Castle Bond – Part 9b








Turning around 180 degrees around, I saw my heart throb was wearing a light brown coat, maroon jumper with a collared blue shirt underneath. Melissa was in a sleeved top with some Japanese anime on the front. Her legs were covered with three quarters leggings under a knee-length skirt. Her wrists and arms were bound with white rope while she was gagged with an OTM cloth gag, tied exactly like her hair was tied.


"Hello. Let me try to remember your names. Jo...Jocasta," he pointed at my sister, "Jay?" he said to my brother who quickly corrected him and then he turned to me. "Freyja?"


"Yemm!" I called under my panty gag. I meant, yes, it's so good to see you.


"How's it going? Having fun yet?"


"Well, we did the maze game and I won the rounds then we did the poles game and it was a wet one for my sisters," Jocasta gave an affirmed yelp in reply.


"Cool. We found a playground and although Mel here is way past the kiddy age, she had some fun - they had special slides and assisted merry-go-rounds for bound girls. Where are you headed now?"


"Oh, our parents want to meet up but I want to try that dungeon area we encountered during yesterday's tour."


"Mmybe wemm shoudmmum meeemt mum um dad firms," Jo commented but my brother ignored her and turned to me.


"Dmm omr parmments say whmmt timm tu meet?" I asked.


Jaigo said it was about just over an hour so I reluctantly agreed to try that game. We hustled and found ourselves at the front of the queue. "No underage people allowed," the male official pointed towards Melissa.


"Oh, of course, where..." Jonathan began.


"We have a room over there," he directed and Melissa was sitting bound to a bar sitting with some other girls her age watching some TV programme. Meanwhile, we learnt what this game was. Each boy would be given a series of materials and the female victim would have to be bound and gagged within a certain timeframe. If they didn't manage or the bindings and gag weren't secured properly, points be deducted. Conversely, if deemed successful, they would move on to a more complex challenge and win a prize.


I was readied with my duct tape bonds remove and gag slowly peeled away. Jonathan came in just then to see my stuffing - Jo's knickers - coming out. In any other circumstance, I would be embarrassed but I wasn't; I kinda smiled as they came out.


"First task: ball gag and zip ties, time limit five minutes go!" The black ball gag tasted stale but otherwise, Jaigo managed to secure and gag me within half the time limit.


We were advanced to the next scenario: a harness ball gag with similar restraints. This time Jaigo managed 3 minutes, 1 minute shy of the time limit. However, the gag wasn't tight enough for the official's liking.


In any case, my brother's mobile phone buzzed - our parents wanted meet up.


"Yeah, you can come back to play later," the main official noted down our names as Jaigo bound us again. As the knickers were soaked, our mouths weren't stuffed but he added an extra piece of tape. Apparently, Jon, who was paired with Jocasta, scored positively. Oh, how I wanted to be paired with him. As we collected his niece, I tried to talk to him in a common subject sport.


"Yeah, nice that you know a bit of US baseball. I'm also interested in British football. How’s Manchester United doing?"


"Nmmt grmmet. I premmfr Livermmool," I replied.


"Bullshit, she's a Leicester City fan," Jaigo interrupted. I glared at him with my eyes and tried to discuss with the intricacies of English football and he in return, taught me about American football. We chatted with my brother annoying interjecting at times. As I tried to talk, I noticed his eyes brighten up, or even twinkle, - does it mean he liked me?


My thoughts were broken as my folks and my other elder sister Avena appeared. Avena was also tape gagged but her wrists were instead bound behind her back with zip ties. Both her and my parents had spent the day in some mass line dancing which included almost a huge range of movements and songs. Tired and quite sweaty, lunch was the topic for discussion. There again were nearby food stalls serving international fare but I chose a currywurst with pomme frites and sauerkraut. Dad was sharing some pasta dish with Mum, Avena some sushi rolls while my heart throb was eating Mac and Cheese with a burger for his cousin.


"Neemmd Toilmmt," Melissa said, squeezing her legs together. I also said yes, although my aim wasn't really to answer the call of nature. In the loo, I cornered the young teen and through gag talk, I learnt a little more about the likes and dislikes of Jonathan. Back out, I tried to indicate that I wanted Jon to feed me, but disappointingly got my brother instead. Thankfully, halfway through bits of sausages and fries, a straw touched my lips.


I glanced up and it was Jon, offering me some of his mixed fruit smoothie. I happily accepted then I exchanged some of my meal for his mac n' cheese. Lunch done, we ladies were gagged once more and just as we were about to head back to the 'dungeon' game, we all spied a sign.


It was an advert for drinks and dance at one of the castle's bar and lounge in the evening. "Music from the oldies to the present day. Dress code smart casual and prizes for best dancing pair, guy and girls," Jaigo read. "Well, what do you say?" He turned to Jonathan.


"Well, Mel here's out," he pointed to a smaller print saying it was for 18 years and above. "But sure, I'll join."


"Threeem of usm girmls and u?!" Jo exclaimed. She meant herself, me, Avena being escorted by Jaigo.


"Doesn't say it strictly has to be pairs," Dad commented. "You kids can go as long as you don't drink to excess." So Jaigo with Dad's help, bought tickets for all of us. With Avena and my folk heading in an opposite direction, we lot got back to the dungeon area, where the queue much longer. As we reached the front, I suddenly asked if I could switch places and be paired with Jonathan.


"Yeah sure, " the main official said. "But your scores will be switched around." Our scenario was a harness gag with a tube mouth piece, handcuffs, leg irons and harm binders. Jon got that right and right under the three minute mark and we were moved the difficult stage. Both of us were given a script and the first 'act' was me bound to a chair with ancient fetters and trying not to reveal a secret. Again, we scored well and were given another scenario, my eyes widen.


"Duwn to my undermmwmmr?!" I exclaimed.


"Do you have a problem with that? We've regulated the temperature here," came the official's reply. With no dressing room, we girls did strip down to our bras and knickers. As you remember, I had a change of clothes earlier but didn't change my underwear, so I was to my black bra and beige knickers.


The next 'act' involved me being strapped to a medical table with a bright shining above. Jon acted as an 'interrogator' asking me questions and using torture devices like heated pads, light splashes of water against my feet, cheeks and armpits and even a TENS device -- I was never a ticklish girl so that was out. I managed to brave all these so I ended up gagged with panel gag.


"Ok, ok...I give!" I heard Jocasta cried. She always had a lesser threshold or stamina than myself in these sorts of games so I indicated Jon to stop. Jo thankfully indicated through her gag she was fine but we all decided to give this station and break and try it again tomorrow. Dressed and taped up, Jon offered to treat up to coffee and tea and then Jo indicated she wanted to rest early at home. Being a faithful elder sister, I agreed and we agreed to meet at the entrance to the club.


We found our parents and Avena back already having shopped for groceries for the evening's dinner. "Alright, gags off. Hands can still be bound but if you need to use them, tell us," Dad declared. We were all too happy to have our gags off but Jaigo toyed around, not undoing my wrist restraints.


"Hey, I need to use my hands," I whined.


"Jaigo," my father added, and the stern voice got them off. Locking my room door, I checked out my dresses, which one, which one. I finally settled on a maroon red halter neck with the skirt area not too tight and just an inch above my knees. The weather wasn't that chilly after all, so I decided against any additional hosiery.


Dumping both sets of my clothes in my laundry bag and changing into something casual, I headed back out, where my sisters were already bound back in loose cloths in front of them.


"You love that guy," Jaigo began as he also bound my wrists.


"I don't," I countered but my eyes and skin colour gave it away. I'm not a good card player.


"You're infatuated by him. You want to smooch him," Jaigo said, finishing the knots.


"No, no!" I countered. My brother always wanted to interfere with my relationships.


"Hey, can you stop acting like little kids," Dad called from his room. "Or I'll order all you girls gagged." It's not my fault, but I quickly apologised and retreated away. I tried to put down my thoughts on my personal blog, but couldn't. Inching over to Jo, I whispered asking about her dress for evening.


"You know I hate dresses," Jo began. My younger sister wasn't a tomboy, but she just wasn't a fan or wearing skirts or dresses, despite Mum's efforts to make her girly. "I'm in my gothic black ankle-length strapped dress." Nodding, I questioned my older sister Avena. She had the biggest cup size of all five girls, a D cup and she informed me she was going in a strapless backless pink dress that reached below her knees. "So, I hear you got another guy," she added.


I checked that my brother was out of earshot before correcting her that he wasn't my boy yet. Avena wasn't always the closest sister to turn to, but she had a steady boyfriend named Brigham who also played tie up games with us back home. She gave me some tips on how to catch and time flew by and it was dinner time. The other sisters, Imogen and Sayle, along with Sayle's husband Martyn joined us. We bound girls all helped our bound mother cook a simple stew with not much trouble - luckily our hands were in front of us. We engaged in simple non-bondage talk then it was time for us to get ready.


I choose to use adhesive translucent bra under my halter neck and a skimpy pair of knickers that was almost the same colour as my dress. I dosed my armpits and neck with the perfume I brought for this trip then ensured my face was powdered well, my eyelids were had nice eyeliner applied, my hair was tied and also locked in a clasp or barrette. I was about to put on lipstick then remembered what would happen. Oh well, lip balm won't hurt. I added some loop earrings, tripled checked myself, dressed and slipped on four-inch heels.


"Ah, Cinderella is ready," my brother joked, dressed in a simple suit and tie.


"Yeah, yeah, what am I to be secured in tonight?" I asked.


He held up a bunch of plastic handcuffs and red ball gags. "Jo gets her nice panel gag," he remarked cause as you know, she hates ball gags. So ever the expert, myself, Jo and Avena had our wrists firmly secured behind our back and less Jo, two of us had ball gags secured, mine red while Avena's pink. "All from the prizes I won today," Jaigo added. To prevent our arms from moving too much, he deed a round of rope but mentioned that could be tightened later.


With Dad again telling us not to drink to excess, we headed off and met Sayle and Martyn outside who also would be joining us. My married sister was in a lavender strapped gown but secured tightly in a multitude of ropes and gagged with a harness ball gag. Downstairs couples, trios and quartets of boys and bound and gagged girls dressed up were all lining up for the clubbing. When in line, I spotted that Taiwanese American girl Leanne with a shorter girl. She introduced that girl through panel gag talk as her older sister Claire. Both girls were in white ankle-length dresses and wrists bound with coarse rope. This was all the work on their two taller but young brothers James and Paul. As Jaigo was talking to them, I felt a tap on the shoulder and it was Jon.


"Evening," he greeted. "You look...beautiful." He was in a shiny suit and unbuttoned collar with a striped loose tie. He could be naked for all I care but still handsome.


"Thank you," I replied, though of course that came out like 'thankooh," through the ball.


"You three of course," nodding to my other sisters. Within ten minutes, the bouncers checked our tickets and let us through but not before turning away some clearly drag queens. Castle Bond clearly was for biological females and males. The interior was like any club, with strobe lights and blaring music. My brother griped my bare arm but I tried to steer away to be closer, like skin contact closer to my eye candy. We amazingly and luckily found ourselves a table and really it wasn't that easy walking wrist bound in high heels.


"So, first round. What would you ladies like?" Martyn, Jon and Jaigo asked. Sayle went Long Island Iced Tea, Avena a Dark 'N' Stormy while Jo and myself wanted just a simple rum and coke, hers a dark rum while mine white. About twenty minutes later, our drinks arrived. The usage of ball gags were handy as Avena and myself simply had ours handing around our necks while Jo and Sayle had their gags completely removed. Even though with drinking, we girls refrained from talking though I gestured to Jon with my head and eyes, trying to ask about his cocktail.


"Oh, it's just a Sazerac, here, " he produced another straw and I sipped. "Like it?" I nodded. I wasn't showing off; it was really good. It was then an announcement mentioned that the first round of dancing would begin. "The theme is 90s music. All must be paired up, boy and girl. Judges will be looking for style and type restraints and gags. Get to the floor!" The boys looked around and naturally there was one short. Avena however spotted some guy she met much earlier on, Daren, who was willing to pair with her and let his girl, Vanessa sit out bound to the railing. Jo reluctantly got Jaigo while I silently was grateful that I was paired with Jon.


My heartthrob really made my heart beat rapidly as escorted me onto the floor. The song blared - it was some 90s song it wasn't so familiar with but instantly I started swaying to the beat. I had previous experience clubbing, but certainly not with my hand bound, teeth chewing on a ball and a muscular love interest in front of me. Jon matched my moves and unconsciously made me feel at ease dancing this way. The song changed a Nirvana song and we accelerated our movements. We danced through The Cranberries, Tupac, then cheese songs from groups like Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. As they played 'Wannabe', I pulled my legs and arms too fast a tripped.


"You ok?" Jon asked, catching me. If he didn't, I probably would have sprained an ankle or worse.


"Ymm," I replied then noticed the crowd thinning as judges 'knocked' out paired. Westlife songs were up next and it was down to ten pairs, then five and finally I couldn't believe it as Jon and I were crowned the winner for that round. "You did great!" my brother-in-law exclaimed as we met up back at the table. Even Jaigo was impressed. Definitely thirsty, we all opted for non-alcoholic drinks. As I sipped my pineapple juice, Jon remarked that the rope around my torso was loose.


"May I?" He asked. Then out from a pocket from his suit came additional rope.


Asking me to stand up. he wound it around my chest, pushing my small boobs outwards and I was secured with a firm breast bondage. Five minutes later, it was the next round: oldies music. "I dommt knommmw mummch," I told Jon as we headed back to the floor.


"Don't worry, I do. Just follow." It was a mixture of both rock and ballads, which turned out rather nice. This time, there was more how should I say bodily contact especially during the ballads, and as Elvis Presley's song 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' played, we did come into contact, my boobs touching his chest and feeling his heartbeat. It was so hot.




"Mmm?" I turned my head upwards.


"Are you with anyone?"


I shook my head violently and tried to say no. Is this...


"I... I was. I'm wondering can we be..."


"Togmmther?" I blurted out.


"Yes!" This was the exclamation just as Presley sang 'Tell me dear are you lonesome tonight.' I'm certainly not, anymore. The oldies ended with the Beatles 'Drive My Car', which well, I wasn't plan to, but I was pleased nonetheless. We again came top and headed back triumphally. Rather than breaking the news, we kept our new relationship secret with us ordering Caipirinhas each. Then it was 70s music round. I thought I was geared towards 70s music, but I didn't know many songs and by now, I was quite tired. Jon and I did our best but came second. Sweaty and drained, I gestured for my hands to be freed to the loo and my new boyfriend produced a penknife to cut it. It wasn't easy peeing in a cramped ladies with arms bound to my side but still I managed. Then I heard a gagging sound and Jo appeared, face red.


"U ok,"I said, then reaching out, I pulled my ball gag out. "What happened?"


"Too much alcohol," she breathed.


"You better go home. Come on." Gag back in, I brought her to Jaigo and explained.


He understood, but that left Martyn a family member to watch over me. "Unless," he turned to Jonathan. "You're willing to take charge of Freyja for the rest of the night and morning."


"I will." The boys talked this over with a nearby official and Jo was given a 'pass' explaining why she didn't have a gag on and escorted back to our room with Jaigo. Meanwhile, Jon was designated as my 'escort' and we both were still running in the dance game. We scored top again, this time in R&B, then again in 1980s music, and finally in a mix of different genres. It would be over an hour until the results would be announced and couples and groups had split out. Jon bought me a mojito, he himself with Piña Colada and we found a private spot on the rooftop, admiring the architecture of the castle.


"It's going to be a fun time," he said, slowly removing the ball. Noticing my drool, he produced a hanky, wiped it, raised my drink to my lips, raised his, then with cheers we drank. He talked more about American and British sports and then as the clouds parted, identified the different stars and constellations. Then there was moment of silence, me admiring his looks while him not able to stop focusing on my pushed-out cleavage and well intentionally parted legs.


"I wonder if we could kiss?" He suddenly asked but then we noticed other couples doing so, the female gagged. Smiling, he replaced my gag and kissed the ball sticking out. His extremely strong arms held mine and I was locked in this embrace until....


"Winners have been chosen. Winners have been chosen." We broke our gagged kiss and headed back down. It wasn’t much but we both were disappointed we lost to Claire and her brother James, who scored better in terms of her restraints. "U Still wermmme gremat dmmcers," She remarked. We both still rewarded with gift vouchers and Jon received an assortment of restraints and gags. "Good ones even for usage on Mel," he said.


As he walked me back, we again stop at times to have gag kisses and once, he naughtily lifted up my skirt to peek at my knickers. Finally, we reached my hotel room and he courteously greeted my dad who was still awake. "I'll see you all tomorrow," Jon said, not giving any indication about our love life. Back bound in the bed, I dreamt about my new love.











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