The Club – part 1









Anna Roy looked up from her desk, wondering who this client was that her boss Steve DuMorass has shown in as if he was the Prime Minister.   For a slime ball, he had been especially slimy in the way he welcomed and ushered him in.


It was late April, and she was actually looking forward to a weekend with her daughters before she drove her youngest back to college on Sunday.  As the door opened, and she heard Steve say “Everything will be as you asked,” she stood up and shook the hand of the visitor.  His grip was strong, and his smile warm – both totally unlike…


“Anna - a moment please."


“Ok Steve,” she said as she stood up, straightened her grey skirt, and walked into his office, closing the door behind her and sitting on the other side of the desk.


“I’ll get straight to the point,” Steve said, “Anna, I need you to take a trip on Monday."


Rolling her eyes, Anna at least smiled as she said “Really? I have some high paying renewals coming due next week Steve…”


“I know, but this is important - I had word today of new regulations, and you need to go to a seminar to bone up on them.”


Anna was beginning to get a little angry.  “I know I get a salary, but I also get commissions and I have 7 business renewals next week - including Swance Construction, and you know half the reason Wayne deals here is he loves my legs and my cleavage.”


Steve smiled, the smile that made her itch, and said “You’ll’ just have to delegate them - this is of vital importance, and I need you to go.  I'll keep Wayne happy - get him tickets for the game or something.”


Anna threw her hands up in despair.  “OK - OK but YOU are calling the clients and I get the commissions agreed?”


“Agreed - -it's in Montreal, and it's all week."


“Montreal???”  Anna shook her head – he’d done it to her again.  “Fine - but I get a room at the hotel of the conference this time, and I get my expenses in advance.   Where is the plane ticket or am I driving?”


Steve looked at her and said "Come to the office at 7 on Monday - I'll have your plane ticket, reservation and expense card ready for you.  And don’t worry - it's at the same hotel.”


Anna really was angry now.  “You’re so damn cheap sometimes Steve, well I am taking the rest of the day off - see you Monday morning.”  Anna got up, shaking her head as she left the office.


"Fine - enjoy the conference" he called out as the door slammed.  The smile left his face as he picked up the phone.  "It's done - she'll be here seven on Monday."


Anna got behind the wheel of her 2014 Chrysler 300 – part of her recovery process.  It had been a year since her husband John had been killed, and the grief had taken a long time to heal.


Driving home, she called her daughter Reba at home and told her they would go out to dinner with her sister Jennifer that night.  Over the meal, she explained about the trip, and that they were not to call unless it was an emergency.  Her expenses would not cover personal calls, and the roaming charges were a killer for the young girls.


Her Saturday became a cleaning day, and preparing for her trip as well as helping Reba to get ready to return to college on the Sunday.  An early drive to the college on the Sunday morning left the house empty, as Anna helped Reba to unpack and then called at the mall in Oakville on the way home to pick up some new pantyhose and other supplies.


Returning home at 4, Anna settled in for a quiet evening.  As she sat in her front room, a drink in her hand, she looked round.  She didn’t like being alone in the house – it made her feel uneasy, and for some reason she did not think everything was where it should be.  Shaking her head, and putting it down to the fact with John no longer around she was alone, she started to work on her personal accounts.


His death, tragic as it was, had allowed the house to be paid for, and there was security in that,  but as she looked at the car costs, the recent bills for house alterations, and the down payments for Jennifer’s House and Reba’s college fees, she could see her savings starting to dwindle.


“He’d better pay me those commissions,” Anna said to herself, “I could use the funds for my cruise.”  Eventually, however, she locked everything away, and went to bed.




The alarm going off at five woke Anna, and she got out of bed, showering and shaving her legs, arm pits and between her legs.  “Why on earth am I still doing this,” she said to herself as she took the razor up her legs, “John’s gone, nobody else even notices except for my clients.”  She stopped for a moment, and then cleaned herself up and towelled herself dry.


Sitting at her makeup table, she looked at herself in the mirror, and then finished her hair and makeup, before she applied some lotion to her skin, waiting ten minutes until she stood up, and opened a new pack of pantyhose. 


She then put on a bra, and slipped a black silk blouse on, with a knee length skirt.  Sitting on the bed, she slipped on a pair of black pumps, and then headed for the kitchen, grabbing a coffee and Danish before she went to her car at six thirty.


Putting her case in the trunk, she locked the house up and drove off, debating whether or not to stop for coffee on the way.  “Nah,” she finally said, “I’ll have time at the airport.”


Arriving at the office, she got out of the car, locking it with her purse in the leg well, and walked to the office.


“Fuck, Steve, where are you,” Anna said as she found the door was locked.  Using her keys, she walked in, as the sun started to appear over the horizon.  She could see nobody else around, as she entered the office.


As she approached Steve’s office, her cell phone pinged, and she looked at see a message from her boss.


"Check your mail"


Shaking her head, she went instead to her office and fired up her computer.  Finding the e-mail from Steve, she opened it up and read.


"Anna - sorry, I've been held up.  Go to the filing cabinet next to you - second drawer.  There's a file marked Anna's trip - everything is in there.  Steve."


“AGAIN?” she cried out to no-one.  “Sure, you’ve been held up – getting out of bed, you lazy…”  She stood up and opened the filing cabinet, the alarm on her phone going off to say she needed to leave for the airport.


“I really hope everything is in here,” she said as she sat down and opened the file.  She stared at the contents for a moment, before a large hand was clamped over her mouth, and a deep voice said "Don't say a word, lady," taking her completely by surprise.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Anna screamed as she let go of the file - the single sheet of paper saying “I am sorry Anna” falling to her desk.  She reached up and tried to pull the hand away, screaming “mmmmmmmmm” into the hand as she was pulled out of her seat.


"Do as you’re told, and nobody gets hurt, understand?  You don't want to get hurt, do you?"


Anna shook her head, as out of the corner of her eye she saw a second man, dressed in black with a balaclava covering his head, smiling as he pointed a gun at her.


"If I take my hand away, will you scream?"


Anna shook her head, her eyes wide with fear as she said “MMM” and looked at the gun.


"Good," the voice said as the hand was removed, but a second gloved hand gripped her arm.  “Where are you car keys?"


“On the desk with my cell phone,” she said quietly, “what is this about?”


 "No questions, Anna, just do as you’re told.  Put your hands behind your back."


Anna slowly complied, as she felt the man put her hands together, back to back, and then lash them tightly together with some sort of rope.  Whoever this was knew what they were doing, as she felt the rope around and between her arms.


 "Now, stay calm, and do exactly what we tell you."


“Okay,” Anna said as she looked round the office, “but please, what is this about?”


A gloved hand reached round and picked up her car keys and cell phone, handing them to the second man.  "Get the car out of the way, and tell him to bring the van round.  I'll be ok now."


Anna’s eyes opened wide as she screamed “VAN? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????”


 "Did I not tell you to be quiet, Anna?"


“OH GOD,” she screamed, “YOU’RE…  YOU’RE KIDNAPPING ME?”


 "All will be explained - open wide"  She saw the gloved hand in front of her, holding a pair of her dirty hose, wadded up into a ball.


“OH GOD…”  Anna thought for a moment about resisting, but the second man looked at her, her car keys in one hand, the gun in the other…  Slowly, she opened her mouth, the man behind her saying “Good” as he pushed them in, “Now keep them in there, Anna."


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Anna said as she tasted her own perfume and scent – someone must have been in her house over the weekend to have got these…  She made a face and grimaced slightly, the tears starting in her eyes as she realised she had been set up – by Steve?


She saw the man hold a long white scarf in front of her, and then pull it tightly over her mouth, knotting the ends tightly together at the base of her neck.  Mamdfmadsmfasmdfma” she called out as the man pushed her forward and said “All right, Anna, let's go."


She stopped for a moment, and then felt a cold metal circle against her back.  "Do as we say,” the voice behind her said calmly as the second man pocketed her cell phone, “we have a timetable to keep to, you know."


She was walked through the office to the back door, and as they stepped into the private parking lot she saw a grey van, the door on the side open.  The second man walked away as the voice said “Get in, Anna.  Get her car out of the way."


Anna looked at the man and said “mamdfams mamdfm madmf,” looking down at her legs and then at the door.


"Well, I asked," he said as he lifted her up and carried her in, sitting Anna on a folding mattress.  As the van door closed, he said “Let’s go” and sat opposite her, the gun trained at her the whole time as he smiled.


Anna sat still, wondering what the hell was going on.  The windows were grimy, but she could see buildings flash past, until after fifteen minutes the van stopped and the side door opened again.


"Get up," the man said as he helped her to her feet and jumped out, helping her out afterwards.  Anna saw she was in a large hangar, and a private jet was parked nearby.  She was incredibly confused now, wondering why she was bound and gagged in a hangar with a private plane…


“Walk to the plane, Anna."  She felt a push in her back, and slowly walked over, her heels clicking on the concrete.  As they approached the plane, the door opened and a tall, good looking man in a black jumper and slacks walked down the steps.

“Welcome, Mrs Roy," he said as Anna approached.  "Help her into the plane and secure her"


Anna walked up and entered the jet, looking at the furnishings as she was sat in a leather chair.  "Lean forward, Anna," the masked man said, and as she did so her wrists were untied, and then re-tied in front of her, the knot out of reach of her fingers and mouth.  He then knelt down and tied her ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between her legs as well as around her shoes, the band sitting under her heels.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said as he then bound her legs below her knees, and secured her wrists down to that band of rope.  Anna squirmed round – the seat was comfortable, but she would have preferred it if she was untied, even with the masked man strapping her into the chair.


"Enjoy your flight," he said with a smile as he got off the plane, and the unmasked man got on, strapping himself into the other seat.  A second man, obviously the pilot, smiled at her as he went to the front of the plane, and the doors closed.




"Please," the man said as the plane started to move, "Relax - I will explain everything shortly."


Mamdfasmadsmfsa,” Anna said as she felt the plane taxiing, and then suddenly accelerating, leaving the ground and climbing faster than any commercial jet she had ever been on.  After only a few minutes, the plane levelled off, and Anna watched the man unbuckle and walk over.  He looked at her, gave a small bow and said “On behalf of The Club, welcome aboard, Mrs Anna Roy"


Anna stared at him – it could only b3 half past seven, and thirty minutes ago she was in the office – and now here she was, bound, gagged, strapped in a seat on a private jet, and going who the hell knows where with a man who knows who she is?  Her fear rose as she screamed “I amdfmasmdfmasdmfmasMMMMMMMM.”


 "Allow me to explain - I am employed by a very exclusive organisation, known as The Club, and we provide a very special service to some of the richest men - and women - in the world.”


Mamdfamsdmasdmf,” Anna said as she looked at him.


"In return for an annual fee, we arrange for some very special women, such as yourself, to spend some time with them, alone, to do what they desire.  Today, we are flying with you to Prague."


“PPPMMMDSFDFSMFDM,” Anna screamed out again.  Prague?


 "Hush, Mrs Roy,” the man said, “you will come to no harm.  So long as you do what they say, then it will be a pleasant experience, and you will be handsomely rewarded.  You are one of a very special group, Mrs Roy - I believe you know a Ms Darla Crane?"


Anna nodded, wondering why she was still gagged in a plane at 35000 feet with only this man and maybe two others around.


"Well, I had the pleasure of escorting Miss Crane to Paris two weeks ago.  I have spent some time looking at your work as well Mrs Roy - or may I call you Babs?"


Anna stopped complaining and looked at the man, slowly shaking her head as she heard a name she had not heard for over ten years.


“Oh - so this is not you, Mrs Roy?"  He switched on a screen, and then a film started - a film called “The Hostage Housewife with Bound Babs.”


Anna sighed – she had been a bondage model for a couple of years when they bought the new house and John had left his job as a engineering technician to become a cop.  The money was great after 4 years but half of what it was in the beginning in 2000. She had become a bondage model as it was just and extension of their sex life. No sex- just her tied up in business clothes or lingerie or partial nude but no sex


She nodded as she saw herself on screen, tied up in her kitchen in a Sunday house dress, pantyhose and heels.  The masked man tied her up and then stripped her of the dress, as she squirmed round.


"May I say, firstly I was sorry to hear of your husband's death, and secondly you still look very beautiful."


Anna looked at him as he smiled back at her.  The compliment was obviously genuine.


"Now, the members of The Club pay to have people like you visit them.  We ask you to do whatever they ask you to do - with the guarantee that they are not allowed to physically harm you."


Mmmppphhh,” Anna said, staring at the man.


 "And you will do as they say, Mrs Roy - because there are incentives."


Amsdfmasmfamsefamsd,” she said, shaking and nodding her head as she tried to get the gag off.


"Your daughter Brea - doing well at college?"


Anna stopped nodding and stared at him, she knew he was toying with her now – and it wasn’t a game she was enjoying.


"And Jennifer - enjoying her new home?"


She still stared back.

“You see, Mrs Roy, if you fail to co-operate with us, they may both be relocated - to Mexico, perhaps, or Cuba."


“ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” she screamed as she looked at him.   "Oh, forgive me,"  he said as he removed the scarf, and then the hose from her mouth, “Would you care for a drink."


“ It’s about time damn it,” Anna said as she worked her jaw.  “Yes, please may I have a drink and then could we go back to the beginning of this conversation.”


"Of course - water or something stronger?"


“Water with a shot of rye whisky.”


He went to a bar and mixed the drink, holding it as Anna took a sip.  She gulped down the fluid, washing the taste from her mouth, and then looked at the smiling man.


“Let me see if I have this straight. You and the 3 masked men plus the pilot here are employees of an organization known as The Club?”


“That is correct,” the man said as he allowed her to have another drink.


“This Club is a group of Rich…”  She paused and looked round the plane.  “No – make that uber-rich playboys and playgirls who pay you to kidnap current and former bondage models, semi-celebrities but not like seriously rich and famous?  They bring these women to your members for - what three days?”


“The time can vary, but three days is the norm.”


Anna shook her head.  “They get my company, and I will do what they ask?  And am I going to a man or a woman?”


Her mind was ticking over what she was hearing.  This was an incredibly well organised group, whoever they were.


“A man in your case.”


“So,  if this man says suck my cock, or wants to fuck me or fuck me in the ass, or spank me, flog me nipple, clamp my tits, play genie from I dream of genie for him - I am to do it.”


“ I see you get the idea Mrs Roy,” the man said.  “I can see you are a practical and level headed woman.”


Anna nodded, and then said “and in return for my doing this, you will not kidnap my daughters and have them sold to some brothel somewhere in the 3rd world?  And I get some kind of reward?”


“Exactly - we have no wish to use such extreme measures, and as you say, a reward.  Would you…”


“I don’t care what you do,” Anna shouted, “NO ONE IS PISSING ON ME, SHITTING ON ME, MAKING ME DO THINGS WITH ANIMALS OR CHILDREN!!   If that is what this man has planned,  just kill me now.”


“Well, I sincerely hope that is not what he has planned,” the man said, “because of they did, we would kill them.”  Anna stared at him, realising he was sincere, before she said “where and to whom am I going?”


He pressed a button, and the face of a grey haired man appeared on the screen.  "This is Count Petr Kellner "


Anna looked at the picture.  “I know him - he is a Czech billionaire, he is into banking, insurance, and real estate.  So what are his kinks?”


“Nothing as you just described - he likes to see women bound and helpless, and he asks them to please him.  Occasionally, he's into spanking as well.  Be assured, Mrs Roy, I meant what I said - if he did anything to harm you in any way, he would be dead the next day.”


Anna nodded, and then said “What is the reward you speak of?”


“Ah yes - the reward - in return for your full co-operation and secrecy, we will deposit one quarter of a million dollars into an account of your choosing.”


Anna looked hard at the man.  “Two hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars?”


“Correct - and we will do it as we fly there, if you agree to the terms.”


Anna thought for a moment.  They had scared the crap out of her, and she was still tied, but they had not hurt her – and as a business proposition, the money would be very helpful indeed.  “I have one question,” she said, “What if I do not agree?”


“Well, as I say, your daughters would be re-located - and as for you...”


Anna nodded.  “I see - so I really have no choice.  Deposit 271,000 Canadian dollars into this account,” she said, reciting the number of her account at the Scotia bank of Canada.  “That is 250,000 US dollars at current exchange.”


She watched as he opened a laptop and typed for a moment, turning the screen so that she could watch the transfer take place.


“Thank you - now that I have agreed, can you untie me?”


“For a while, yes,” the man said as he unfastened the belt, and then knelt to release her hands, “but do anything to cause trouble, and you will be bound and gagged for the rest of the journey.”


“Don’t worry – I won’t” Anna said as she removed the rest of the ropes.  “I have a few more questions,” she said  as she crossed her legs and crossed her wrists.


“Of course – ask away.”


“What is the time frame = how long will this man will have me and when will I be returned and where?”


“Let’s see,” he said as he handed Anna her drink, “We arrive in Prague at about 2 am local time.  You will be taken to his home, and remain there for three days in total.  We will return you to your office by lunchtime Friday.”


“I see - and I assume that in any place where I can alert anyone I will be bound and gagged?  What if there is a family emergency with one of my daughters?”


“We will be informed if that happens, but I assure you we will be watching them as well.  As for how often you are bound and gagged - that is at the discretion of the Count.  We deliver and collect you bound and gagged.”


Anna nodded – these people had thought things through very well indeed.  “My question is if on Wednesday god forbid there is an accident will I be sent home?”


“Should it be that serious, then yes, with no questions, and the money is yours now.”


Sipping her drink, Anna thought of other possible issues.


“Does the count have a maximum number of times per day I can be bound or at least will he release me between – sessions?”


“He sets the rules - but previous visitors tell us it tends to be once or twice a day, and then he leaves you alone.  His palace is quite well furnished, and he provides well for his visitors.”


“He provides all clothing?”


“Yes,” the man said as he walked to a galley, “would you care for some lunch?”


“Well, that explains why I thought someone was in the house,” Anna said as she got up and walked to a table, “so you could get my dress, pantyhose, bra and shoe size.”  Sitting down she looked as the man said “and you toiletry requirements.  I trust prawn fettuccini is acceptable?”


“Very much so,” Anan said as he brought two plates over, “but there is one last question.”


“And that is?”


“What is Steve getting out of this, I know that slimy bastard would be getting something.”


He looked at Anna and said “Your employer?  I believe he is getting something, but may I say something?”


“Yes,” Anna said as she started to eat.


“You can do so much better, Mrs Roy, so much better.”


Anna smiled at that.  “Yes well - since you have dealt with him I want something more than the 250 grand.   I want you to make him give me next week off paid so I can look for new employment.”


“Consider it done – some wine?”


“Thank you,” Anna said as he poured a glass of Chardonnay.  “One more thing.”


“Next time,” Anna said as she sipped her wine.


“Next time?"


“Next time, just call me and ask me to clear my schedule for a week.”  Anna ate some of the pasta and wiped her mouth.  “You can still kidnap me if it is policy, it would actually be fun, but please ask.   I may be a lady but I am also a practical business woman who knows that I am still good looking at 43 and probably will look good for another 5 - 7 years. I know I am not Darla Crane, but I have heard rumours that Monica, Itty Bitty, Vesta, Sandra Silvers, and Gloria Gams had all been ‘just gone for 3 days to a week’.  All of them are girl next door models and one man is not taking them all.”


“You are indeed astute,” he said with a smile, “The Club has been in existence for nearly fifty years now, with great success.  The way you were invited is common to all first timers - but if you enjoy the experience, and we invite you again, we will deal with you - directly.  And be assured - your wishes will be taken fully into account.”


Anna put her napkin down and sat back, looking at her lunch partner as she sipped her wine.  “I’m curious now - Gloria Gams is my height, my weight, my breast size, the difference is I have nicer legs, I look 35 not 43 and I am a brunette with red highlights she looks her 44 years and is a red head. How many invites for Gloria?  Or should I call her Gerri Davidson?”


“Gloria?  I would have to consult with my superiors, but she has a dedicated client list.  And you may call her Gerri, if I may call you Anna.”


Glancing at the clock, she smiled as she said “you may call me Anna, but I see we will probably be landing in 30 to 45 minutes.  I assume you do not invite a lady for her first time unless there is more demand than just ONE client?”


“Well, yes – we have had a number of requests for you.  And now, with deep regret, I must prepare you for arrival.  Please, stand up.”


Anna smiled  as she stood and turned, feeling the man bind her wrists behind her back as professionally as her first captors.


“I must say if there are requests from ladies I am a little worried as I have not been with one in over 20 years.”


“As I say, if you wish to return, your tastes will be taken into account.  I trust that is not too uncomfortable?”


“No it’s fine,” Anna said as she looked over her shoulder.  “Well, if those requesting me are into stockings, pantyhose, bondage, gentle rape play and somewhat gentle s & m the no it doesn’t.”


“We can discuss that on Thursday on the flight back,” he said as he picked up the damp pantyhose.


“Do they have to go into my mouth?”


“Regretfully, yes - the client's request.”  Anna nodded and opened wide as the damp nylons went back in, and the scarf was re-tied around her head.  Sitting herself down, she nodded as the man strapped her in, and then sat himself in the seat for the landing.


Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she said as the plane went down.  She did not like what had happened, but for a quarter of a million dollars – and she might even enjoy it.”


Amdfmasdmf,” she said as the plane touched down, getting a little nervous as it slowed and eventually stopped.  The man got up and opened the door, then unstrapped her and helped her to stand on her 4 inch heels.


“Please, allow me,” he said as he walked Anna to the door, and out into the pitch black night.  As she walked down the steps, she saw a limousine waiting, the uniformed chauffer by the door. 


To one side, a guard in military uniform was watching, smirking as the man helped Anna to sit in the car and closed the door.  He looked at Anna as if she was a piece of meat, like he had seen many women get off this or similar planes in a similar state.


The door on the other side opened, and her travelling partner sat down, strapping her and then himself in before the car set off.  Amsdmfasdfmasdmf,” Anna said as she crossed her legs and looked at him.


"I will accompany you and see you safely arrive, and then leave you."   He looked at her and smiled.  “The next time I will see you is when you return on Thursday, and I take you home - barring any emergencies."


Anna nodded, as she realised she was going to spend 3 days getting fucked by a total stranger - and she really had no choice.  She nodded nervously as she looked at him again.


"Be calm, Anna," he said as he laid his hand on her knee.  "As I say, do as you are told, and you will come to no harm.  If you are harmed, the price will be paid."


The car travelled along dark roads and through a forest, before Anna saw a castle appear on the horizon, surrounded by a huge wall.  She stared at it as they approached a set  of gates, which opened inwards as they drove through and up a torch lined avenue.


As it came to a stop at a set of stone steps, Anna could see the doors open at the top, and a butler come out, walking slowly down the steps.


Amdfmasd,” she said as she watched the young man exit the car, and then open her door.


"Welcome, Mrs Roy - you are expected," the butler said as he helped her out "If you will come with me?"  Anna nodded as the young man bowed.


"Here I leave you - enjoy your stay, Mrs Roy."


"One moment, sir - my master requires a slight adjustment to Mrs Roy.  He wishes her to be more - exposed, and requires you to make the adjustment.  I believe the instructions were sent on.”


Anna looked at the young man as he consulted his tablet.  “Ah yes - my deepest apologies to the client," he said as he checked the tablet, and then turned to Anna.  "Forgive me," he said as he started to unbutton her blouse.


Amdmfasmdfmasdfm,” she mumbled as she felt the cool air on her chest, and then calmed down as he smiled at her.   Walking behind her, he pulled her blouse down, and then started to secure her elbows together with more rope, making Anna call out “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as her chest was forced out.


The man then passed some rope around her waist and knotted it in front of her, before he knelt behind her and said “open your legs please."

Anna did as he asked, looking down as he reached between her legs, and then pulled the rope up, and tying the ends to her wrists as her skirt was hiked up.  As the rope pressed against her crotch, Anna felt the specially placed knot pressing on her, and let out a loud “MMMMMMMMMMM” at the feeling, and the fact her legs were almost totally exposed.  


"One last thing," he said as he looked at the tablet, and then eased her bra down and off her breasts, the cold air on her nipples making her moan “amdfmasdfmasdfm” at the sensations.


“Perfect," the butler said as he looked at her, and the young man said "Until Thursday, Mrs Roy."


Mnmnmnjhmnjh,” she said as she watched him leave, and the butler said "this way, Mrs Roy," taking her by the arm as they climbed the stone stairs to the doors.  With each step, the rope rubbed against her, and she felt sensations she had not experienced for over a year now.  By the time they reached the top of the stairs, she was softly moaning “mmmmmmm” with each step.


“If you will follow me," he said as they walked into a magnificent marble entrance hall.  Anna nodded, moaning “mamadmfs  mamdfs… mmm” with each step.


“This way," he said as they started to climb a large staircase, with three sets of stairs, each step making the knot rub more and more, so that as they reached the top Anna was aroused, and moaning as she blushed.


The butler smiled, and said “I trust you are all right, Mrs Roy?"  She nodded, he face flushed as he said “this way,” and walked her down a long corridor, her moans getting louder and louder with each step.


We enter a bathroom, and the butler said "Please stand still" as he started to run a bath adding some bath salts, with an aroma she recognised.


The door opened and a tall, grey haired man walked in.  "Good evening, your Excellency," the butler said as he bowed, and Anna looked at Count Petr Kellner.


“Leave us,” he said, and the butler bowed and left the room, closing the door behind him.


“Welcome, Anna,” Petr said as he bowed as well, “I trust you had a pleasant flight?”


Hmmmmyysss,” Anna moaned, the moist rope now rubbing even more against her clit.


“Good,” he said as  he gently stroked his hand over her chest, and then squeezed her breasts, making Anna moan even more as her knees slightly buckled.  “You are aware of the terms?  You do what I ask, when I ask, and then you are returned home?”


“MMMMSSSS” she moaned again, as she felt her nipples harden even more at his touch.


“Excellent – I look forward to playing with you,” he said, and then he leaned forward, gently kissing her chest as his hand pressed the rope against her clit and rubbed.  That was enough to make Anna close her eyes and scream into her gag – After such a long time, she wanted a release so bad…


“There now,” Petr said as he continued to rub the rope against her, “let it all come out, all the tension, all the fear…”


“PLLSSLSSMMMKMMCCMMM” she screamed, as he dropped to his knees and untied the crotch rope, and then kissed her crotch, using his lips and tongue to being her to a rapid and overpowering climax.  She threw her head back and screamed “YSSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as the waves washed over her.


“There,” Petr said as he stood up, and looked at Anna.  “Was that not good?”


She nodded as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, while he walked round and untied her arms.


“You will remove your clothing and gag, and cleanse yourself, body and mind,” he said as he walked to the door, “a maid will come in due course and take you to your room.  You will remain there until I send for you.”


Anna nodded slowly as he left, closing the door behind himself.  Reaching behind her head, she untied and removed the scarf, and then the hose from her mouth, before she stripped and lowered herself into the warm, aromatic water.


“Holy…” she said to herself as she closed her eyes and relived the experience, and felt her body warm and relax.


Sometime later, there was a knock on the door and a maid appeared, carrying a towelling rope.


“IF you will come with me, M’am.”


Anna nodded and stepped out of the bath, putting on the robe and stepping into a pair of slippers before she was walked to a room – a very well furnished room with a large bed.


“Please, relax for now,” the maid said as Anna looked round, “I will return when you are required.”







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