Castle Bond Part 9a

"Jmmnthmmm," I cried through my gag as I ran towards him. As he embraced my bound body, I arched my head upwards towards and attempted to kiss him....


"Wake up, sis," my brother said, interrupting my dream. I gave him a glare with my eyes--how dare you spoil my lovely dream? Again, he tossed me a ball gag which I dutifully used to gag myself. Shower over and back in my PJs, I dutifully allowed my brother to handcuff me and quickly I was led to the breakfast table where Mum, Avena and Jocasta were sat, bound like me.


Because Jocasta often complained about ball gags, she was gagged with a single strap panel gag instead. Our gags were removed, cuffs shifted to the front and we ate our breakfast. That over, I was pushed to dress for the day, with Jaigo whispering "wear some dress or skirt."


I selected normal beige knickers, a normal black bra, and a knee-length dress, not exactly to satisfy my brother but to look good. As the weather wasn't going to be warm, I added a pair of skin-tone 40 denier tights. Back out, I found my brother had already bound my jeans-clad younger sister with soft white rope. She was also gagged with an OTM cloth gag. I was quickly secured and gagged in the same fashion.


"Your mother, Avena and I will join you guys later," Dad announced checking our bonds and gag to ensure they were secure. "Have fun but remember," he turned "don't push it too far for your sisters. You should ask them first and if they say no, it's no. And if they give the safety signal, it's an immediate no. Understand?"


My brother gave an enthusiastic 'yes dad' and with one arm grabbing each sister, we set off. In the lift, we encountered a couple around our age. The girl was in some sort of skin-tight suit with ropes all over her and a big black ball gag. The most prominent part of her bondage was her crotch rope and the breast bondage which shoved her tits out very prominently and I guessed she wasn't wear a bra. My brother greeted her tall male companion and just said 'nice rope work'.


Outside, it was an enormous bondage bazaar. Females of all ages and ethnicities were accompanied by men, all of them bound and gagged. Almost directly in front of us, a father was escorting two young twins who were almost mummified with duct tape from the waist up. Further right of me was a husband with his wife locked up in medieval-like fetters and gagged with a scold's bridle. On our left were several elderly ladies very securely bound with just torn up bed sheets.


Further away, there were girls bound with zip ties across their wrists, elbows, knees and ankles, shuffling along. Some were dressed like me while others had skimpy tops or even wearing bikinis, no doubt heading for the island mentioned yesterday.


"Come on sisters," Jaigo tugged us. "Same route as we took yesterday?" I looked and Jo and we both nodded in agreement. Quickly, we found ourselves at the gallows area Johannes took us to.


Not totally to my surprise, there was a long queue so we quickly moved on to the next one, which was the jail cells and medical area but there was also a crowd blocking our view. Jaigo had a quick consultation with us and we agreed to try the maze stall. Thankfully, the queue there wasn't long but as we stepped up, the stall assistant raised his hand and said "only one boy and one girl per turn."


Jo immediately muttered through her gag that I should go first. Jaigo dutifully bound her to the bar by the side and then we listened to the rules. Girls were given a map of the maze to memorize. Each girl had a five to ten head start and the goal was the boys to capture the girls they were paired with before the girls reached the other side of the maze.


I had barely made it one-third of the way when my brother caught me. "First place!" I heard the attendant yell. All participants were brought back to the starting line. I got the longer head start this time but my brother again caught me as I passed the halfway mark. He was too good for this and so I switched places with Jo and also found myself next to a Chinese girl.


"Hmm, ImmClairmmph," She introduced herself through her tape gag as Leanne. She was Taiwanese-American, and her family was exactly like mine, playing tie up games. She was here with her parents, her older sister Claire and her younger brother Paul while her older James would join them later. We were discussing various scenarios when my brother and sister returned. Apparently, my brother scored first place amongst all the captors and they decided to let others have a chance. He was rewarded with some mysterious box.


Nodding goodbye to Leanne, we headed off back to the gallows area. The crowd there was much smaller but it was noisy, with boys really throwing wet sponges at girls tied to the poles.


"Wmmcantdmmthmm," Jo protested but Jaigo still insisted. He opened his backpack to reveal spare clothes - how the hell did he get those out from our suitcases?


Sighing, we headed up and this time, both myself and Jo were allowed to participate simultaneously. The rules here: girls had to be secured to the poles and men folk had to listen to the umpire and throw sponges or soft balls at a specific area of the girl such as leg, chest area or limbs. Striking the wrong area would result in a penalty score. I also discovered thankfully we bound girls would also have a plastic sheet, providing some comfort.


"Ready, throw!" the chief attendant called. My brother missed his mark on the first throw, but afterwards his target. In other words, Jo and I were pelted with lots of wet sponges or rather wet projectiles. After like nearly an hour, the flimsy sheet broke free and my arms were already soaking wet and slightly aching from the striking of the sponges. Suddenly, a sponge struck my legs.


"Mmmph!" I cried but the next scream came from Jo next to me, as Jaigo's sponge hit her crotch area. We both screamed louder to indicate our protest. Jaigo only noticed its after one more round and by then I was quite wet and Jo pretty soaked. A warm shower wouldn't be possible at this moment, but luckily there was a toilet for us to change. I switched my damp dress and tights for a what my scheming brother brought: one of my denim miniskirts, nude tights, and a long-sleeved top and jumper.


Back outside, Jaigo announced it was a change in bonds and gag. Well it was all silver duct tape but the gags were knickers as stuffing. Not just any knickers but a switch, that is, I had to be gagged withJo's black knickers and she with my pink ones.


"Oh, come on, it's not your first time you had other's pants in your mouth," Jaigo argued and soon enough our wrists and elbows were wrapped on layers of tape and two rounds of tape sealed the various underwear inside. As Jaigo checked our bonds, he received a WhatsApp message and announced we were to meet our parents and another part of the castle grounds. "Where are we," he said, unfolding the map. Suddenly, I heard a deep "Good Morning" from behind me.

It was Jonathan and Melissa.











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