The Club – Part 3








“Good morning, Mrs Roy.”


Anna slowly opened her eyes and looked to the side, as the maid stood with a gown.  It took her a few minutes to remember the events of the last two days – and as she slowly sat up, wrapping the silk bedsheets around herself, she looked round the suite.


“Did you sleep well?”


“Yes – I did, thank you,” she said as she sniffed the air.  “Do I smell fresh coffee?”


“Indeed – if you will put on your robe, and join me in the sitting room, I will serve breakfast for you.”


Getting out of the bed, Anna allowed the maid to put the robe one her, tying the sash round her waist before she walked through to the sitting room.  A try had been laid out with fresh pastries, fruit, coffee and orange juice, Anna smiling as she helped herself.


“His Excellency hopes you will relax today,” the maid said, “you have books to read here, and the television has access to all satellite channels, but he hopes you accept the lack of means of contacting the outside world.”


“I understand,” Anna said as she sipped her coffee, and picked up a pastry.  “Have you worked here long?”


“For some years – his Excellency is a good employer.”


As Anna ate, she remembered the previous day, and smiled to herself – to be treated in that way after so long had felt so magnificent, so wonderful, even if she had not had a great say in the matter.


When she had finished, the maid said “some clothes have been laid out for you to wear for today – I will return with some lunch in due course.”


The rest of the day proved to be a relaxing one for Anna – the books that had been provided were all interesting, and the maid had been right about the television.  She had eaten a salad at lunchtime watching the BBC news channel, and then watched an almost incomprehensible Italian variety show.


At about five o’clock, according to the wall clock, the maid knocked and entered.


“His Excellency’s compliments, Mrs Roy,” she said as she bowed her head slightly, “but he wishes you to prepare for dinner, by first bathing and cleansing your body.”


Nodding, Anna stood up and said “I presume I am to shave as well?”


“Indeed – if you will wait a moment, I will run your bath for you, and then lay out your clothes while you cleanse yourself.”


“I could get used to this,” Anna whispered to herself as she heard the maid running the water, and smelt the oils as the scented steam rolled in from the room.  Taking a drink of water, she waited until the maid came through, and then entered the bathroom, stripping off and lowering herself into the scented water.


Sometime later, she stepped out and started to shave herself, removing the hair from her armpits, legs and pussy, before she put on a dressing gown and went back through to the room, sitting in front of the mirror and starting to apply her makeup.  She took great care, wishing to show herself at her very best, to please her host.


As she did so, she thought about him – a kind, almost gentle man, but it was obvious from the way he carried himself he expected to be listened to and obeyed.  She could respect that, while at the same time she could see why he was careful – and why he was indeed worthy of respect.




Anna turned and smiled as the maid stood there.


“Your dress and garments have been laid out Mrs Roy – if you will don them, I will take you to dinner.”


Anna smiled and nodded as she sat on the bed, rolling the dark stockings and pulling them up her legs, and then putting on the black thong and bra.  Fastening the garter belt around herself, she ensured the stockings were attached, before putting on the grey velvet dress.


It had an open neck line, square with a little dip in the front, and came to just below her knees, and long sleeves with a slightly wider cuff.  She looked at herself in the mirror, smiling as she sat and slipped on a pair of black pumps with three inch heels, and then went back into the front room.  There was a necklace as well, which she had fastened round her neck.


Excellent,” the maid said as she opened the door, “if you will accompany me, the dinner gong has just been sounded.”


“Of course,” Anna said as they walked down the corridor, and then into the dining room.  Petr stood as they came in, and bowed as he said “thank you for joining me Anna – I trust you have had a pleasant day?”


“Very pleasant, thank you, Your Excellency,” Anna said as he pulled a chair out from the dining table, waiting as she sat before he pushed the chair in, and resumed his own seat, signalling to the butler as the first course was served.


The next two hours passed pleasantly enough – the meal, of scallops, veal and fruit, was very well prepared and delicious, and they discussed a number of subjects from politics and fashion to music and film.  Anna felt totally at ease, laughing and sharing time with this charming man, as the reason she was there faded from her mind.


Eventually, however, as she finished the last of her coffee, Petr stood up and wiped his mouth.


“So,” he said quietly, “I wish you now to return to your suite, and remove your dress and shoes.  You will wait on your bed for me to arrive.”


“Of course,” Anna said as he pulled her chair back, took her hand and escorted her to the door, where the maid was waiting to walk her back.  As she went into the suite, the maid said “His Excellency will not be too long – I will see you in the morning.”


“Thank you,” Anna said as the maid walked out of the room, closing the door behind herself.  She removed the necklace, placing it on the table, and then slipped out of her shoes and dress.


Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw her body in the bra, thong, suspender belt and stockings, and smiled, before she walked over to the bed, lying on her side on top of the red sheets as she looked towards the door.


After a while, she heard the outer door open and close, and then watched as Petr walked in, wearing an open necked shirt, trousers and shoes.


Good evening Your Excellency,” Anna purred as she looked at him, her feet through the bottom of the bed, “how may I be of service to you tonight?”


“In every way,” he said quietly as he picked up a long length of rope.  “Let us begin.  Lie face down, please?”


As Anna lay face down, she felt his hands on her arms, stroking gently as he moved them so that the back of her hands rested on her bottom.  She gasped as he have her butt a squeeze, and then felt the soft rope as it went round each wrist, securing them a few inches apart as he left the rope hanging on each side of her.


There – does that feel good,” he said quietly as he kissed her bare back, Anna moaning slightly and saying “yes” into the bedspread as he stroked his hand down her right leg, and then bent it back, the rope feeling so normal as he wrapped and tied it round her ankle.


“Hmmm” she whispered as he felt his hands on her thigh, the rope winding tightly round it so that her leg was held in the bent position.  She rolled slightly onto one side, looking at him as he fed the rope at her waist around one side of her, and then rolled her over, feeding the other end under and rolling her back before he tied the rope around her waist.


“There,” he said as he gently massaged her bottom, “Does the feel uncomfortable?”


“No your Excellency,” Anna whispered, smiling as he rolled her onto her stomach again, bending her left leg and binding the rope around her ankle, then around her leg.


That does look secure,” he said as he knelt on the bed between her legs, reaching his hands under and gently massaging her chest as his lips went up and down her spine.  Anne moaned, burying her head into the mattress as she felt her breasts hardening, and then firming as he pulled her legs apart, his lips caressing her neck as he held her tightly.


You will do as I say,” he whispered, Anna nodding and moaning as she felt his hand move down and caress her bottom, his lips gently running up and down her back as he gently rubbed them, his fingers sinking into her flesh.


“OH god that feels good,” she moaned again, as she felt his hands gently easing her butt cheeks apart, and then felt something been rubbed gently between them, a cream which she sighed as she felt him rub it in.  She then felt something else – something been eased between her cheeks, and then as it started vibrating she raised her head and said “OH GODOODDDDD.”


“Hush, my dear,” she heard him say as he clamped his hand over her mouth, stifling her voice as she moaned “Mmmmmmmmmgdddddd,” the vibrating inside her rear passage making her feel so wonderful.  The dampness had already started between her legs, as she rubbed her legs, and said “plssmsstrrrrtkmmm.”


“Do you like how this feels,” he whispered into her ear as he moved the device to and fro, Anna nodding as he kept her mouth covered, her lips quivering on the palm of his hand as she said “Hmmgddysssskpggnnggnnnnnmmmmmmmmm


It was as if he knew exactly what would turn him on, as he snipped the back of the thong, and pushed the device in, making her shiver and shake – and then he pulled it out, only to ram something even larger and firmer into her rear.


“HYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” she called out as she felt him throbbing, and she gripped him tightly, wanting him to give as he pushed forward, his hand still clamped tightly over her mouth as he did so.  She could feel him engorging inside her, her body starting to shake and shiver as he did so, wanting to feel him give as she moved in response to each thrust.


“MMGDDDPLLSSSSDDTTTT” she called out again, as he pushed her into the mattress, making her swoon as he pressed on, the throbbing intensifying, the pulsing growing stronger, ever stronger, until she felt the hot stream suddenly discharge inside her, and she screamed into the mattress, an orgasm overtaking her at the same time.


As it slowly subsided, she felt him withdraw, and heard the sound of running water as she rolled over onto her side, moving her legs as she did so.


“Can you get on your knees, Anna,” Petr said as he walked back, drying his hands.  She nodded as she slowly pushed herself up, taking a moment to steady herself as she knelt and looked at him.  She could see he was already recovering, his cock growing larger again as she watched, and she could see the gleaming pink skin.


“You smell divine,” he said as he stood in front of her, leaning over and inhaling her perfume and scent as he kissed the side of her neck.


“I....ah... I seek to give you pleasure and fulfilment, Your Excellency.”


“And you do that so well,” Petr said as he looked at her, his hands stroking down her body.  “Do you like what you see?”


Anna nodded, licking her lips as she watched his member.


“Good – I want you to kiss it,” he said as he held it in front of her, watching as she gently kissed it, working her way along each side before she kissed the tip.  As she did so, she parted her lips let her tongue run over the tip.


Hmmmm,” she said as she drew back a little, and looked at him.  Seeing him smile and nod, she then opened her lips and kissed it again, letting her tongue play with the end as he closed his eyes and smiled.


Slowly, gently, Anna repeated the process, taking more into her mouth with each kiss and suck, her tongue rolling round and embracing it as she did so.  As she worked him in, he began to throb once more, as it swelled and pressed down on her tongue.


His hand caressed her hair, holding it gently as she worked him, her moans increasing and more muffled as he grew stronger in her tender care.


She then used her tongue to pop it out, her lips closing with a soft ‘pop’ as she looked at him.


He took her and turned her round, and then pushed her onto her back, moving her legs apart as he knelt between her legs, and reached over pressing his lips against hers.


“What is your desire, your Excellency,” she said as she watched him move, straddling over her neck as his cock hung down.


“Continue,” he said quietly, lowering himself and raising her head in his hands so that she was able to take his cock, and start sucking, pushing him gently in and out as he throbbed more and more in her mouth.


Each pulse sent a thrill through her tongue as he grew larger, using it to support and curl round it as she said “mmmsgdddurxsllnshe,”


“I know,” he said quietly as he caressed her hair, holding her head in place as she said “mmm....   Mmmmmnnnnnnnmmmmmmm...  HMmmgdnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”


The throbbing was intensifying with each suck in, each gentle caress as she breathed through her nose.  Her mind was focused slowly on him, as he pressed own on her tongue, the tip of his member now at the back of her throat as he held her head up.


She felt even more damp between her legs now as he throbbed, and pulsed, the pressure obviously building inside him as she braced herself – and then it came, the hot flow hitting the back of her throat as she swallowed, her lips sealing around his cock to make sure she kept every salty tasting drop in her mouth.  She heard him sigh as well, and then gently opened her mouth, smiling as he moved back and looked down on her.


“Thank you, sir,” she whispered as he looked at her, and then picked up a white cloth, gently wiping her mouth as he looked at her


“Open wide, Anna.”


She nodded as he pushed the cloth in, and then picked up a long white scarf, wrapping it twice round her head and between her lips to keep the stuffing in place, and tied it out of reach of her hands.


Plssskpgngg,” she mumbled as she looked at him, and then raised her head as he used a wide white scarf to blindfold her, then laid her head gently down as he kissed her gagged lips.


Hmmgdgdssgdgdd,” she moaned as she then felt his hands on her chest, pressing and kneading as she moved on the bed.  He was kneeling between her legs now, and she rubbed them on his sides, hearing his moans as he continued the massage.


Hmmssgggdddddfrrmmm,” she mumbled as she felt the straps of her bra being eased down her sides, his lips caressing her neck and throat, and then her shoulders as his fingers kneaded her flesh, and then traced round her nipples as he eased the bra cups down.


“NNNHHHHHH” she then called out as his lips touched her sensitive nipples, his lips encircling and sucking, his tongue running over the nipples.  She began to squirm even more, as she felt the e gentle teasing, and felt her body respond in kind.  She was unable to stop him doing this, had no idea what he was doing beyond what she could feel – and it was amazing, wonderful, all she could want.


His hand went between her legs, making her go “Hssnnggnnmmmmmmm” at the touch, and then even more as he slipped a finger under her cut through throng, stroking the dampness and then as she heard him say “delicious,” she knew what was coming.  She spread her legs apart, smiling over the gag as she felt him move down, and then felt his lips on her sex.


“YSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” she screamed out as his tongue worked on her, probing, gently easing past her petals and licking her passage, finding the sweetest of spots as she arched her back


“HDRRGGYSSSSTHTSSSSMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she called out as he continued his assault, and then she felt his cock stroking over her again, already hard again, already throbbing again.


Unnmlll,” she moaned, and then she felt him enter her, moving smoothly over her damp labia as he pressed in.  “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she called out as he moved to and fro, pushing further in each time as she tried to grab and grip him, her legs falling to the side as she tried to give him as much access as possible.


“HPPLSSSURXCCSEEEFKKKKMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she called out, and he whispered “I intend to” as he pushed still further in, filling her passage as she felt the throbbing there as well, unable to stop herself as he worked her back up to another orgasm.


When it finally came, it came in a torrent, both within her and from him as she gripped him at the perfect moment, and milked him for all he had to give.  He screamed in turn, as he closed his eyes and arched his back, waiting until Anna slumped onto the bed, gasping and panting through her nose.


“Thank you,” he said quietly as he moved off the bed, “you will sleep as you are now, until the maid returns to tend you in the morning,”


Yssrrrr,” Anna said quietly, exhausted as she fell onto her side and drifted off to sleep....




When Anna came to, it was as the maid was untying her legs, her soft fingers working on the knots and then stretching her legs out as she massaged them.


Mmmsnnsss,” Anna said dreamily, and then she opened her eyes to see the young woman slowly coiling the ropes.


“Good morning, Mrs Roy,” she said as she helped Anna to sit up, and the untied her arms, before removing the blindfold and gag, “I trust you slept well?”


“Surprisingly so,” Anna said as she rubbed her wrists.  “Is that breakfast in there?”


“IT is,” she said quietly.  “Please, do what is necessary and then come and eat.  I have very specific instructions for you for today.”


“Of course,” Anna said as she walked to the bathroom, and then returned a few minutes later, a robe around herself.


As she ate, she said quietly “When will he wish to see e today?”


“Not until later – His Excellency has left for a business meeting.  Please, eat,” she said as she headed to the bedroom.


A short while later, Anna came in to find a swimsuit, sandals and a towelling robe laid out.


“Please don these garments,” the maid said, “and then follow me.”



Thirty minutes later, the maid led Anna to - well, for want of a better word, a spa pool, two women in white pants and tops standing by the side of a table.


“These ladies are here to perform a full spa day for you,” the maid said as she stood to one side.


“I see – and what is the plan,” Anna said as she looked at them.


“We start with a full body massage,” one of the women said, “followed by sometime in the spa pool, and lunch.”


“After lunch,” the other woman said, “we will do a full body treatment – manicure, facial, everything.  You may then relax until an early dinner is served, and Ingrid returns for you.”


Anna looked at the maid, who gave a small curtsey and then left the room, Anna smiling as she said “so where do you want me?”




The day passed the way the two women had described, easing all the tension from her muscles, the spa scented and warm, so that when the clock struck five, and she ate the salad that had been prepared for her, along with a glass of wine, her nails and toenails painted, her body relaxed and warm, she felt she could face anything.


“IF you are ready Mrs Roy?”


Anna nodded as she left her knife and fork on the plate, and thanked the other two, before she was walked back to her room.  Laid out were a grey corset, and a set of black pantyhose.


“I am instructed to help you dress,” Ingrid said, “and then prepare you.”









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