As Years Go By


Year Twelve: Worse than detention





There can be nothing worse than school detention, Lauren Ryman thought as she walked home. Lauren wasn't the typical girl to receive detention. She was nearly seventeen, had pretty good good grades and was a star netballer - but she had a big mouth. It was her swearing and snide comments on several junior teachers that landed her in detention today.


School detention meant sitting in an old dusty classroom and writing an essay on her wrongdoing. It was only after four in the afternoon when she was released. It meant missing out on her typical girly outing with her best friends. Darn school regulation and regimentation. One day, I'll reinvent the whole set of school rules everywhere, she thought.


As she walked down the shady path, she felt a sting against the back of her neck. Bloody hell, another part of my day is ruined by a bee or insect sting. But it's too late in the year for bees or....Lauren's thoughts were jumbled up as she immediately felt dizzy. She dropped her school bag and fell side ways, but was, strangely enough, caught by a pair of hands. Lauren's senses were all rendered useless except her sense of sight.


Lauren could only watch as her body was wrapped in some sort of large black bag and then carried to a nearby van. As the vehicle started to move, she could only watch as the bag and her outer clothes were cut open and removed. When they had finished, she was just in her cream coloured bra, translucent tights and bikini light blue knickers.


They removed her knickers but being paralysed, Lauren only watch as they bound her wrists with thick duct tape and more tape above and below her B cup breasts. Suddenly, her skin colour turned red and Lauren regained her senses. Just as she was about to open her mouth to scream, the kidnappers shoved her own knickers into her mouth.


Lauren half gagged as one of them muttered, "you only have yourself to blame for the taste." Several long stripe of tape secured the underwear inside and just as Lauren was about to kick them, one held her legs wide open, exposing her naked crotch.


Another took out a material that crinkled in their hands, and Lauren struggled in surprise as the man roughly taped some form of adult nappy over her. Finally, her knees and ankles were wrapped in more tape, completing her binds and humiliation.


Feeling extremely embarrassed in her semi-nakedness and frightened, Lauren could only sob through her gag as the van sped along. It suddenly screeched to a halt, throwing her hard against the wall. One of the kidnappers jammed two ear plugs into her ears but even then she could still pick out some of their conversations.


"Money", "drop off", "father"...  “Oh my gosh,” Lauren realised, “they’re trying to get money off from daddy!”  Lauren struggled violently at her bonds but the duct tape was just too tight. Just as she thought she found some slack, one of then moved over to her and yelled, "stop struggling or you won’t see your family again."


After what seemed like an eternity, the vehicle started rolling again but this time it stopped again after about ten minutes.


"Here's where we say good bye honey," one of them said, and jammed a syringe into her arm. Lauren screamed, before her eyes slowly closed and she blacked out.


As she came to, Lauren looked up at the dark sky, and realised hours had passed as she found herself lying in a field. They had cut off her bra and the sleeping drug had made her wet the nappy.


It took her another hour or so, before she managed to free herself and spat out her now soggy underwear.  “Now I know what's worse than detention,” she thought as she slowly stood, and headed to some nearby buildings.   









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