Castle Bond – Part 10






"Hey Freyja, wakey, wakey," I heard my father call. I yawned as he undid my bonds. Since I was still tipsy from last night, dad didn't bind or ball gag me for showering. The warmth of the shower cleared away any lingering drunkenness. Fresh out, I donned clean knickers - one of my last clean ones, the rest were still in the washing machine or wash basket - a shirt with a built-in-bra, jeans and jumper. I soon found the last item wasn't necessary when I entered the dining area - my folks had opened the windows and warmer air was blowing in.


"The weather has suddenly changed and for the better," dad remarked as he bound my legs to the legs of the chair and wound rope loosely around my stomach. My other sisters were similarly bound to chairs and also looked fresh from last night's clubbing. The room bell rang and my brother along with my mother whose hands were handcuffed in front of her and wearing a dark red ball gag around her neck answered. Breakfast came in and it was a thick porridge for us ladies - our hands were free - while the men had the typical English breakfast.


"So, what do you people want to see today?" Dad asked.


"Another round at the maze, the dungeons..." my brother replied, his mouth chewing down a sausage.


"You keep winning at the maze," Avena protested and I wasn't keen on the dungeon again – well, not until Jon was by my side.


"Ok. How about exploring that small island we saw during the tour?"


"Islet," Imogen corrected. "Ok, I'm in."


"Bring your swimwear," My brother added. "Your bikinis."


"I didn't bring any swim gear," Avena remarked. "I thought this was a castle, not a swim resort."


"Always the odd one, out aren't you?" He groaned. The agreement was settled that Imogen and myself would go with Jaigo while Avena and the rest would join later, once she bought some swim gear. Back in my room, I looked at my usual normal black bikini and my halter aqua string kind which I loved and I hope Jon would. Wearing the latter underneath a singlet and shorts, I turned round to see my brother was at the doorway.


"Need to grab some of your you-know-what," he said, heading for my underwear but finding them in the wash basket.


"Nothing clean?" He groaned but I didn't reply. In the end, he grabbed a couple of my tights then spun me around. Soon, my wrists were strongly bound then he managed a pretty good breast bondage over my boobs. "Open wide sis," he instructed. "You're lucky dad says to give easily removable gags." That turned out to be a thick cleave gag. Outside, I found Imogen, aka Immy to us, similarly bound wearing a purplish strapless bra over a sundress.


"Have fun and be safe," our parents called. Outside the hotel, the sun was indeed blazing. As we passed some elderly women loosely bound and with strips of bedsheets, we spotted a familiar lot.


"Morning," James, the Taiwanese-American greeted us and my brother greeted him back. His younger brother Paul was also with him as was their sisters. Claire, the winner from last night, was wearing black swim gear under a white singlet and loose shorts. Her sister Leanne was definitely wearing a halter black bikini under similar clothes. Both girls were handcuffed behind their back and gagged with ball gags with the balls frankly too big for their mouths. I guess I'm lucky for my light bonds and gags.


My new friends were also heading off the islet and within minutes, we were lining up at the single queue for the boat. Dad's instructions for easily removable gags were right; the officials were checking that the girls' gags could be easily removed in case we fell into the water. For safety, we were given life jackets - Jaigo had to undo our wrists bonds to ensure the lifejacket was secure.


"All ready?" The coxswain called. It may look like an ancient boat, but there was a motor attached. Through the mist, we reached the islet. Several girls got their feet wet but thankfully Immy and myself did not. "So, what exactly can be found here?" Jaigo asked the islet official.


"Just about anything you expect, weather permitting," he replied. Well the weather was still great. Immediately in front of us was an adequately sandy beach and Jaigo yanked both of us towards it. I've of course been to beaches but never during this cool weather. "Clothes off?" My brother whispered to both of us. In agreement, he undid our bonds but accidentally or intentionally undid Immy's string bikini in the process.


After an apology and re-tying, we were ready. The weather was warm enough although the coolness of the sand juxtaposed with that feeling. People were already engaging in beach-themed activities: an elderly couple was sunbathing in one corner, several young adults were walking near the water side, while youngsters, girls suitably bound and gagged, were building sandcastles.


We starting debating which activity to start with and finally we started walking near the waterside. Being an islet, there were very little waves unlike what you would in a normal beach. Even so, unlike the weather, the water was rather chilly. Claire tripped and fell into the water but was quickly pulled out by her brothers. We ended our walk quickly with me focused on the beach. I wasn't focused so sunbathing but of course, searching for my new boyfriend.


"Wait up, Freyja," my brother called but I was already moving ahead, looking out for my boy. It took a few minutes before I spotted his head bobbing out of the sand. His cousin Melissa was in a blue patterned one-piece swimsuit with wrists loose bound in front of her with cloth stripes and gagged with a cleave gag.


"Hmm," she greeted us as we arrived.


"Hi," my boyfriend greeted as he rose up from the mount of sand he had been buried on. Wiping himself clean, he shook hands with my brother, hugged Imogen and gave me a deep kiss on both my cheeks, whispering, "you look damn hot in that bikini."


As I gave him a response via my eyes, we all wandered down the beach area. Suddenly an official called out, Islet challenge! Islet challenge! Use what you find around - we've placed materials. More than one girl per boy. You have a max of one hour. Go!"


We quickly split up into two teams: My brother with Imogen while myself with Melissa and Jonathan. My new boyfriend told both of us to get down on the sand and align in one line so that his cousin was in front of me and he brought my arms forward meeting her legs.


"Hold there," he said and I felt him bind my arms against her legs. He shifted our stance then lightly cleave gagged both of us. "Ok, I know it's not comfy but that's how I interpret the challenge. I will tell you to move in coordination."


It wasn't the easiest move when bound and lightly gagged but we finally managed around ten minutes of moving such. Released but still kept bound and gagged per the Castle rules, we all waited for the results. It was fast but there read out started from tenth place. I nearly dozed off due to lethargy but was waken up when I heard "... And second place..." but instead we three - well two girls crawling bound and gagged --won the whole competition! Jon got more bindings and gags, lucky boy, while we girls got a few minutes time off, and drinks fresh fruit juice for Melissa and I got sugar free Coca-Cola.


I thought we would return back to the mainland but there was another competition. Pairs - Boys and Girls - would race up the hillock and the fast team would get prizes. There were several possible routes and Jon picked a 'normal’ route. My brother paired with Melissa and luckily, Immy found a guy with no girl. Mel was still in her one-piece swimsuit but with the help of us ladies, she was in a normal shirt and track pants. With I myself also wearing track pants but wrists taped behind and cleaved gagged, we set off.


The first part was pretty fine--not much of a slope, but I've never hiked or climbed bound and gagged. I did trip or lean towards my side but with my boyfriend held and guided me. As a steeper slope appeared and few couples passed us, my confidence and energy level dropped.


"Come on Freyja!" Jonathan encouraged me. I turned towards him, sweaty so that my bikini top was quite prominent visible. Jon lowered my gag and let take a welcoming drink. That was quite welcoming and I increased my pace despite the steeper slope. We passed one of the couples that zoomed passed us earlier, so my spirits rose. There was mist everywhere now but with Jon's voice and hands, I managed.


After much muscle work, we reached the top. Fruits, snacks, drinks were all handed out. Again, I won the category and double elations came as Melissa won the teenager category. After handshakes and pats, there was a welcoming cable car ride back down. After crossing the lake, I thought that was it for the day but the rest of my family suddenly appeared.


"Freyja! You've got to try this!" Dad cried.








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