a ball of brown twine, “just like in those old television series.  I want you to lie down on the bed, and put your hands together in prayer.”


“Please, do not hurt me,” Ingrid said with a smile as she did as she was asked, watching as Peter made a lasso of the end of the twine, and then put it down over her hands, pulling tight as she whispered “Heiliger Vater, höre mein Gebet, erlöse mich von diesem Übel ...”


“Be quiet,” Peter whispered as he wrapped the twine between her wrists to make it tighter, and then took her hands above her head, wrapping the twine round the headboard to keep them there, before he took the twine back down.  Bending her knees, she watched as he wrapped the twine round above and below her knees, whispering “Vergib mir, dass ich so viel Freude daran habe und dass es mich so begeistert …


“I know you do,” Peter said as he wrapped the twine round her ankles as well, securing them together as it went around and between her legs, the leather squeaking where it rubbed on them, before he took it to the foot of the bed and tied it there.


“It’s time for you to be quiet now,” he whispered as he picked up a wide roll of brown fabric sticking plaster, Ingrid nodding as he tore a strip off and pressed it firmly down over her lips.  She smiled as he stroked his hand down her cheek, and then slowly started to undo her waistcoat.


“Does Derek suspect us?”


She shook her head as she said “dhsshtmhthhrmhhf?”


“No – no it doesn’t” Peter said with a smile before he kissed Ingrid’s gagged mouth – and then untied her wrists, moving them down and tying them to her upper legs.




“Forgive me,” Peter said as he stepped back, and opened the room to the door…





“Just you and me now Alan,” his boss said as he looked at Esther stand up and walk over, his own wife watching as she reached in and took out a set of keys.


“Well, this worked out well,” he said with a smile as he stood up, Alan nodding as he looked over at the company owner’s wife, a smile crossing her lips as the other two went upstairs.  The dark haired woman was wearing a black vest top and dark jeans, with a pair of cream coloured over the knee leather boots covering her legs.


“My husband was the first to leave – with the new girl.  She looked so nervous,” Esther laughed as she closed the door.


“Perhaps – but I promise you, she will be fully involved now,” the owner said with a smile as he looked at her.  “So tell me, what do you desire from me?”


“To show you my appreciation for all you have done for my husband,” she said with a smile, “so make sure I have to do what you say?”


“As you wish,” he said quietly as he opened a wardrobe, and took out what looked like a leather sheet.  Walking behind her, he wrapped the sheet round her arms and laced it tightly, making them stay next to each other as her chest was forced out.  Esther sighed as she felt the sheet envelop her arms, the laces tightened and tied.


“I want you to kneel down,” he said quietly, Esther nodding as she did so and he produced a pair of leg cuffs.  Kneeling behind her, he fastened the cuffs around her ankles, the short chain rattling slightly as she looked over her shoulder.


“You do know how to control people,” she whispered, “I know Eric appreciates it, and I want to show you I appreciate it as well.”


“Do you now,” he said quietly as he stood in front of her, Esther nodding as she saw the bulge in his pants, and used her teeth to pull the zip down.


“I see you do wish to share your appreciation,” he said quietly as she watched his organ come out, and started to kiss it, hearing his soft moans as she started to put her mouth over it and then pulled back, before she started to gently suck, feeling it enlarge as he groaned more.





“So – you are Alan?  My husband has told me a great deal about you.”


Alan looked at the woman who was left, before he said “I hope he has only said good things, Astrid.”


“He has indeed,” the older woman said.  She had greying blonde hair pulled back, and was wearing a leopard print blouse, tight purple leather pants, and matching thigh high leather boots.  Standing, she walked over to the stairs and looked up, listening before she turned and looked at Alan.


“You have never done this before, have you?”  As he shook his head, Astrid smiled as he said “we will do this down here, and I will teach you.  Look in the wicker basket over there.”


Alan walked over and looked in, taking out a length of white rope.


“Double it over, and walk behind me,” Astrid said, smiling as he came over before saying “start with my elbows.  Wrap the rope round them, then feed the ends through the loop and pull back.”


“Your elbows?”


“My elbows,” Astrid said, putting her arms behind her and he hands palm to palm as he felt Alan wrap the rope round, and then pull so that they were forced together.


“Good, now wrap it round a few times, before you take the ends between my arms to make it tighter.  Then tie the ends off.”


“Do you think Catherine is all right?”


“I’m sure she is,” Astrid said with a smile as Alan secured her elbows.  “Now, take some more rope and tie my wrists together.”






Esther felt the jerk, and then began to swallow as the owner came in her mouth, the hot fluid flowing down her throat as she swallowed.  He held her head as she did so, smiling before she slowly moved her head back, licking it as she did so.


“Did you enjoy that?”


“I did – but you need to be quiet now,” he said as he adjusted his pants, and then took out from the wardrobe a leather pad with a rubber bung on one side, and leather straps on the side.  Esther licked her lips and then opened her mouth wide, accepting the bung before he fastened the leather straps round her head to keep it in place.


“I have s surprise for you,” he said as he opened the door, Esther looking behind him and then her eyes opening wide as she shook her head…




“You have some skill.”


“I was a Boy Scout,” Alan said as he pulled the ropes tighter round Astrid’s body, the bands framing her chest as it was forced up and out.  He tied the ropes off, and then used two shorter lengths between her arms and her body to make it even tighter.


“I can see why your husband does this for you – do you ever tie him up?”


“That’s between me and him,” Astrid said as she sat down on the floor and stretched her legs out, watching as Alan crossed her ankles and then secured them tightly together with more rope.  She smiled as he then secured her legs together below her knees, hearing the sound of rope on leather as he cinched that binding a swell.


“I see big things for you in this company,” she said as she twisted round, “but I don’t want to be heard now.


“May I use this?”


“Oh yes,” Astrid said with a smile as Alan held up a red ball gag, opening her mouth as Alan gently eased it in, and then fastened the straps round her head.  She then moved herself so that she was lying on the floor, and rolled over before she bent her legs and looked at Alan.


“As you wish,” he said quietly as he found more rope, and secured her ankles to her chest ropes, standing back as she wriggled round and said “fhnkkuh…”


“Well, you look happy Astrid.”


Alan turned to see the company owner walk down the stairs, and said “so we’re really doing this?”


“Dhnnwhttt?”  Astrid wriggled on the floor, and then her eyes opened wide as she saw men dressed in black carrying Catherine, Elaine and Ingrid out of the house, all bound and gagged.


“Starting a new life,” her husband said as two men picked her up, “you will go to Objects of Beauty, while we dissolve the company.”




“Enjoy the experience,” he said quietly as all five men watched Astrid been put into a van, the doors closing, and then driving away as he said “now – brandy?”









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