As Years Go By

Year Thirteen: Before their prom





"Blue? Bluebell are you done yet?" Eighteen year old Sophie Kerr and recent A Level graduate called. "You’ve been in the bathroom for ages!"


"Coming!" Bluebell Winterbottom answered through the door.


"Bluebell's probably tore her dress," Becca Booth, another classmate and close friend said.


"Ha-ha, or tripped over Harriet's accessories," Sophie replied. They were in Harriet's house preparing for their school prom.  They had their dresses on, and were fixing their makeup.


Just then the door bell rang. "Must be Harriet back, probably with Will." Will was Harriet's boyfriend. "I'll get it," Sophie said as she went to answer the summons.


Minutes later, Becca and Bluebell heard a couple of scuffling noises. "Will? Harriet? You two smooch your way up the stairs?" Becca called. "No, honey," a new voice said, "She just can't speak. Seconds later, Becca and Bluebell gasped as Sophie returned, with one hooded man hand gagging her and two others also dressed in black entering with semi-automatics.


"Ow!" Sophie cried as she was thrown to the ground.


"Great boss,” one of the men said, “the girl ain't here. Instead we've found three other chicks."


"Whatever, she's probably coming back. Get these bundled up. No wait," the one who just hand gagged Sophie said. "Strip lasses."


"What?" Becca asked.


The 'Boss' grabbed one of the Sig Sauers and fired it at the ceiling. "You heard me girl! Off with your dress!"


"Please, please," Bluebell started. "I've a halter dress on. I don't have any....any bra underneath except..."


"I don't bloody care if you're buck naked. And it'll show how slutty you youngsters are.  For the last time, dresses off. Now!" One by one, the girl's dropped their prom dresses on the ground.


Sophie's blue tube top dress came off to reveal a lacy strapless bra and pink translucent knickers. Beeca's shoulder length dark blue dress came off to reveal a purple bra and black thong underwear. Bluebell was the slowest but finally removed her beige halter top to reveal B cup breasts covered by only translucent adhesive bras cups and beige knickers. She instinctively covered her boobs with her hands.


"Whoa," one of the intruders said, whistling. "I didn't know youngsters wore such undies nowadays."


"Quiet." the boss ordered. "You girls, lie on the ground, hands behind you." Soon enough the girls were grunting and wailing as thick rope secured their hands behind their back, their ankles, and additional rope were wrapped above and below their breasts.


They were then cleave gagged with cloths. "Separate them," the boss ordered. Becca was thrust under the bed. Sophie went under the table while Bluebell, already red with embarrassment due to her semi-nudity, was carried and thrown into the bathroom, again. 


"Good, get ready, the main target should be back home any moment."


Main target, Becca thought? They were after Harriet? But why? "Damn it," Becca thought as she squirmed like a centipede.  After five minutes of rubbing her bare skin against the carpet, she was finally back out. "Mmmmph," she cried at Sophie, who was tried unsuccessfully to stand up.


Over half an hour later, both girls had managed to hope over to the desk where a clothing scissors was used to help undo their bounds. "Oh my gos..."


"Ssshh...." Becca began, "They may be still around. Quick get your ankles free. I'll go get Blue." After several budges, Becca managed to get the bathroom door unlocked and found Bluebell trying to get up from the enclosed shower stall. Just as Becca reached to undo her friend's gag, she heard a yelp.




Becca turned to see one of the masked intruders again, one hand gagging a "feet-still bound" Sophie while another hand aimed a gun at the two girls.


"Looks like we can't trust you girls to stay still." Back out in the room again, the girls were forced to kneel with their hands above their heads.


"You know what happens to little girls who don't obey us?"


Bluebell could only whimper through her cleave gag. "Please," Becca begged. "Don't do anything. Look, just take our..."


"Shut up." Out of the corner of her eye, Becca could see the two men whispered. One exited but minutes later, he returned. "Ropes may be undone but these should hold you," one snarled and soon all three girls were restrained again, this time with zip ties. "Now, to use better gags." The girl heard open of them yank open a drawer.

"Noo...what are you doing...mmppph!!!" Sophie yelled a muffled yell as one of Harriet's black knickers was jammed into her mouth. The other girls soon received the same formula, Becca a satin blue one while Bluebell got a silky white pair of pants.


Each girl's lips were plastered with two strips of duct tape from ear to ear. "Test" One of the thugs said and they were all pinched in the shoulders, creating very muted yells."Let's do the extra bit," the other suggested and soon enough, each girl received a crotch rope pressing against their clitoris, causing them to groan through their gags.


"She's coming!" The 'boss' yelled. Leaving the girls to squirm, the two men exited. While Becca, Sophie, and Bluebell wailed against their new tighter bonds, underwear gag and crotch rope, there was some scuffling sounds heard...





It was over an hour later that Harriet's brother found the girls and released them. Harriet too was stripped to her translucent bra and flimsy knickers. The thugs wanted her to call her uncle who owned a huge fortune in several offshore accounts. The police questioned each shaken girl for hours, and by the time they finished, it was too late to head to their prom.








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