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Take the stories from here to read at your leisure - five collections are available from Lulu, more details can be found here.

I value the input of the people who visit this site, and welcome both comments and story suggestions for Ginger Cavanaugh, the WABAC machine or any other section of the site.  If you would like to provide suggestions or feedback, e-mail me at mistertallandmistersmall@yahoo.co.uk

From January to November 2008, I maintained a Yahoo group that was a place to put my stories.  Now that they don't seem to want that sort of group there, I've opened up this more accessible site for those who wish to read my works.

These stories are of ordinary women, the sort of woman or girl you would pass in the street without a second look, who end up in the hands of burglars and other criminals, bound, gagged and trying to get free. We hope to invoke the spirit of the detective magazines of the 60's and 70's that I grew up with, as well as shows such as The Saint or The Baron.

They are arranged into various sections of related stories, some with characters I have created.  All work presented here is by me unless otherwise stated, and I invoke my rights as author to be recognised as that creator unless another name is given.  Click on the relevant link in the box next to this one to go to the current list.  Updates will be announced in the Updates section, and you are free to leave comments and constructive criticism at any time.

A brief word from the legal department - all the stories featured on this site are fictional, and no resemblance to persons either living or dead or actual events either past or present is intended.  If such a resemblance exists, it is entirely coincidental and is not meant to be a reflection of the true events.  Thank you.

Finally, a word of warning - the level of story you will find here is suitable for a "PG-13" audience.  If this is likely to be upsetting to you, then leave now.

Once Again - all works here are (c) their respective creators.