Revenge – Chapter 1







Ten years ago.


“Will the foreman of the jury please stand up?”


He watched from the table as the attractive blonde stood up, looking at the judge as the piece of paper lay in front of him.


“On the charge of aggravated burglary,” the clerk of the court read out, “do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?”




“NO!!!”  He shot to his feet and banged his hand on the table, before the guard forced him down.


At the opposite table, Tina Boudry smiled, pleased with the result.  She had had to take testimony from over thirty of the women he had robbed, heard the way he had bound them, humiliated them, and then robbed them, and this in her mind was a triumph.


“David John Horman, you have been found guilty of...”


She hardly heard the judge as he passed sentence – she had pressed for the most the law would allow in this circumstance, and she knew the judge well enough to understand this was what he would do.


She looked over at Horman, wondering what it was about him that was fascinating her – he was tall, broad shouldered, about six foot in height, and towered over her.  He also had something, magnetism about him that made him attractive, but then she saw his eyes as he turned and looked at her.


That was what the testimonies all agreed upon – those piercing blue eyes that seemed to burn through you, which seemed to know everything you were thinking.


The sound of the gavel banging made her shake her head, as Horman looked at her and smiled, before he was taken from the courtroom, the victims who had attended coming to her and offering their congratulations...




One year ago


“I would like to thank the Parole board for their consideration of my case,” Horman said as he stood in his prison jumpsuit before the seven person panel.


“I see from your case officer that you have been offered employment in Vancouver,” the chairman said, “and you have been a model prisoner up to this point.”  He looked up and down the table, before he said “we are in agreement that you have shown due remorse for your acts, and are willing to release you on parole.


“You will be required to take up residence in an approved hostel, and report to your parole officer each night unless approval is given for an extended absence.  Do you understand?”


“I do, and thank you,” Horman said as he bowed his head, and then turned, walking slowly out of the room.


“Is there a need to notify those responsible for the prosecution?  IT was a serious crime...”


“Has he issued any threats, shown any sign of wishing to take revenge on them?”


Looking through the file, the secretary shook his head and said “none on record.”


“Leave it be then – he’s on the other side of the country, and can’t travel without permission.  If he heads this way, then we’ll warn them – but not before.”




Six weeks ago




“David – what can I do for you?”


“Have you approved my vacation plans – I need to let my parole officer know.”


“Yeah – you’ve picked a three week period when the load is light, and we can live without you.  Where are you going?”


“South – Seattle sounds fun.”


“Well, enjoy your time off.”


“Thanks,” Horman said as he walked off, smiling...





“And that is that,” Tina Boudry said as she signed the last file, and switched off her computer.  “Vacation, here I come!”


“You’ve earned it,” her secretary said as Tina stood up.  She was wearing a short sleeved cream blouse with a green short skirt and jacket, dark hose and black heels, standard office wear.  He red hair was cut short, and suited her face.


“So where are you thinking of going,” she said as Tina gathered her belongings into her handbag.


“Oh, here and there – I’m planning on visiting a few friends, going a few places, so I’m not going to be contactable.  Let someone else deal with the caseload for three weeks.”


“We will – go, and have fun,” the secretary said as Tina grabbed her car keys and headed out, putting her bag over her shoulder as she left the office, and walked to the elevator.


Ten minutes later, she was pulling out of the car park, heading west and looking forward to a bottle of wine, an early night and a start to a vacation to remember.






As she pulled into her driveway, the sun was beginning to set, the shadows cast by the houses and trees on her street lying diagonally across the driveway. Getting out of the car, she locked it and walked to the front door, searching for her keys as she did so.


“There they are,” she said to herself as she found them, and then went to open the door – only to almost drop them as a gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth, and she felt a cold metal disk pressing against her back.


“Not a sound,” a voice she remembered only too well said, “Open the door, walk inside, and do nothing else.”


Hermmnnn,” she mumbled, but she unlocked the door and walked in, his hand clamped firmly over her mouth as he kicked the door closed behind them.


“When I take my hand away, open your mouth.”


The hand was removed, but before Tina could say anything a damp cloth was shoved into her mouth, and the hand clamped over it again.


“Keep those lips closed – if you spit that out, you die, understand?”


She nodded, saying “Ysseundrstnd,” aware how turned on she was despite the fear she felt.  The hand was taken away, and she felt a pair of steel cuffs fasten around her wrists, before she was turned around.


“Hello, Miss Tina Boudry,” Horman said with a smile, “Remember me.”


She nodded, too scared to do anything as he picked up a roll of clear tape, tore a long strip off and smoothed it over her lips, two more strips following, her red lips clearly visible under the tape gag.


“I got out a year ago – parole for good behaviour,” he said as he pushed her into the front room, “kept my nose clean, did a good job, did not raise any trouble.  Sit down.”


She was pushed into her chair, her wrists pushed against her back by the force of her body hitting the couch, and her head fell back, unable quite to believe what was happening as he knelt in front of her, and used a length of rope to secure her ankles together,


Whrfffubnn,” she mumbled as he tied the ropes off, and looked at her.


“Far from here, but I kept in touch with someone at your office – and they told me you were taking a nice long three week vacation.  So I drove across country – I got permission to be in the wilderness for three weeks, off the grid.


“I drove here, paid cash for the gas, kept below the speed limit, did nothing to attract attention to myself,” he said as he produced more rope, and bound her legs tightly together below her legs.


Tina wriggled round, still trying to come to terms with what was happening.  Ten minutes – ten minutes from coming home, and she was a prisoner.  She should be petrified – and she was – but she felt something else as well.  She looked into his piercing blue eyes, as he smiled and said “So here I am – I’ve waited a long time for this.”


Hmgddnnnnn,” she tried to say, the tape sticking firmly to her lips as he stood up.  Someone in her office had done this to her, had betrayed her – so why did that thought excite her?  She felt the cold metal with her fingers, and the rope as it rubbed on her hose covered legs – she felt helpless, and somehow that aroused her. 


Is this possibly what all those women felt?  How he treated them when...  Her eyes few open as she looked at him and shook her head.




“Hush,” he said as he pushed her onto her side, “you just relax there while I go and see if you have anything to drink.”  As he went to the kitchen, he pulled the phone cord from the wall, looking at her before he disappeared.


Tina rolled onto her stomach and kicked her legs to and fro, trying to get her legs free by any means possible, but with each twist her chest rubbed on the seat – and she was surprised to feel her breasts firming as she struggled, one of her shoes coming off and landing on the couch.


Hmgddwhtshpnng,” she heard herself saying as she stopped, her head to the side, her feet in the air as she stopped.  She had been taken hostage, bound, gagged so all she could do was hum or speak some incomprehensible sounds, and yet she felt aroused as well, as if her very captivity was turning her on.  Someone had betrayed her, someone she trusted – and yet, and yet, the heat she was beginning to feel...


She was afraid as well, the details of his crimes coming back from her memories – what would he do with her?  How did he manage this?  What...


“You look so cute lying there, Tina.”


She turned her head to see him standing in the kitchen door, a beer in his hand as he sauntered over – every move telling her he knew he was in charge of the situation.


Whruggngtdd,” she said as she struggled again, the chain of her cuffs clanging as she did so while he walked over, and placed the beer bottle on the floor.  Smiling, he moved her so that he was kneeling in front of him as he sat down, his legs either side of her.


“You look hot, Tina,” he said quietly as he reached round and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, “let me help you cool down.”


Whrudngg,” Tina mumbled as her skirt fell down to her knees, and then she watched as he started to unbutton her blouse, revealing her cream bra as his hands cupped and squeezed her breasts.


Hmgddstppp,” she moaned even as she felt her breasts firming, her nipples hardening to his touch as he looked at her.


“I remember you in the courtroom,” Horman said quietly, “so much in control, stating the facts, not allowing anything to distract you.  But I saw the way you looked at me from time to time, those furtive glances – as if you could not quite believe I was capable of doing such things.”


Ysurrrr,” Tina said before she closed her eyes, unable to stop herself from moaning before she looked at him.  Shaking her head and pulling on the cuffs, she said “Ullnfrrr....”


“Never what,” he said calmly, not raising his voice as he looked at her, and started to unfasten his jeans, pulling them down as her eyes widened at the size of his cock. 


“Do you like what you see,” he said as he looked at her, Tina frantically trying to get out of the way, afraid of what he was going to do.  The smile never left his face as he reached round and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as he leaned forward.


She stared into his eyes, and then glanced down at his cock.  “Are you afraid,” he said, calm, in control as much as she was struggling to stay in charge of herself.  But she could feel the dampness between her legs, despite her struggling, the cuffs, the ropes, the tape and now soaking cloth...  He could do whatever he wanted, and there was not a damn thing he could do about it.


If she wanted to do something about it...


 “You’re going to do this if only because it’ll keep you safe for at least the time you are doing it”, he said, staring her in the eyes.  She inhaled his natural musk, the scent of his body, as it overwhelmed her and she tried to pull away again, his grip on her not yielding...


Reaching over, Horman tore the tape away from her mouth with one sharp tug, making her give out a muffled yelp before he watched as she pushed the cloth out of her mouth with her tongue, the thud as it hit the floor showing how wet it had become.


“You won’t get awaymmmmpppffff” was all she managed as he gripped more tightly no her hair, forcing her head down as he pushed his cock into her mouth.  She could feel it pressing on her tongue already, as he said “go on, lady – make me feel real good.  I know you know how to do it.”


Slowly, Tina began to use her tongue on him, swirling it around his cock as she said “mmplsddnntmmmmmmgddddd.....”  IT expanded rapidly, filling her mouth and pressing her tongue down as she bobbed her head, his grip never wavering on her hair as she sucked and used her tongue in the best way she could.



“Oh yes – that’s good, keep it up,” he said, Tina nodding as she said “mmmmmmmggggggg”, feeling the pulsing on her tongue as he expanded more and more in response to her teasing, growing larger, the tip starting to press on the back of her throat as she moaned “Hgdpplsssdndntdthhsssmmmmmmmmmm.”


What was worse, the dampness between her legs was increasing as well, her body screaming as if it wanted her to keep doing this.  She panted, trying not to gag as her mouth was filled, her lips prized open as the throbbing intensified.


Little electric shocks were starting to run through her, as she realised she was approaching an orgasm, and she felt the throbbing intensify in her own mouth.  GDhllppmmmmm” she mumbled as she closed her eyes, waiting for him to cum in her mouth.


So when he suddenly pulled out, she was taken completely by surprise, as he moved behind her, pushed her head down into the seat, and she felt her hose been pushed down, exposing her bottom to the air.


Not for long however, as he thrust his cock between her cheeks, and she screamed “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” into the couch.  He filled her passage, as she felt shock after shock running through her, and she called out “PLEASE, NOT THIS, DONTTTSHTSTTMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!”         


“Shut it,” he whispered into her ear as his large hand covered her mouth, and he started to thrust forward as he pulled her head back.  She could feel him in her rear passage – and she could feel the dampness increase dramatically between her legs as he kept thrusting in.


“PLSSTPTTHSSSMMMMGGDDMMMMMMHLPMMMMMMMMMMM” she called out, her words muffled by his mouth as she nearly climaxed, but he kept going, kept pushing himself into her as the throbbing and pulsing ran through her, her body arching and screaming for release, and form of release...




She arched her back as her climax came, her screams muffled in his hand as he also came inside her, the hot fluid rushing in as he grunted as well, and then collapsed on her, forcing her against the couch as they both panted.


“There,” he eventually said as he removed his hand, “isn’t that better?”


“You bastard,” Tina wept, “that was...  That was a crimmmmggddd.”


“Shut up,” he said as he pushed the cloth back into her mouth, and covered her lips with fresh strips of tape, before making her lie on the couch.  “Stay there while I get cleaned up.”


She lay there, panting, crying, wondering what was going to happen next as she avoided watching him.  She heard Horman going out and coming in again, and then upstairs, before he came down and untied her legs, then pulled her to her feet.


“Come with me,” he said as he dragged her upstairs, and into her bedroom.  “Pack a bag,” he said as he looked at her, “we’re taking a road trip – and get changed as well.”


She looked at him, before he said “unless you’d rather I knocked you out and picked your outfits for you?”





An hour later, Horman looked at Tina as she lay in the trunk of his car.  She had changed into a black jumper and skirt, after which he had crossed and bound her wrists behind her back, and then her ankles and legs, before carrying her out and placing her in the trunk of his car.  The bag she had packed was on the back seat, and her own car was safely locked in her own garage.


“Enjoy the ride,” he said as he slammed the trunk shut, and she heard him walking away.  A few minutes later, the car started up and they moved off, leaving her to think things over.


Her car was in the garage, and he had turned the lights off.  If he locked her door, it would look as if she had gone on holiday as planned – her neighbours knew nothing, given it was nearly midnight.  She tried to twist her wrists free, but it was no use – and he had wrapped more of the tape round her head, so there was no way for her to get that free.


Exhausted, she lay still, wondering how much longer they would drive for...





“Time to get out Tina.”


Tina blinked as she looked at Horman, smiling as he stood with the trunk open.  She could see the sun high in the sky, and realised with a sickening feeling she had slept all through the journey.


As he pulled her out of the trunk, and sat her on the lip, she looked round.  They had stopped outside a cabin, in a wood, with a poorly maintained two track gravel drive leading away from it.


Ashe untied her legs, she stood up and walked round as he opened the back door.  “We’re miles from anywhere here – it belongs to an old friend f mine,” he said as he untied her wrists, watching as she rubbed them before he opened the  rear door of the car.  Looking in, he retrieved some grocery bags and then looked at Tina.


“Bring the rest of the bags in.”


She scowled at him, but did as he asked, grabbing her own bag and the remaining grocery sacks before she used her hip to shut the door, and then walked into the cabin, putting the bags on a table with the others as she turned and looked at him.


“Problem Tina?”


She glared at him and mumbled “whtsufknggffnnkkk?”


The gag silenced her, but she didn’t reach for it – the one thing that was a sign she was still under his control, and the sign she most desperately wanted to get rid of.  So why didn’t she just reach up and rip the band of tape off, even though she knew it would hurt like hell?  Why was it still there?


Horman looked at her, his head to one side, before he said “give me a hand to put things away, Tina.”  He picked up some of the grocery sacks, and she picked up the rest, before they walked into a basic kitchen and started to put the contents of the bags into the cupboards and icebox.


As she did so, Tina looked round.  There was the main room, a kitchen – and she assumed a bathroom.  Nothing much, in the middle of nowhere...


“Right,” he said as he put the last tin away, “you must be hungry.  Why don’t you cook some bacon and eggs for both of us?”




“You cook the food, I’ll make the coffee.  There’s a frying pan on the stove.”


Tina shook her head as she started to prepare the food – she was hungry, ravenous in fact, and at least if they ate this gag would have to come off...


The smell of bacon and fresh coffee soon filled the room, as Horman brewed coffee, and Tina served the food on two plates, putting them on a table as she looked at him.


“Sit down,” he said, and as she did so he picked up a pair of scissors, and carefully cut the tape away from her head, peeling it off before he pulled the cloth from her mouth.


“Thank you,” Tina said as she drank some coffee, before she exploded with “What the fuck do you think you’re doing – kidnapping me, assaulting me, threatening me...  There’s no fucking way you’ll get away with this.”


“I presume you want to eat,” Horman said quietly, “because if you don’t start eating and shut the fuck up, I will gag you again.  Your choice.”


Tina scowled at him, but cut into the food and put some into her mouth, Horman smiling as he ate as well.


“This is good food,” he said as he sipped some coffee, “I think this is going to be quite a vacation for both of us.”


“Glad you like it,” Tina said, wishing she had found some rat poison or something similar.


When they had finished, Horman said “right – you can go and have a shower now.  I’ll put something in for you to wear when you come out.”


“What if I try to escape?”


“Don’t – trust me, don’t.”


Tina looked at him, calm, smiling, and nodded as she stood up, opening her back to take out a fresh pair of  black pantyhose before he directed her to the small shower room.


Stripping off, Tina stepped into the cubicle and allowed the water to wash over her as she tried to make sense of what was happening.  He was in charge – whatever else she may think, whatever may have happened, he was in charge, and her only chance of getting through this was to try and keep him calm.


But what he had done the night before...  She knew he was capable of that from the case files, but to have it happen to her, like that – and to have found herself responding, climaxing to what was an intimate and personal assault...


She felt between her legs, shivering as she touched her sex, wondering why she had responded the way she did – and then found some shower gel, trying to clean her body as her mind raced away...



A short while later, she was drying herself off, listening to the sounds from the main part of the cabin.  Picking up the packet of hose, she opened it and took out the dark nylons, pulling them on and sighing as she looked at herself in the dirty mirror.


“I should have brought other clothes in,” she said to herself as she stepped out of the room – only to see no-one around.


“Where is he,” she said quietly, before opening her mouth – and then gasping as a large yellow ball was pushed into her mouth, the cords on either side tied tightly round her head.


Whssgnggg,” she moaned as her arms were pulled behind her back, and she felt Horman as he tied rope around and between her wrists, tying the rope off before he pushed her towards the bed.


“Kneel,” she heard him say, as she knelt on the bed, looking straight ahead as she felt his lips on her neck, and his hands on her bare breasts, gently squeezing.


Hmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, closing her eyes as she felt her breasts firming in response to his caress.


“You are a very beautiful woman,” she heard Horman say behind her, his lips travelling across her shoulders as he continued to caress and grope her, “a very beautiful and very sensual woman.  I thought so the moment you walked into that courtroom – and now I can show you how sensual you are.”


Mmmgmggmmmm” she moaned as she pressed her chest involuntarily forward, his fingers probing and encircling her nipples as she felt the dampness between her legs starting again.




“Of course I will continue,” she heard him say as he groped her, his lips travelling down her back, his fingers gently squeezing as she grew warmer...


Whtrrudngngtmmmm” she moaned as she heard him unfastening his pants again, and remembered how big and firm he was, she started to struggle in his grip.


“Don’t,” she heard him say as he pushed her down, the palm of his hand in the middle of her back.


Dntfcckkmmm” she cried out as she tried to swing her arms back and hit him, but all that happened was that he pushed her legs apart, and then pulled her hose down.  She feared a repeat of the last night, but then screamed as he forced himself into her from behind, amazed at how wet and ready she was to accept him.


“HMFKNGGNNNN” she screamed out as he did so, and then a sound of “HMMMMMMGDDMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as she felt him inside.


“It’s good, isn’t it,” he snarled as he wrapped an arm round her neck and pulled her head up, forcing her to move so that he could push himself into her from behind again, and start to thrust hard and strong.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she called out as she felt her gripping him inside, pulling him as he pushed, and she began to push against him, building her own climax as she felt the throbbing inside her, his cock stroking all the right places as he pushed himself even further in.


“HSWWTJSSSWHTRUDNGGGG” she called out as she looked forward, his lips kissing her neck roughly as he thrust in, and she felt the burning begin inside her, despite all she wanted – but this was what her body anted.  She knew this, even f her mind did not accept it, before she screamed out again, her body covered in sweat, shaking as she had the greatest orgasm of her life – and then felt him as she called out, screaming as her grip made him cum inside her as well, his thrusts continuing until he let her fall, and removed himself, totally spent.


“There – I told you it would be enjoyable,” he said as Tina lay on her stomach, panting as she felt him wrap more rope around her elbows, securing them together, and then binding her ankles side by side.


Pulling them up, she felt Horman binding them to her wrists with another length of rope, before she opened her eyes and looked ahead.


“You are a wonderful fuck,” Horman said as he caressed her bottom, making her moan again, “and now, you can rest for a while.  I have some things to prepare for later – things you will enjoy.”


He rolled her onto her side, and looked down, before he gently kissed her breasts, Tina closing her eyes and saying “HMmmmmgdddthfllsssggdddd” as he did so.


“Later, I have plans to show you how good that can be,” he said as he stood up.  “For now, enjoy the peace.”


As he walked out, she slowly closed her eyes, wondering what he would do next – and wondering if it would feel so good...







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