Indecent Proposal - Chapter 3





Friday, 4 pm


As she lay on the recliner, the warm sunlight relaxing her, Susan found her mind going back again a few weeks...



“Let me see if I have got this straight – this man recognised you at work, has found out about your situation, and has offered you how much if you will consent to what?”


Susan and James looked at Dave, their solicitor and trusted friend, as he sat opposite them, the glass in his hand half raised to his lips.


“One and a half million pounds,” Susan slowly said, “in return for re-creating some of the scenarios we shot in the past, in similar clothes, for his gratification.”


“In other words, he is asking you to sell yourself to him for money for a period of time.  James, you’ve agreed to this?”


“I haven’t agreed to anything,” James said as he looked over at Dave.  “I just do not see any other way of solving our current problems.  If you have any other legal suggestions...”


As they watched, Dave put the glass to his lips and drank his whisky.  “You know, all those years ago when you did that stuff, did you ever believe this sort of thing could happen?  I remember you got some very strange letters at the time...”


“That’s why we got you to look after any legal issues – the thing is, can you do it again for us?”


Dave looked over at his friends.  “You want a contract drawn up to cover this?  What about this Mister Black?”


“Apparently,” Susan said as she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, “he has a lawyer on his side as well. I suspect he handles a lot of – undercover arrangements for him.”


“I’ll bet,” Dave said as he put his glass down.  “All right – you’re going to need some safeguards, and we want some form of security form him in case things go wrong.  Happy for me to draft up the arrangements, based on what you have told me?”


The two of them nodded as Dave stood up.  “I’ll get back to you in a day or two,” he said as James stood and shook his hand.  “My god, who would have thought this would come back to haunt us.”




Susan opened her eyes as she heard a soft coughing at her side.  Jayes was standing there, and Mister Black was nowhere to be seen.


“Forgive me, Miss, but you did ask to be told when it was five o’clock.  I have taken the liberty of laying out your outfit for tonight on your bed, and dinner will be at seven promptly.”


“Thank you, Jayes,” Susan said as she stood up and fastened her robe around her.  “Any idea what his plans are for tonight?”


“I could not possibly speculate, Miss.  Would you care for me to accompany you to your room?”


“That will not be necessary, Jayes, I can find me way.”


“Very good – I will call for you at seven then.”  He bowed a she turned and walked into the house, Susan looking after him all the way.  Shrugging, she made her way back into the house and up to her room.  Laid out on the bed was a black dress, with hose and shoes beside them.


“Well, at least I will be cooler tonight,” she said as she removed her robe and headed for the bathroom.




Friday, 8.30 pm


“Did you enjoy your dinner, Chase?”


“I did, Sir, thank you,” Chase said as she set her glass down on the table.  The dress she was wearing was made of black silk, sleeveless and in the style of a Greek tunic.  The wide shoulder bands came down in a round band over her back and shoulders, and the waist was gathered like a band.  The hem was short, cut asymmetrically so that the left side came just below her hip, while the right side was a few inches longer.  The dark hose she was wearing matched the dress, as did the three inch heel leather shoes.


The dinner had been superb – Jayes was obviously as good a cook as he was a gentleman – and Chase watched as he cleared the dessert plates out of the way and served coffee.


“Did you have an enjoyable afternoon, Chase,” Mister Black said as he took a sip of his coffee.


“Yes, Sir – it was very warm and relaxing.”  She lifted her own cup to her lips and took a sip, being careful not to smudge the lipstick she had carefully applied.  “May I ask what your intentions are for this evening, Sir?”


“All in good time, Chase – let us enjoy your coffee before I escort you home.  After all, it is meant to be a romantic evening, is it not?”


Chase realised that the role play for that night had started, so she smiled in return and said “It is indeed, Sir – you can almost see the moonlight over the bay here.”


“I’m so glad you like the view,” Mister Black said with a smile.  “I picked this restaurant especially for this special night.  May I just say how beautiful you look in the candlelight?”


“Thank you Sir, you are very kind,” Chase said as she smiled back.  She watched as he stood up, taking his jacket from Jayes as he held it out.


“May I have the honour of escorting you back to your apartment, Miss Chase,” he said as he held his hand out.  Chase stood up and took it, as Mister Black led her out of the dining room and back up to her suite.


“So, how do you propose we end such a fine evening,” he said as he stood by the door.


“Well, perhaps you would care to join me for a drink, Sir,” Chase said as she opened the door.  They walked through her bedroom into the room next door, before Chase sat down and crossed her legs, allowing Mister Black a look at her crotch as she did so.


“So, Sir, what would you like to drink,” Chase said as she looked over at him.


“Perhaps later,” Mister Black said with a smile.  “Do you mind if I take my jacket off?”


“Of course not, Sir,” Chase said as she watched him remove his jacket and lay it over a chair.  “You have a lovely apartment here Chase – you look as if you have a lot of nice things.”


“Thank you, Sir, I do my best,” she said with a smile, secretly wondering where this was leading to.  “If you do not want a drink, what would you like to do?”


“Tell me, Chase, do you like to play games?”


“What sort of games, Sir?”


“When you were a girl, did you use to play Cops and Robbers, things like that?”


“At times, Sir, why do you ask?”


“Well,” he said as he sat opposite her, looking at her as she uncrossed her legs and put her hands to her side, “I like to play that sort of game as well, where I get to be the robber and the person I’m with gets to be the victim.  Does that sound like fun to you?”


“I don’t know, Sir, it has been a long time,” Chase said as she leaned back in her chair.  “But, if you would like to play a game like that, then I would be willing to play as well.”


“I hoped you would say that, Chase,” Mister Black said with a smile.  “So, I’m going to have to stop you from getting in my way, young lady.  Do you have any rope in the house?”


Chase sat up, a scared expression on her face.  “There... there is some rope in the cupboard, but please, don’t hurt me.”


As she watched him stand up and walk to the cupboard, Chase knew he had researched this to the last detail.  She remembered this particular shoot as well, and if he had done his homework...


From the top drawer Mister Black took out several lengths of coiled white rope.  “You are going to do whatever I say, right?”


“Yes, sir,” Chase said as she put her head back.  “Just please, don’t hurt me.”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” Mister Black said as he knelt in front of Chase and placed her legs together, his hands stroking the back of her thighs as he did so.  Taking one length of rope, he passed it around her legs below her knees and above her thighs, and pulled them together.  As he passed the rope round, Chase said “May I ask a question, Sir?”


“Of course, Chase.”


“A robber would normally tie my hands first – why my legs?”


You have beautiful legs,” Mister Black said as he stroked them again, “and I think stopping you running away is the biggest priority.”  Taking a second length, he tied her ankles tightly together, before looking into her eyes.  “Comfy?”


“Yes, Sir,” Chase said as  he continued to stroke her legs, moving up and between her upper legs as he did so.  “Stand up for me, Chase.”


Taking her by the arm, he helped Chase to stand up and shuffle over so that her back was to him.  She stood there, looking ahead as he gently stroked her arms and kissed the back of her neck, a small shock running through her as he did that.  “What can I do for you now, Sir,” she said as she rolled her head to the side.


“Please, put your hands behind your back,” he said as he ran his hands down her bare arms, gently pulling them back as Chase gasped.  She felt the rope going around the skin of her crossed wrists, pulling them together as he bound them around and between.  Chase could not stop herself from sighing as he did this, wondering what his next move was likely to be.


She felt his hands moving around her bottom, making their way forward as he caressed her waist and started again to kiss her neck.   She moaned as he brushed over her breasts, beginning to wish he would do something else at that stage.  “This feels so good, Sir,” she sighed as he moved his hands down and stroked her legs again, feeling gently between them as he did so.


“Ohhh,” she sighed, as he removed his hands for a moment.  “I think we need to keep you quiet, Chase,” he said as he stood back for a moment.  Looking over her shoulder, Chase could see him tying a knot in a wide strip of white cotton.


Reaching round, he started to stroke Chase at the crotch, the feeling shooting through her as she started to open her mouth to moan.  Any sound, however, was stifled as he pushed the knotted material between her lips, bring the ends round and tying them under her hairline to keep the gag in place.  Chase looked ahead, wondering what was coming next as he stroked her nipples again.


“Mmmplstkm” she mumbled as she started to respond to his touch.  “Soon, Chase, Soon,” Mister Black said as he turned her round and sat her down on the chair.  She watched as he knelt in front of her, looking her in the eyes.


“Are you enjoying this game, Chase,” he said as he kept stroking her legs, moving between her upper legs as he did so and feeling her around her vagina.  “Mmmdsfmdsfma” she moaned as she felt his fingers gently stroking, and let her head fall forward.


“Well, then, let us continue,” he said as she reached up and started to pull the straps of her gown down over her shoulders.  “You see, Chase, I want to take from you the greatest jewel that you possess,” he said as the straps came down.


“Whsthrsr,mmm” she said as he kissed her neck gently.


“Why, you of course,” he whispered as his hands pulled the top of her dress down still further.  Chase closed her eyes and leaned back as he gently pulled the front of her dress down, allowing her naked breasts to fall out as the straps slid down her bare arms.


He knelt in front of her and took her left breast in his hand, cupping his lips over the nipple and gently kissing around it.  Chase threw her head back, the sound of “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” escaping as she realised the way she was feeling as he sucked slightly on the nipple.  Mister Black moved over to the other side, as chase continued to moan while he repeated the process on that side.


“MMMGFDGMDFGMMGF” she called out as he went from one to the other, kneading with one hand as he felt her nipples harden under his touch.  She closed her eyes and stretched her legs out, rocking slightly as he pulled her forward and moved behind.  His hands continued to cup and explore her breasts,. as she felt him behind her, and she had to admit as she went “MMGGFDG” that her own body was enjoying the feelings his caress was generating.


“Plssssadtkmnw” she moaned as she felt his hands moving down again, lifting her skirt up as he moved between her legs and felt the dampness that was growing between her legs.  “You really are enjoying this, aren’t you, Chase,” he said as the sound of “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyssrrrrrrrr” came from behind the cloth gag.


Mister Black stood up and walked in front of Chase, and as she opened her eyes she saw him slowly taking off his pants.  Walking forward, he helped her to sit back before sitting on her lap, moving forward so that her breasts were pressed against his chest as he moved his arms behind her.  He held her close, moving his crotch against her chest as her breasts were massaged against his while he kissed her neck again. 


Chase closed her eyes, unsure why this was affecting her the way it was, but noting both the pleasure she was getting and the more obvious reaction that he was experiencing.  “Plsdtnw,” she moaned as he slipped further back and helped her to slide forward, before he moved back and started to massage her breasts again as he continued to kiss her.


She was beginning to feel the urge again, to hold him in any way she could, and her moans grew louder and louder as he came back round and knelt beside her.  “DDDTTMMMM” she called out as she turned to face him, while he reached up and pulled the knot out of her mouth.


He gently pressed his swollen penis to her lips, and Chase opened to receive it, sucking on the tip before pulling him in and rolling her tongue around the base.  As he closed his eyes and started moaning, she began to suck, pulling him further and further in as she felt the swelling inside her mouth.  She knew, she knew he would not be able to hold on for too long, so she sucked hard and deep, making him call out as he started to throb and grow inside her mouth, the tip  brushing against the back of the throat.


Eventually, sooner than she had hoped, he came and let forth, the fluid streaming out as she tried to swallow as much as she could.  She kept swallowing as fast as she could, a small dribble escaping from the corner of her mouth as he slowly emptied, until finally he withdrew and pulled the gag back into Chase’s mouth.


“I need to go and look at your pretty things now, Chase,” he said as he laid her on her side, before rolling her onto her stomach and pulling her ankles up.  Using another length of rope, eh placed her in a fairly loose hogtie, before patting her on the bottom.  “Don’t go away,” Mister Black said as he picked up his trousers and walked out of the room, leaving Chase lying there.


After a few moments she started to wriggle round on the couch, feeling the material of the cushions rubbing against her, and gaining some relief from the sensations that brought.  All too soon, however, Mister Black came in and removed the gag from her mouth.


“Thank you, Chase,” he said as he wiped the corner of her mouth, “but I think we are both a little tired.  You were, however, fantastic.”


“Thank you, Sir,” Chase said with her head bowed slightly.  “I hope I have not displeased you, if you wish to continue...”


“No, Chase, I think that will be all for tonight,” he said as he reached round and started to untie her hands.  “Tomorrow we will try something different – I think you are going to like it.”


“As you wish, Sir,” Chase said as she untied her legs.  “May I make a small request?”


“If it is in my power to do so, Chase.”


“I know it was not in our agreement, but would it be possible to call my husband?  I want to tell him everything is all right.”  She looked at Mister Black, who simple shook his head.  “no, Chase, we agreed no contact before Monday, and I will stick to the agreement.”


Chase dropped her head, a little disappointed, before saying “You are right, Sir.  I am sorry that I asked.”


“Not a problem, Chase.  I will see you tomorrow morning.  Good night.”


“Good night, Sir,” Chase said as she watched him leave the room.  A few minutes later, she walked back into the bedroom herself, allowing the dress to fall on the floor before she changed into a nightdress.


“Three more days,” she said to herself as she climbed into bed, “Three more days.”  As she drifted off to sleep, her mind went back again...



“This seems comprehensive enough.  Good work, Dave.”


“Well, his lawyer was very amenable, if a little perplexed in the same way I was.  In plain English, he will provide half the money and some form of securities when Susan is delivered, the remainder on her safe return.  If for any reason she is harmed, or the conditions are breached, she will be entitled to return immediately and the penalty clauses will click in.”


James looked at his friend.  “What are the securities?”


“Access codes to his private accounts, which contain records of certain business dealings.  I thought it best not to pry too much.”


Susan looked up from the document.  “Can you explain this to me?” she said handing him the paper.


“The party of the second part shall agree to provide clothing and outfits at the request of the party of the first part – you wear the outfits he requests in the addendum.”


“That I understand.”


“The party of the first part may request of the party of the second part that they use an outfit supplied by the party of the first part.  Simply put, he may want you to wear something, but it is a request.  You do not have to do it – for your own safety.  I know how much you hate certain outfits from the past.”


“So no red body stocking?”


“No red body stocking.”




Chase closed her eyes, glad that all had gone well so far.





Saturday, 8 am


As she walked out of the bathroom, Chase saw Jayes pouring some coffee, with a selection of warm pastries to one side.


“Good morning, Miss,” he said as he passed her a cup.  “I trust that you slept well.”


“Very well, thank you Jayes – and it is Susan, remember?”


“Ah yes, forgive me Miss.”


“So, what outfit would Mister Black like me to wear today?”


Jayes coughed slightly, which got Chase’s attention instantly.




“Forgive me Miss – my master has requested an outfit of his choosing this morning.  I know it is not one you have brought, but my understanding is that he does have the option to provide one.”


“He does, if I agree to wear it.  What is it?”


“If you will direct your attention to the bed, Miss,” Jayes said as he indicated a number of items laid out on the bed.  There was a gold vest top, an aqua blue skirt made of some sort of velour that looked short, taupe hose, a grey cardigan and a pair of wedged sandals.  Chase picked one of them up, examining the clear plastic sole and straps on the top.


“He wants me to wear this for him this morning?  It’s been a long time since I wore anything like this.  Any other instructions?”


“Only that he will call at 9.30 for the next session in this room, Miss.  Will there be anything else?”


“No – No, thank you Jayes,” Chase said as the manservant bowed and silently left the room.  She looked again at the clothing, wondering what Mister Black’s intentions were, slowly sipping her coffee as she did so.






Saturday, 9.30 am


“Good morning, Sir.  Is this outfit to your liking?”


Chase looked up at Mister Black as he walked into the room, dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.  She wrapped the large cardigan around herself as she watched him looking her over.


“It is, Chase – why, do you have a problem with it?”


Chase had several problems with it, from the fact the vest top was a size too small and very tight fitting, to the fact the skirt barely covered her bottom, to the way the shoes felt on her heels.  “It may help, Sir, if I knew what you desire was for this morning.”


“Take a seat, Chase,” he said, and Chase sat herself down on the arm of the couch, looking at him as she pulled the cardigan around herself.


“This morning, Chase, I want you to be the housewife who is surprised at home by the gardener.  He has watched you for some time, knows you dress this way to attract him, and wishes to take advantage of that.”


“I see, Sir, but may I make a suggestion?”


“I am listening.”


“Sir, I choose not to dress in this way even in my quieter times.  I do dress casually, but not in so provocative a fashion.  May I suggest an alternative outfit?”


“I wish you to wear this outfit, Chase,” Mister Black, said as he stood up and walked slowly over.  “Our agreement allows me to choose an outfit for you to wear, and I choose for you to wear this outfit.  Is there a problem with this?”


Chase looked at him as he walked over.  There was something different in his look, something she could not put her finger on, and it was beginning to worry her.


“All I wish to suggest, sir, is that...”




“I’m sorry?”


“I am your master, Chase, and it is time you started to call me that.  I have made a request of you – do you refuse to meet that request?”


She could hear a hint of anger in his voice.  “Mister Black, under the terms of our agreement you have the right to request I wear an outfit of your choosing, but...”


Chase did not get a chance to finish what she was saying as Mister Black pulled a white handkerchief from his pocket and stuffed it roughly into her mouth.  “Whtduthnk,” she mumbled a she twisted her round and forced her to lie over the arm of the couch, her head against the seat cushion.


A long patterned scarf, the brown pattern imposed on cream, was lying on the couch.  Chase had seen it, and had assumed it was to play a part in the day, but to have it pulled between her teeth as it was wound twice around her head before the ends were pulled tightly together, forcing her lips apart, was not what she had expected.  “Stptnwmstrblck,” she mumbled as he grabbed her hands and pulled them together behind her back, lashing them together with a long length of white cord that he also pulled out of his pocket.


“You are the slave, and I am the master, Chase,” he snarled as he pulled her upright, “and I say what you do and do not do.  I want you to wear this outfit, and you will wear this outfit, like it or not.”


The tone in his voice was belligerent, angry in a way she had never heard, and Chase was afraid of what might be about to happen next.  As he wrapped a long length of cord around her upper body, above and below her breasts and pulling her arms tightly into her sides, she started to scream out “DNTDTSSS.”


“Be quiet, bitch,” Mister Black said as he tied off the last knot and stepped back.  Chase looked over at him, saying “whtduthnkurdng” as he walked forward and spun her in the direction of the bedroom.   “Get in there,” he snarled as he pushed her through the door towards the bedroom.


“I am the master here, you little bint, and I’m going to make sure you don’t forget that.  I am in charge, and you are going to wear what I say and do what I say, whether you like it or not.”  As he said this, Mister Black pushed Chase towards the foot of the bed, making her stand facing towards the headboard as he went back into the other room.


Chase looked over her shoulder, alarmed and frightened at the way things had suddenly turned.  If she could only find a way to talk to him, to try and reason with him, then maybe she would be able to stop.


“Plsmstrltmtlk,” she mumbled as he came back in and threw several lengths of rope onto the floor.  “Shut up and spread your legs,” he said as he moved her into the centre of the bed and moved her feet apart with his.  Kneeling down, he bound one end of a length of cord around her left ankle, securing the other end to the foot of the bed leg.  Stroking her leg, he looked up and said “I’m so glad you’re alone here – it means I get to treat you the way a bitch like you should be treated.”


Now Chase was getting more than afraid – she was getting angry.  This was no longer a role play – she felt as if this man was really going to do something to her, and tears started to flow from her eyes down her cheeks.  She looked round, frantically trying to say “Please, stop, let’s talk about this,” but all that emerged was “MMSDMFSFMASDM”.


“I said to shut up, you little cunt,” Mister Black snarled as he removed the thin ropes from around her upper body and pulled the arms of her cardigan down as far as he could, the front hanging off the ropes around her wrists as he pulled it right back.  “Mmppls”, Chase moaned as he grabbed the left hand strap of her top and bra at the same time, and pulled them down her arm.


What do you have to say to me now, bitch,” he continued as the other straps were pulled down her right arm and then below her breasts, the two of them spilling out over the gold and white band as it was pushed down to her waist.  Chase moaned as he put his hands round and massaged her breasts, not gently as in the previous plays but roughly, painfully.  As the tears started to flow down, Chase – no, Susan was starting to feel degraded, humiliated, and she was beginning to fear what was going to happen next.


“You love it when someone treats you this way, don’t you, you little whore,” Mister Black said as he reached down and pulled her skirt right up around her waist, forcing her against the metal footrest as he did so.  Susan felt his hands between her legs, and could not stop herself from saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmsadfmmmmmmmm” as he felt around her vagina.  This was not a game, not anymore, and she knew she had totally lost control of this situation as he pulled the rear of her skirt up and tucked it into her waist.


“Bend over, bitch,” he said as he pushed her face over the foot of the bed and down towards the mattress.  With her legs apart, unable to move and Mister Black pressing up against her rear, Susan was beginning to move from fear to anger – real, genuine anger at her situation.


That feeling only grew as she felt his hands on her bottom, alternatively slapping and massaging them before he reached under the waistband of her hose and pulled it down around her knees.  “PLSAMMADSSAMDMASMDDASM” she screamed out as she felt him pressing up against her, his obvious arousal clearly felt.


“Take it like a whore,” he whispered into her ear as he pushed her over as far as she could go and felt between her legs.  “I can tell you’re ready for it,” he snarled as he felt the moisture around her lips, while Susan just went “mmmmpplsadnntmMMMMMMMMM” in response to his touch.


“I’m not going to do that,” he snarled as he held a small, rubber object next to Susan’s face.  She glanced over, saw what it was and shook her head, but to no avail as he placed it in her vagina and switched it on.  The vibrations started to make her feel as she had previously, but the way he had placed it in made it obvious what he was thinking.  “PLSMSTRDNT” she screamed in a mixture of anger and fear as he came up behind her, and she felt him penetrate her from behind in the crack.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she screamed out as he started to move in and out, the dildo arousing and bringing her to climax in front and the rear assault adding to her own anger as she felt powerless to stop what was happening.  Susan lost count of time as she felt him growing at the rear and her body bucking in response to the vibrations at the front, screams of anger and arousal coming from her as he eventually came inside her ass.


She felt the flow, as well as that from her, and closed her eyes in an attempt to stem the flow of tears.  She was not going to allow him to see her cry, not this time, not after this.  As she eventually felt him withdraw, she turned her head and mumbled “plsltmg,mstr”.


“No, Chase, you are a little whore and a bitch and you need to be punished for your disobedience,” Mister Black said as he pulled his trousers up.  Wondering what he meant, Chase was about to turn and look at him when she felt something hard and unyielding been pushed between the cheeks of her bottom.  “NNNNMMMMGD” she screamed out as she felt her hose been pulled back up, the vibrator still working in front and now something in her backside as well.


“Plsuntm” she mumbled as Mister Black walked out of the room, without saying a word.


“Is everything all right, Sir,” Jayes asked as he watched Mister Black walking down the staircase.


“None of your business, Jayes,” he snapped as he crossed the hall.  “Our guest is not to be disturbed for another hour – is that clear?”


“Perfectly, Sir,” Jayes said as he watched his employer marching into her office, wondering what had happened.




Saturday, 11.30 am


“Miss, may I come in?”


As Jayes listened at the door, he realised that for whatever reason the woman in there was unable to answer.  Slowly, he opened the door and looked in.


“Miss, I was – oh my,” he said quietly as he saw Chase bound to the foot of the bed.  Walking closer, he saw her turn her head in his direction, the tear stains down her cheeks as she said “hlpm”.


“Allow me, Miss Susan,” he said as he closed the door and came quickly over, helping her to stand up and releasing her feet from their bonds.  Susan looked at him, her eyes red as he untied her hands and helped her to sit down.


“Is there anything I can get you, Miss,” he said as Chase rubbed her wrists, but she just looked at him and shook her head as she stood up and walked slowly to the toilet.  As she closed the door behind her, he quickly left the room, returning a few minutes later with a large glass of brandy.  Eventually, Susan came out in a bath robe, accepting the drink as he offered it and draining the glass in one go.


“It is not my place to ask, Miss Susan, but exactly what happened here this morning,” Jayes said as Susan sat down with her head in her hands.


“This – I don’t want to talk about this morning, Jayes, but thank you for releasing me.”  Susan looked up at the older man as he stood there.  “Jayes, will you do something for me?”


“Of course, Miss.”


“Lay out an outfit for me, and then deliver a message to Mister Black before you come back up here.”


Jayes nodded, and simply asked “Which outfit would you like to wear, Miss Susan?”




Saturday, 12.30 pm


“Sir, may I speak bluntly?”


Mister Black looked up at Jayes as he stood there.


“Well, what is it?”


“Sir, I do not know what happened this morning between your guest and yourself, but I was shocked to discover the condition she was in when I called earlier.  In all my years of working with you, I have never seen anything like that from you.”


“We had an agreement, Jayes, and she refused to honour it.  It is as simple as that.”


“Forgive me, sir, but I feel you must also be at fault here.”


“Do you wish to continue in my employ, Jayes?”


“It is because I have been so long with you, Sir, that I feel I can talk to you this way.  At any rate, she has asked me to pass a message on to you.”


“Oh?  Well what is it?”


“Simply that she has asked me to pack her belongings as she will be returning home immediately.”


Mister Black looked up at Jayes as the full impact of what he was saying hit him.


“She feels you have broken the contract, Sir, and that you must now pay the penalties laid out therein.”  As Jayes turned to leave the room, he said “I feel you have made a grave error, sir – you should consider what the outcome may be.”  He left the office as Mister Black stared straight ahead, wondering what he was going to do next.




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