Home Alone




Most people, when they get a few hours in the house to themselves, tend to relax with a drink or a mug of something hot and catch up on their reading, or else they get on with the chores.  Others, like me, decide it would be a good time to go and see some friends.  What they don’t expect to be doing is standing in their own front room, staring straight ahead as some stranger wraps a length of white cord around their wrists to hold them together.


Let me introduce myself, my name’s Anne, and I’m what some people may call in an attempt to be polite “mature.”  I’m only five foot tall, not slim but not exactly fat either.  The sort of person you wouldn’t give a second glance as you walk down the street, even if you saw me. I’m married with kids – none of whom are here at the moment, thank god.  Although it might have been useful if the man of the house was here – then this guy may not have broken in.


As I’d said, I had planned to go and meet some friends, and in order to do that on a Sunday I’d put on a cream jacket and skirt.  The jacket was short sleeved; whole the skirt was just long enough to cover my knees.  A pair of cream leather heels completed the outfit, as did a gold necklace round my neck and, according to my plans, a pair of matching earrings.  I’d just come into the main room for our house to put them when I literally bumped into him.


He was a good foot taller than me, and several years younger, and looked quite normal in a blue polo shirt and jeans.  The only unusual thing about him was the stocking over his head, at least when I first set eyes on him.  Anyway, he was just as surprised as I was, but before I got a chance to say or do anything he took this handgun out of his pocket, pointed it at me and told me not to do anything.


We stared at each other, wondering who was going to make the first move.  As it turned out, it was him, as he put down the bag he was holding and took this length of thin white rope out of his pocket.  He then ordered me to come and stand in front for him, and put my hands behind my back.  Well, I wasn’t in a position to argue, so I did as he asked.  Getting closer, I thought I could see short brown hair on his head, but as soon as I was close enough he grabbed me by the arm, twisted my round and again told me to put my hands behind my back.


I heard him put the gun down on a coffee table, and then felt the thin cord as it went around my wrists.  He pulled them together, palm to palm, and as he wrapped it round he asked me my name.  I told him it was Anne, and he asked where the rest of the family were.  Well, when I said they were out at a show, and I didn’t expect them back for a while, he simply said “Good.”  Whoever he was, he knew what he was doing, as my wrist came tightly together and I felt the rope passing between as well as around them.  When he had finished, I also felt him pull the rings off my fingers, so I said “Are you going to rob me?”


“That’s the idea,” he said as he turned my round and pushed me down onto the corner couch.  I watched him walk back to his bag, pick it up and place it next to the gun.  He opened it, took out another length of rope and doubled it over, as he walked back towards me.  “I need to make sure you stay out of my way while I have a look round,” he said as he knelt in front of me.  Taking hold of my ankles he crossed them before passing the rope round and starting to tie them together.


As he was doing this, I got my first real look at him.  He was thin, but very strong from the way the rope was tightening around my legs, and certainly confident he was the one in charge.  As he pulled the rope around, his hand brushed against my leg, and he looked up with a smile.  “Nice legs, and nice hose – I think I’m going to enjoy spending some time here, Anne,” he said as he jerked on the ends of the rope and knotted them together behind my feet.


As he stood up and looked at me, I tried to find if there was any way I could get my hands loose, but it seemed to be next to impossible.  The knot was tucked well out of the way of my fingers.


“I can’t say I like been interrupted, but if I am I’m glad it’s by someone like you,” he said as he looked in his bag again.  “I’ve met models and rakes, but there’s something about the ordinary American woman that – appeals to me.  What do you do for a living, Anne?”


I told him I worked as a secretary, which made him smile even more.  “A mom and a breadwinner – how nice.  Anne, I need to take a look in your kitchen for a minute.  Do you mind?”


Do I have a choice,” I said, which made him laugh as he walked out.  Left to my own devices, I looked over to see if I could reach the phone, only to see that he had pulled the wire out of the wall.   I’d been slumped back in the chair since he had pushed me in, but with a little effort I managed to get myself into a seated position and lean forward, hoping the extra room would give me an opportunity to free my wrists.  The metal buttons on my jacket were straining slightly – because my arms were pulled behind my back, the front for the jacket was straining a little as I moved.  What I didn’t realise was that the intruder had seen that too – and noticed the way I moved.


Anyway, I didn’t get a lot of time before he came back in.  I could hear his footsteps, but he seemed to drop something on the floor by the door before he walked round in front for me.  In his hand was a length of washing line my husband had bought earlier in the week to replace a broken one outside, but he had cut it into two and put some tape around the cut ends.  I wondered what he was planning to do with them.  It didn’t take me long to find out.


“I need to have a look round upstairs, so I need to make sure you’re not going anywhere,” he said as he knelt in front of me and wrapped one of the lengths around the top of my calves, pulling them tightly together so that I heard the leather of my shoes squeal as they rubbed against each other.  I had already seen he had leather gloves on his hands, but as he started to pass the rope around I felt him stroke the back of my legs as they were pulled together.


“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked as he tightened the rope.  “Just admiring your lovely legs, Anne,” he said as he tied the ends of the rope together.  “They should be taken very good care of, and I’m sure you do that.”  He stood up and looked at me.  “I’ll take that as well now,” he said as he reached around my neck and removed my necklace, touching my skin with his gloved hands as he did so.  It frightened me at the time, but I also was wondering what else he was going to do.


One of my buttons on my jacket had come undone, probably as I was trying to sit up, and he stared at it for a moment.  There was a look in his eyes that scared me, and he must have seen my reaction.  “Don’t worry, Anne,” he said, “I just want your money, and I have no intention of forcing you to do anything with me.  Mind you, we may have a little fun, but well...”


I sat there, staring straight ahead.  “What do you mean, fun,” I asked, but he didn’t answer.  Instead he walked round and stopped to pick something off the floor.  “You’re a lovely woman to talk to, but I need to keep you quiet while I’m upstairs.”  Well, I had no intention of letting him put something over my mouth, so I tried to squirm out for the way, only for him to reach down and pinch my nipple.


I opened my mouth to squeal, only for the man to stuff a knot he had tied in a long white cotton scarf into my mouth.  I barely had time to catch my breath before he pulled the mass of cotton deep into my mouth and tied the ends tightly together over the fringe of my dark hair, and then pinch my other nipple.  Satisfied I was unable to call out; he left me sitting on the couch and went up the staircase.


Well, I sat there for what seemed like hours, squirming round in the seat and listening to him as he threw stuff on the floor upstairs.  I knew he’d find the rest of my jewellery, but that wasn’t what really worried me.  My nipples were sore from where he had pinched them, and there was still a length of rope lying there on the table.  What was he intending to do with that – tie my ankles to my wrists as I’d seen in the movies and on television?  I’d never been tied up before, although we had been robbed once or twice when nobody was in, so this was all new to me.  I was scared, but somehow not afraid, if you can understand that.


Anyway, he eventually came back into the room, by which time I’d managed to slide myself into the corner of the couch.  Without a word, he took the last length of rope, folded back the hem of my skirt and tied my legs together above my knees.  As he wrapped the rope round, his eyes kept roving up to look at my chest, and I saw that his hands were trembling slightly as he tied the knot off.  I swear, even then I had no idea what it was he was about to do – but I soon found out.


He stood up, and I watched him as he walked over to the drinks cabinet.  Pouring himself a whiskey, he folded the stocking up over his mouth and took a large gulp.  “Anne, I was planning to leave now,” he said, “but you’re too beautiful a woman to leave alone like that.  I think I may have some fun before I go, and I think you’ll like it too.  What do you say?”


What I wanted to say was “get out of my house, you bastard,” but I only mumbled through the knotted cloth, which was beginning to get damp and heavy between my teeth.  "I didn’t think you’d object – why don’t we see what’s underneath that jacket first, hmm?”


He put the glass down, leaned over and slowly undid the top buttons of my jacket.  I squirmed a bit, but that only seemed to excite him more as he pulled my jacket slightly open.  “Oh, you are a naughty girl, Anne – your husband must be a very lucky man to have you as his girl,” he said as he stood up and looked at me sitting there.


Taking another drink, he pulled the front of my jacket open to reveal the silver silk bra that I was wearing underneath.  There was still one button undone as he picked up the glass and looked at me.  “I tell you what, Anne,” he said as he looked at me, “why don’t you do something for me.  Lean over and get yourself onto your side, facing me, and we’ll see what happens next.”  I shook my head to object, but all he did was pick up the gun and say “Do as you’re told, or else I may get nasty.  Just take your time – I’m not going anywhere.”


Well, what could I do – he had me tied up, gagged so that I could not talk, and a gun pointed at me with my jacket almost open.  Slowly, I got myself up into a seated position, which made the last of the jacket buttons unfasten, and stopped to catch my breath as best I could, staring at him all the time.  Shuffling across slightly, I managed to fall over so that my head was resting on a seat cushion while I brought my legs up and tucked them up on the corner.


“Very nicely done, Anne,” the robber said as he watched me looking at him.  “Now how about we cool you down after all the exertion, hmm?”


With that, he stood up, walked over and pulled my ankles up so that they rested on the arm of the couch.    He then walked over and knelt in front of me, pulling the front of my jacket wide open to the side and revealing the bra as I lay there.  He passed his gloved hand over my face and cheeks, and said “There now – you must feel cooler after that, and you have been sweating.  Let me make sure you are all right.”


I watched him as he passed his hand over the tops of my breasts, stroking them as he did so, before he leaned over me and rubbed my forearms.  His breath stank of the whiskey, but at the same time – well, I wasn’t afraid as much as curious as to what he was going to do next.


My skirt had ridden up slightly after my exertions, which he looked at as he stood back up.  I wonder if you’re wearing hose or stockings,” he said, and without any warning he walked behind me and started to pull my skirt back.  Pantyhose - very nice,” he said as he pressed his hands into my bottom.  “Oh, and you go commando otherwise?  Well, that makes things much more interesting,” he said as his hands kneaded my bottom.  Something like an electric shock passed through me as he did this, a feeling that I only usually got when...


“When your husband does this?” he said as he pulled my skirt all the way up, revealing the tops of my tights as they covered my crotch.  As his hands continued to massage my cheeks and move down my legs, I stared straight ahead, worried that this was going to become something much worse – as well as, to be honest, enjoying the sensation.  I really was torn – it was wrong to be the victim of a robber, wrong to be violated this way, and yet I was enjoying the feeling...


His hands passed between my thighs, and I glanced down to see him massaging my legs near my crotch.  “You’re getting warm again, Anne – what do you think we should do about that?” he asked as he smiled at me.  I also noticed something else – my breasts were starting to feel firmer and my nipples were showing through the fabric of my bra.  He must have noticed it too, for he sat down and looked at me as I tried to avoid looking at him.


“You know, you have a lovely chest, Anne, and I’m sorry I may have hurt it earlier.  Please, allow me to make sure everything is all right.”  I wondered what he meant by that, but got my answer as he knelt next to my head and started to massage my breasts with his hands, his breathing getting slightly more rapid as he did so.


“Oh yes, they are firm, aren’t they,” he said as he gently moved his hands over.  “I think we need to have a look at them – you don’t object do you?”


What my head wanted to say was “Of course I f**king object,” but what my body was saying was something different as I started to moan.  This encouraged him all the more, as he slowly pulled the fabric down over my right breast.  He passed his finger over my nipple in a circular motion, saying “Such a shame I had to pinch this,” and making me shiver as he lightly touched the tip.  He then proceeded to pull the rest of my bra underneath my breasts, as my nipple started to firm up despite my own fears and wishes.  Sometimes, it seems, the body will just react.


“Oh yes,” he whispered as he continued to knead and massage with one hand, each breast in turn as the other ran between my legs.  I was now getting plenty scared, and starting to struggle a little, but it seemed to encourage him all the more as he leaned down and gently kissed my nipples with his lips.  The shock that ran through my body was, if anything, even more that the earlier one, but not as great as the realisation that I was responding to this.  He felt as he if he hadn’t shaved in a few days, but there was no denying the effect he was having on me as I started to moan more and move my body in response, my eyes closed as I struggled to stop myself.


“See – I said you would enjoy it,” he said as he massaged my breasts again.  Opening my eyes, I could see he was enjoying it too, as a bulge started to form in his pants.  Looking up, I saw him staring at me, and as he slowly stood up I began to wonder if he was going to rape me.  As it was, he placed one hand between my thighs as he started to unzip his trousers.  My body started to move in time to his movements against my clitoris as he slowly pulled his pants down, saying “Do you like what you see, Anne?”


Despite my fears, I moaned, and that seemed to make a decision he was coming to easier.  Stepping forward, he pulled the gag out of my mouth, only to stop my screams with his own member as he thrust it into my mouth.  My lips closed around it, and I could not stop myself from reacting as he continued to massage my crotch, feeling the throbbing grow in intensity and strength until finally he exploded in a mass of fluid into my mouth and down my throat.


As he did this, he let out a loud sigh before removing himself and pulling his pants up.  I wanted to get rid of the taste in my mouth, and said “Can I have a drink, please?”  The man poured a glass of water and held it to my lips, allowing me to wash the remaining fluid down my throat.  I hoped he would leave me like that, but to my dismay he merely pulled the knotted scarf back into my mouth and re-tightened the gag.  “Thank you, Anne,” he said as he gave my cheeks a last massage, “that was quite a...”


The sound of a car stopping outside made him stop in turn.  He stood up, walked over and glanced out of the window, before saying “Shit” and grabbing his bag, running out towards the kitchen.  I lay there, wondering what had happened, when I heard the front door open and my husband saying “Anne?  I just same back to see if....”  He stopped dead and looked at me as I lay there, unsure of how to explain what had just happened.


“Are you all right,” he said as he knelt down beside me, and caressed my face.  I nodded, but I could also see that he had another look in his eyes.  I glanced down at my body, with my breasts protruding from the silver band around my belly and my skirt hiked right up, and realised what he must have been thinking.  “Do you want me to unite you,” he said, and I shook my head.  I knew we had been robbed, but I needed to feel his touch right there right now.  As if he read my mind, he stood up, lifted me in his arms and started to carry me up the staircase, lightly touching my nipples with his own lips as we ascended...







“I’m just glad you came back when you did – and I’m glad you understand what happened.”


A few hours had passed, and the police had just left.  The kids were at a friend’s house, and I was sitting in a dressing gown talking to my husband.


“If I ever get my hands on him, I’ll...”


“Forget it – things can be replaced, and I survived.  Whatever he did to me, at least he didn’t actually...”


“Even so, maybe we need to get you some self defence lessons, make you ready if it happens again.”


“Maybe,” I said as I drank my coffee.  I never did arrange them, however, and I regretted it the next time I was attacked.


And the next, and the next....





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