The Bikini Bandit – Part 1



Newcastle England Tuesday August 4th





As the wheels of British Airways flight BAE1291 touched down on the tarmac of Newcastle international airport and the plane taxied to the departure zone the eyes of passengers and crew in first class turned towards the man sat alone near the emergency exit. A mountain of a man who's body showed the muscles of many a work out, while his skin tone could be described as tanned by many an hour out in the hot sun. He may well have been handsome in a rugged way but it was none of these features that drew all that attention. Rather it was the large white Stetson, solid silver shield that simply read Texas Ranger and most of all the Magnum 44 held in an old fashioned thigh holster and accompanying 9mm Beretta in a shoulder holster.


In all honesty of course, since the events of 9-11 Derrick had seen the look of amazement, shock and even worry from when he boarded the plane in the first place. It was nothing less than he expected of course, after all he had strolled onto a charted flight armed to the brim. Having seen all the concern the Ranger did at least think to explain before the plane took off but could tell some people weren't overly convinced.


Rising with a slight groan while stretching his massive battle scared body Texas Ranger Derrick Grainger walked down the planes aisle. Ducking Derrick made for the door out into the arrival lounge battered carry-on bag in hand. Pausing as he entered the experienced yet tired cowboy looked around absorbing all before him then headed straight towards the two uniformed police officers standing by the exit. Police officers he knew well having worked alongside them when a case lead them to his home city of Houston. Following the usual greetings the trio headed out of the airport and over to a waiting unmarked BMW 3 series police car and headed at speed away from the airport.


It was strange to Derrick being back in Newcastle, a city he'd left some 34 years earlier when at the age of 11 his parents and grandparents had been tragically killed in a train crash. An event that had lead to him leaving everything he knew when he move to America to live with an uncle he hardly knew. In all honesty Derrick had returned once or twice, mainly to visit the one friend he'd truly kept in touch with. The first time for that friend’s wedding, and the second to become the godfather to the same friend’s daughter.


The very goddaughter he was now there to find, as it appeared she'd become the latest victim of an unknown assailant the English press had dubbed the Bikini Bandit. First however, whether he liked it or not, Derrick had to book into the Gateshead Hilton and get a few hours sleep. After all he'd not only been travelling for the best part of 24 hours, but also had left as soon as his latest case finished after 32 hours of none stop work.



As he entered the plush hotel room, dumping his battered carry-on bag on the floor Derrick pictured in his mind the beautiful 19 year old law student he'd seen months earlier when she visited him in Texas. Oh how Emma had grown up over the years into a stunning natural blonde, with a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts, even his. The thought of her in the photo Derrick had seen, the very photograph that had become the Bandits calling card filled the experienced Texas Ranger full of rage and sadness all at once.


As he kicked of his cowboy boots and slumped on the first soft bed he'd seen for days Derrick had that sight burned into his mind. There she was his little girl, fear in her normally sparkling grey eyes looking out above a bright pink ball gag clearly buckled tightly in place. Her wonderful body, with large soft breasts barely covered by a tiny bikini that's colour matched the gag and it appeared the rope that bound her so strictly.


Derrick hadn't needed to keep a copy of the photograph he had seen the pink nylon rope binding Emma's wrists and elbows tightly together behind her back. While the same rope had pinned her slim ankles, toned calves and shapely thighs together before she'd been hogtied. The rage filled Ranger had also seen the tell tale marks of a taser on Emma's arm which he knew was how she'd been subdued.


Eventually after what seemed like an eternity the tension finally slipped out of Derrick's large battle scared body and he fell into a deep restful sleep ready to rage war on those responsible for taking Emma and all the other girls from their friends and friends





Just outside Alnwick Northumberland Sunday August 2nd



Slowly the fog and confusion cleared out of the weary mind of gorgeous blonde 19 year old Emma Harrison. It took mere moments for the sexy young student to realise she remained cruelly trussed up and gagged in the bikini she'd been forced into. Emma hadn't owned the tight revealing item she now wore, as could be seen by the fact it was at least one size to small. The sexy blonde had no conception of whether the whole size issue had been an over sight or deliberate. However Emma understood the effect all too well, as the bottoms squeezed her already pert butt, a butt that had received several humiliating painful smacks. While the top barely covered her large soft breasts, and pulled so tight her cleavage bulged and hard erect nipples stood out.


From her position on the cold hard stone floor where she lay, still tightly hogtied, but now embarrassing being sexually tormented by what she guessed was a small vibrator sealed inside her by a cruel biting crotch rope Emma knew she wasn't alone. Yet the young blonde couldn't see who else was there with her. She did however understand the other person was a fellow captive.


Emma was right and if she'd been able to move round what she would have seen was another young blonde also helplessly bound and gagged. The stunning blonde in question was in fact 21 year old bank clerk Charlotte Nicholson who'd been snatched by the so called Bikini Bandit only 3 days earlier.


Unlike the poor helpless Emma, Charlotte didn't lie in a tight restricting hogtie on the cold hard stone floor of her captors vast basement, never the less she was equally as powerless. Dressed in only a small skimpy black bikini, again one size too small that didn't belong to her, Charlotte felt no more comfortable. With the shinny bottoms pulled so tight against her tanned skin that they moulded to the lips of her pussy and slipped inside her butt cheeks the sexy blonde felt so degraded and humiliated. Then there was the top, in a style she'd never wear herself, again in shinny black it consisted of only two small triangles joined by tiny thin straps that barely covered her nipples never mind her pert 34 c-cups.


Standing against a hard wooden cross in the far, shadowy corner of the basement her slim toned legs strapped tightly in place just above the ankle, below the knee and around the upper thigh by tight biting leather Charlotte felt so exposed. With her legs spread wide a slowly vibrating wand held hard against pussy by a leather thong crotch strap the sexy blonde could do nothing to protect herself. More leather straps pinned first her slim waist to the crosses centre piece, then her body only just under those soft wonderful breasts till finally her raised and spread arms were strapped around the wrists and elbows.


There standing trapped in a star shape her young body spread wide while for hours she'd been forced by the wands slow torture to remain on the verge of climax Charlotte moaned and whimpered through the panelled cock gag strapped tightly against her soft skin. While the whole time feeling sorry for her new companion lying trapped in the strict, restrictive cruel body aching hogtie she recognised so well.




Stanley County Durham Friday July 31st


For 21 year old blonde bank clerk Charlotte Nicholson it had been a normal, uneventful late summer day. Work had been as usual, boring and stale. Yes she'd had her usual share of amorous customers, put up with her leering manager while the whole time pasting on a fake smile but that was part of the job. What the sexy young blonde didn't know as she bid her goodbyes that night she'd not be returning for quite sometime, if at all.


Walking across the quiet car park just behind the main street dressed in her rather bland uniform, consisting of navy blue knee length tight fitting pencil skirt, matching jacket, red form fitting blouse, 2" black heeled shoes and shear black tights Charlotte felt anything but sexy. However the stranger awaiting her in the plain white Renault Master van parked beside Charlottes old but much loved little Ford Fiesta disagreed.


As Charlotte approached her car she unfortunately paid little attention to the van and carried on as normal. Pushing the remote unlock function on her car key the young blonde firstly dropped her bag in the boot before heading to the driver’s door. It was however a journey she never finished as a gloved hand reached from the vans side door and clamped over her mouth. Only a second later Charlotte’s world went black as thousands of volts from a taser gun shot through her young sexy body.


Wasting no time Charlotte’s mysterious attacker plunged into removing her stale boring uniform. Her jacket and blouse being the first to go, followed moments later by the young blondes black lace and shear bra. Naturally Charlotte’s shoes, tights, skirt and matching black lace panties followed shortly after.


Once through with stripping the young bank clerk the woman behind her helplessness moved onto the part she loved the most. On went a tiny pair of black bikini bottoms, one size to small, intentionally used to squeeze and mould to Charlottes pert tight young butt and wonderful pussy. Followed by a bikini top that consisted of only two small pieces of shinny black Lycra, which matched the bottoms and three thin straps.


Having savoured the thrill of stripping Charlotte and dressing her in the very outfit she loved the most the Bikini Bandit soon filled the young woman's mouth, thanks to a full harness ball gag. Then came the tight restricting bindings, expertly done using black nylon climbing rope from the local outward bounds shop.


Firstly used to bind Charlottes slim wrists then elbows together before moving on to her legs where she was tied around the ankles, below and above her knees finishing at the upper thighs. However it didn't stop there as finally Charlotte began to regain consciousness with a short length of that black rope was used to yank the young woman's legs back till they almost touched her pert squeezed butt.


By now fully awake and frantically struggling well aware of who held her captive. After all it was a case flashed over the front page of every news paper, and talked about on every news broadcast Charlotte was powerless to resist. It was then as if to add insult to injury the photography started, but what left the young bank clerk stunned was the camera. As it appeared to an old fashioned Kodak instant camera her abductor was using.


Eventually the first part of Charlottes ordeal drew to an end as a single photograph was left on the front seat of her car before the van pulled away from the car park and off to somewhere the young blonde knew nothing about.




End of part one..........










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