Indecent Proposal - Chapter 1




Thursday, 4 pm

Susan Proud sat at her dressing table, staring at her reflection in the large mirror and wondering if she really did have to go through with this.  As she looked at her own reflection, her short hair still damp from the shower, she tried to rationalise in her own mind the events of the last few weeks, and what she was about to do.

Picking up a brush, she played with it in her hands for a few minutes, thinking back to the events of the last few weeks.


“So, we have an agreement, then?”

Susan looked over to James, who slowly nodded as he signed his name at the end of the document.

“We have an agreement, Mister Black – I just hope you keep your side of it, because if you don’t...”

“If I don’t, Commander Proud, you will have more than enough evidence and motive to bring me and my life tumbling down.”  He stood up and walked round while the couple stood up, and shook James’ hand.

“In three weeks, then?”

“In three weeks.”


Susan looked over at the double bed, with the open suitcase lying on the duvet, then at a list which was sitting in front of her, and then back to the mirror.  A sigh escaped her lips as she put the brush down and stared at herself in the mirror, thinking as she looked.

“Oh God, how did we ever get into this. 

“Come on Susan – you know how.  Being in banking you knew it was risky but you thought you knew enough to get out before the crash.  Shows how much I knew...”


“Commander James Proud of the Metropolitan Police said in a press conference that the force was making every effort to stem the tide of robberies, and that the public should report any unusual incidents that they may see...”


Susan turned the television off as she heard the door opening and closing, standing up and waiting as James came into the room.  He threw his leather case onto the couch and took her in his arms, kissing her as she hugged him back.


“Tough day,” Susan said as he let her go, and James just nodded.  “It’s almost as if something just clicked out there,” he said as he removed his jacket and loosened his tie.  “How was your day anyway?”


“Tough,” Susan said as she poured a drink and handed it to him.  “More layoffs, but it looks as if I’m going to come through this.  I spoke to some of the guys at Lehmann’s today, and they look like they may be in a bit of trouble.”  As he took a sip, James saw a pile of mail waiting on the table.  He picked them up, idly flipping through until he stopped at a fat manila envelope.


“What do they want with us,” he said as he put his drink down and looked at the address printed on the top of the envelope.  “We’re fully paid up on the mortgage, aren’t we?”


“I hope so,” Susan said as she sat down.  “I saw that one, but decided to wait until you got home before it was opened.  These days, letters from banks make me a bit nervous – even my one.”

James nodded as he sat down and opened the envelope.  He unfolded the letter, but as he looked through the contents Susan was concerned to see his face start to pale and his hand shake.


“James,” she said as he sat down, “Whatever’s the matter?”  She saw her husband look over at her, before he passed her the letter without saying a word.  She looked over the sheaf of paper, and looked back at her husband.


“They can’t – they just can’t, they can’t call the whole debt in at once.  It’s not allowed under the law.”


“I’m afraid it is, James, if they suddenly regard us as a bad debt – but we can’t afford this.  What did the evaluator say when you asked him about the insurance last week?”


“He said we’d be lucky to get 80% of the amount we owe – we can’t just sell the house.  Susan, what are we going to do?”


“Let me talk to somebody at work – we’ll find a way out of this.  We always do...”



Susan looked down at the list., mumbling to herself as she did so.  “10 pairs of dark tan pantyhose...  red leather dress... black bras... blouses... business suit and skirts... the blue leather mini... the black leather coat... the black bra top.”  She looked over at the case, and saw all those items, as well as several pairs of shoes.  Looking again at the list, she nodded to remind herself that she had sent the list of cosmetics, soaps and scents as required.  She looked again at herself in the mirror, removing her dressing gown as the sound of footsteps came from the corridor.

The clock said 4.30, and Susan shuddered.  “I’m really going to go through with this,” she said to herself as she stood up.  “For my family, for James, for everything, I’m going to be this man’s – toy for the next five days and four nights.”  She sat on the bed, pulling on a pair of tan pantyhose as her memory went back four weeks.

“I’m sorry?”

“I said, I know who you are, Mrs Susan Proud, and I know who and what you used to be.”

“How do you know?”

“Not important – but I have a proposal for you.  One that will solve your problems and fulfil my dreams.  Do you want to hear it?”


Susan picked up a teal sheer bra and pulled it on, before picking up a green silk blouse.  As she turned and pulled it over her arms, she saw James standing in the doorway, his arms folded as he watched her dressing.

“I’m sorry, James, I’m so sorry.”

“You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about, my love,” James said as he watched her pull on a black skirt with white floral details.  Susan walked back to the dressing table and started to apply her make-up, as James came and put his hands on her shoulders.

“I wish there was some other way as well, but - well, if there is I don't know what it is.”

Susan looked at her husband in the mirror.  “But it was my advice that got us into this mess, and now I have to be some man’s whore to save our reputations, your job, my job, and even our daughters’ places in the society status...”  James gently kneaded her shoulders.  “I know – but what else can we do?  IT sounds awful, cavalier, but it will solve out problem.”

Susan turned to look at James.  “Will you look at me the same when I get back?”

“All I know is this,” James said as he looked down at his wife, “I am going to miss you every second of the next few days.”

“I will miss you too, my love” Susan said as she started to do her eyes

“What did you tell the bank?”

“I am just going on a long weekend with the girls to France to the Riviera.”

“Well, I hope it is as lovely wherever you go.”  He leaned over and kissed Susan on the lips as she applied the last of her makeup.  She returned the kiss, before picking up her lipstick.

“What did you tell Jennifer and Rachel?”

“I told them you were going on a business trip - the bank wanted you to sweet-talk an important set of clients.  Always sweeten a lie with a little truth - but only a little.”

“Good because they know the friends I would go with.”

“Indeed - and the last thing we need is them finding out.”

Susan stood up and turned to look at her husband.  He was wearing a dark jacket over a white shirt, dark slacks and leather shoes.  On the lapel of his jacket was a wide strip of tape, while in his hand was a roll of green electrical tape and a piece of cloth.

“Is it time already?  Kiss me one last time – the second you put that camera on, you have to act the part and I – oh dear God, I become like a piece of meat.”

James looked at his watch.  “We have a few minutes.  You finish getting ready and I’ll take the case to the car.”  He kissed his wife before going over and looking at the case.

“Is everything in there?”

Susan nodded as he shut and locked the case, before taking it by the handle.  She watched him as he left the room, before pulling at her skirt and picking up a tape measure they had used for their daughters to check the way their kilts lay when they were children.  Now she was using it to make sure her skirt length was exactly as he stipulated - no less than 3" above the knee and no more than four.  Eventually satisfied, she sat down and pulled on a pair of patent leather black 3.5" pumps with the good "toe cleavage" he demanded.  As she stood up, she heard the footsteps.

Before James came into the room, Susan called out “Do I have time for one last kiss or is the camera on?”

“We have time,” he said as he came back in, embraced his wife and kissed her, deeply, passionately, and longingly.  This went on for several minutes, before he finally let her go and picked up a pair of dark glasses.  “Now, remember, as soon as I put these on he’s watching, so you need to call me Sir and nothing else.  Are you ready?”

Susan stood for a moment, and James could see her shaking slightly before she nodded and sat down.  “I love you, Suzanna Proud,” James said before taking a deep breath.  Susan sat at her makeup table, watching as he put the glasses on and pressed a small button at the side of the frame.


He watched as the live feed started to come on his laptop.  There she was, as beautiful as she knew she could be, sitting waiting for him with her legs crossed.  He smiled as he heard the man starting to speak.


“Good evening.”

“Good evening sir”

“Do you know who I am?”

“No, sir, I do not”

“I am here to take you to your master. Will you do whatever I tell you to do?”

“Yes, sir”

“I have asked you a question - will you do whatever I ask you to do?”

Susan continued to stare straight ahead, trying to reconcile the quiet, monotone voice her husband was using with his normal tone, before saying “I will.”

She looked at James as he stared dispassionately down.  “Very good – you master wishes to check that all is well.  Raise your skirt - I wish to see that you have dressed as you were ordered to for your master.”

Susan stood up and raised the front of her skirt, showing her panty less crotch under the dark hose.  “Excellent,” James responded as he looked at her, “now, let it drop and unbutton your blouse.”  As Susan said “Yes Sir,” and unbuttoned her blouse, showing the light green see through bra under her blouse, James nodded.  “You have done well - you may refasten your blouse,” he said as he watched his wife fasten the buttons and tuck the blouse back into her skirt.

“Now, I ask again - will you do exactly what I tell you to do?”

“Yes sir.”

“And when you meet your new master, will you do exactly what he tells you to do?”

“Yes sir - for 4 nights and 5 days.”  She watched as James picked up the roll of electrical tape from the table.

“Very good.   I want you to turn with your back to me and place your hands behind your back.”  Susan nodded, knowing that the point of no return was fast approaching.



“Are you entirely sure you want to go through with this?”

Susan shook her head.  “No – but it will give us security, and it will solve the problems.  Besides, it is not as if I have never been tied up before.”

“No – but this is for over four days, for extended periods, and you need to travel there and back bound and gagged, wherever there is.  I’m not too happy about this – especially as it is someone else doing it.”


Susan turned her back to James and put her hands behind her back, wrist to wrist with the backs of her hands touching.  She stood still as she heard the end of the tape ripping free, and felt the tugging on her skin as he pressed the free end to one arm before winding it tightly around her wrists.  A small moan as she felt them been pulled tightly together was the only indication she gave as to what she was feeling.

As she was turned back round, she watched as James folded the cloth into a pad and held it in front of her mouth.  “Open your mouth as wide as you can,” he said.  “Yes sir,” was her response as she opened her mouth as wide as she could,  allowing James to push the cloth in and fill her mouth.  “Now, close your mouth so that I only see your lips,” was the next command, and Susan could only say “mmmmmmmmm” as she closed her mouth, her rouged lips meeting as James removed the strip of tape from his jacket.

Susan looked at him, realising if she let him put that tape over her mouth she truly was committed to going through with the agreement.  She closed her eyes. knowing she had to let this happen and if she kept her eyes open she would fight – and if she showed any resistance at this stage, the deal was off.  When she was in his “custody” she could resist, but not now, not yet.

James smoothed  the tape over her mouth, wishing he could say sorry but knowing he had to play his part as well.  As the tape welded her mouth shut, the adhesive pulling at her lips, Susan tried to stay quiet, but she opened her eyes wide and let out a surprised “MMPHH” as James pinched her nipples hard.

“Very good, you are now silenced - turn back round.”

A tear slipped down her cheek as Susan turned round and listened to the sound of the tape been torn loose again, before it was wrapped around her elbows, pulling her shoulders back so that her breasts strained against the silk blouse.  She let out another yelp as she felt her elbows been drawn tightly together, but said nothing as she stood straight.

James walked round her, staring at her through the glasses as she looked straight ahead, knowing everything was being sent straight to her Master.

“I am now ready to inspect the slut,” he said a she picked up the tape measure.  There was another muted yelp of protest – Susan had never expected her husband to treat her in this way, but she realised that this was probably as difficult for him as it was for her, so she stood still as he measured the length of her skirt.  “The slut has complied with the skit length,” he said as he knelt down and measured her heels, “and with the heel height.”  He stood up and took Susan by the arm.  “I am now bringing her to the pickup point,” he said as he pushed her in front of him, out of the bedroom.



So far, they have both done exactly as I requested.  As I watch him escorting her down the staircase of their home, I can see why they want to keep it so much.  She stops for a moment as he goes past and watches from the foot of the stairs – so like the film she did with the robber who disturbed her one night.

I remember the first time I saw her – I was at the bank, leaving after a meeting with my advisors when I saw her walking quickly down the corridor, a sheaf of papers in her arms.  I recognised her at the time, but was not sure where from – at least to begin with.

Her face stuck in my memory, however, even if it was a few days later before I remembered where I had seen her before.  For now, I watch as they go through the kitchen and into the garage, where the black car stands with the passenger door open.

“Inside, slut,” he says as she makes her sit down, and forces her head down so that she is comfortable in the seat.  Well, as comfortable as she is going to get.  I press a button and the camera he has placed on the dashboard comes to life, as does the one that looks over the passenger seat back.  Her skirt has ridden up slightly, so that I can see her crotch – a nice extra touch.

There’s a slight pause as he walks round and gets behind the wheel, and then a moment as he reaches over and buckles her into place.  “One last thing, slut,” he says as he pinches her nipples again, and I see her eyes widening with shock.  From his glasses, I watch as the garage door opens and he starts the car up.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” was all Susan could say as the car moved onto the road and turned right.  As the gates to the house closed behind them, James touched the Bluetooth set that was in his ear.

“Yes, Sir, we are on our way now. It will take about thirty minutes."  He turned and looked at Susan.  "Your master wishes to see you a little more, slut - cross your legs for him."  As she did so, James continued "Your master says you are to keep crossing and uncrossing your legs for the journey. You will do that, won’t you?" 

Beautiful, simply – ah, the pilot has just said we are about to land.  I strap myself in and nervously wait for the landing – and the delivery.



Thursday, 6 pm

The black Daimler turned down a country lane and continued for about a mile, before entering a private airfield.  On the runway there was a small private jet, with the cabin door open.  Driving up to a short distance from the plane, James stopped the camera and watched a thin, tall man come out of the plane.

Susan watched as her husband turned off the cameras, removed his glasses and looked at her.  “Sue, I do love you, I love you for doing this for me and your family, but you have one last chance.  Mr Black wants me to ask before I get out because once I open my door it is the last time I am your husband till Monday at 5 pm

“Susan do you love me?”  She nodded as James continued “Do you want to do this?”  She looked deep into his eyes before nodding again.  James looked at his wife, before switching the cameras back on and replacing his glasses. 

As he got out of the car and walked round, Susan stared straight ahead, wondering what was coming next.  That was quickly answered as he opened the door and half pulled, half helped her out of the car and made her stand in front of the bonnet, unable to stop as he pushed her down and called out “Let’s do this Black.”

The man walked over from the plane and said “Good evening - do you have the merchandise?”  Susan grunted as she was pulled roughly up, amazed at the role her husband was playing.  He was acting as if he was a real slave trader, as he felt up her leg and pulled her skirt up to expose her ass.  “Take a feel Black,” he said as he slapped Susan on the bottom.  “Just what you requested, late 30's rich bitch, curvy big tits nice legs and ass.” 

“She has complied with all the requests?” Black said as he looked at her, standing there in shock as she was being discussed and ignored at the same time.  “She has,” James said with a sneer,” but why do you not look for yourself, I will allow one sample feel for free.”  Susan watched as he placed a briefcase on the bonnet of the car and walked behind her, letting out a loud “MMGOGGP” as she felt his hands groping her behind.

“OK Black,” James said as Mister Black walked back round, “do you have the money?”  He watched as the man opened the briefcase and shoed both of them the neatly bound piles of money inside.  “As agreed, half of your fee now, the other half on return of the merchandise.”, he said as he removed a brown envelope from the case.

“Now the legal documents, if the Slut is harmed in any permanent way or is treated outside our agreement, or if she is not returned by 5 pm Monday the documents turning over control of the 1,35 billion held in trust”  As she heard her husband talking, Susan felt more like an object than at any other time in her life, but she also felt proud – proud that James was holding what Mr Black holds most dear until what was most precious in her husband’s life is returned to him.”

“The envelope contains the account numbers and pass codes for my financial and - more personal records. If on return I find the envelope tampered with, the fee will be forfeited, as per our agreement.”

“Open the envelope, show me and then seal it with this police seal,” James said, and the couple watched as Mister Black opened the envelope up and showed James the papers inside, before closing and sealing it, writing his name across the seal.  “Hands off the merchandise until the money is counted,” he then said as he put the envelope in the car and took out an electronic money counter.  As the money was fed through, the air turned a little colder – at least, that was why Susan hoped she had started to shiver.  Eventually the last note went through, and the figure of ¾ of a million pounds appeared.

James took the envelope and replaced it in the briefcase, closing it and picking it up as he held Susan with his other hand.  “I trust everything is to your satisfaction,” Mister Black said.  “Until Monday night?”  As he said this, Susan watched the pilot quickly walk from the plane, collect her suitcase from the boot of the car and carry it into the jet.

“Monday night,” James said as he watched Mister Black take Susan by the arm and walk her towards the plane.  He watched for a minute before climbing back into the car and driving off.  Susan watched from the stairs as the car melded into the blackness, before she felt Mister Black pushing her into the cabin.

“Mmmm” she said as she walked into the large white area, with two large airplane seats either side of the cabin.  The pilot was stowing her case in an enclosed area before returning to the cockpit.  “Sit down,” Mister Black said as he pushed Susan towards one of the seats.

“We have a long flight ahead of us,” he said as he picked up an identical roll of green electrical tape to the one used earlier, “So I need to make you comfortable for the flight.  Susan watched as he started to tape her ankles together, side by side, followed by her legs above and below her knees.  Her skirt had ridden up again as she had sat on the soft leather, but as he taped her thighs she felt him stroking the inside of her legs, a moan coming through the tape gag as he did so.   Reclining the seat as far back as he could, Mister Black fastened her safety belt around Susan, before he sat himself in the other chair and strapped himself in, watching as the plane taxied onto the runway.

“Enjoy the flight”, he said as the plane started to gather speed.  Susan lay still, wondering what she had got herself into, and praying to be strong through it as what James now has will get us out of debt and save us from scandal but we still need the other half to start over, I close my eyes as the plane takes off, letting out a “MMMMMMMMMMMmmmm” as the plane soared into the sky.

Susan let out a sigh as she heard the wheels returning to their housing, and lay still until she heard the pilot say “We are now at our cruising altitude, sir.”  She looked over at Mister Black as he unbuckled the belt around himself and stood up, walking over and saying “Well, Chase, why don't we make you more comfortable,” as he brought her chair into a seated position.

 As she looked down, Chase could not see how high her skirt had ridden – her breasts were sticking out and her arms ached from the elbow tie.  She nodded at the thought of being more comfortable, as Mister Black picked her up and said “Perhaps you will be more comfortable on the recliner?”

He carried he rover to a long brown leather chaise longue, which he gently placed her on with her head resting on the arm.  “I think you need a drink,” he said as he reached down and peeled the tape from her mouth.  Susan winced as she felt the adhesive pull at her skin, before saying “Thank you” as he removed the pad from her mouth.

She watched the man looking at her as she sat herself up, wondering again what he was going to do.  Eventually he said “That looks a bit tight around your elbows - would you like the tape cut away before I get that drink?”  She nodded as he took a pair of scissors from a table drawer, and turned round to allow him to cut her elbows free.  As the tape fell away, she said “aaahhhhh thank you, umm not the wrists?”.


 I think your wrists can stay together for now, Chase – What can I get you?”  Susan, or Chase as she now knew she was going to be called, swallowed and said “water would be fine thank you master.”  As he poured a bottle of still water into a glass and put a straw in, she continued to look at him.  In his late forties, tall, thin with greying dark hair, he was a handsome man.  She had to remind herself that Mister Black was her master now.


“Here you go,” he said as he held the glass in front of Chase and she took a sip.  Now, would you like to know what is going to happen?”


“Yes master,” Chase replied as she took her mouth from the straw.

“Well, I want to play a number of - games, if you like with you, re- creating some of the scenarios you modelled to in the past. I won’t hurt you in any way, but I do want to experience being in control of you, and you doing everything I say.”  He put the glass on a table and held Chase’s chin as he looked into her eyes.  “Of course, you have no choice in the matter, Chase. You are mine to do with as I desire, is that not right?”


Chase looked into Mister Black’s eyes.  “Am I to assume, master, that unlike in my pictures from the past where it was implied I was giving a blow job or being raped that now I will actually be receiving this, Master?”


He smiled as he looked back at her.  “That would be correct - but rape is such an ugly word, it implies you do not consent. You are agreeing to do this, aren't you Chase? There is no Susan Proud now until Monday, Chase, only you and me. That's right isn't it?”


She bowed her head to the floor and said “Yes Master, I am Chase, your servant of pleasure”


Mister Black smiled as he picked up the glass and held it to Chase’s lips, his other hand moving along her leg as she sat there.  She moaned as she took a drink, steeling herself for what she thought might be coming.  “You are indeed, Chase, you are my object of delight. Have you had enough to drink?”


“Yes Master, but may I make one request, one humble request”


“You may.”


“Master I have consented to be your pleasure object, I will pleasure you with my hands, mouth, feet, legs, pussy and ass, but may I act as if it is not consensual?”


Mister Black smiled again as he said “You may act in that way if you wish - it would please me as well.”


“Forgive me, Master, but just so I am correct, you would prefer me to be struggling as you feel me up right now.”  As she said this, Chase began to move back in the couch, trying to get away from him, and hoping she was doing the right thing.


“Why,” Mister Black said as he moved closer again and began to stroke her thigh, “do you not like what I am doing.”  His hands moved up her leg towards her skirt.  “After all, you have no choice in the matter, so you can struggle all you want.”


Reading his signal, Chase moved back against the arm of the couch and said “No,” struggling as he moved his hands under her skirt and stroked her crotch.


“Nobody can hear you here," he said as he felt under her skirt, stroking her pussy as he did so.  Chase shuddered and said “Stop or I will scream for the pilot.”


“He won’t come - he is paid far too well. But if you insist on screaming, slut, I will have to stop you. Am I clear on that?”


Chase looked frantically round, opened her mouth and shouted “HHHHHHHHHHEEEE EEELLLLLLLLLLLLL LLPPPPPPPPPP”, finding herself, despite the situation, enjoying and remembering her younger days.  For his part, Mister Black responded by clamping his right hand over Chase’s mouth, and using his left hand to pull her skirt down.  Chase’s eyes widened as he leaned over her, the only sound coming now from her a muffled “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm”


She watched him stand up and stare to her, before saying “I told you not to scream, you slut - not I will have to make sure you are unable to.”  He moved his free hand between her legs and continued to stroke her labia, soft moans coming from under his other hand as he did so.


“I thought I told you to be quiet,2 Mister Black said a she continued to stroke Chase’s pussy, and her moans started to get louder, “now I'll have to find a way to do so.”  As she looked at him, she could see he was getting aroused, and smiled to show him that he should continue.


“I could use the tape, slut, but I have a better idea,” he said as she continued to struggle and moan.  “You are going to do exactly what I tell you, all right?,” he said as he felt dampness in her crotch.  Chase struggled and shook her head, not realising that her struggles had caused the buttons on her blouse to work loose.


“I'm going to take my hand away - stay quiet or else,” he said as he stood up and unzipped his pants.  “Oh god, no, what are you doing,” Chase said as she turned away from him, exposing her ass to him.  “I told you to be quiet, slut,” was his only response as he reached round, unfastened the last buttons and pulled her blouse back and down, revealing her bra.  Pulling her back over, she watched as his pants dropped to the ground and he unhooked her bra at the front.


“OH GOD NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO OOOOOO,” she screamed as he stood in front of her, naked from the waist down.  “Yes,” he said as he moved closer, reaching down and stroking her pussy as he held his erect member in front of her lips, stroking her lips with the head.  “Now open up and take it.”


Chase tried to keep her mouth shut, but as his fingers stroked the lips between her legs it was getting more and more difficult.  He reached up and pulled the cups of the bra away from her breasts, stroking her nipples a she felt them swell, and finally she could contain herself no longer.  She opened her mouth and said “NNNNOoommmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as his cock was pushed into her mouth and she started to suck on it.  His hand went back between her legs as she started to suck, her tongue licking the tip ass he moaned in response to his touch.


Suddenly, Chase pulled her mouth off and said breathlessly “If you put me on my knees I can suck you off better.”  “Very well,” Mister Black said as he helped Chase to kneel on the floor and re-inserted his penis.  She started to suck his cock, hoping that he would get off and then perhaps leave her alone for a while.  As he pulled her closer, she thought to herself “I know I have to serve and please this man but I do not want to cum for him or really enjoy what he does to me.”


She felt him push himself further in, sucking and bobbing her head as he started to swell inside her, but she knew he do was nervous, and was worried that he may do something against the terms.  Pulling off for a moment, she said “Let me do it master,” and started to suck harder, pulling him in as she felt the throbbing growing in intensity inside her mouth.


For his part, Mister Black said “I am trusting you, Chase - do not diasapooohhhhh” as he felt himself growing inside her as well.  She pulled him in, out, in, out, teasing him with her tongue as he closed his eyes and moaned in the intensity and pleasure of the moment.  As she pulled him deeper into her throat, he whispered “Oh god” as he felt himself growing larger and stronger, the intensity of the throbbing increasing with each pass and each , I can feel myself growing stronger, harder, the intensity increasing as she pulled back to the tip and then swallowed him whole again, the tip of his member at the back of her throat and her tongue caressing the bottom.


“Oh yes,” he moaned as he felt himself starting to come, the rush of warm fluid unstoppable as chase continued to suck him dry, drawing every last drop of fluid out and swallowing as the flow continued.  Eventually her withdrew and looked at Chase as she knelt there, a small dribble of fluid coming from the corner of her mouth.  Taking a tissue, he wiped it away and said “Thank you Chase.”  He reached down and pulled up his pants, before helping Chase to her feet.


“Thank you master my knees were getting sore,” she said as he looked at her.  “Very good, Chase - we will be preparing to land soon. Let me make you look - a little more presentable.”  As he said this, he pulled her bra round and re-fastened it, feeling her breasts as he did so.


“Thank you master.  May I ask where you have taken me master?”


As he pulled her blouse back up and re-fastened it, Mister Black said “I have a little place in the South of France - discrete, quiet, just me and a trusted servant. I think you will like it.”  Reaching down to pull her skirt up, her fastened it and adjusted the length before looking at her and smiling.  “Won't you?”


“Yes, master” she replied as the pilot came onto the intercom.  “We will be landing in fifteen minutes, sir.” 


“We’d better get ready,” he said a she helped Chase to hop to her seat.  “Master, this would be easier if you untaped my legs, and hands” she said as she was helped to sit down.


“I am sure it would,” he said as he picked up the cloth from earlier and the roll of tape, “but you remain as you are until we finally arrive.  Now, open wide.”   Realising she was in no position to argue, Chase allowed mister Black to push the cloth into her mouth, closing her lisp over it as he tore several strips of green tape off and smoothed tightly over her lower face.  He pinched her nipple, getting a muffled “mmmmmmmmmm” in response before strapping her in and returning to his seat.


As she sat there, Chase started to review her situation.  She was actually quite happy – she had managed to pleasure him without making her cum, nor had he tried to romantically kiss her.  This was a good sign – if she could cope with this, the next few days may be easier than she had initially thought.  She was also surprisingly happy about where she was going – she was visiting the South of France after all.


The place bumped as it hit the tarmac and came to an eventual stop.  She looked over and said “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” as the engines died, and the pilot walked in.  He opened the door, and lowered the stairs as she moved her legs and said “mmmmmmm”, Looking at Mister Black as he unbuckled.


As the pilot took the case and left the plane, Mister Black walked over and stroked Chase’s legs again.  She had hoped he would untie her, but instead he simple said “Now for the next stage,” as he picked her up and carried her to the cabin door.


“I told you - you stay as you are until we get there,” he said as he descended to the tarmac.  There was a black Rolls Royce there, with a liveried man standing by it.  He was tall – at last six foot four, and thin, with short grey hair and in his early fifties.  “Good evening, Jayes,” he said as he carried Chase towards the car.  “Kindly open the passenger door.”


The man saluted and opened the door, stepping to one side as Chase was sat in the rear of the car.  As he closed the door, he walked to the other side and held it for his employer to climb in.


“Quick as you can, Jayes.” He said as the servant climbed behind the driver’s seat.  “Very good, Sir,” was his measured response as the car glided off the runway and into the surrounding countryside.  It was getting dark, but Chase could see vineyards and rolling hills as the car drove towards the coast.


Eventually, the car pulled off the road and through a pair of large iron gates, which closed behind them as they drove up a large gravel driveway to a small chateau.  As Jayes got out of the car, Mister Black took a pair of scissors and cut the tape away from her legs and ankles.


“Stay there,” he said as he climbed out of the open door.  Chase simple sighed and nodded as she heard his footsteps walking round to the other side of the car, and the passenger door opened.  She saw the servant standing there, waiting until Mister Black came and took her arm and helped her out of the car.


 Bring the case, Jayes,” was all he said as he escorted Chase to the front door and into a large hallway.  By this time, all Chase wanted was for her arms to be freed, but a she took her towards a large marble staircase and started to walk her up she feared that something more may be about to happen.


“This is it,” she thought as she stood in front of a white door and watched Mister Black unlock it, “For the first time in 23 years another man is going to have me, the blowjob was one thing but he is going to take me.”  She stared straight ahead as the door was opened and Chase was shown in.


It was a large room, tastefully furnished, with a dresser, chaise longue, wardrobes, sets of drawers and a double bed, all white.   To one side was a door that led into a lounge, while on the other was another door, presumably to a bathroom.  “Stand still,” she heard Mister Black say as he cut the tape from her wrists while she looked round” MMMMmmmmmmmmaaaa hhhh” was the sound as she finally brought her wrists round and rubbed them.  Chase then looked at him and said “mmmm” as she pointed at the tape.


“You may remove your gag,” he said as he sat on the couch.  Chase reached up and peeled the tape away, spitting the cloth out as she said “Thank you, master, what do you wish me to do now sir.”


“Remove your blouse.”


Chase slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor, followed by her skirt as Mister Black sat and looked at her.  As she stood there, in black patent high heels taupe pantyhose and a teal see through bra, she watched him stand up and walk over to a chest of drawers.  She had hoped he would allow her to shower and change, but as she watched him take several skeins of rope out and lay them on the top of the chest she resigned herself to being bound again.


So when he said “For later - I presume you may wish to freshen up first,” she actually smiled in relief.  “Thank you, master.”


Mister Black pointed to the closed door.  “You will find everything you need behind that door.  Jayes will attend to your clothing while you are in there, but be quick.”


“Yes Sir, but if I may ask a question?”


“Why - do you not want to cleanse yourself?”


“Yes, sir, but what I am asking is am I to keep these items on? Or am I to strip from them as well, sir, and put on all new when I return?”


“Ah - yes, I will select an outfit for you and these clothes will be taken for cleaning.  Hurry now.”


“And what lipstick should I wear, sir,” she said as she removed the rest of her clothing.

“I believe there is a particular shade of deep red there that you requested - use that.”


“Yes, sir,” Chase said as she entered the ornate bathroom and started the shower.  As she stepped under the cleansing stream, she heard a knock on the door and assumed that was this man, Jayes, bringing in her case.  She closed her eyes, allowing the warm water to wash away the sweat and stain of the day.  A detailed set of instructions had been left on the surface by the sink, which she followed precisely as she heard doors and drawers opening and closing.  From the list, Chase knew this was going to be a weekend when she was used in every way, and sighed as she turned the water off.  She wanted so badly to call her husband, but that was not allowed.


Sitting by a mirrored table, she pulled her hair back and applied her make up.  Leaving the bathroom with only a towel round her, she was surprised to see her clothes and shoes had gone, and Mister Black was sitting on the couch.


“I trust you feel better,” he said as he indicated the dresser.  Lying on it was a black bra top, a blue leather miniskirt and a pair of dark tan pantyhose, while on the floor was a pair of 4.5 inch kid leather pumps.  She recognised the outfit from years past, and silently thanked God she could still fit into it.


“Get dressed,” Mister Black said as he stood up, “and then join me in the lounge through there.  You will also put this on,” he continued as he took a long black leather coat from the wardrobe and laid it on the bed.


“Thank you, master” Chase said as she walked over, allowing the towel to drop to the floor as she picked up the pantyhose.  Pulling them up and over her legs, she then pulled the leather skirt up, fastening it around her waist before pulling on the bra top.  She watched her master walking through the other door as she slipped into the shoes, before picking up the coat and fastening it around herself.


Mister Black looked up as Chase stood in the doorway, posing in a sexy manner with a smile on her face.  “Excellent,” he said as he looked at her, “now, what do you wish to do, my dear Chase?”


As she walked in, Chase said “I would love to eat master if you do not mind, there is something else but I am not allowed to do that so eating would be fine then what ever master commands is my pleasure to do.”


“As you wish,” he said as he uncovered a tray that was sitting on a trolley, on which were a selection of snacks and canapés.  “Would you care for a drink as well?”


“Yes master I would love a drink.”


Please, help yourself,” he said as he poured two glasses of wine handed one to his ‘guest’.  “Sit, eat – we can talk for a while.”






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