Castle Bond – part 8







Warning: Young damsel, but not in adult bondage!

Dad, Jaigo and Martyn brought us ladies in a circle. "Ok," Dad started, "We'll split up into two groups. Who really needs to go to the loo urgently?"

My mum and my three older sisters gave muffled indications as such. "Ok, we'll bring you three to the toilets with only your gags on. Freyja and Jocasta, you'll be secured to the red benches then shortly get your lunches. Then we'll switch places."

Sure enough, Jocasta and myself were bound to the benches, albeit with a fat lady in between us who looked quite out of order in her over-the-mouth gag and rope bondage. I was wishing I gave the toilet signal when the lady's partner brought her up and to my delight, that girl Melissa, replaced her.

"Hmmwudoming?" I asked softly through my knickers-filled mouth and tape gag.

"Umo...k," she replied through her tape gag.

"Hwmlngmhavubeendmingths?" I asked, gesturing to my bonds. I soon learnt than she started at nine years old, one year older than when I started my tie-up games and like me, it was her sisters who roped her in, no pun intended. I was about to give her a recount of her games in gag speak when Dad, my brother and Jon came over. It was time to decide what to have for lunch. I settled on a hot dog with curly fries, Jocasta nodded towards some salad bowl, and Melissa chose chicken wrap with normal fries. Our food came rather fast and cheap as Dad had coupons.

"Be careful Jaigo. Do not get any sauce on your sister's lips or face," Dad warned my brother. Jaigo dutifully tucked a few disposable napkins into my collar, peeled off the tape and extracted my soggy underwear. With a sip of some iced tea, I bit down but still got ketchup and pickles on my lips, thankfully wiped away quickly. When about a third of my hotdog done, I found the fries a bit too spicy and then Jon returned with his cousin's meal. I noticed Melissa's fries looked better and mumbled when I could try hers.

"No talking," Jaigo grumbled.

"Jay, let her. Jonathan, would you mind letting Freyja try your fries?" My father asked.

"No prob," Jon replied as he stretched his hand, I again admired his bulging muscles. We soon began a trade-off--her normal fries for my curly and spicy fries for her normal ones and each time he passed the fries, I kept admiring his body. At one time, I almost attempted to suck his fingers a he passed over yet another fries. In between eating and mesmerizing, I still learnt a few more details about this hot-shot, such as his hometown, his favourite food and sports team. So, he was an avid skier like I am. Damn, I would love to ski with him, even if I have to be gagged all the way.

Lunch over--the men folk also managed to finish their lunch while feeding us--it was our turn for the ladies’ room. My brother grumbled as I turned for him to undo my bonds--little boy, you've having all the fun in the world, at least let us use our hands for a while. That 'while' took quite a long time, and I gave a muffled cry of relief as I reached a stall. I heard a muffled cry--it was Melissa--and passed her my roll of toilet paper once I finished.

Back outside, time was nearly up. Dad, Martyn and Jaigo gathered us ladies and they announced the new bonds and gag: zip ties and ball gags! Jocasta, the avid hater of ball gags, gave a vehement protest. "Ok, so you get a panel gag. Lucky, I brought one along," dad remarked. I wasn't a fan or ball gags either, but accepted the plastic ball between my teeth which my brother secured.

Bound and gagged with new material, I almost didn't catch Johannes' talk. Then I saw a shaded swimming pool with men and boys in trunks and speedos, girls in swimsuits or bikinis. The girls were, as you expect, bound and gagged, but with simple, loose bonds and just cloth gags. "We don't allow elaborate bonds and gags," Johannes explained and I think my family turning a bit red at what we were in. "Gagged ladies are not allowed under the water, but can be loosely bound hands and feet. We also have lifeguards. Because it is sheltered, you can swim in it anytime, but from what I seen, guests usually prefer the waters around the Isle of Bond."

Johannes led us through another few stations that appeared quite similar to the ones at the start of the tour. As Jaigo again asked about the torture-like equipment, my eyes and thoughts wondered again towards Jon. He's quite definitely my kind of guy, I thought. The muscles, the voice, the background. But how would I get to know him closer? I had a few dates in the past, but certainly never when I was bound and gagged constantly. How would I ever date him like this?

"....that's for medical play. I showed you an arena for medical play earlier but this one is solely for adults," He said, and I saw a short-dejected look on Melissa's face. "Mostly, the girls get straitjacketed in this one, but also diapered." Diapered? Wearing nappies? I moved closer and some girls were indeed in a tight straitjacket with an adult diaper on. "It's quite obvious they can't use their hands being bound like that, so they wear diapers. " Someone asked a question. "It's their choice: Either the men folk put in on for them or they tape on themselves."

"Cool!" I heard my brother comment and I nearly elbowed him. There's no way I'm going to wear a nappy....

The rest of the tour was straightforward and it ended by what I believe was nearly 5 pm. Johannes thanked us all, distributed a map containing the various game stations and locations we were shown, and told us to contact any staff member for help. I tried my best to give some signal Jon and Melissa, but they like the others, left quickly.

Back up in our suite, dad individually removed our gags and bonds and said we ladies could have an hour or so without any bondage. "Afterwards, just loose bonds behind your backs," He gave a look at Jaigo, "and you can talk but softly. Your mother is a bit tired, so keep your noise level down."

I was grateful for this 'freedom' and rushed into my room, washed my face and change into simple shorts and new T-shirt. When I came out to get a drink, Jaigo cornered me. "You like that guy, don't you?"

"Excuse me," I said, but he blocked my way.

"You're infatuated with that boy, right?"

"Move away!" We started arguing until Dad came out and scolded us. With apologies made, I got my glass of water and locked myself up in my room. I tried to type a personal blog entry--a locked one--but just couldn't find the words. Yes, I really love that guy, but did he notice? Will he notice for the rest of this trip with me constantly bound and gagged outside? What's going to occur?

The rest of the day was just dinner, us girls bound again--with strips of cloth hand behind our back. Martyn had taken Sayle back to their own room and after watching some incomprehensible soap opera, my father declared it was bedtime. "You people can go out on your own tomorrow. So get some sleep."








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