Valentine’s Visits


Cupid, draw back your bow,

And let your arrows fall.

Straight to my lover’s heart,

For me, nobody but me….


Geri read again the message on the Valentine’s Day card that she had received in the post that morning.  She had a lot of male friends on her college course, but wasn’t aware that any of them had any strong feelings for her.  Now she had a message from an unknown admirer, and an invitation to meet said admirer at eight o’clock that night in the town square.


“Mum,” she called out, “What do you think I should do about this?”


Teri, her mother, came into the room from the kitchen, drying her hands on a towel.


“Well, do you have any idea who it may be from? John perhaps, or Geoff or Steve?”


“It could be any one of them, really.  I don’t know – part of me says to be careful, and part says to go for it and see what happens.”


“If you’re worried about what might happen, why not ask Kerry to go with you and keep an eye out to see who turns up?”


“That’s an idea – then she can step in if it looks wrong.  Thanks, Mum”


“No problem.  Besides, I want you out of the house tonight.”


“Of course – your toy boy is coming round for a Valentine’s Day dinner, isn’t he?”


“He’s older than you, so less of the toy boy bit.  Still, it actually feels good to have a date again after so long.”


Teri’s husband was killed in a car crash six months previously, and both she and Geri were really only just emerging from the mourning period.  She had taken over her husband’s business, and was beginning to make it back into a success.  Much of this was down to the help of Brian, the administrative assistant she had hired a month previously, and a mutual attraction had grown between them.  Teri had eventually bitten the bullet and invited Brian to join her for a meal, and to her great surprise he had accepted.


Geri smiled at the girlish enthusiasm her mother was showing for the date.  Standing up, she left the room to call her friend Kerry and get changed for her mystery date.  Teri returned to her preparations in the kitchen.


The clock was striking seven o’clock when Gerri came back into the room.  The dining table had been set for a dinner for two, and the room was illuminated with candle light. 


“When are you expecting Brian, Mum?” she called out.


“In about half an hour,” her mother called back, “When’s Kerry coming?”


“Any minute now – how do you think I look?”


Teri came into the room, putting a set of pearl earrings in as she entered.  “Very nice,” she said, looking over her daughter.  Geri was wearing a brown velvet bustier dress, over the top of which she had put a brown chiffon blouse and a thin belt around her waist to keep the blouse in place.  Her legs were covered with brown stockings, and her outfit was completed with knee length brown suede boots.


“Wow, Mum, you like fantastic as well!” Geri responded.  Teri had put on a dress made of deep purple silk, with dark tights and bronze coloured knee length leather boots.  A matching thin belt was around her waist, and a gold coloured silk scarf was tied over her shoulders.


“You don’t think it’s too much?” Teri asked.


“No I don’t – Brian’s a very lucky guy, and you’re lucky that he likes you.”


The front doorbell rang, and Geri grabbed her jacket.  “That will be Kerry – I’ll see you later mum.”


“Don’t be too late,” Teri called after her daughter as the door closed.  She then went to the table and opened a bottle of Rioja that she had placed there to breath.




“So, you still have no idea who your mysterious admirer is?”  Kerry was quizzing her friend as they walked towards the town square.


“None whatsoever,” Geri replied, “so I want you to keep an eye from a distance and see who it is.  If I wave at you, then you’ll know that I’m all right, otherwise you come in and get me.”


Kerry pulled the zip on her leather jacket up to keep the cold out.  “All right, but I hope this doesn’t take too long.  I have some work to do for our course tonight.”


“Don’t worry,” Geri said, “It’s Valentine’s Day, what could possibly go wrong.”



Teri heard the doorbell ring, and made her way to the front door.  As she opened it, she saw Brian standing there with a large bunch of red roses in his hand.


“Hi – I hope I’m not too early?”


“No, you’re right on time – come on in.”


“Here,” Brian said handing her the roses, “For a most beautiful rose.”


Teri blushed.  “Can I take your coat for you?”


Brian took off his great coat and stood there in a dark grey suit, light blue shirt and silk tie.  Hanging the coat on the stand, Teri beckoned to her date.


“Come on in and have a drink,” she said, and Brian followed her into the main room.




“Right, he’s supposed to meet me in front of the statue.  You stand in the doorway and keep watch, and I’ll let you know one way or the other.”


Kerry stood where she was asked, and watched as Geri went over and stood in front of the statue of General Beecher that was in the town square.  As she watched, a number of couples walked back arm in arm, but no-one she especially recognised.


As the clock in the town hall struck eight, Kerry saw a young man walking towards Geri.  She recognised him as David, a young man that had started at their college a month or so back.


“Hmm – not the type I thought would go for Geri, but what do I know?” she thought to herself.


“Hi, Geri – I see you got my note?”


Geri turned round and recognised David.  He was wearing a brown jumper and dark trousers, and had a large coat on to keep the cold out.


“David – you sent me that card?”


“Yeah – corny, I know, but I wouldn’t have the courage to ask you in classes, and I really do want to get to know you better.   Are you – are you disappointed?”


“No – I’m just surprised.  I didn’t think I was your type.”


“I never judge by appearances – they can be misleading.  You, by the way, look fantastic.”


It was Geri’s turn to blush.  “Thank you,” she whispered back.


“So, if you still want to come, I thought we could go and get a pizza or something, and then see where the night goes from there.  Sound good?”


Geri nodded, and put her arm in the crook of David’s.  Turning round, she waved at Kerry, who watched as they walked off into the town.



Teri and Brian were sat at the table, having finished their meal.


“Do you know that dress matches your eyes in this candlelight?” Brian said.


Teri laughed.  “You’re far too young to be using language like that,” she said, “but thank you for saying so.”


“I’m serious though.  You really are an incredibly beautiful woman.”  Engelbert Humperdinck was playing on the stereo, as Brian stood up and took Teri by the hand. “Shall we dance?” he said, and Teri joined him in a waltz to the strains of Please Release Me.


“Do you say that to all the girls you go to dinner with?” Terri asked.


“Only the very special ones,” Brian said, “And you are a very special lady.  Tell me, Teri, what does a man have to do to win your heart?”


“He has to listen to all I say, no matter how sad or lonely it sounds.” Teri replied.


“What about your fantasies?  I could listen to your woes and problems, but what I really want to hear about are your dreams and desires.”  With that, Brian leaned over and kissed Teri lightly on the lips.




Geri and David were sat in one of the better Italian restaurants in town.


“Have you enjoyed the evening so far?” David asked.


Geri smiled “Yes, I have thank you.  I never knew you could be so romantic, you seem so shy in classes.”


David took a sip of his wine.  “There is a lot people do not know about me, but I would like to show you.  Tell me, Geri, do you trust me?”


“I think so, but why do you ask?”


“I saw you waving to Kerry in the doorway when I met you.”


“Ah, but I did not know who the card was from.   It could have been a stalker, or even worse.  Kerry was my insurance policy.”


“That was a very good idea.  So you waved to Kerry because you felt safe?”


Geri nodded.


“So you do trust me?  I have a surprise to end the evening with, Geri, but you will have to trust me in order for it to work.  Would you like to find out what the surprise is?”


“Yes, I think I would.”


David waved to the waiter.  “Let me pay the bill, and then we can go and see what happens next.”



Teri, meanwhile, was smiling and looking into Brian’s eyes.  “What do you want do now?” she whispered into his ear.


Brian smiled back at her.  “Teri, I have a very special surprise for the end of tonight, but I want to be sure you have no idea what it is until I am ready.  Do you trust me?”


“A surprise?  What do you have in mind?”


Brian took Teri by the hand and led her to a chair by the dining table.  Sitting her down, he said “I want to you to sit here, with your hands on your lap.  Will you do that for me?” and kissed her.


Teri sat down, smoothed the skirt of her dress down and placed her hands on her lap.


“Now, for this to be the complete surprise I want it to be I need to make sure you cannot see what is happening.  It will only be for a short while, I promise.”


“Oh, this sounds kinky.  What are you going to do?”


Brian kissed Teri again, and undid her scarf from around her shoulders.  Rolling it into a band, he came round and stood behind Teri.  “I want to use this to blindfold you, but you will hear everything that is happening.  Do you trust me?”


Teri nodded, and Brian tied the gold silk over her eyes completely cutting off her view of the room.  He knotted the blindfold behind her head, then leaned over and kissed Teri with a long and passionate movement.


“You sit still, and I’ll be right back with the surprise.”  Teri heard Brian leaving the room, and with a thrill of anticipation wondered what was going to happen next.





David and Geri walked slowly down the street, until David stopped beside a large saloon car.


“It’s my brother’s,” he said in response to Geri’s look of curiosity, “He let me borrow it tonight.  Get in, please.”


He held the passenger door open and Geri sat back in the seat.  Brian walked round the back and climbed into the driver seat.


“So what happens now?” Geri asked.


“This,” David replied, and he leant over and kissed Geri.  “You really are a very beautiful girl.”


Geri blushed.  “Thank you.  So what is this surprise you talked about?”


“Some friends of mine are having a party, and I thought we could go.  There is one thing though.”


“What’s that?”


“I want our journey to be a surprise.  Geri, will you trust me and let me blindfold you?”


Geri thought for a moment.  “All right” she said “but what are you going to use for a blindfold.”


David opened the glove compartment and took out a brown woollen scarf.  He leaned over and tied it over Geri’s eyes, knotting it carefully so that her hair wasn’t caught.  “It matches your outfit,” he whispered as he started the car, “just sit back and enjoy the ride.”




“Brian, where’s the surprise you were talking off?” Teri called out.


“I’m bringing it in now,” he replied.  “Are you ready?”


Teri sat up eagerly anticipating the removal of the blindfold.  Instead, she got the shock of her life as Brian took a coil of rope, passed it over Teri’s head and pulled it tight, securing her arms and back against the chair back.  He quickly passed the rope around her chest several times, each time tightening the ropes until Teri was well secured.


“Brian, what’s going on?  This is not what I was expecting.”


“I know,” Teri heard Brian say, “But this evening is all about surprises.  Here’s another one.”  With that, Teri felt Brian kiss her again, and she opened her mouth to ask what was next.  Brian took that chance to stuff his handkerchief into Teri’s mouth, and then smooth a length of tape over her lips to keep it in.


“I’m afraid I haven’t exactly been truthful with you about why I accepted your invitation, Teri.  You really are a very beautiful woman, but I’m afraid I’m more interested in the contents of your safe here than your body.  Now, be a good girl and do as you are told, and this will pass quickly.”


Brian took hold of Teri’s wrists, and pulled them gently behind the back of the chair.  He then took another of the lengths of rope he had removed from his coat, and quickly bound her wrists together, palm to palm, and secured the wrist bindings to the back of the chair.


“Now, you sit still and wait, while I see what happens next,” Brian said and Teri heard him walk out of the room.  Furious at herself for falling for this trap, she struggled to get out of the chair, but the bindings were far too tight.  Stamping her feet on the floor helped to vent some aggression, but she felt helpless as she heard Brian searching through the rooms of the house.  She then sat very still as she heard her front door opening.




David pulled up in front of his destination.  “Are we there then?” Geri asked as she reached up to take the blindfold off.


“No, leave it on for the moment – I’ll lead you into the party.”  David said as he got out of the car and went round to open the door for her.


Geri felt David take her by the arm and help her out of the car.  “Come with me,” he whispered in her ear, and Geri allowed herself to be led into a large house that they had parked outside.


David led Geri inside and closed the door behind him.  “Don’t take the blindfold off, let me take your coat instead,” he said as he slipped Geri’s coat down her back and dropped it on the floor.  He then took Geri in his arms and kissed her again.


“I’m sorry about this” he whispered into her ear as he finished kissing her.


“Sorry about wht…..” Geri began to say as David took a handkerchief and stuffed it into her mouth.  Geri was surprised at this, and tried to push it back out, but someone pushed a length of tape over her mouth to hold it in place.


“So this is her daughter,” Geri heard an older man say, “You’d better bring her in to join her mother.”




Teri heard the conversation from her chair, and realised with growing horror that Geri had been caught up in this situation as well.  She tried to call out to her daughter, but all that came out were muffled squeals.


Geri realised that something bad was happening, as she was led into a room and could hear another woman trying to speak to her.  She realised that had to be her mother, and somehow she walked into a robbery which David was involved in.  But where was Brian, her mother’s date for that night?


Geri was pushed down into a chair, and she felt her wrists been pulled behind the back of the chair and tied together.  She wanted to ask David what was happening, but her mouth was too well gagged.  She merely sat in silence as more rope was used to bind her chest and arms to the back of the chair.


“All right, Brian, she’s secured now,” and with that Geri realised, as did Teri, that their dates must know each other.


“Take their blindfolds off” Brian said, and both the women blinked as the blindfolds were suddenly removed from around their heads.


Teri realised that Geri was sat in a seat opposite her.  She could see that the rope was passed around her chest both above and below her breast, and the ropes were biting into the thin fabric of her blouse.  A large strip of sticking plaster had been placed over her mouth, and she was trying frantically to call out to her mother.  Teri figured that she had been bound and gagged in the same way.  She turned and glared at Brian.


Geri in turn was staring at her mother.  The top of her dress had started to come down over her shoulders because of the exertion, and her scarf had been thrown on the floor after it was taken off.  She looked concerned as well as frightened.


“Oh, don’t take it so badly,” Brian said, “my brother and I have been watching both of you for a month now while we planned this job.”


Both Geri and Teri looked at each other in shock.  They had been planning this for a month – and all the sweet talk was just a sham!


David took a length of rope and knelt in front of Teri.  “You have a very beautiful daughter,” he said as he crossed Teri’s ankles and started to tie her ankles together,” but I love the idea of your money far more than I could ever love her.”  Cinching the rope, he tied Teri’s ankles to a leg of the chair, and taking another length of rope he started to tie her thighs together.


“In the same way, you have a beautiful and very sexy mother,” Brian said to Geri as her tied her suede booted ankles together, “but what I want are the secrets in the company safe back at the office, and with the keys your mother is going to let us take I can make a killing on the open market.”


The two men stood up and stood in the centre of the room, admiring their handiwork.  Both Teri and Geri glared at them, unable to express exactly what they thought of them and the predicament they had placed the two ladies in.


They then left the room, and both women could hear drawers and other doors being opened upstairs.  Geri started to struggle in the chair, and attempted to move her ankles from the leg of the chair, but they were bound too closely together.  Teri tried to call out to her daughter to stop, before she exhausted herself, but she too was weary from her own attempts to get free.  Some time later, the two men returned to their captive audience.  Brian looked at his date with a wry smile on his face.


“Anyway, Teri, I wanted to thank you again for a fantastic evening, but I really must get back to the office and raid your safe.  By the way, consider this my resignation letter.”  Brian blew a kiss at Teri as he said this, then he picked up his coat and headed out of the door.  “Are you coming David?”


“You start the car up, I need to go and make sure we have any loose cash they have around the place?” 


“It’s in my coat pocket.  Grab their handbags and let’s get going.”


David went over and looked Geri in the eye.


“You know, I think we could have had a beautiful friendship in any other situation, but as it is….” He shrugged as he picked up the handbags of both girls and headed out of the door.


Geri listened as the front door closed, then began to try and struggle her way out of the ropes.  Teri sat looking around the room, and then she spied a small cheese knife that was sitting on the dining table.  She tried to tell Geri what she had seen, but she was so busy struggling and trying to scream for help that she didn’t hear or notice her mother’s motions.


Slowly, Teri began to push back with her body in the chair, which had the effect of dragging the chair back with her in it.  She tried to avoid scraping her boots on the floor while doing so, but her aim was clear – get the chair back to the table.  Geri stopped twisting around and screaming, and in a state of exhaustion watched her mother and wondered what she was doing.


Time passed as Teri made her way back to the table, and the clock struck midnight when she finally struck the edge of the table with her chair.  Looking along the table, she found the knife a little to her left, so she bumped the chair down until she could reach the knife with her bound hands.  Taking hold of it, she slowly twisted it around until she had the blade against the rope, and started to cut away slowly at the wrist bindings.


The clock struck one and two as Geri watched her mother slowly cutting away, until with a slight grunt Teri realised that the rope had loosened enough for her to start to pull her hands free.  She strained at the ropes, and Geri shouted over encouragement as Teri managed to get her hands out of the ropes and wriggle her arms back to the front of her chest.  Teri motioned with her hands to her daughter to try and come over, and Geri began to bump her chair across the floor towards her mother.


The clock struck three as Geri finally made it over to the table.  In the meantime, Teri had managed to wriggle free of the ropes which held her to the back of the chair, and those lay loosely around her waist.  She reached up and tore the strip of sticking plaster from her mouth, removing a very sodden handkerchief in the process.


“My god,” she said as she moved her mouth around, “that was not how I expected to end tonight.  Come closer, and I’ll try and untie your arms and hands as well.”


Geri bumped round her chair so that her back was to her mothers, and Teri managed to untie the bindings around Geri’s upper body.  Her chiffon blouse was absolutely soaked in sweat from her efforts, and after removing her own gag she peeled the blouse off and threw it on the floor.


It was four by the time the two women had freed their legs and ankles, and massaged felling back into their stiff bodies.  Teri went to call the police, while Geri started to burst into tears.


“Come here, love,” Teri said as she returned into the room, and the two women hugged each other.


“If Daddy was here this might not have happened,” Geri sobbed.


“If he was here, I think he wouldn’t have survived such a night anyway,” Teri replied sadly.  “Come on – the police will be here soon.  Let’s get out of these clothes and put something else on instead.”  With that, the two women walked off towards their rooms, and to try and put their Valentine’s Day surprise behind them.