The Club – part 5







“We’re at our cruising altitude,” the pilot said as the young man unfastened her seat belt, walked over and removed the gag from Anna Roy’s mouth.


“Thank you,” Anna said as she wriggled round, “can I be untied as well?”


“Of course,” he said as he removed her seat belt and then the ropes, before offering her a whisky and soda.  “I think you will appreciate this?”


“Thanks,” Anna said with a smile, “what’s your name anyway?”


“You may call me Mortimer,” the young man said as he poured himself a drink.  “May I toast your health?”


“You may, Mortimer,” Anna said as she raised her glass.  “So when are we due back?”


“We will be at your office by 7am Friday morning, local time,” Mortimer said with a smile, “in the meantime, relax and enjoy the journey.  First, however, my employers wish to ask a question.”


“And that is?”


“Will you join our list, Mrs Roy, and be open to further – requests?”


“I might be,” Anna said quietly, “so long as the threats against my family and I are lifted.”


“Of course – and again, our apologies for that.  In return, we promise your total security.”


“Good – I presume I will be kidnapped, but with warning this time?”


Mortimer nodded as he took a file from a briefcase.  “If you will peruse this, I think it will answer your questions.”


Anna looked through the documents, nodding and smiling as she said “So where do I sign?”


“Where indicated,” Mortimer said as he handed her a pen, “may I offer you some food?”




“So what happens now,” Anna said as she fastened her seat belt, and the plane started its descent.


“Well, we have very clear instructions, Anna – as one of our guest list now, I think you will find them pleasurable.”


“Let me guess – I returned from my conference to find an intruder in the office?”


“Exactly – I hope you will enjoy the scenario we have set up to illustrate it.”


“I can imagine – and DuMorrass?”


“We promised we would find a more suitable position for you.  He will be told to grant you a week’s paid leave.  In that time, you will be invited to interview for a firm with a much more – generous package.”


“Let me guess – one that will not object if I disappear occasionally for a few days?”


“Let us say the chief executive may be a member of The Club,” Mortimer said as the plane touched down.  “Ah – excellent, we are on time.  The car should be waiting for us.”


“What about my car?”


“It is being taken to your place of work as we speak, having been serviced, cleaned inside and out and refuelled.  You see, when I say we take care of our guests, I mean it.”


As the plane came to a stop, Mortimer unbuckled his seat belt and waited for Anne to stand before the door was opened, and they walked out to a waiting car.


“Have you heard from His Excellency,” Anne said as they drove off in the dawning light.


“I am just reading his comments now – he was indeed very pleased with you, and reiterates his interest in inviting you again.”


“I might be interested – and at least I know what is happening this time,” she said as she looked out of the tinted windows.




“Well, here we are,” Mortimer said as the car stopped outside Anne’s place of work.  As she got out, she saw her car in her parking space, as Mortimer handed her handbag.


“Everything is inside – if you could unlock, I need to bring something from the trunk of the car.”


Nodding, Anne watched as he brought a black bag out, and unlocked the doors, going in and turning off the alarm as she did so.  Mortimer followed her in, closing the door behind them as they walked into the office.


“Excellent – I think we are ready to begin,” Mortimer said as he looked at Anne, and then pointed a small handgun at her.  “Please, Mrs Roy, remove all your clothing and place it in this black bag.”




“We can allow no trace of where you have been to be left with you I am afraid, but do not worry.  You will not be left naked – I am not that cruel, to humiliate you in front of your soon to be ex-employer.”


Nodding, Anne slowly removed her garments, placing them in the black bag he was holding, including her shoes and hose, until she was standing naked in front of him.


“Good,” Mortimer said as he opened the black bag, and removed a clear vacuum sealed bag, containing a white bra and a set of taupe pantyhose.  “Open these and put them on please.”


Nodding, Anne opened the bag and put the bra on, watching as Mortimer removed two more sealed bags.  One contained a new white camisole, made of silk, and the other a black jacket and skirt.  Finally, he took out a bag containing a pair of black pumps.


“Very nice – for me?”


Mortimer nodded and watched as Anne completed putting on the clothes, admiring the fact they were her size before she sat in front of her computer terminal.


“We need to take some pictures,” Mortimer then said as he took a Polaroid camera out, and took a photograph of Anne as she sat in the chair, her legs crossed and her head slightly down as she looked at him.


“Very nice,” Mortimer said quietly as he went back to the bag, and took out a roll of white tape.  “Now, the intruder has to make sure you cannot raise the alarm.  If you would put your hands behind your back, Mrs Roy?”


“Is this your part of the deal, that you get to secure the women when they return,” Anne asked as she heard him rip the end of the tape free, and then tape her wrist to the legs of the black folding chair she was sitting on.


“It is indeed – a reward for a job well done, if you will,” he said as she felt him tape her other wrist into place, and then stand by her side.  “If you would out your feet up on the desk please?”


“Like this,” Anne said as she put her feet up, watching as Mortimer crossed her ankles and then taped them tightly together.  She felt oddly relaxed as he did this, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, while Mortimer stepped back and took another picture of her from the side.


“I now need to secure your legs more,” Mortimer said as he pushed her skirt up slightly, and then taped her legs together halfway up her thighs, Anne watching as she realised this meant she really could not go anywhere.


Taking another photograph, Mortimer then walked over and took a second shot, as Anne gripped the chair leg with her hands.


“Time for him to make sure you stay quiet,” Mortimer said as he looked at Anne.


“Listen – can you do me a favour?”


“Of course – what is it?”


“Look – you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but – make it look as if the intruder molested me.”


“Well, it is outside my instructions, and any pictures I take will go to your boss...”


“Let him have his last few minutes of fun – it’ll be a nice end to the week.”


“As you wish – please, open your mouth.”


Anne nodded as she allowed the young man to push a folded and clean hankie into her mouth, and then smoothed several strips of the white tape over her lips as she said “Mmmssnsss,” her eyes closed.


She felt his hands on her shoulders as he stood behind her, gently massaging them before he opened her jacket up and pulled the panels to the side.


“I need to take another photograph now,” he said as she closed her eyes, and heard the whirr as the sheet of paper came out of the camera.


She then felt him pull her jacket down, and moaned softly as she felt his hands on her chest, gently massaging her chest as she moved her head from side to side, memories of the last few days coming back as she relaxed.  As he eased the strap of her camisole down, she opened her eyes and looked at him as he took yet another shot.



“Sadly, I cannot kiss you, as it would leave evidence – although I am very tempted,” Mortimer said with a smile as he pulled the other strap down, and then slipped his hands under the top of her camisole, gently kneading her chest as she groaned and started to squirm round, tightly gripping the legs of the chair.


“I trust you find this stimulating,” Mortimer said, ANNE nodding and moaning as she felt her nipples hardening, and wishing he could kiss them.  She could understand why, but still...  If she looked at him in the right way...


As he took another picture, she looked at him and said “Pllssdttt.”


“As you wish,” he said quietly as he pulled her camisole down, and eased the bra down as well, before he gently kissed her neck, and then her chest.


Mfflssgfddddd,” Anne said quietly as she felt his lips on her breasts, and then enclosing her nipples, sucking gently as his tongue coursed over them.  Hyssssbtrrr,” she moaned as she closed her eyes again, and rubbed her legs together as much as she could, feeling the dampness between her legs as he drew her nipples out.


Hmgggsddysskppgnggg,” she moaned as he sucked harder, his hands supporting her chest now as it squeezed more in time with his kisses and sucking, slowly drawing Anne closer as she remembered the lips of her host on his own body.




She looked up as Mortimer stepped back, and took one last photo.


“My apologies, Mrs Roy – I need to leave shortly, or I will be here when your employer arrives.”


Pteee,” she said as she looked at him.  Mortimer smiled as he gathered the photos and put them in a large white envelope, before taping it to the door.  She could see “STEVE” written on the front in large black letters.


“One last gift,” Mortimer said as he took a  small lozenge out, and lifted Anne’s skirt up, feeding it into her hose and her passage as she heard the low hum, and felt it gently stimulating her inside.


“Your task is to ensure he does not know,” Mortimer said as he put the trash bag with her old clothes into the large black bag, and then wiped down all the surfaces with alcohol wipes, butting them into a clear bag and then closing the large one.


“I trust you will have a pleasant day, Mrs Roy,” he said as he looked at Anne, “and I look forward to seeing you again.”


Sddee,” Anne said as she looked at him, and watched him close and lock the door, her handbag still on the table as she closed her eyes, and let out a soft, muffled moan.




As Steve DuMorrass entered the office, he looked at Anne and smiled.


“Just let me read this first,” he said as he removed the envelope and looked at the contents, Anne watching as he took out a bundle of notes and a letter.  “Apparently I have to show you this,” he said as he held the sheet of paper in front of Anne’s eyes.


Mr DuMorrass,


The Club thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and hope you will find the enclosed fee of five thousand dollars and the photographs suitable compensation.  We have the following instructions for you.


1.    You will show Mrs Roy this letter as soon as you have read it.

2.    You may look at her, but you must release her within 15 minutes of reading this.

3.    You may not touch Mrs Roy, save to remove the tape binding

4.    You will grant Mrs Roy the rest of the day off, and one week’s paid leave effective from Monday.

5.    You will not ask Mrs Roy for any details of where she has been, or what has happened during her absence.


We will know if these conditions are not met.




The Club.


“Well, I had better find some scissors,” Steve said as he grinned, Anne groaning as she looked at him, “in the full course of time.”





“That’s better,” Anne said as she stepped out of her shower, and dried herself off.  Steve had indeed cut her loose ten minutes later, and she had driven home, amazed at how new her car was looking.


A shower and a change of clothes later, she was sitting in her front room, sipping from a cup of coffee as she looked through her mail.  One envelope in particular caught her eye, as she opened it and looked at the letter inside.


“He wasn’t joking,” she said as she looked at the letter head, and smiled as she took another sip.  As the phone rang, she paced up the handset and said “Roy residence.”


“Good morning Mrs Roy,” she heard Mortimer say, “I just wanted to confirm your employer met the conditions in our letter to him.”


“He did – although him having photos of me...”


“I appreciate your concern – if those photos appear anywhere else, be assured, we will chastise him.”


“Thank you for the other thing as well – I’ll call them later to confirm the appointment.”


“Excellent – you will receive a package from us sometime this week, with more details of what will happen in the future.  Enjoy your vacation, Mrs Roy.”


As the call ended, Anne sat back and smiled.  This was going to be a very interesting time...




Three months later


“All right,” Anne said as she looked at her secretary, “I think that is everything.”


“Of course Mrs Roy – I’ll get right onto it,” the young girl said as he walked out, and Anne sat back.  She had been working as the assistant accounts manager for ten weeks now, and it felt so good to be using her talents for someone who would appreciate them.


“Mrs Roy, I have a call for you on line two,” her secretary called out, Anne nodding as she picked up the phone.


“This is Anne Roy.”


“Good afternoon, Mrs Roy – I trust you are well?”


“Very well,” she said with a smile, “how can I help you?”


“Your manager has graciously allowed you to attend an off-site meeting for three days next week.  I wanted to let you know so that you would have time to make all the necessary arrangements, and to inform you that you will be collected at six tonight as you leave your office.”


“Very thoughtful,” Anne said with a smile.  “The details of the conference?”


“Will be provided en route.  I look forward to seeing you later, Mrs Roy.”


As the line went dead, her secretary came back in.


“Mr Baines just told me you’ll be out of the office Monday through Wednesday next week, Mrs Roy.  Your instructions?”


“Sit down,” Anne said with a smile, “let’s work this out...”








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