As Years Go By







Year Eight: The essay writing block

Year Eight Gabriella Carton was glad the day was finally over. She had gone through another dreary school day with subjects she didn't particularly like. One of them was English, and being more Italian than English from her mother's side, English was her weakest subject. After school hours were suppose to be for doing homework, but Gabriella just wanted to take off her school uniform and lounge around and watch the telly-she knew that English term. But she also had this darned English essay question to complete: Write a time when you had a challenge and explain how you overcame it. What on earth should she write about? She never had any challenges in her life so far.

Gabriella or Gabby was in the school's regulation uniform: dark blazer with school crest, blue and black striped tie, cream-coloured blouse, pleated blue skirt, and black 30 denier tights since it was rather cold. The journey was, as always, tedious, but she finally made it to her doorstep.


Just as she turned the key, a gloved hand shot out and clamped over her mouth. "Mmmph! Mmmpph!!" She cried not just from the sudden hand gagging but also as she was lifted off the ground by another arm holding her by the waist. Gabriella continued to scream as she was lifted into her house and into the kitchen area. "Ok, ok," the voice of the person grabbing her hissed into her ear. "Stop screaming." Then another figure, some extremely tall guy with a balaclava over his head stood in front of her.


He raised some sort of handgun towards her. "My colleague said stop screaming, it's not good for youngsters like you to lose your voice. Plus, I don't want to use this on you."


At the threat, Gabby reduced her cries to a whimper. "That's better young lady. Now, he's going to take his hand away, and you're not going to scream but sit down on the chair. Got it?" Still in shock, the young teenager nodded and the sweaty gloved hand was taken away. As she was forced down on the kitchen wooden chair, she blurted, "Who...are you?"


"Nice accent," the gun holding man said, as she felt her nylon-clad legs parted to each leg of the chair. Suddenly, the other guy began tying her legs to the chair's legs! "Oh my gosh," she cried. "What...who are you people?"


"Who we are is not a matter to you young lady," the gun-carrying man said with a smile. Soon enough, Gabby's legs were secured, and next the colleague had wrapped a rope around her tummy. "We just want you not to interfere." Gabby had sort of surmised this was a burglary. She again pressed the question to the thug and asked what they were after. "Sshh," the leader said. Then to his partner, he said, "better gag her now."


"Shucks boss, we don't have anything for a gag."


“What's a gag? Gabby wondered, thinking it was something sinister. "Use her tie," she heard as her school tie was unceremoniously yanked off. "Open your mouth," the second man said. "Wha....mpmmmph," she called out as the tie was pulled between her lips and wrapped around her lower face several times.


"Get her hands secure, and hurry, we have a schedule."  Soon enough, Gabby's hands were bound tightly behind her. "Stay here little one," the leader said and they left. Gabby immediately tugged at her bonds and yelled through the makeshift gag. But her cries were muffled and the bindings were just too tight. After much tugging and pulling, she finally felt slack on her left leg and eased it out of the rope binding. Yes! A few minutes later, her right leg also came free. Great, now her hands, she thought. But with them crossed behind her back, that was definitely much more difficult than the legs and she gave up. Wait, she thought, there's the house phone nearby. With her free legs, Gabby walked with her body still attached to the chair and reached the chair. With her jaw, she yanked down the cordless phone.


How to dial, she thought and banged her jaw, stifling a yelp, against the number nine, hoping she hit it correctly. Two more times and she heard the phone ring.


"Hello? Emergency Services," the Indian voice said


"Hmmmlp, Hemmlp," she cried through her tie.


"Hello? Can you speak? Are you gagged?"


“Whtffrrthtwss,” Gabby cried out. "Hold on, someone is coming," the voice said.


Fifteen minutes later, Gabby was freed by a squad of police officers. Her parents valuables were taken, but the police immediately pledged to hunt down the two men.


As she brushed her mouth clean of the taste of her own tie, Gabby thought back to the frightening events of the afternoon. It was certainly scary, but definitely a challenge. And she managed to get through it. Now I know what to write for the essay, she thought.


Year Nine: The unlikely pair


Why me, thirteen going to fourteen years old Lauren Higgins thought as she walked up the driveway. Why me of all people, must I be partnered with my most hated classmate, Rebecca Evans. Why did Mrs Hesworth force me to work with her for history? So what about her "you have to learn to get on with people you dislike, it is part of life" comment? That's not any form of comfort at all. Please, please, someone help me get through this darn project meeting...


"Ding Dong!" she ran the doorbell of Rebecca's house. She pressed the door bell two more times. No answer. Maybe the bloody girl isn't home, she thought. Can't be, she promised after arranging this meeting. What a waste of my time, taking three bus rides and walking blocks to this deserted location. And I don't even have the stupid girl's phone number. Suddenly, Lauren heard a loud noise like a stone dropping coming from the back. “Maybe she fell down,” she thought but still with her curiosity getting the better or her, Lauren went around to investigate. The back had another door with a translucent window.


Peering through it, Lauren was shocked to see Rebecca, but not in her school uniform or home clothes. Instead, her classmate was only in her blue underwear and white bra, with her hands bound behind her and legs also tied. There was some white cloth around her lips.


"Becca!" Lauren yelled. "Oh my gosh! Hang o...ow...mmppph!" Lauren's cry was interrupted as a hand covered her mouth and something cold and circular was pressed again the back of her neck. "Oh hi darling,:" a voiced hissed. "Seems like you found your friend. Let's go inside and join her shall we?" A few minutes later, the Year Nine girl was dumped on the floor next to her semi-naked classmate. Two masked men towered over her. "Who...are you?" Lauren cried, "and what have you done to Becca?"


"Obviously, girl, we've tied and gagged her," one of them said. A closer inspection saw that Becca's bonds were as thick silver rounds of duct tape. "And you are?"


"," she cried. "Let her go! She's only thirteen! How could you have taken off her clothes!"


"We do what we want, Lauren," the same man replied. "And now since you are here, take off your uniform."





A shot came from a revealed gun in his hand and the bullet landed just under a metre from Lauren. "The next shot will be in to your pretty little body. Now..." Ten minutes later, Lauren was down to her training bra and pink knickers, bound and stuff gagged with a piece of cloth, just like her hated classmate. "Have a good day girls," both men said and left. It was only two hours later that Rebecca's brother found both girls still bound, gagged and in their underwear. Both were certainly embarrassed as he released them. Afterwards, Lauren had a change of heart and both girl's became good friends.


Year Ten: A birthday surprise unlike any other

The human body is wonderful and yet horrible, fourteen year old Byrony Elliots thought as she returned home. It's no fun having your period on the same day as your birthday. Even though it meant cake and presents, that would not make for the need to change her pad through this phase. As she entered her house, she immediately spotted the banner "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BYRONY!" hanging from the wall. That certainly wasn't around in the morning, she thought.

"Ok guys, I know you are around. I'm surprised. Where are you?" No response. That's some surprise party. "Hello people? I know you are around," she walked deeper into her unlit house. "Where are you?" She clicked on the switch. No lights. "Ok people, disabling the lights, that's very funny show yourselves."


"We're here," an unknown voice said and suddenly two men appeared from a side door. One had a silenced Sig Sauer in his hand. "Happy Birthday, Byrony."


"OH MY GOSH!" She immediate dropped her school bag and placed her hands to her mouth. "Who..."


"Who we are is not a matter of concern to you," the gun carrying man said. "Come upstairs with us please."


Byrony just stood there, stock still like a statute. The second man immediately grabbed her and she was forcefully pushed up the stairs, before he threw her on top of her bed. Before she knew it, her hands were locked behind her back with thick cold steel handcuffs. The second intruder then sat her up and wrapped rope intrinsically above and below her A cup breasts, causing them to protrude further out. In another time, Byrony would have been pleased with bigger boobs but she instead yelped at the pain on this binding.


"Better shut her up," the leader said. "She's old enough for the you know what."


"HEY!!! No, please don't please..." but despite her kicks and struggles, the second man had removed her school skirt and proceeding to tear off her dark tights. No, this can't be happening, not on her birthday...


"Hey boss," the masked man said. "Look, she's on her time of the month." Byrony was extremely embarrassed, not just from the forced stripping but from that thug's comment.


"Well, get one from her drawers, and hurry up." Get one what??? Byrony heard the man rummage through drawers then yanked her head up. "Open wide honey," he said and her eyes literally bulged, seeing what was in his hand. "Noooo...please that's g....mmmmpph," but another pair of her knickers, lacy white, was jammed in her mouth. The thug then used the tights she was wearing to hold the underwear in place. "MmmmPmmmm," she wailed.


"It's at least clean dear," the gun carry tug said. With her ankles cuffed, Byrony could only watch helplessly as the two intruders filled their bags  with her valuables. "Hope you don't stain the bed," they said, and exited. Byrony was only freed hours later by her family who were drugged by sleeping gas. They indeed had planned a surprise party for her which was re-secheduled, but without her gifts, which were part of the stolen loot.    


Year Eleven: Parental encouragement


Fifteen year old Sophie Bath's hand stretched and struck her alarm clock. Argh, another school day she thought. And it’s a Monday. School should never start on a Monday she thought. That would make weekends last three days.


Kicking off her duvet, she tore away her PJs and enjoyed the warm enveloping shower. Towelling off, she clipped on her white bra, a colour that she hated but it had to be, since it was school policy. At least they don't do spot checks on knickers, she thought as she pulled on her favour pair. With her uniform on, hair tied and ear studs attached, she exited but found something odd. Usually she would smell the smell of breakfast cooking or hear sounds. Instead, there was silence. That's strange.


As she entered kitchen, her parents weren't there and everything was in order Strange, maybe they left early for work. Her parents worked as civil servants and often started and ended work at odd hours. Yet, they would have left a note. Oh well, I can prepare my own breakfast, she thought, heading to the fridge.


BOOM! Sophie was thrown back down on the floor as the hidden flash bang shocked her, causing her ears to start ringing and her eyes to go immediately cloudy. The huge shock had also temporarily weakened her so she couldn't resist as someone, yes definitely someone reached down and started removing her uniform. After a few minutes, Sophie was back down to her lingerie.


As she slowly regained her senses, she was flipped face down on the ground and felt something cut into her hand. "He..h," she groaned as her wrists were lashed together. They felt like..what were those things she used in her drama ties?! The same feeling was felt around her ankles.  Before she could cry out any more, her head was lifted up and her lips pried open. "What the fmmmmmpph..." a spherical ball was jammed into her mouth.


"Dirty words early in the morning, Sophie?" She looked up and with her eyesight back, she saw two masked men. "And my oh my, nice red pokka dot undies young lady. Did you buy them yourself?" Sophie blushed a bright red from her semi nakedness, her restraints and ultimately fear. Who the hell were they? Suddenly one of them drew out a camera while the other dragged her up and placed held her in a embrace. The camera's light then flicked on.


"Hello Mr and Mrs Bath," the man holding her spoke to the camera. "As you can see, we have your daughter captive. You have twenty minutes to open the file we require and email it to us. If all happens according to plan, you daughter will be safe. If not, you won't want to know. Your time starts now."


Upon hearing his threatening words, Sophie shivered even more, and her semi-nakedness made it even worse. The seconds ticked by slowly and she could only whimper muffled sounds through the ball gag as the two men towered over her and kept the camera running. Finally after what seemed like eternity, she heard a beeping sound and one of them extracted a large mobile phone. "It's done." he said.


"Let's give her some fun," the other said and Sophie tried to move away as they bent down. A large length of rope was wrapped several times around her naked waist then one end was yanked across her crotch and through her anus then secured to the waist rope. A few second later, Sophie felt a sensation she had not felt since she had slept next to her ex-boyfriend. "Mmmph...mmmmmpphh..." she wailed as the crotch rope tugged again her sex.


"Enjoy your day honey," they both said and left. It was hours of hunger and more orgasms before police came to free her. Apparently, her parents worked in the intelligence services and were pressured to send a secret file to the men. Luckily, it had a special bug to render part of the data useless.








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