The Short Career of the After-School Terror, a Different Type of Robber

As Told to Thomas Silk

Copyright 2013 Knotty Silk Scarf Productions









I know the name they gave me, The After School Terror, sounds so awful and what I did was far from innocent, but I never hurt anyone.  Well, never hurt anyone unless you consider tying up folks hurting them.  Okay, kids were involved...mostly teenagers, but I mostly played games with them.  They were serious games to me, but they thought they were least at first.  Oh, and kids weren't the only ones involved.  I tied up a lot of adults also.


Although I did what I did out of necessity at first, or so I thought, I found that I enjoyed the excitement, as well as, the money.  What was worse, I enjoyed tying up people and watching them struggle helplessly as I robbed their houses.  They called me the After-School Terror because I pulled my jobs after the kids were home from school, but before most parents were home.


It didn't start out this way.  In May of 1953, I was 23 and had a job.  A job that if a man was doing it would have paid three times the amount that I was paid.  I worked for a large jewelry store chain that had five stores in middle to upscale parts of the city.  All the receipts from all the sales from all the stores passed through me.  All that money being spent, thousands of dollars per week and I got a lousy $15 a week.  Then I got an idea.  I know where these people live and I know what they bought.  If they bought enough nice jewelry, they must have a lot to steal.


Now, if you steal jewelry you need a fence.  Right?  Just so happens that a favorite cousin Eddie owned a pawn shop on the South Side of the city.  Now I knew that some of his business was less than legal.  I knew because he told me.  So, that problem was solved.  The rest was easy.  I would pick out a customer and during my breaks I would give them a call to see when they were home.  This wasn't suspicious because the cheap company made us use one of the pay phone in the lobby of the building for personal calls.  So it wasn't unusual for a gal or guy to use a pay phone on their break.


So, now I knew when the house was empty, but that was during the week.  How did I get free to do a robbery?  That was easy, also.  Thanks to my generous company, I had Monday and Tuesday off because I had to work on Saturday and regular pay and without a weekend social life.  The company's biggest business was on Fridays and Saturdays.  The company's directors wanted a report on their desk first thing Monday morning on how sales were the previous week.  So on Saturday and after church on Sunday I would take the bus downtown and put in my hours.  I couldn't leave until I put the report in the chairman's in-box.  But I was free on Monday and Tuesday to do what I wanted and I decided that I wanted to be the next know, of Bonnie and Clyde, but without Clyde and without the bullet riddled car.


I was 5' 7" in heels and with a reasonable figure.  My hair was collar-length dark brunette, which I styled myself with lots of roller-induced curls.  Now, I know that every successful crook wore a disguise or mask.  Somehow couldn't see myself sneaking around a neighborhood wearing a mask over by face.  I did have my alter-ego, however, given to me by a good friend.  It was a platinum-blond wig with the hair piled high.  It was a real wig, which I had only worn to parties.  It made me look like another person.  But it didn't go far enough.  I decided that dark glasses and a plain white silk headscarf, which thousands of women wore everyday, would complete my alter-ego.  I also tried to wear a raincoat, unless it was too hot, as it was in the summer.  And, of course I wore gloves...white cotton gloves.  I didn't want to leave fingerprints.


Like a lot of women who worked, I rode the bus everywhere.  I didn't even own a car.  I found an alley where I could put on the wig and scarf after I left my apartment.  Then I would ride the bus close to my destination.  No one in those days suspected a woman as being a criminal, particularly not in those neighborhoods.  They were, after all, very safe and a lot of women were at home, if not at a bridge club or other social event for women.  A woman walking down a street wouldn't attract attention, like a man would.  My first trip was always a dry run.


My First Job

My first attempt to break into a house ran into a bit of a snag.  When I got to the customer's house my stomach was in knots.  Then I realized that I didn't know how to break into a house.  I returned home depressed,  After a couple of hours of moping around,  I remembered something...people tend to leave keys hidden near a side or back door, just in case.


The next day, a Tuesday, I returned at 10am.  I went up to the front door like I belonged there and rang the bell.  No one was there, of course.  Then I went to the side door and checked under the door mat...nothing.  Then I noticed an overturned ceramic pot, designed to hold a flower, sitting on the brick edge of a flower bed.  I turned it over and there was a gold key.  I picked it up and let myself in.  I couldn't believe that I had done it.  I was officially a thief or would be once I took something.  I headed down the hall of the dark house. I had to take my sunglasses off to see anything.  Then I heard it and jumped a foot in the air.  It was the meow of a stupid cat.  My heart had been pounding, now it was thumping so hard I could feel it.


I moved upstairs and looked in the master dirt!  A nice selection of jewelry.  I put it in my purse.  I went into the master bedroom...more jewelry.  I decided that I should leave while I was ahead.  Then I heard the car pull into the driveway.  I looked out the window.  A woman in a convertible.  I couldn't leave the way I came in.  I went out the front door and walked as fast as I could to the bus stop.  The bus came in 15 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity.  I expected police cars to be converging on the bus stop any minute.  I was so excited on the way home.  I had done it.  I had robbed a house.


Lessons Learned

That day I earned $60 from my cousin Eddie.  That was a month's pay for a few minutes work.  He told me that the loot, as he called it, would be sold in another city so there would never be hot stuff (at least from this city) in his store.


I was standing in his shop after he closed.  I had worn a raincoat and one of my better floral silk scarves over my head to stay incognito.  When I told him about the woman coming home and almost catching me, he gave me a grim look.  Eddie went in the back room and brought out box.  He handed to me.  When I opened it, there was a gun.  A revolver!


"Eddie, I can't use this," I told him in a distressed voice.  I had promised myself that I would never hurt anyone.  This is something a real criminal would use.


"Then you have too choices.  Get caught and go to prison OR STOP NOW.  Are you sure you want to do this?" he said in a serious tone.


"I think it is too much fun and I need the money," I replied.  Eddie knew what he was talking about.  I was pretty sure that he had pulled some jobs in the past before he hurt his leg.  Family rumors suggested the leg injury happened when he jumped off a roof to escape the police.  He had never been arrested, as far as I knew.  But he was what one would call a shady character. 


"Then keep the safety on and use it to control people.  Few people can tell if a gun's safety is on.  What if you hadn't had a way out of that house when the woman had come home or what if you you hadn't gotten the loot.  Sometimes you have no choice, but to confront people....But never confront the cops...point this at them and they will kill you!", he said in his grim way.


"Okay, okay..." I said.  This was sounding less and less like fun and more like a dangerous job.


"One more got to learn how to tie up people.  Tie them up real good," he said with a smile.  I had seen people tied up in the movies, but doing that myself, I wasn't so sure.


"Eddie, I'm a girl.  A gun is one thing, but tying someone up?" I said with a smile.


"And gagging them," he said.


"I will never get in that situation," I replied.  What happened next surprised me.


I was looking at the gun and didn't notice him moving behind me.  Without warning, Eddie grabbed me.  One hand over my mouth and the other arm around my body forcing me to drop the box with the gun in it.  Fear rose up in me, but the only significant noise was the box hitting the floor.  He dragged me to a back room.  By now I was struggling.  I thought he was going to kill me or force himself on me.  This room was used to package shipments.  He grabbed some lengths of cord from a bench while still controlling me.  He forced me to the floor and pulled my arms behind my back, but released my mouth.


"Eddie, what are you doing?' I cried.


"I thought that was obvious, Sugar Cakes," Eddie replied.  Sugar Cakes was his nickname for me.  Before I could reply he grabbed my arms with one hand, went to his back pocket, pulled out his handkerchief that didn't look clean, shook it out and force fed it into my mouth.  I retched as he slowly stuffed the hanky completely in my mouth.  I realized with great distress that it wasn't clean and retched again.  I had to work at controlling my gag reflex and try not to think about what was in my mouth.


But Eddie was far from done.  He used a cord to secure my wrists behind my back.  Then he moved down to by hose covered legs letting his hands glide down by stocking covered legs.  He grabbed my ankles ankles and wrapped cord around and between them.  He tied it off.  Eddie then pulled my legs up close to my hands and tied the two together.  This had taken less than a minute.  But he still wasn't done.  Eddie untied my headscarf, which was folded into a triangle, and folded it several times into a band.  He forced the thickest portion into my mouth and pulled the ends back and tightly knotted them at the back of my neck.  That pushed the offending hanky deeper into my mouth causing me to retch again.  I tried to say something very unladylike and some faint grunts came out.


"You have to be able to tie up and gag someone quickly, but you have to do it with gloves on.  I wanted you to experience what you will have to do to someone some day.  You can't be nice to them or worry about stuffing a well-used handkerchief in their mouth to keep them quiet.  It is either them or you, Sugar Cakes" Eddie said with a smile.  I retched again at the mention of the hanky in my mouth.  He bent down and pulled up the raincoat and my skirt until he could see my panties.  She slapped my bottom and I cried out.


"When I was active, a gal that looked like you would have been fair game.  It was less likely that the heist would be reported if the lady of the house was poked a few times, if you know what I mean," Eddie told me as his smile got larger, "Not that I ever participated in things like that.  Career criminals aren't always nice, like I am"  Now I was truly terrified.  Was this really my sweet Cousin Eddie, who I adored? 


I watched him go back into the showroom.  He came back with my purse and the box with the gun.  He put the box on the counter and them got down besides me.  He opened the purse.  Now going through a woman's purse was in some ways just as bad as poking her, as Eddie put it...not really, but it was a bad thing to do to a woman.  He pawed through my purse before dumping it on the floor.  My eyes were big as saucers as he went through my stuff,  He finally took my wallet and took out the money that was in it.  I grunted angrily at him, but was helpless to do anything.


"This is what happens when you rob someone.  It isn't a game or for fun.  It is a business and you need to be good at it.  I'll return your money, if you can get free or at least get your gag off by the time I return from dinner," he smiled again as he got up, turned out the light and went out the back door.


There I was in a dark room, bound and gagged on the floor.  I was totally helpless.  I did what any woman would do, I struggled.  It was an unfocused frenzy-like struggle.  That went on for 15 minutes until I was exhausted.  Then I tried to systematically work on the wrist ropes, then the ankle ropes and finally the cord that held my bound wrists less than a foot away from my bound ankles.  Nothing gave.  If anything, the cords seemed to be tighter.  The gag...could I get that horrid gag out of my mouth?  Even before I was gagged, I could have told you that being gagged was something I would have hated.  It wasn't so much the physical gag, although that was bad.  It was the fact that I really couldn't talk or scream.  I figured my lovely scarf would be ruined after this and that made me mad.  But the fact was that Eddie was teaching me a lesson.  That fact didn't change the fact that I was angry.


An hour and 15 minutes after he left, Eddie returned.  He untied the cord that kept me in what I learned later was called a hogtie...good name for that.  Then he undid my wrist ropes.  I glared at him as I untied my scarf that was now soaked with my spittle and marked with my lipstick.  I pulled it off of my mouth, looked at it and then pulled the wet hanky from my mouth and threw it at him.  Finally I untied my ankles.  I could see rope marks where the cords had been tied around my wrists and ankles.  I wanted to cry, but I decided I would do that out of sight of my cousin.


"Those marks will go away in a few hours.  So what do you think?  Still want to be a robber?" Eddie said with a smile.


"Did you have to use my good headscarf to gag me?" I asked angrily as I looked at the scarf, which was pulled out of shape with red lipstick smudges on it.


"Sorry, but it was handy, as was my handkerchief.  You use what you have to get the job done.  You wouldn't have waited for me to find something else," he replied and I knew he was right.


"Did you really tie up women like that?" I asked already knowing the answer.


"Yes, and I enjoyed watching them squirm helplessly.  It was one of the pleasures of the job.  Sugar is either you or them.  Tying them up is better than hitting someone or shooting them," he replied.  I suspected that he also poked them, if he was in the mood, but stayed quiet.


"Eddie, did you ever hit or shoot someone?" I asked scared to know the answer.


"I never shot anyone, but I pointed the gun at quiet a few people.  I did slap a couple of women who refused to cooperate and started screaming.  I didn't injure anyone although I would have if it became necessary.  Fortunately, the ladies were very cooperative after the slap," he replied, " I brought you some food"


After dinner, Eddie gave me back all my money even though I didn't get free. 


"Have I convinced you not to do this, Sugar Cakes?" Eddie finally asked as he was driving me home, "It isn't for the weak at heart"


"No Eddie, you convinced me to be prepared to be a mean bitch when I need to...and to learn to tie someone up"


The next month I taught myself how to tie a rope with gloves on.  It isn't that easy.  I remembered the feeling of being helpless.  Far from being terrified of it, I realized that I found it exciting after I got past the anger.  Mind you, I had no intention of putting myself in the situation where I would have to tie someone up, but if the situation happened, I would be ready and would enjoy doing it.


My First Tie Up Job

My next six jobs had mixed results.  I couldn't find a house key on four of them.  On the other two, I learned to take my time looking for valuables and my scores increased.  But not being able to get into the houses was a problem that cost me time, effort and a loss of money.


It was my eighth job when I was put in a situation where I confronted someone.  I was planning on robbing the house of a Mrs. Brenda Hills.   It was too hot for a raincoat so I wore a simple gray skirt and white blouse with my headscarf, dark glasses and gloves.  I was around the side of the house and had just discovered the house key hidden under the mat when a stern woman's voice filled the air and made me jump.


"Who are you and what do you think you are doing?" the woman hissed.  I turned around expecting the woman to be pointing a gun at me.  She didn't have a gun, only a purse.  The woman was shorter than me by a couple of inches and was a couple years younger, I guessed.  She was well-dressed in a gray suit with gray pumps.  White gloves were on her hands.  Her brunette hair was shoulder-length and covered by one of those nearly transparent nylon headscarves.  It matched the woman's suit.  She looked like a pretty woman, who had a scowl on her face.


"I asked you who you are and what are you doing here?" the woman asked again.


"I am so sorry, but you startled me.  I'm Bonnie Smith.  I'm Brenda's cousin and you are?" I replied with a smile.  I offered my hand for a handshake.


"I'm Lisa and I live next door.  I've never seen you before and I know everyone in Brenda's family," Lisa replied keeping her distance and declining my handshake.


"Well, I'll show you pictures of me with Brenda when we get inside the house," I said with a smile.  I hoped that there were some pictures displayed and I hoped this woman would fall for my bluff long enough to get in the house and out of sight.  To my relief she followed me in after I unlocked the door.  I turned towards the front of the house and the living room where I hoped there would be pictures.  Lisa slide on past me to the fire place mantle.  About eight pictures of family groups were lined up in a row.  Lisa looked carefully at each one.


"I knew it!  There is no picture of you!" she said as she turned around with a self-satisfied smile on her face.  When she saw me and the gun in my hand, the smile went away and her hands went up.  In my other hand I had a couple of headscarves that had been on the hat rack in the hallway.


"Look I shouldn't have questioned you.  I'll just go back home and will let you go about your business," Lisa said in a trembling voice.


"On the contrary, you're going to stay and have a front row seat while I rob Brenda of her valuables.  Get on the floor on your stomach...NOW" I commanded.  Lisa quickly did as she was told.


I sat on her legs and pulled her hands behind her back.  I used the thinest large headscarf, a colorful silk floral affair and tied her hands behind her back.  The thin silk was strong enough to control her struggles, but would not permit her to slip her bindings.


"Look you will never get away with this," Lisa said as she watch me pull her nylon headscarf off her head and wad it up.


"That is exactly what every helpless woman says just before she gets something tasty in her mouth," I told her with a smile.  It took a second for her to realize what was about to happen.  Lisa tried to clamp her mouth shut, but she was a split second too late.  I was already stuffing the nylon scarf into her mouth.  The scarf was heavily scented with hair spray and perfume, I assumed.  By her reaction, it didn't taste all that good, but it had the desired effect of keeping her quiet.  


I took my time folding the other large headscarf, a high-end scarf made of thick silk with blue geometric on a creamy white background with a red boarder.  More of an early spring or winter scarf I thought, but extremely useful for my current use.  The scarf was already folded into a triangle, I folded it into a three inch band with the apex of the scarf hanging down below the band.  Lisa looked back at me with dread in her eyes.  She didn't know if the scarf was a blindfold, part of the gag or a garrote.  I smiled at her which unnerved her even more.  She squirmed beneath me as I still straddled her.  I was surprised at how much fun it was to have a woman helpless and scared, not knowing what I would do next.  I took the scarf and forced it over Lisa's nylon scarf packed mouth.  When she realized that the scarf was only going to be tied over her mouth, she relaxed and stopped struggling.  I assume that she thought that a scarf would be easy to dislodge and she might be right, except I had other ideas.  I tightly half knotted the scarf behind her head, but then I brought the ends of the scarf in front of her face and made another half knot.  I pulled the ends forcing the half knot between her scarf covered lips.   I then tied a tight knot in her mouth and tied the scarf ends into a bow.  So, Lisa now had her nylon scarf packed deeply in her mouth, her face was covered by the high-end scarf with the apex of the scarf hanging a couple of inches below her chin.  The ends of that scarf were tightly wrapped around her head with a huge knot forcing her mouth open under the scarf.  That gag wouldn't be easy to dislodge and I saw defeat in Lisa's eyes. 


"Not so talkative now, are you?" I said as I turned around still straddling the woman, "Nothing else handy to tie you up with so I'll have to improvise.  Nice hosiery you are wearing"  Lisa knew what I intended to do and started struggling again.  I was literally sitting on her hands, facing her legs.  Her struggles were giving me an unexpected thrill in my crotch area.  I ignored it and grabbed one leg at a time and removed her high heel shoes, potential weapons, themselves.  I pulled up her dress revealing sexy little panties and her garters.  I began undoing Lisa's garters and Lisa's struggles increased to no avail.  Once the stockings were free, it was a simple matter of rolling them off of her legs.  Now I will tell you back then that a woman felt naked without nylons on her legs.  Once the hose were off her legs, I moved down her legs pinning them under me.  When I got to her feet, I wrapped one stocking around and between her ankles tying it as tightly as I could to get the stretch out.  I then brought Lisa's bound ankles up to her bound hands and secured the hogtie.  Knots in nylons are almost impossible to untie so unless Lisa could squirm out of the nylon bindings she wasn't going anywhere.


I got up and looked at the frightened woman.  It was the first time I had ever bound and gagged anyone and I stood over her feeling on top of the world...but I had things to do.  I dragged Lisa off the carpet of the living room and onto the ceramic tiles in the front hall.  I opened the closet there and found a walk-in storage area for coats, hats, and yes, more scarves.  I pulled Lisa into the closet and closed the door.


I carefully ransacked the house, but honestly, it had less expensive stuff than I thought.  A disappointment given all the work I had gone to!  Then I remembered something.  I went to the living room and picked up Lisa's purse.  I opened up the closet door and saw her staring at me.  If not for the gag, she would have said some very unladylike things.  I sat down next to her.  I hadn't noticed the beautiful necklace she was wearing when I was trying to get her tied up.  I undid the clasp and removed it.  Lisa cried out in dismay.  I put it in my purse.  I then looked at her arms.  On her left wrist was a very nice bracelet, but it was above the scarf bindings, which I wasn't going to remove.  I opened the clasp and a tiny silver chain prevented the bracelet from coming off of her arm.  A swift yank and the bracelet was mine.  Lisa was now sobbing.  She realized that she was being robbed.  Next I looked at her gloved hands and it was obvious that she had rings on both hands.  I removed the cotton gloves, which was a struggle in itself.  No ring on the marriage finger, but a couple of rings on one hand and one ring on the another.  Lisa clenched her fists.


"Lisa dear, I really don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.  Those rings now belong to me and if I have to break a finger or two to get them, I will," I said with a smile.  Lisa let her hands go limp and I removed the rings.  I then dumped the contents of her purse on the floor.  For a woman, this is worse than being forcible tied up.  It is an invasion of her personal space and Lisa cried through her gagged mouth.  I found her house key.  Her wallet was thick with money and other items.  I took the money and found several pictures of her family.  She was the oldest sister.  There was a younger sister.  She looked to be 14 or 15.  I had already decided that I should rob Lisa's house, if possible.


"Your sister...would be home from school now, right?" I asked Lisa.  She squirmed on the floor shaking her head.  That was what I needed to know.  Her sister would be home and would be home alone.  If not, I would abort the robbery attempt.


I looked down at Lisa and realized that she was struggling so hard that she might work herself free.  This lady was really pissing me off.  I got up and looked around on the selves in the closet.  There was a box marked "scarves."  I took it down and it was full of a variety of head and neck scarves.  I picked out three and went to work adding to Lisa's bondage.  First, her hands, then her ankles and finally securing the hogtie again.  Lisa was fuming at me.  She wouldn't get free now.  I selected a six scarves, which I stuffed in my purse.  The teenager would have to be bound and gagged so I might as well be prepared.


"Enjoy your afternoon, Lisa," I told her as I closed the closet door.  I looked at myself in the hall mirror and composed myself.  This would be the first time I had gone to a house that I knew was occupied.  I was excited, but I had to be careful, I really didn't want to scare a teenage girl by pointing a gun at her.


I went out the side door and into the alley.  I walked to the end of the block and then came back in front and to the house next door.  I rang the doorbell.  I heard some footsteps.  A cute 15-year old girl came to the door, it was Lisa's sister.  She was perhaps four inches shorter than I was.  She was thin, but her breasts had already filled out nicely.  She was wearing a white blouse, blue skirt, bobby socks and penny loafers.  Her straight brunette hair was by one of the nylon headscarves, only this one was smaller and the sister had it tied back under her hair peasant style.  Like sister, like sister, I thought.


"Can I help you?" the teenager said in a pleasant, if indifferent voice, with her eyes giving me the once over.


"I'm here to see, Lisa," I told her with a big smile.


"She isn't here.  I'm not sure where she went," the girl told me, "I'm a bit surprised that she isn't here.  We were suppose to go shopping this afternoon"


"I see...Would it be okay if I waited for her?  It is kind of important," I asked.


" can to wait in the living room," she said with a reluctant smile and opened the door for me.  I moved into the house...this girl's fate was sealed assuming there was no one else here.


"I'm Bonnie Smith," I told her and held out my hand.  She took it and simply said "I'm Katie"  I did not want to drag this out, but what to do?


"Katie, do you like scarves?" I asked.


"Sure, most girl's do," she said absentmindedly wishing I would go away or leave her alone, I guessed.


"While I'm waiting for Lisa, let me show you a really special way of wearing a scarf," I suggested.


"My mom and sister would give me hell if I wore one of their good scarves," she answered in a disappointed voice.


"Well, I have an extra scarf in by purse.  Would that be okay to use?" I suggested.


"I suppose," her eyes lit up when she replied.  Most girls like fashion. 


"Okay, turn around so you are facing the wall, Katie.  I'll tie the scarf on you and then we'll go from there," I said with a pleasant voice.  At this point my excitement was almost bursting out of me.  I selected a nice floral headscarf of medium weight silk.  I showed her the scarf and let her feel it. 


"That is a really nice scarf," she said and turned around facing the wall.


I put my hands on her shoulders and caressed her arms.


"I'm not used to tying a scarf on another girl so I think I need your arms out of the way," I told her as I gently pulled her arms behind her.  I started to wrap the scarf around her wrists and she tried to jerk them away, but it was too late.  I pushed her into the wall.


"What are you dong?" she asked in a scared voice.


"Making sure you can't interfere while I steal stuff," I hissed as I finished tying her hands.  I let her go and she tested the scarf binding.  It held.


"Lisa will be back any minute.  You had better leave while you can," Katie cried hoping it was true.


"Your sister is a bit tied up at the of the hazards of being a nosy neighbor.  She is the reason I am here, however.  It appears you have lots of nice jewelry," I said as I took another silk headscarf, this one with blue and white checkers on it, from my purse, "But first, I want you to wear this beautiful silk scarf over your mouth"  I folded the scarf into a triangle and down into a band.


"Wait, if you don't gag me, I'll show you where our best jewelry is," Katie offered.


"Okay, I won't really "gag" you...I'll let you wear this beautiful scarf over your mouth as a fashion accessory...Trust me, that isn't a real gag...and then you can show me all the jewelry," I said with a laugh.  Before she could reply I forced the scarf over her mouth and tied it behind her head.  She just stared at me.


"Now, that is better.  That scarf is you, Katie.  Now where is the jewelry?" I asked with a smile.  Katie fumed and gave me an angry look.  I think it was more because I had tricked her than the fact that I had tied and gagged her.  Katie expression under the scarf changed to what must have been a smile.  That worried me.  Katie led me first to the bathroom and used her head to point.  Then it was onto her sister's room and then the master bedroom.  I have to say that I was less than impressed with the haul.  There had to be more than what Katie had pointed out, but where?  She had taken me to the locations where I would have expected to find jewelry, but she was hiding something.


"Okay, time to put you to bed, Katie," I told the girl.  It was at that point that she tried to run away, but I was expecting this attempt to escape and grabbed her after she had taken about three steps.


"Nice try, Katie.  I guess I will have to tie you just a little tighter for that escape attempt," I said with a disapproving look.  I directed her to her bedroom and then to lie down face down on her bed.  I took off her penny loafers and used an oblong scarf to tie her ankles.  Then with another long scarf I secured her feet to the bedpost. 


"Well Katie...That should hold you while I search the house," I told her.  She looked at me and began struggling.  I left to do my usual search.  This one turned up an expensive  set of silver and a few more valuable items, but the jewelry was missing.  There was no safe.  I was running out of time.  Katie seemed more like a winner for some reason.  I found a suitcase to put the silverware in and then went back to Katie's room. 


Katie had just about worked the scarf off of her mouth, but I ignored that for now.  I realized that I hadn't searched Katie's bedroom.  It was then that I realized where all the good jewelry was kept for safe keeping.  Hidden in plain sight was the plan of the women of the house.  On top of Katie's dresser was a large kid's jewelry box.  Most thieves would ignore it assuming it was kid's costume jewelry.  It was a good plan, but...I heard Katie cry out as she got the scarf off of her mouth.  What came out of her mouth was a stream of cuss words and other unladylike statements.  I went to the bed, lifted her up and slapped her face, not hard, but hard enough to get her to stop.  I pulled up the scarf so that it covered her mouth again.


"This isn't a game, Katie.  I made a deal with you...the jewelry for not being really  gagged...and you tried to cheat.  So instead of wearing that scarf over your mouth as a fashion accessory, I'm going to really gag you as punishment.  Now what to use..." I told the now frightened girl.  I looked around and saw what I needed.  I moved to the end of the bed.  Katie half giggled and half screamed as I grabbed her foot and pulled off the bobby sock.  I rolled it up and came back and showed it to Katie.


"You see Katie, real gags are to be avoided at all costs.  A scarf over the mouth may be a real gag in the movies, but in real life little girls being robbed get a dirty sock stuffed in their mouth," I told her as I pulled the scarf off of her mouth.  Katie both tried to talk and avoid the rolled up sock.  Neither worked.  After a short struggle the sock went in her mouth so the ends filled each cheek.  As the taste of the sock filled her mouth, Katie pleaded with her eyes that she was sorry.  That look might have worked on her parents, but not me.  I took the the scarf and tied it as tightly as I could over her mouth.  Katie moaned with despair as she realized how well gagged she now was.  What was almost a game to her had become serious now.  I untied her legs from the bedpost and pulled her legs up to her bound hands.  I used the scarf to put her into a tight hogtie.


I could see her working her mouth, trying to get the scarf off again.  The thick silk covered her lower face from below her nose to the tip of her chin.  This even before I left her room.  I thought it was unlikely that she would succeed given the sock in her mouth.  Still, she was a young woman and very flexible.  I looked in my purse and found a beautiful silk square, one with a hunting motif, which I took out.  I didn't want to do anything that might cause this girl to choke, but I wanted to secure her gag.  I folded the scarf into a triangle as Katie watched me with a wary look.  Katie was still wearing the nylon headscarf over her hair.  I put the silk scarf over her head, brought the ends under her chin, tied a half knot and pulled hard.  Katie grunted.  I finished the knot without losing much of the tightness.  I pulled the ends back behind her neck and tied them over the silk scarf at the base of her neck.  Katie looked startled.


"That headscarf will keep your gag in place until someone finds you," I told her.  I might have been concerned that the headscarf, one made of high-end silk and very soft, might just slip off of Katie's head.  But the much rougher nylon scarf beneath the silk headscarf would act like glue and hold it in place.  Of course, I tied the silk scarf very tightly under Katie's chin.


I suppose I should have felt guilty for tying up this young woman in this manner, but I didn't.  This was business and tying her up was a necessity.  And her actions dictated how I tied her.  I left her in her room squirming on her bed.


I calmly walked to the bus stop with a suitcase full of valuables.  A couple of days later there was a short piece in the paper about the robbery.  The report indicated that a woman and TWO MEN robbed the sisters. 


A Change in MO

In the days after my first robbery involving having to subdue people, I decided to change how I went about my robberies.  No, I didn't decide to avoid those situations.  I decided to make those situations happen.  Yes, I found tying up people a thrill, but that isn't why I changed my MO.  I didn't want to waste my time looking for house keys, which might not even be there.  When I pulled a job, I wanted results.


I started making my calls to make sure someone was home.  I honestly was targeting teenagers.  I know, that is awful, but they are easier to control often without having to show a gun.  So, if an adult, always a woman at that time of the day, was home, I would talk my way into the house, pull the gun and tie them up.  If it was a kid, I would talk my way into the house and dupe them into letting me tie them up.  If that didn't work, I would pull the gun.  I was surprised that my cousin Eddie thought this was a good change.  "Best to be in control of your job," he told me, "But stay away from the kids as much as possible.  Concentrate on the lady of the house"  I nodded at this statement, but my mind was made up.  Kids were easier to subdue.    


I also decided that I need to vary my appearance more.  So, I went on a shopping spree buying three different wigs, one with black hair, one with red hair and one with brown hair.


I also changed what I carried with me.  I packed several lengths of clothesline and a handful of small mens hankies into my purse.  The clothesline was to secure hands quickly and the hankies were to stuff in mouths.  That would allow me to quickly control and keep quiet the people I encountered.


The Next Job 

This was the first job using my new MO.  I expected a boy to be home.  He was probably at least 13 years old, that is about the age parents feel comfortable leaving children home alone.  He was about to have the experience of his life.  I hoped that he would be easy to dupe, but I had the gun if he didn't fall for my ruse.  I smiled as I rode the bus.  I had never tied up a boy before.  I always liked new challenges.  I had chosen my red haired wig, which of course was mostly covered with my white silk headscarf.  I was also wearing a white blouse and black cotton skirt.  I had never robbed any body in this part of town.


As I approached his house, I saw the kid walk up his driveway and into the house.  He was shorter than what I expected.  He work slacks and a polo shirt.  His brown hair had a crew cut.  I followed, but up the front steps and rang the bell.


He answered the door a few seconds later.  I was starting to feel guilty.  He seemed quite young.  There was a locked screen door between me and the young man.


"Hi, my car broke down and I need to call a service station.  May I come in?" I asked in the sweetest voice I could.


"No, my mom told me not to open the door to strangers," he said.


"That is good advise.  I'm sure that your mom also told you to help a lady in trouble," I replied.


"I suppose," he replied, but did not open the door.


"Look, I'm Debbie Smith. What is your name?" I asked


"I'm Will...William," he replied.


"William, now we are no longer strangers," I told him.  He still didn't open the door.  


"I'll call my mom and ask her what to do," Will turned and walked towards a phone in on a table in the front hallway.


"Thank you, William.  I'll be happy to talk with her, if you like," I replied hoping that he would open the door.


"No thanks," he said politely as he picked up the phone's receiver.  This kid was very well-trained.


Now there is a little secret about screen doors and their locks.  They are worthless.  I grabbed the screen door and gave a yank.  The screen door popped open.  I saw Will's eyes get wide as I came in.  He was trying to dial, but he was watching me as I shut the front door.


"Now William, that wasn't very nice of you to leave me outside like that.  Your mama wouldn't have wanted me have to wait outside,"  I lied as I approached him.  My voice was still sweet, but my face showed anger that he hadn't fallen for my ruse.  Will dropped the phone.  I thought he was going to run towards the back door, but instead he ran up the stairs.  He was trapped now.  He would be going upstairs to a phone in master bedroom was my guess.  I picked up the phone and dialed a number that gave the time and weather on a recording.  I heard him pick-up the phone.  Once a phone was in use, the other phones on a line were useless.  I put the receiver down on the table so the line would remain open.


Near the door was a hat rack with mostly men's hats on it, but there were a couple of lady's headscarves.  I picked out a floral scarf, tossed it over my shoulders and headed upstairs.  Will had realized that he wasn't going to be able to call his mama or the police.  So when he ran back into the hallway, he saw that I was blocking his way.  He ran back into his room and shut the door.  To my surprise, the door opened easily and I saw him sitting on the bed, looking defeated.


"Are you a bad person?" he asked as I approached him.


"I don't think so, but I do rob people for a living," I told him honestly.


"Are you going to hurt me?" he looked up.  The boy was scared.


"Of course not!  But I would like you to play a game with me.  Would you do that?" I asked.  He seemed calmer now.


"What type of game?" he replied.  There was a light in his eyes.


"My version of cops and robbers.  I tie you up and you try to get free.  If you get free before I leave, you win," I told him knowing that his chances of getting free were close to no chance.  And if he did get free...well, I would tie and gag him tighter.  Criminals, by definition, don't play by the rules.


"You're going to tie me up anyway and steal stuff.  I shouldn't let you do that," he stated.


"You're very smart, Will.  I came here knowing that you would be home.  You're a big boy, so I came prepared.  I want to do this as easily as possible, but I will wrestle you to the ground, if I have to or I will point my gun at you, if I have to.  One way or another I am going to tie you up.  I don't want to hurt you, but I am a criminal who will do whatever is necessary.  Do you understand?  I would rather we make it a game," I explained.


"A real gun?" his eyes lit up.  I opened my purse and showed it to him and then put it back.


"My parents told me that I was responsible for the house when they aren't here," he said almost as an excuse not to admit defeat.


"You aren't going to be blamed for this.  I forced opened the screen door remember," I told him in soft voice, "You did everything possible to protect your home.  Now lets play my game," I told him in a soothing voice.  He nodded his head.  I sat next to him on the bed.  I turned him so he faced away and pulled his arms behind his back.  I took clothesline from my purse and wrapped it around and between his wrists and his belt.  I could feel the tension in his body.  He wanted to resist, but his mind told him not to fight me.  I held his shoulders.


"Now Will, I am going to gag you by tying one of your mama's silk scarves over your mouth so it shouldn't be too unpleasant, but first I need you to open your mouth so I can put this handkerchief in your mouth.  Don't worry, its clean," I said as I took one of the small men's handkerchiefs form my purse, shook it out, wadded it into a ball with one hand and showed it to him.  To my great surprise he opened his mouth to accept the stuffing, which I slowly pushed in place making sure he didn't choke.


"Will, it would be best if you keep your mouth closed over the hanky.  Otherwise your mama's scarf will become wet and uncomfortable," I instructed and he complied after I made sure the stuffing was completely in his mouth.  I took the silk scarf from my neck.  The silk scarf was a 36" square with a red boarder and white center.  Bright red roses populated the center.  It was a shame to use the scarf as a gag because it was both beautiful and expensive, but this was business.  The scarf was already folded into a triangle so I folded it down into a two inch band with a small triangular portion hanging below .  Will didn't resist as I positioned the scarf over his mouth, pulled the ends back, and tied a half knot.  He grunted when I pulled the scarf tight, very tight.   I put a gloved finger on the half knot and completed the knot without loosing any of the tightness.  I tied the ends in a tight bow.  I took the apex of the scarf that hung below his chin and gave a strong downward tug.  The scarf didn't move.  Someone would have to untie the scarf to get the hanky out of his mouth. 


"There you look like a girl wearing a headscarf over her mouth," I told him not realizing that I had insulted him.  He shook his head angrily and tried to say something, but nothing understandable came past his pretty gag.  I watched in amusement as he worked the gag with his mouth.  The scarf had a rose exactly where his mouth was and every time he worked his mouth, the rose looked alive.  I laughed.


I grabbed Will's arm and directed him to the master bedroom.  I found his mama's walk-in closet and opened the door.  A perfumed feminine smell radiated from the closet, as it often does form a woman's closet.  I cleared a spot for Will to sit a against the back wall, pulled out some cord and tied his ankles.  He glared at me.  I left the door open so I could keep an eye on him while I ransacked the bedroom.


I had just started my search when heard the door bell and two voices calling, "Come on, Will.  We're going to be late"  The chorus kept calling and the doorbell rang again.  I had to do something about this.  I couldn't just ignore it.  So I closed the closet door as Will was desperately trying to call out to his friends without any success.  I quickly went downstairs to the side door and opened it.


"Is Will home?  He is suppose to go to the game with us?," a boy about Will's age and nearly my height asked.  He was stockier than Will.  Next to him was a girl, that looked perhaps a year younger and was shorter.  Her hair was pulled into a ponytail.


"Will is a bit under the weather at the moment and won't be able to go with you," I said hoping they would just go away.


"That's weird.  We just saw him a few minutes ago and he seemed fine," the boy said.


"Who are you?"  the girl asked in a suspicious voice.


"Okay, I'm Will's Aunt Bonnie from out-of-town.  Who are you?" I asked.


"I'm Martha and this is my big brother, Russ,"  the young girl answered.


"Well Martha and Russ, I haven't seen Will in quite a while and we are playing a game.  Would you like to play also," I asked in a cheery voice.  I didn't want to deal with two more kids, but I didn't have any choice.


"What type of game?" Martha asked with her suspicious voice.


"Its a version of cops and robbers," I replied with a big smile, "I'm the robber and I've tied him up.  If he gets untied in 15 minutes, he wins and I have to take him for ice cream"


"That sounds like one can keep me tied up," Russ announced, Will you take us all for ice cream if one of us gets free?"  Martha still looked suspiciously at me. 


"Sure.  Would you like to play, Martha?" I asked in my sweetest voice.


"No thanks.  I'll just watch," the young girl replied.


"Okay.  I'm sorry, Russ.  You both have to play.  Otherwise you both will have to leave," I replied with a frown.


"That isn't fair.  Come on, Martha.  I want to play.  Mom says I have to watch you after school so I take you every where I go.  This sounds like fun and I want to win ice cream," Russ pleaded with his little sister.  After an extended exchange between the two during which I seriously considered just pulling the gun and forcing them in the house, but that involved a lot of risk.  What is one or both just ran away?  Finally, Martha agreed to play and I ushered them both into the house.


"Turn around," I instructed as I pulled two lengths of cord out of my purse as they faced the wall.  I pulled the little girl's arms behind her back and wrapped the cord around her wrists finally knotting it off.


"That's too tight!" Martha said in a loud voice.


"Does it hurt?" I asked in a concerned voice.


"No, but I'll never get free," she said.


"Then stop whining.  You aren't suppose to get free," I replied to her as I tied her brother's hands.  I was happy I had Russ' hands tied, but until he was completely bound, Russ was dangerous.  He was big for his age and could easily knock me over.


"Will?" Martha cried out and then to me, "Why doesn't Will answer?"


"Because as part of the game I tied his mamma's headscarf over his mouth so he couldn't make noise.  I'm going to do the same to you and your brother," I explained.


"What does not being able to talk have to do with a game of cops and robbers?" Martha asked.  This girl was definitely getting on my nerves. 


"By tying a gag over your mouth, you can't scream for help.  Since I am playing the robber, I don't want you to scream so you get a scarf over your mouth.  There is a pretty one on the hat rack...come with me," I explained.  I had to be nice to both kids until they were securely tied and gagged.  I worried about Russ resisting so I had to be particularly nice to his sister.  Russ was facing the wall as requested while I guided Martha to the hat rack and pulled the white silk headscarf off of the hat rack.


"That scarf won't keep me quiet," Martha said with confidence.  She was probably correct that it wouldn't keep her as quiet as I would like, but I needed to make sure no one outside would heard her.  Inside a closet in an upstairs back bedroom, a scarf gag like this would be effective enough.  In spite of my dislike for this young girl, I didn't want to tie her up like I would an older girl. And their was her brother to consider.  He looked like he would be an ox in a china shop, if he thought that I wasn't playing a game.  I didn't know if I could control him with just his hands tied.


"You aren't going to tie that over my mouth because I know your secret," Martha whispered in my ear, "In fact, you are going to untie us and leave"  I was shocked to hear her confident voice.


"What secret and why should I untie you...the game is just beginning" I said with a smile.


"You aren't playing a game.  You're a thief.  Once we're tied up, you'll steal the stuff here.  If you don't untie us and leave, I'll tell Russ what is going on even with that scarf over my mouth.  If you leave, I'll give you five minutes before we call the police.  You don't want to see Russ angry..."  Martha said with a smirk on her face.  I got her point, but five minutes wasn't a lot of time to escape.  Fortunately, my hand had gone in my purse when this exchange began.


"I think you will keep my secret a little longer than that, dear" I hissed in her ear.  She opened her mouth to say something and I jammed a wadded up hanky fully into her mouth.  She gulped as I pushed it all the way in.  Her smirk turned to surprise and then to anger when she realized that I had gotten the better of her.  I quickly knotted the scarf over her packed mouth and turned to check on Russ, who was patiently waiting his turn.  He hadn't realized what distress his sister was in.  He turned his head and looked at us and smiled.  Martha tried to say something through her well-gagged mouth and realized that she couldn't talk.  The girl looked defeated.


Five minutes later, Russ and Martha had joined Will in the walk-in closet.  Each sat against a different wall of the closet.  Will had refused to let me put a handkerchief in his mouth, but did allow me to tie one over his mouth.  The gag muted his voice, but unlike Will and Martha, he could talk under his gag.  And talk he did as I tied his feet and then tied his feet to the other two making it all, but impossible for them to move next to one another and help each other get free.  I wrapped more cord around Russ' body and then took off his handkerchief gag.


"Is it time to start the game now?" he asked.


"As soon as I do this," I said with a smile.  He was taken by surprise when I grabbed his jaw and force-fed a handkerchief into his mouth.  I was really sick of all these kids at this point and I wasn't going to leave him without a proper gag.  He struggled, but I managed to retie the handkerchief over his mouth.  It was only at that point that Russ understood the real nature of the game.  He struggled wildly, but the clothesline held.  His sister just glared at me.  She and Will knew that they would not get free without help.  Russ was just learning that lesson.   I went and ransacked the house.


My Technique Was Being Perfected


My next three jobs went like clockwork, more or  less.  I had picked houses with teenage girls at home.  The first two were 14 and the last was 16 years old.  They were easily duped into letting me in the house.  I found that pulling the gun sped things up so I started to do that rather than trying to play games with them once I got in the house.  All were very cooperative when they saw the gun. 


On each job, I bound the girl's hands behind her back immediately with cord.  I then forced a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with a headscarf I found in the house.  I like the over the mouth gag better than putting one between their teeth.  I was concerned about having them choke on their gag.  Also, the over the mouth gag seemed to muffle their cries better.  Of course, there was always a risk of them working that type of gag off.   Forcing them to wear a headscarf over their head, knotted under their chin, secured this type of gag.  If I used bobby pins to secure the headscarf, it insured they would stay gagged until they were rescued. 


In the two jobs with the two younger girls, I simply tied their ankles and locked them in their mama's closet.  On the job with the 16 year old, who was named Robin, I decided to tie her a bit more securely.  I collected clothesline from near the side door with the bound and gagged Robin in tow.  We then went upstairs to the parent's room.  There was a perfect, if uncomfortable, wooden chair for the purpose I had in mind.  Robin could only grunt and whimper as I forced her to sit in the chair with her hands over the back.  I wrapped cord above and below her well-formed breasts.  Then more cord wrapped around her waist and she was tied to the chair.  Then there were her bare feet.  I tied them together and Robin whined as I pulled them off of the floor and secured them.


It was then when the 16-year olds' bedroom door opened and another spunky teenage girl emerged.  The girl had headphones around her neck.  She had been listening to a radio and hadn't heard what was going on.  I had made the assumption that Robin was alone.  The new girl had me at a disadvantage.  If she ran and screamed, there would be little I could do about it.  I doubted that I could catch her before she got out of the house.  She was in the hallway and I was in the bedroom kneeling on the floor.  My gun was in my purse on the dresser across the room.


"Robin?" the new girl called out.  Robin grunted through her gag.  I think Robin was trying to tell her to run.  I waited for the girl to cry out in fear when she saw her friend from the hallway, but she didn't.  Instead she approached the open door of the bedroom.  I stood up and looked at her, but made no move towards her.  She still had the advantage.  But then I realized that she had a disability of some sort.  Her walk was slow and not as smooth as a normal teenager's walk.  She couldn't run.


"Why did you tie up Robin?" the girl asked me.  Her look was one of curiosity, not fear.  She was looking at Robin more than at me.


"Because I am here to steal valuables and I don't want Robin to interfere or to alert anyone.  It also keeps her safe while I do my job," I told her honestly in a soft voice as I inched towards her, "I didn't know you were in the house.  By the way, who might you be?"


"I'm Robin's friend, Samantha.  Most people call me Sam.  I suppose I pose a problem just like Robin did and I suppose you would like to do the same thing to me," Sam stated as a fact.  Robin was looking at Sam and trying to talk though her gag, which only frustrated her. 


"It would make my job easier," I admitted.  I slowly moved towards Sam in a non-threating way.  I still didn't know how fast she could move.  Her eyes were focused on Robin in fascination.


"Robin doesn't look happy.  I have never seen anyone tied up so tightly.  I'm guessing that there is more than that pretty scarf keeping Robin quiet.  You see scenes like this in the movies, but this is different," she said in a serious voice.


"It is different and yes, Robin has a handkerchief in her mouth to assist her in staying quiet.  It is a professional gag, unlike those in the movies," I explained.


"You know I would have run and gotten help, if I didn't have this bum leg.  You wouldn't have caught me," Sam told me, "I don't want to be treated differently just because of my disability.  I will try to scream and get free after you leave"


"I know you will, Sam.  That is why I have to tie you up very tightly.  You will be uncomfortable, just like Robin is.  There is no upside to being the captive of  a professional robber and I will not treat you any differently than Robin.  But no harm will come to you as long as you behave, I promise.   I'm afraid that you will also be forced to wear a profession gag, like your friend.  I don't want you to be able to even talk with one another," I told her honestly, "but it is only for two or three hours"


"I'm not afraid," Sam said in a quiet voice and then looked at Robin, "I'm sorry, Robin.  I knew I couldn't get away from her" 


"Its time to get you wrapped up, Sam," I told as I led her to another wooden chair, which would be just as uncomfortable as the one Robin was in.  I pulled her hands over the back of the chair and corded them together and to the chair.   I wrapped cord around her body in the same manner as I had with Robin.  Sam grunted every time I pulled a cord tight.  I did tie her legs together and then to the leg of the chair in stead of suspending them in mid air, like I had Robin's legs.  I knew she had issues with one leg and I didn't want to cause further problems.  Sam didn't complain about the difference.


"These ropes are awfully tight.  Is it really necessary?  I'll never get free," Sam stated as she saw me extract the makings of her gag, "One last question...why did you make Robin wear a headscaruuummppph"  I stuffed the wadded up handkerchief not letting her finish her question.  I folded a long floral scarf into three inch band and placed it over her mouth, wrapping it twice around Sam's head knotting it under her left ear and then tying the ends in a bow.  She again grunted with each tightening of the scarf.  I had found by experimentation that oblong scarves, for whatever reason, were more secure on a woman's mouth than traditional square headscarves folded into a triangle and then a band.  But women tended to own more of the square kind of scarves so I hadn't used the oblong scarves for gagging purposes.


"Sorry dear, I warned you that this is a serious game.  You'll be fine.  I'd suggest that you refrain from struggling, but I suspect that you will ignore that suggestion.   As for the headscarf..."I told her as I folded a pretty black scarf with red, white and blue circles on into a triangle, "It functions just like a headscarf is suppose to keeping your hair in place...and your gag.  By wearing it, you won't be able to work the scarf off of your mouth and spit out the hanky...and your hair won't get mussed as you struggle"  I smiled at her and placed the silk triangle on her head, brought the ends of the scarf under her chin, made a half knot and I pulled the ends hard.  Sam grunted again.  I finished a perfect square knot under her chin without losing any tightness.  The headscarf had another benefit for my purposes.  It made it more difficult for Sam and Robin to open their mouths under the gag.  Even though the headscarf was tied much tighter than any woman would wear one, that fact wasn't really obvious to the causal observer.  Fortunately, the knot of the headscarves was under their chins and thus, did not affect their breathing at all.  I went to the dresser and found three bobby pins, which  I used to secure the headscarf to Sam's hair.  Women often used bobby pins in this manner, particularly when a headscarf was made of smooth silk and might slip of a girl's head.  For me, the bobby pins were simply another part of her gag.


The job turned into a nice haul and I had practiced a new way to tie people.  Life was good or so I thought.   



My Last Job

A month went by.  There still wasn't much of anything in the papers about my exploits.  The house I next targeted promised to be the richest haul yet.  They should only be two teenage girls home.  I looked forward to not dealing with boys.  It was a long walk from the bus stop to the large two story house.  I was in a simple skirt and blouse with the white headscarf tied over by brunette wig, which had a hair style completely different than my own and the color was much lighter.  My nerves were on edge, as they always were at the beginning of a job.


I rang the door bell.  The door opened, but it wasn't one of the teenage girls, as I expected.  A woman in her middle 30's answered the door.


"Excellent.  I'm glad you arrived early, Miss Andrews. Come in. Come in. As I told you over the phone, the girls have gotten into a lot of trouble recently when I have left them alone.  I want them closely supervised," Mrs Wilson told me as I was ushered inside the house, "Please take whatever measures that you deem necessary.  That includes corporal punishment, if necessary"  She then called the twins down from upstairs.


"This is Abby and Rosie, my two little devils.  Girls, you are to obey Miss Andrews...regardless of what she asks you to do!  Do you understand?"  Mrs. Wilson instructed the girls as she took a beautiful floral silk scarf and tied it over her jet black, shoulder-length hair, wrapping it under her chin and knotting it at the back of her neck.  The girls nodded just as a car pulled up to the house with three other women in it.  It was a convertible and two of the other women also wore headscarves.  The third had short curly hair.  Mrs. Wilson headed out the door toward the car.  I turned towards the girls, who were 14 or 15 years old.


"Girls we are going to have lots of fun!" I told the two girls.  Abby was tall and slender with significant breast development.  She had curly blond hair cut short.  Her sister was a long-haired light brunette, a bit stockier and more flat-chested.  Both girls had the potential to become real lookers in the future (and they seemed to know it).  Both girls wore sun dresses and bobby socks. 


Ten minutes later, I had the two girls tied together back-to-back in their mama's walk-in closet, each with her hands bound behind her back.  I had had them put on cotton gloves before we started their 'game' so it would be difficult for them to get untied.  Their feet were tied at the ankles.  The girls went along with this game because their mama had made it clear that I was to be obeyed.  I, of course, took full advantage of their mama's decree warning them that I would tell their mama, if they didn't do exactly as I said.  They seemed suspicious of the game I proposed, but still obeyed me.  I couldn't believe my good luck.  I had assumed that I would have had to point the gun at them to get their cooperation, but their mama made my job easy.


They were both helplessly bound, but I had yet to gag them.  These were two young, healthy girls with loud screams, I assumed.  So, a scarf over their mouths wouldn't be enough.  I had handkerchiefs in my purse for mouth stuffing, but saw another option.  I had four of Mrs. Wilson's high-end silk headscarves in my hand.  I moved down to Rosie's feet and removed one of her bobby socks.  I rolled it up the dirty sock.


"What are you doing?" Rosie asked in a concerned voice.


"This is just a little something to keep you quiet," I replied.  Rosie didn't have a chance to respond, but her face showed panic.  She mmmppphhhed as the sock was forced into her mouth.  Her sister couldn't see what I was doing.  I had previously folded a beautiful silk scarf, white with a blue boarder and blue and red squares in the center of it, from a triangle down to a two inch band.  I quickly tied that over Rosie's mouth.  The scarf was thick silk that could probably be worked off of the girl's mouth with some effort.  So I took another silk headscarf, this one smaller with small red flowers on a yellow background, and tied it over her head, knotted under her very tightly chin.  Poor Rosie wouldn't be able to dislodge the headscarf without help and thus, the gagging scarf couldn't be slipped over her chin.  She looked at me with a forlorn expression.  The full flavor of her sock was no doubt filling her mouth.


"What did you do to my sister?" Abby asked in frustration.


"I tied one of your mama's silk scarves over her mouth to keep her quiet, just like I am going to do to you, dear," I replied with a smile.


"Even mama wouldn't punish us like this.  This isn't a game.  You're a thief!" Abby exclaimed.


"Well, technically I'm a robber.  Too bad you figured that out after being tied up.  Doesn't do you much good now.  One last detail to take care of...your mouth," I told her as I took off her bobby sock, turn it inside out and rolled it up.


"You are not putting that in my mouth!" Abby screamed at me.  The battle was hard fought.  Abby avoided the sock by twisting and turning her head and clenching her teeth, making it impossible for her to do more than grunt in anger.  I tried to hold her head while using my other hand to pinch her cheeks.   Finally, her teeth parted under the pressure.  Once the sock was partially in her mouth, Abby gave up and allowed me to push it fulling in her mouth.  She sobbed in frustration, but didn't resist the scarf being knotted over her mouth or the headscarf being tied over her head to secure the gag.


Just as I was beginning to search the large house, the doorbell rang.  It was then that I remembered that Mrs. Wilson had been expecting Miss Andrews to arrive shortly.  I assumed that was her.  I got the gun out of my purse.  It would be best to use the direct approach this time.  I went to the door and opened it.  I could have been looking at my twin.  Miss Andrews was about my size with a similar brunette hair style, which was mostly covered by a white silk scarf.  She also wore dark glasses and gloves like I did.  She was wearing a light raincoat, probably because it was suppose to rain later in the day.


"Mrs. Wilson, I am so sorry that I am late.  The bus was delayed," the real Miss Andrews apologized.


"That is quite alright, Miss Andrews.  Please come in so I can get you settled," I said with a smile.  The woman walked past me and looked around.  She started to pull off her gloves.


"Please don't do that, Miss Andrews.  I would prefer that you not take off your gloves, coat or scarf," I told her.  She turned to look at me.


"I don't understand," she said with a puzzled look on her face, "Are you firing me before I start my job?"


"No, unfortunately you walked in on a robbery, Miss Andrews.  If you do as I say, nothing bad will happen to you.  If not..." I told her with a smile as I raised my gun.


"Please, that isn't necessary, I'll do anything you say," Miss Andrews replied in a steady voice as she raised her hands, "Are you going to tie me up.... gag me?"


"I have to make sure that you won't interfere with what I am doing," I replied.


"Of course, so I will be bound and gagged?" she asked with anticipation in her voice, which confused me.


"Yes and you won't be able to get free without help.  I'm sorry.  I'll try to make you as comfortable as possible," I reassured her.


"No, you don't understand.  I'm not scared.  Tie me up as tightly as you want.  Gag me so I can't make a sound.  I know it is strange, but I have always wanted to experience this and to have it done by a real criminal.  That is a real thrill.  But what have you done with the girls and their mother?" she asked with even greater anticipation.


"Mrs. Wilson left.  She though I was you.  As for the two girls, they are quietly subdued in their mama's closet," I explained.


"Excellent!  Please secure me in the closet with the girls.  I want to see them struggle,"

she requested.


"I'm the one who will decide how and where you are secured.  Putting you in the same closet would increase the chance of escape," I pointed out.


"I'm sure you will tie me so that won't happen.  Besides, I don't want to escape.  This is a fantasy come true for me.  To be held captive, helplessly bound and gagged is a dream come true.  I do have one request..." Miss Andrews explained. 


Five minutes later, I led Miss Andrews to the closet where Rosie and her sister were struggling to no avail.  Upon seeing us, they stopped.  Miss Andrews was securely bound, but the only indication of that was her well-gagged mouth.  Two of my small men's handkerchiefs were stuffed in her mouth.  Another handkerchief was folded and knotted between her lips.  A fourth handkerchief was folded and bound over her mouth.  All this at her request.  I had never had such a cooperative captive.  She had imagined this fantasy for years and now she intended to live her fantasy.


Miss Andrews hands were bound behind her back.  Cord was wrapped above and below her amble breasts.  Her skirt was pulled up and her panties were pulled down.  Her white headscarf was folded into a triangle and rolled to create a silk rope.  It was tied to the cord wrapped below her breasts.  It was then treaded between her legs and secured to her bound wrists.  The scarf was tightly embedded in her private area.  Any movement would cause significant stimulation and Miss Andrews intended to have lots of movement as she struggled.


Now you might ask, why would I expose teenagers to this.  I wouldn't.  Miss Andrews' raincoat covered her bondage completely, including the whoopee scarf between her legs.  I can't say what the girl's reaction would be to the moans of pleasure they will hear coming from Miss Andrews' gagged mouth or when they see the wet scarf when she is released.  These girls probably knew more about sex than there parents realized.  I know I did at that age. 


I guided Miss Andrews to the floor facing the two girls.  Then Miss Andrews cried out through her gag making a display of displeasure.  She was trying to tell me something, but what?  Then I understood.  She wanted to be treated like the two girls.


"I've had enough of you," I hissed knowing that Miss Andrews was loving this entire scenario for reasons I couldn't understand, "On your knees"  Miss Andrews obeyed with some help from me.  I had a couple of Miss Wilson's good silk scarves left over so I took one depicting a sea scape with ships, folded it into a triangle and then down to a three inch band.   I force that over her mouth and knotted it tightly at the back of her head.  I tied the remaining ends in a bow.  I took the other scarf, this one made up of red and green squares on a cream background, folded it into a triangle, placed it over her head and looped the ends under her chin.  She grunted as I pulled the scarf ends as tightly as I could and tied a knot under her chin.  I then pulled the ends behind her head and knotted them at the back of her head.  I finally used a couple bobby pins to ensure that the scarf wouldn't slip off of her head as she struggled. 


I lowered her down to the floor.   I tied her ankles and secured them to her hands under the raincoat.  She looked distressed at the two girls, but I knew this was an act.


"This is the real Miss Andrews, girls.   Enjoy your afternoon," I said with a smile.  I closed the closet door behind me and I could hear all three captives begin to struggle.  They wouldn't get free without outside help.


I went about ransacking the house and collected everything in a suitcase.  It was a great haul.  I was about to leave when I heard a car drive up.  Someone was walking up to the house.


"Shit, it was Mrs. Wilson," I said to myself.  The key was in the door before I could even consider what to do.  It opened and I was face-to-face with Mrs. Wilson.


"Hello, Miss Andrews.   Is everything alright?  I would have thought that you would be occupied with my girls by now," She said seeing I was still wearing my headscarf.


"They are playing a game upstairs," I replied.  Then she saw the suitcase and looked into the living room, which was in disarray from my search.


"Wait a minute!  What is going on here?  Are you robbing my house?" Mrs. Wilson asked in dismay.  She already knew the answer.


"I'm not robbing your house...I'm robbing you.  Behave yourself and everything will be fine," I said in a stern voice as I pointed the gun at her.


"What have you done with my babies?" she asked with an anguished look on her face.


"Your girls are fine.  As I said, they are playing a game...a game of cops and robbers.  I have them bound and gagged upstairs...along with the real Miss Andrews.  Once I do the same to you, I'll be on my way," I explained.  I pushed her against the wall, took my last length of clothesline and proceeded to bind Mrs. Wilson's hands behind her back.


"You won't get away with this,!" Mrs. Wilson exclaimed.  That was the  last thing, at least that I could understand, that she said to me.  I had pulled off the pretty silk scarf she had on her head rolled it up , tied two large knots one over the other in the center of the silk band, and jammed the huge knot into her mouth.  The woman retched, tried to swallow and retched again as flavor of the perfume and hair spray soaked scarf filled her mouth.  I wondered why women launder every piece of clothes that they own, except the silk scarves they wear.  A perfumed silk scarf isn't considered as being dirty because it smells nice.  It is probably because silk scarves need to be taken to the dry cleaner and that can become expensive.  Of course, I rarely launder my own scarves, so who am I to talk.


Mrs. Wilson tried to run away in her high heels and the scarf gag was the only hold I had on her.  As she took her second step, I managed to secure my hold on the ends of the scarf in her mouth.  I pulled on them, just like a rider would pull on the reins of a horse.  Mrs. Wilson never took the third step.  Her head snapped backwards and she stopped in her tracks.  I pushed her against the wall and knotted the scarf tightly at the back of her head over her hair.


I then guided the woman to a family room in the back of the house.  I had run out of binding materials so I intended to use the woman's hose, like I did a few months earlier.  As I pushed up her skirt and undid her garters, I heard the car horn.  The woman smiled.  Her friends were still with her, waiting in the car.  I didn't have time to bind her legs.  I thought a second, then pulled down her skirt with one yank and then her panties.  Mrs. Wilson gasped.  No woman wants to be seen naked from the waist down, even by her friends.  I grabbed the skirt and panties and pushed her onto a sofa.  I went to the stairs leading to the basement and tossed the skirt and panties down the stairs.  Then I went to the closet and grabbed a light raincoat putting it on.  I grabbed the suitcase of loot and headed towards the back door.   


Mrs. Wilson was on the sofa crying.  She hadn't formulated a plan of action yet.  Go out the front door and meet her friends in the buff or wait until they found her.  Either way, I had neutralized her for the critical minutes of my escape.  She was working the scarf gag in her mouth and as a result her bright red lipstick was now smeared on the expensive silk scarf.


I opened the back door.  With some luck I could slip out the back and into the alley without being seen.  However, there was about 30 feet where I would be visible to the women waiting for Mrs. Wilson.  I moved out and moved quickly.  I was 20 feet from the backyard gate to the alley when I heard "Who is that woman?" from one of the women in the car.  I turned to run as fast as I could in heels and quickly got to the gate.  I heard a woman running after me.  It was one of Mrs. Wilson's friends.   I got out of the gate, turned and stopped.  I couldn't out run this woman.


The woman was shorter than me, but she was fast.  She came through the gate and turned.  Then she stopped short almost causing her to fall.  Not a foot from her face was the barrel of my gun.  Her hands flew up and she screamed, "Please NO!" She was wearing a navy silk blouse and a light blue cotton skirt.  The scarf that had been over her head, a pretty floral affair, had slipped off and was now resting on her shoulders.


"No screaming!  Go back and help your friend.  She's a bit tied up at the moment.  Stick your face into this alley again or scream again and I'll put a bullet in your head, bitch.  That goes for your fucking friends," I told her in a deadly serious voice.  I never use  language like that!  I didn't even know that I knew those words.  The woman was saying okay, but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth.  She walked backwards to the gate not taking her eyes off of me.  Once she was out-of-sight, I could hear her running away.  I turned and walked down the alley.


I was two blocks away from the Wilson house and three blocks from the bus stop, staying mostly in the alleys behind the houses, when I heard the sirens.  I had never heard sirens before during a job.  I saw two squad cars head toward the Wilson house with lights flashing.  I had a choice to make.  I put the suitcase with the loot in a garbage can.  I took off the raincoat and threw it in the same can.  I took off my headscarf and put it in my purse.  I took off the wig I was wearing and put it in another garbage can.  I headed for the bus stop.


The damn bus was late.  I waited for 20 minutes.  Finally, it came.  I was safe.  I had escaped.  I started to relax.  I was one of 15 women on the bus.  Five were wearing raincoats and two of those were wearing headscarves.  One was a white headscarf worn by a brunette.  I was hiding in plain sight or so I thought. 


I was about half way to the place where I would transfer buses when I heard the sirens again.  The bus slowed down, pulled over and stopped.  Two officers talked to the driver.  He opened the door and the officers got on the bus.  Their guns were drawn, but at their side.


"Ladies, we need to inspect your purses.  Please open your purses so we can look inside," the tall, serious police officer said in a large voice.  At that moment, I realized that I still had my gun.  The purse sat heavily in my lap.  I opened my purse and to my relief, the scarf and my gloves hid the gun. 


One officer stayed at the front of the bus while the tall one slowly walked back looking in each purse.  He came to me and I was trembling visibly or at least I felt I was.  The officer spent a long time looking at me and my purse.  He had caught me and I knew it.  I would go to jail.  I felt so guilty.  What an idiot I was thinking I could be a professional robber.  I looked up at the officer.  He was still studying me with a grim face.  Then he moved on.  Finally, he walked quickly off of the bus and the bus continued.  I felt warm liquid roll down my leg.  Shit, I had peed in my panties.


The next day the paper had a page one story about the after school terror with a sketch that looked just like me and probably a few thousand other women in the city.  But all I could see was myself.  Then there were the quotes about how evil I was tying up kids.  Miss Andrews had a quote, "I was terrified.  She had a gun.  I couldn't resist her.  Then she tied me up so tightly and gagged with four hanks and a headscarf.  I could only watch those poor teenagers struggle"  I could almost see her smile.


It was then that the phone rang.


"Sugar Cakes, I'm calling you from a pay phone," Eddie said in a serious voice, "What the hell were you thinking tying up kids...lots of kids.  And a crippled kid?  Dames and guys okay, but kids?  The cops are all over this.  They want you bad, Sugar Cakes.  They have been to my shop twice.  I can't handle your stuff anymore.  Don't call my shop or come by.  Get rid of that gun and those wigs and live a normal life.  The cops won't stop until they get you and they will if you pull another job"


"But Eddie..." I tried to reply.  The line went dead.


That night I took everything and took the bus several miles from my apartment and dumped the gun in the river and the wigs in various garbage bins.


My robbery career had ended.



My life as a robber was a short one, but I had no regrets even though I knew what I did was wrong.  I was certain that I hadn't cause any permanent problems for anyone I had encountered, including the kids.  At least I hoped I hadn't.  I was never suspected by the police.  The only one that knew what I did was Eddie and I knew he would never rat on me.  The Afternoon Terror was the talk around the water cooler at work for a few days.  I just listened.  Of course, all the talk was negative towards the woman who would do such a thing.  Fortunately for me, the story soon faded from the public memory.


I got married, had three kids, two boys and a girl.  I never tied up anyone again although I was tempted at times.  That is not to say that my collection of headscarves were never used to tie anyone up.  They were used many times on me.  Turns out that my hubby liked to play robber once in a while during our sex games.  He was surprised when I insisted that he stuff one of his handkerchiefs in my mouth as part of the gag to keep me really quiet.  As Eddie would say, he enjoyed poking me during his make-believe robberies.  I enjoyed his robberies, as well.  Some of our best sex occurred with me screaming with pleasure through my well-gagged mouth.


The End






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