Waiting for Father


“Come on – it’s only been an hour.  Even I don’t think they’ll be back that quickly.”


“I know, but I always get nervous waiting for him.”


 The young man pulled the curtain over again and turned to talk to the girl.  Both were dressed in grey boiler suits, with stocking masks over their heads and leather gloves on their hands.


“Calm down, Son – I’m sure they will be back soon enough.”


“All right, all right – what about the rest of them?”


“They’re still sitting at the table like good little girls – as you can plainly see.”


Son turned and looked across the room, where the three women were sat at the dinner table.  The remains of the evening meal were still there, but none of them moved to clear the table.  Instead they sat there, hands on their heads, looking at the two people who were in the house with them.


The youngest of the women had her head down slightly, and the sound of quiet sobbing reached the ears of Daughter.  She walked over and stood behind her chair.


“I thought I told you to keep quiet,” she snarled at the girl.


“Please – she can’t help it if she’s scared.  We all are.”


The woman who spoke was the oldest of the three.  Sat at the end of the table, she was wearing a mustard coloured blouse with a red scarf worn as a cravat, a pair of dark brown trousers and brown leather shoes with kitten heels.


“Either you tell your daughter to be quiet, and she stays quiet, or we make sure she does so,” Son replied as he came over to the table.  “We all have to be patient and not get upset – even us, so remember that Mrs Gordon.”


The older woman looked at the masked intruder, then turned and said “Jessie, please try not to cry.  I don’t want you or Pippa to get hurt, so please try not to.”


“All…. All right Mum,” the young girl replied.  She was wearing a blue short sleeved dress, with a wide white belt around her waist, white socks and trainers.


“Where’s our dad – what have you done with him,” Pippa called out.  Slightly older than Jessie, she was wearing a black bodysuit with a blue sundress over the top, and black slippers.


“Father wants to talk to him about some business,” Daughter said as she walked round.


“What sort of business – it’s not as if he’s a manager or the store owner,”


“That’s enough talk,” Son snapped back, “Father knows best.”


“Pippa, please, let’s not make them more angry, “Her mother said quietly, and Pippa turned back to face her.


“Wise words, Mrs Gordon,” Son commented as he turned back to the window.


“I hate this waiting, Daughter,” he said as his sister came over to join him, her gaze fixed on the dressing table all the time.


“I know, but Father does know best – so we have to wait.”



The Gordon family were in the middle of dinner when the door bell rang.  Pippa had gone to answer it, only to be grabbed and pulled back in by Son as soon as the door was opened, his gloved hand over her mouth.


When the Family had brought her in, Mr Gordon had immediately stood up and rushed over to help her, only to be met by Father with his pistol pointed straight between his eyes.


“All of you sit down and do as you’re told,” he had snarled, and then Son pushed Pippa back towards her chair.


“Mr Gordon, you’re going to come with me.  If you do anything to alert the authorities, your family dies.  If they do anything to alert the authorities, they die and you die.  Do you all understand?”


As Father had said this, both Son and Daughter had taken their place at the table, their clubs held in their arms.


“We understand,” Mr Gordon had said, and father gave his pistol to Son, taking his club in turn.


“Stand up, Mr Gordon.”


Father took a zip tie from his overall pocket, and fixed Mr Gordon’s wrists together behind his back.


“Wait for us and don’t move unless you’re told,” he said to the three women as much as Son and Daughter, and then he pushed Mr Gordon out of the house.  The three women sat, hands on their heads, as the sound of a van driving off faded into the distance.




“Please, Jessie, don’t cry, everything’s going to be alright….”


Jessie had started to cry again, and Son came back over to the table.


“I told you to be quiet,” he barked at Jessie, but that only made her cry more.


“I think you need to put a sock in it,” Daughter said.  “Turn round in your chair.”


Jessie looked up at her mother and sister, then shuffled round in her chair so that she was sitting side on to the table.


“Take off your trainers,” Daughter said, and Jessie used her toes to push the trainers off her feet.


“Now, take off your socks and hand them to me,” Daughter said, as Son put the pistol towards Jessie’s head.


“Oh no,” Mrs Gordon called out, “Please don’t do that.”


“Did I say you could speak, Mrs Gordon?  Now, take your socks off and give them to Daughter.”


Jessie pulled her feet up onto the chair, took the white socks off and handed them to Daughter.  She then balled the pair up into a wad, and handed it back to Jessie.


“Go on then – put a sock in it,” she said, and Jessie realised that Daughter wanted her to put her socks into her mouth.  Slowly, with a grimace at the slight odour and taste, she pushed the wad of cotton into her mouth.


“Much better,” Son said, and picking up a roll of silver tape he tore a wide strip off.  Pippa and her mother watched as he smoothed it over Jessie’s mouth, and followed it up with two more to keep the socks inside.


“Daughter, watch these two while they clear away these plates – I’ll take care of this little lady.  We need to get a move on anyway.”


“Already, Son?  We still have time…”


Son looked at Daughter, and she turned to the other two women.  “You two clear away these things and take them to the kitchen – you can put them in the dish washer I saw there.  Son will take care of your daughter.”


“Stand up, and put your hands in front of you,” Son said to Jessie, and as Pippa and her mother gathered the plates into piles they watched as he used the duct tape to bind her crossed wrists together in front of Jessie, then wound it round her waist to hold them in her lap.


“Come with me,” he said as he took Jessie by the arm, while Daughter watched Pippa and Mrs Gordon take the plates and other dirty table things through to the kitchen.  Son took Jessie over to the long couch in the main living area, and sat her down.


“Don’t move,” he said, and Jessie watched as he looked through the closed curtains again.



“Do you think Dad’s all right?”  Pippa whispered to her mother as they loaded up the dish washer.


“I hope so – he’s a brave man, but he won’t do anything that may lead to us being harmed.”


“I hope so – the one that called himself Father scared the hell out of me.”


“That’s my father you’re whispering about,” Daughter said as she watched the two women, the gun in her hand.


“Does he love you?”  Mrs Gordon asked as she stood up.


“He looks after me and Son, and provides for us.”


“Yes, but does he really love you?”


Daughter stood in thought for a minute, before replying “He is Father, and what he says we do.  Have you finished?”


Pippa nodded as Mrs Gordon started the washer.


“All right then – let’s get back into the main room.”


Pippa and her mother looked at Jessie as they walked in, hands on top of their head.  Son had taped Jessie’s ankles together with tape, as well as her legs below her knees, so that she was sat there perfectly still.


“Are you all right, Jessie?” her mother asked, and Jessie nodded while saying something that came out as “m fn mm”.


“You sit down in that chair, Mrs Gordon,” Son said indicating an armchair, “and you sit in the chair there,” he said pointing towards a chair he had brought from the dinner table.


“Is that what you’re going to do to us?”  Pippa asked as she took the wooden seat.


“I don’t know yet,” Son replied as he continued to look out of the window.


“I thought you were going to stop doing that, Son,” Daughter said as she came over to the window.


“How long has it been?”


“Two hours now – try not to worry.  Father said he would be back, and he will be back.”


Son shook his head.  “You were too young, but I remember the last time he said that to me, and he got caught.  I won’t be happy until he comes back.”


Mrs Gordon spoke up.  “You don’t have to do everything he says, you know.  He may be your father, but he could be wrong in the things he says and does.”


Son wheeled round.  “You’ve never known hunger and poverty have you?  Well, we know what it’s like when you don’t know where you will sleep that night, or what you are going to eat.  Father stopped that, and I know he does the right thing for us.”


“All right, Son, calm down,” Daughter said quietly.  “You should not have said that – we know Father is rough, but he is fair and he does provide for us.”


“Here,” Son said as he tossed the roll of tape to Daughter.  “Take care of the other daughter while I go and relieve myself.”


Mrs Gordon watched as Daughter walked over to Pippa.  “Let your arms drop by the side of the chair,” she said, and as Pippa did so Daughter took her left wrists and wrapped tape around it, then around the back of the chair so that her black clad wrists was secured to the chair back.  Moving round, she repeated the process on Pippa’s right wrist, before started to wrap tape around her chest and the chair so that she was secured to the chair back.


“Will you be all right, Pippa?” her mother asked as Daughter tore off the tape and went for a second roll.


“Don’t worry, mum, I’ll be brave for you and dad,” Pippa replied as Daughter returned, pushed Pippa’s left ankle against the chair leg and started to tape it into place.


“Right, that should keep you in place,” Daughter said as she tore the tape off around Pippa’s lap.  “Wait there a minute.”


“If I don’t get a chance, girls, know that your father and I love you very much and we’re both very proud of you tonight,” Mrs Gordon said as Daughter walked back over to the table.


Jessie looked over and mumbled “thnks mm”.  Pippa looked at her mother, nodded, and started to speak.


“I know – thanks mmmmmm”


As she spoke, Daughter took a napkin she had taken from the table and rolled up and pulled it into Pippa’s mouth, so that the corners of her mouth were pulled back, and knotted it at the base of her neck.  Taking the tape, she then tore three strips off and placed them over the girl’s stuffed mouth, further gagging her.


Son entered the room, and checked over the binding on both Jessie and Pippa.  “Good – that should hold them tight.  Pity if either of them needs the toilet, but that’s just too bad.”


“I wonder,” Mrs Gordon asked, and Son looked at her.




“I wonder if you would allow me to go – I don’t want to be dirty in front of my daughters.”


Son looked at Daughter, who nodded.  “I’ll go with her – she won’t do anything while we have the girls anyway.”


Daughter took Mrs Gordon by the arm.  “You can take your hands down now – come with me,” she said as her daughters watched her walk out of the room with the armed woman.


“Don’t look at me,” Son snapped at them as he turned back to the window.




“Thank you,” Mrs Gordon said as she flushed the toilet and left the bathroom.


“Not a problem – but we now have to make sure you’re comfortable as well,” Daughter said as she held up the roll of tape.  “Put your hands behind your back.”


“I guess this had to come,” she replied as she turned round and crossed her wrists behind her back.  Daughter took the tape and bound her wrists together, over the sleeves of her blouse, making sure they were held tightly together.  She also taped her elbows together behind her back, then wrapped tape around her upper body and arms so that her breasts were slightly more prominent than usual.


“Back to your daughters,” she said as she pushed the older woman back into the living area.  Jessie was now lying on her side on the couch, and she tried to call out to her mother as she was sat back down in the chair.


“It’s all right Jessie, don’t try to talk,” Mrs Gordon replied as Son took the tape from his sister and started to tape Mrs Gordon’s legs together.  He wrapped the tape around her ankles, lower and upper legs, crossing her ankles to make sure she would be unable to stand up and taping her shoes to her feet to further prevent movement.


“So what happens now?” she asked her captors as Son removed the red scarf from around her neck.


“The three of you stay silent,” he said as he forced the scarf into the bound woman’s mouth, then wrapped tape around her mouth, lifting her hair out of the way as he did so, so that she too was as well muffled as her daughters.  The three of them watched Son and Daughter as they turned out the lights in the house, then stood by the window and watched.


“How much longer is he going to be?”


“Patience, Daughter – I thought you were the one who wanted me not to panic?”


“I know – but it’s been three hours now.”


“Wait a minute – ah, here he is.”


A van could be heard pulling up outside, and footsteps in the hallway were followed by Father coming back into the house.


“Good – we’re done here,” he said, “Come on.”


Mrs Gordon started to call out what sounded like “whrs m hsbnd?”


“Your husband?  He’s fine, but you’re going to have wait a while longer to see him.  Come on, before it’s too late.”


The Family walked quickly out of the house, and the three women listened as the van drove off into the distance.  Mrs Gordon tried to find some way of peeling away even a little bit of the tape around her wrists, but it was impossible for her to get a grip.


“Grls, b ptnt – fhtr wl cm sn” she said through her gag.  Jessie and Pippa nodded, and the three tried to make themselves as comfortable as they could as they waited for their father to return.