The Club – part 4









“This is going to be interesting,” Anna said as she sat on the bed, and pulled the black pantyhose over her legs, and then allowed the maid to fasten the corset round her, before she took a large grey cushion and placed it on the floor in the door frame.


“If you would, Mrs Roy, please put your hands together in front of you, hands palm to palm.”


“So what’s going to happen this time,” Anna said as she watched the maid bind her wrists tightly together, passing the rope between her arms to make sure they were snugly secured.


“His Excellency never reveals his plans,” the maid said as she took the rope and walked Anna to the doorway, “please, kneel.”


As she knelt down, the maid lifted Anna’s hands above her head, and secured her wrists to a ring that was secured to the top of the door frame.  Anna looked down as the maid moved behind her, and said “I will say this, Mrs Roy – you have pleased him greatly so far.”


“I should be grateful for that,” Anna said with a smile as the maid knelt behind her and secured her ankles, making sure the rope was tight but comfortable.  Looking over her shoulder, Anna nodded as she commented “you are very good at this.”


“Thank you Mrs Roy – I take pride in my work,” she said as she tied more rope between her ankles, and then pulled it up, passing it round the ring as well.  “I must ask you now to open your mouth.”


“Will His Excellency be here soon?”


“I will tell him you are ready,” the maid said as Anna felt the yellow ball been eased into her mouth, the thin cords tied round her head as she did so.  “Please wait here,” the maid said as Anna watched her walk out of the room.


What seemed like an eternity passed, before she heard the door open and close – and she saw Petr standing there.  He was dressed in a pair of black leather trousers and a leather vest, with a leather hood covering his head, only his eyes and mouth showing.


“Hello Anna,” he said as he placed a black bag on the table, and walked in front of her, stroking her cheek as he said “are you ready?”


Ysss,” Anna mumbled as a thin line of droll ran down her chin.  Petr smiled as he went to the bag, Anna turning her head to follow him.


“No – look forward,” he said as he opened the bag and took out a brown paddle.  “Now, relax, this is going to be very pleasurable for you.”


Anna nodded as she felt his hand on her bottom, caressing her cheeks, before her brought the paddle down hard on them.


Nnnggnggg,” she called out as she felt his hand again, and then the paddle, making her jump and moan even more as he continued to bet her bottom, the warmth from it starting to spread over her body as she felt herself beginning to enjoy the sensation.


“Do you like what I am doing, Anna?”


Ysuurrxeelenseee,” she moaned as he walked in front of her.


“If you wish me to continue, you must first do something for me,” Petr said quietly, Anna nodding as he knelt down and started to massage her chest, her moans increasing as she felt the now familiar sensations.


“You know what you must do,” Petr said as he lowered his pants, Anan nodding as she saw his cock engorged, and then the ball gag eased from her mouth as he said “proceed.”


“Yes, sir,” Anna said as she started to kiss his member, gently caressing it before he put it to her lips and she started to lick the tip with her tongue.


Ohhh,” Petr said, “take it in.”


Anna nodded as she slowly drew him in, her tongue caressing and licking his cock as he moaned, and it started to enlarge, the pressure growing on her tongue as she gently started to suck.


“Oh yes,” Petr said as he held her head in his hands, gently caressing her as he grew larger and larger in her mouth, Anna saying “Hmmgdddd,” as she continued to suck on him, the throbbing intensifying, her mouth filled as she sensed his time coming.


“AHHHH” he called out softly as the hot salty flow hit the back of her throat, his hands on her head making sure she was forced to swallow it all before he let her go.


“Thank you, Anna,” Petr said as he knelt in front of her, replacing the yellow ball in her mouth and tightening the straps, “and now for your reward.”


She looked at him as he caressed her chest, feeling her breasts harden as his hands stroked and kneaded her.  She looked up at him eyes half closed as he reached round and slowly unlaced her corset, letting it drop over her before he used his hands to roughly massage her chest.


Hmmrddtsssgdd,” she moaned out as she opened her eyes and looked at him, before he leaned down and started to kiss her chest, sucking gently on her nipples as he held them and massaged her breasts in his gloved hands.


Hmmggsdggddd” Anan whispered as she felt his hands gently kneading her, her nipples hardening as he ran his tongue over them, his lips gently sucking at each stage.

“I wish you to remain perfectly still, whatever happens,” Petr said as he stood up, and Anna heard a soft buzzing sound.  She watched as he knelt in front of her, and slipped a vibrator into her passage, the nylon of the hose holding it in place as he found more white rope, and started to tie it round her upper body.


Anna wasn’t sure what was distracting her more now – the steady stimulation between her legs that was sending fire through her body, or the tightness of the ropes as Petr wound it around her body and breasts, forcing them out as bands went below, above and around them, crossing between her breasts and around the back of her neck to force them out even more.


“There,” he said as he looked at her, “such a beautiful chest.  I think it deserves some loving attention, do you not?”


With that, he knelt and started to suck harder, Anna groaning more as the vibrator inside her gently and steadily brought her closer to the edge, and his lips, his tongue, his teeth as they gently nibbled – all made her call out  “HPLLSSSSDMMM!”


“No – I have a better idea,” he said as he stood up, Anna’s eyes closed as she looked upwards.


It was a soft, gentle stroke at first, as she opened her eyes and saw the soft leather thongs as he draped them across her chest.  When he brought them down harder, she felt the sting, and closed her eyes, absorbing the pain as he continued to bring the leather down on her.


With each stroke, Anna started to groan once again, opening her eyes to look at the masked man as he continued to flog her breasts.  The flesh was starting to burn, but it was also taking her even closer to the edge once more, her crotch getting damper as she started to convulse and shake.


“Do you like what I am doing,” Petr said quietly, Anna nodding as she said “Hmsswwtlrddhlppmmmfkkkmmmm


“No,” he said quietly as the leather stung on her again, “you will not do that.”


Opening her eyes, she could see how aroused Peter was getting as well, so she looked up at him and said “Msttrrmmeee?”


Looking at Anna, Pete nodded and stood in front of her, starting to flog her bottom as he removed the ball gag, and once again as she felt his cock resting on her tongue, pulsing as with each stroke of the leather against her butt she started to suck and lick again.


The sensations inside her front passage, the sting of the whip on her buttocks, and the taste of his member in her mouth – the combination of the three were driving Anan insane, as she suddenly started to shake, clamping her mouth over Petr as she forced him to cum again.


This time, as he did so, she also same, her body shaking like mad as she screamed ”HMFKNGNGGDDDD” and sucked him dry, the juices running down the inside f her legs as she did so.


Petr stepped back a little, looking at her before he replaced the gag again, and started to walk round her, using the leather thongs to whip her chest and ass with an increasing ferocity, Anna squirming with each sting as the vibrator stated to work the magic on her again.


You have been a very naughty girl,” he said as he looked at her back, “and naughty girls need to be punished, don’t they?”


Ysssrrr,” Anan moaned, and then she felt her hose been moved behind her, and shrieked into her gag as a second vibrator was placed between her butt cheeks, the hose put up to hold that in place as well.


She then felt the paddle as it was brought hard back onto her bottom, but with the double assault on her body between her legs she was now moaning crazily, moving to the side and twisting round as she struggled.


The sensations were only increased by the smacking, her cheeks glowing red now as he alternatively hit and massaged them, and then hit them again, walking round and picking up the leather thong again before he brought it down hard on her chest, leaning over and kissing it, and then her bottom, massaging that with his hand after he had struck her.


Hmmgsswhtshpnnggntmmmm,” she moaned as her body started shaking again, another orgasm sweeping over her, but this time Petr kept whipping her, the pain and the pleasure merging into one emotional maelstrom.


Twisting from side to side, she began to emit grunts and screams, cries of pure unadulterated passion as she came uncontrollably, shaking and twisting more and more as she slipped into a deeper state – a state of complete and total peace, despite the things that were being done to her, the sensations that were flying through her...


She barely noticed as the ball gag was removed a third time, eagerly taking him and sucking hard form the onset, feeling the throbbing adding to the buzzing between her legs and in her butt, as he held her head in her hands.


Hmgdgdwhtshpngngttmm,” she moaned again as her body shook and convulsed, her sucking making Petr quickly build to a peak once again.  She was unable to stop herself as the strongest orgasm yet shook her, making her suck so hard Petr shot off and she had to swallow fast.


As he withdrew, she knelt there, her eyes vacant, shaking as the sensations coursed through her body, unaware of anything other than the sheer, raw pleasure...






“Mrs Roy?”


Anna slowly opened her eyes to see the maid in front of her, standing with her hands in front of her.



“Good morning, Mrs Roy – I trust you are well rested?”


Anna slowly looked round the room before she looked at the ropes now connecting her wrists to the ankles, and around her chest.


“Did I...  Was His Excellency pleased,” she said quietly as she looked at the maid.


“Very much so – if you will sit up, I will remove the ropes, and then we have a bath prepared for you.  My friends here will take care of you for that while I arrange for some breakfast – well, some lunch for you.”


Anna turned to see the two handmaidens there, as the ropes were removed and she stood up, looking at the marks on her body.


“Please, follow them,” the maid said as she handed Anna a robe, and she was led to the bathroom, the aroma of the bath salts filling her nose as she was helped to lower into the pungent water.  Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to be washed and massaged, letting the bath oils and salts soak away any remaining stiffness and soreness away.


As she returned to the room, she was surprised to see a meal set up for her, and Petr waiting in the room.


“Good afternoon, Mrs Roy,” he said with a bow.


“Your Excellency – have I done something wrong?”


“No – but soon I regret to say you must return to your home, and I wished the pleasure of lunch with you before you have to prepare.  Please, take a seat.”


As Anna sat at the table, and put the napkin on her lap, she said “I’m glad that I have satisfied you, Your Excellency.”


“You have done more than that, Mrs Roy,” he said as he cut into his Steak Mignon, “I hope that, although this was your first time, if the opportunity arises you may consider a return visit?”


Swallowing her own food, Anna took a drink of wine, and said “well, if the opportunity should arise, I have indicated I would be open to more visits – I have to confess, I enjoyed my time here immensely as well.”


“Excellent,” Petr said as he looked at Anna.  “I understand you are a widow?”


“That’s right, I am.”


“Well, I hope this has helped ease some of the pain that brings,” Petr said quietly. “When my own wife died, I remember how painful that was.”


Nodding, Anna said “I can appreciate that – and thank you for your kindness and hospitality.  May I ask a question?”


“Of course?”


“How am I to be returned to the plane?”


“Well,” Pater said as he sipped from his own glass, “I leave that entirely in your hands.  How do you wish to return?”


Anna thought for a moment, and then said “Similarly to how I arrived – with a few modifications if I may be so bold?”


As she laid out her idea, Petr smiled and said “of course – but first, let us enjoy this meal together.”





As Anna sat at the table, applying the make up to her face, she heard a knock on the door.


“Mrs Roy,” the maid said as she came in, “if you are ready?”


“I am,” Anna said as she stood up, wearing the black bra and hose she had arrived in, “did His Excellency explain what I wanted?”


“Indeed,” the maid said as she picked up a length of white silk rope from the bed, “do you wish to apply the first stage yourself?”


“No – you may,” Anna said as she stood with her hands on her head, sighing as the rope was passed around her waist, and then between her legs, the cords pressing her hose against her crotch as the rope was tied tightly in place.


“Thank you,” Anna said as she walked slowly over to the bed, and put on the freshly cleaned black silk blouse and knee length skirt that she had arrived in.   Sitting down, she allowed herself a little gasp as the rope pressed on her, before slipping on her pumps and standing up again.


The maid smiled as she guided Anna’s hands behind her back, and started to bind her wrists together, hands palm to palm.  As she felt the soft rope pull them, she said “I never asked your name – forgive me for that.”


“No apologies required, Mrs Roy,” she said as she passed the rope around and between her arms, “my name is Anya.”


“Well, Anya, thank you for looking after me,” Anna said as rope was then taken around her upper body, pinning her arms to her side as it was wrapped above and below her chest, and then tied at the back, before the ends were tied between her wrists.


“The pleasure was mine, Mrs Roy,” Anya said as she walked round.  “I trust the ropes are not uncomfortable.”


“They are very comfortable,” Anna said with a smile.  “Now, you need to silence me.”


“First, your legs,” she said as she knelt down, and tied some rope between Anna’s legs above her knees, allowing a gap between them as she secured it.  Standing up, she picked up the hose from the previous night, and said “please, open your mouth for me.”


Nodding, Anna allowed the young girl to push the hose into her mouth, and then the wide white cloth as it was tied over her mouth, before Anya opened the door and curtseyed.


The butler entered, bowing as Anna walked in front of him, along the long corridor and down the staircase, the rope biting into her with every step as she shivered.  At the foot of the stairs, Petr bowed and said “have a pleasant journey home.”


Fnkkuusrr,” Anna said as she also curtseyed, the rope rubbing eve more as she walked into the darkening night, and into the waiting limousine.  As the door was closed, she settled back, using the rope between her legs to get aroused as they car swept down the long driveway to the road.




“Good evening, Anna.”


As she was helped into the plane, and took her seat, the young man who had accompanied her knelt and secured her ankles together, before ensuring the plane door was closed and taking his own seat.


“I understand your request is to remain as this until we are in the air?”


Anna nodded slowly as she felt the plane start to move...







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