Secondary School Tie Up Games: It's a wonderful life







"It's the most time of the year," Su Ying hummed as she returned home after a another December study session. It was the last study session during her official school holidays so she was planning to rest well and prepare last minute presents.


"Boo!" her older brother greeted her at the door.


"Aren't you supposed to be at camp with your IB classmates?" the young SCGS girl whined as she slipped off her shoes and peeled off her socks.


"Camp ended early. Wanna have an outing?"


"No," she replied curtly. "And I don't want another tie up session at all. I want to camp out in my room and..."


"I was going to say a pool party. The other girls will be there. You know how you like...."


"I like swimming but I just don't like..."


"Ok. suit yourself," he replied then she stared at him. "Right, no nonsense ok? I'll go get changed...."


"Got your stuff here," he pointed at one of her bags.


"You went to my rooom?! What, I found that?!" Su Ying pointed at the skimpy blue halter bikini set he was holding up. "But..."


"But I thought my dear sister usually wears a one-piece swimsuit. You secretly bought this didn't you?" Su Ying turned a bright red. "Mom and Dad, Mom especially will throw a fit if she..."


"Give it back!" She yelled but being taller and stronger, he easily held it away.


"Come, the party has already started. You can change at Victor's."





Just over half an hour later and after venting lots of fury, Su Ying found herself near a large swimming pool, with Hui Ling, Shirleen, Laura, Guoyun, Charles and Victor all in the water. Hui Ling was on in a black one-piece suit, Shirleen was in a normal dark red bikini while Laura was in a halter one-piece that was backless. Both Guo Yun and Charles were in black speedos while Victor was in a pair of striped boardshorts.


"Hey you two, get changed and in here," Victor called. Soon enough, Su Ying had ditched her SCGS uninform, beige bra, blue panties and PE shorts for the scantily-clad bikini she secretly bought but now exposed by here brother. "Nice one, Ying," Shirleen commented as the former slipped into the pool.


"Yeah thanks, you have a nice one on as well."


"Not as sexy as yours."


"I...." Su Ying's reply was interrupted as her brother threw himself into the pool, splashing water all over her, Shirleen and Laura.


"Must you always do that and wear that disgusting swimwear," Su Ying groaned as she re-surfaced.


"Yes I must," her brother grinned. He was wearing a pair of Hawaiian-style three-quarter trunks which she hated.


"Water polo time!" Charles suddenly announced. Quickly two teams of different sexes were formed and the game was really intense, with neither team scoring a goal. After just over an hour, everyone agreed for a break. Su Ying and Shirleen huddled together to talk more about bikinis and female fashion. Hui Ling was re-hydrating herself while Laura announce she had to pee. About five minutes later, they heard the CHIJ student call, "Can one of you gals help me? My suit strap broke."


"I'll go," Su Ying declared but just as she turned around the plastic fence, a hand shot out covering her jaw. Naturally she struggled and screamed but stopped when she heard Victor's voice tell her to be quiet. The Rafflesian twisted her head and she saw Laura lying back down on the ground, her legs wide open but her arms behind her, most definitely tied. A bath towel was also around her whole head, with only her nose and eyes exposed.


"Ok, get up and get back," Victor growled. He also frog marched Su Ying back to the pool area where both girls found Hui Ling and Shirleen lying on lounges, their hands behind them. Laura was pushed down on a spare bench, the towel removed to cover her still damp suit. Su Ying winced as her wrists were once again bound. So much for expecting an outing with the boys without TUGs, she thought.


"What if....mmmppph," She was hand-gagged again, this time by Charles. "You're worried someone might see you, us?" Guo Yun asked.


"Don't be. Victor booked the whole pool area for just us and the area can't been seen from the rest of the condo or outside," her brother continued, waving his hands in the air. He was telling the truth; it was a very secluded area.


"We aren't going to bind your ankles or gag you ladies, but be good damsels-in-distress and stay put." Five minutes and much wondering what would happen, the boys marched the girls back indoors, with towels covering their bound wrists. They were lucky no one saw them as the rode the elevator up. In the warm sanctuary of Victor's home, the four girls were first stuffed and then cleave gagged with cloth.


"Why not use tape?" Charles enquired.


"Idiot, ther faces are still wet," Guo Yun smacked him. Then the boys positioned the two bikini-clad students back to back, with Su Ying's arms around Shirleen and vice versa, so much that their hands reached down to each other's crotch. Suddenly, Guo Yun released Hui Ling's bonds.


"Ok you," he announced in Mandarin Chinese, "pick up those ropes and bind the two of them together." After some gagged protest that she didn't know knots, the NYGH student managed to secure her friend's semi-naked bodies together.


"Bind their individual ankles, then bind both ankles together...hey!" Guo Yun exclaimed as he noticed Laura was undoing her bonds. Quickly, the other boys re-secured her and then used more rope to bind her into a hogtie. Meanwhile, Hui Ling had completed her tasks and now had her ankles bound.


"Aw, don't they look so sweet," Victor purred, causing all gagged girls to cry out in disgust.


"Don't our two bikini girls look their best," Charles added.


"Yeah especially my sis," Yan Rong added causing his sister to swear. "I'll telling Mom and Dad!" he hollered.


"Ok swim angels. Your tasks is so simple, get out of the bonds and gags. The last girl to get out, well gets of course a forfeit. Go!" Immediately, All girls started to struggle wildly. About nearly twenty minutes later, Laura was the first to be free, then Hui Ling while Su Ying and Shirleen were stilling struggling to be loose.


"Alright, alright," Yan Rong declared and undid the bikini girls' bonds. "There's only one shower. We boys first, then Laura, then Hui Ling. You two, will remain bound and gagged." Finally, all students were out of their wet swimwear and in shorts and shirts, with the exception of Su Ying back in her school uniform.


"She looks out of place. Do you have a spare shirt for her?" Charles asked Victor.


"No way she's wearing anything of me. Perhaps down to her bra and panties?" Victor answered which resulted in Su Ying nearly striking him. "Ok, but your cutesy shorts underneath off."


"Please, no....mmmmmph!" Su Ying cried as something was stuffed in her mouth and a whole strip of tape was wound around her head. Her wrists were again bound with tape as were her ankles. At least Yan Rong ensured her uniform was straight and no upskirt happened or her bra strap didn't fall down. Shirleen was similarly bound wearing her MGS PE uniform.


"So, what shall we watch?" Guo Yun asked.


"Very typically American. It's a Wonderful Life."



The End.








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