Den Motherís Next Adventure

I have enjoyed reading the stories from Renee. It seems by telling her stories, she is in someway, using this forum as a kind of therapy. ††This is where she can tell others about her thoughts and feelings as she and her son explore another side to their relationship. I know from personal experience that having someone to talk to and who can relate to your situation is great comfort.


In my story I related how one of my son's close friends seemed to always be the one who came up with new ideas on how to tie me up. And, how it turned out his parents had pictures of women tied up and apparently played tie up games themselves. Although we were not close friends I knew this boy's mom very well because her son and mine were best friends, they lived one block over, and of course, from our association through Cub Scouts.


Well, several months after I first learned about the pictures my son and his friend were over at our house, it was summer, and as usual when it was just the two of them they just simply asked if they could tie me up. Since I would have been more surprised if they hadn't asked, I agreed.


While one worked on tying my hands, and the other my ankles, I asked my son's friend if they ever tied up his mom. Without the slightest hesitation he said "sure, all the time". I didn't pursue it any further at that time. Later, after I was untied and my
son's friend had gone home, I did question my son further about it. Apparently my son had helped tie his friend's mom up a number of times. And, apparently she was as willing a victim as I. I have to admit I had somewhat of a knot in my stomach when I asked my next question. I asked my son if she knew they tied me up. His answer was a matter of fact "yes".


I remember feeling very uneasy when I heard him say "yes". He followed up by saying, "it no big deal. We tie her up all the time too". Sometimes I still envy the innocence of youth. Still I felt a little uneasy knowing someone else knew about our games, even if that someone apparently also enjoyed being tied up.


We didn't mention anything else about his friend's mom, but not long after that my curiosity got the better of me. I asked my son if he had ever seen the pictures his friend had mentioned. He told me he had looked at them on several occasions. I mentioned it might be interesting to see them and asked if there were anyway his friend could sneak some over one day. My son looked at me and asked if I really wanted to see them, and I said I did. He just said "OK".


A couple of weeks later my doorbell rang one morning and when I looked out the mother of my son's friend was standing there. She politely asked if she could come in and I nodded she could. I remember feeling extremely uneasy right then. When she came in I noticed she was carrying a large shoebox with her. I showed her to the kitchen, asked her to please sit down, and offered her a cup of coffee. She accepted, I poured her and myself a cup, and sat down as well.


I asked what had brought her over this morning. We had never actually visited each other's house before. She seemed very relaxed as she tapped the shoebox sitting on the table and said, "I caught the boys going out the door with this. They said you had asked to se it". Not knowing what to say I said something like "a shoebox"? She then said "It's OK. I had a long and very interesting talk with the boys". She went on to say she really did not know the boys had found the pictures and apologized to me for that.


As I said she was very relaxed as she spoke. She said we apparently had some interesting things in common. Well thank goodness she came over and was as open as she was. That morning we shared stores, and bared feelings. We talked for hours and became best friends. I had already come to terms with my feelings about being tied up and admitted to myself that I liked being tied and gagged. I still often wrestled with feelings of guilt wondering if I was doing the right thing, knowing how much the boys enjoyed tying me up. I worried, much like Renee, about should I be indulging the boys, did we all enjoy our tie up games a little too much? It was great having another woman who understood my feelings and shared my concerns to talk with. It was a tremendous relief and just what I needed.


And, while her husband, unlike mine as I mentioned once, shared her passion for bondage, as she called it, she too appreciated having another woman to talk to. Before she left that day she asked if I still wanted to see the pictures and I said I did. They were really quite interesting. Most were in thin books the size of a pamphlet. Most had some simple story line, which went along with the pictures. All the pictures were black and white. There was no nudity or anything but the women mostly wore bra, panties, garters or corsets, stockings, and high heels. I remember many of the high heels were very exaggerated. They had the highest heel on them I had ever seen. I still can't imagine how the women even stood up in them.


Usually, the pictures would show one or two women tying up another woman. But, I did find it fascinating looking at pictures of other women tied up and gagged. We spent a good hour talking about them. I did recognize the name of one of the women in the pictures. It was Betty Page.

Even I had heard of her. I knew she did pin-up pictures but hadn't known she posed tied up. The reason I thought about Betty Page is because not long ago on the E! cable channel ran was a special on Betty Page. They had a brief interview with her at the end of the show. She remained in the shadows because she wanted all her fans to remember her the way she was and not see the way she looks today in old age. Apparently Betty became very religious sometime ago. They asked her if there was anything she regretted about her career. She said she regretted posing nude. She thought that had been wrong. She said she had asked God to forgive her for that. Then she added that she didn't think God minded the bondage stuff.


That comment stuck in my mind. Even after all these years she didn't see anything wrong with posing in her underwear for bondage pictures. That comment helped me close out any concerns I may have had lingering after all these years about letting the kids tie me up.

Since the mom of my son's friend and I became best friends and confidents we started visiting each other regularly. Well our sons were usually around as well. So, there were several occasions when we were both tied up together. The very first time was the one, which is most clear in my mind. It happened at my house.


We were in the kitchen having coffee when our sons came in and asked if they could tie us up. We agreed and scooted our chairs away from the table. We were basically now seated facing each other about five feey apart. I watched as my son began tying her wrists behind the chair and felt the ropes being pulled around my wrists by her son. My kitchen chairs, at that time, had low backs on them so it was easy to get our arms completely back behind the chair backs.


As I felt my elbows being drawn together behind the chair I saw her chest thrust forward as my son tied her elbows together behind her back. I realized she was looking at me. When I made eye contact she just smiled and said well isn't this interesting. I just nodded my head. It was like I was in some kind of a trance as I sat
there watching her being tied up. I was fixated on every loop of rope as they were tied around her.


She was wearing a light print sundress with thin spaghetti straps over the shoulders, so she wasn't wearing a bra. My son had tied rope around her waist and her arms behind the chair pulling her firmly into the chair. He then tied loops of rope below and above her breasts. I felt the last couple of loops being tightened very tightly around my upper arms. I stared as the fabric of her dress stretched across her chest showing the clear distinct outline of her nipples.

Her son walked around in front of me and I remember thinking, I which he would get out of the way so I could see. He kneeled down and began tying my legs together above my knees. I had on shorts and a blouse that day so there was no skirt to get in his way. Across from me my son had folded the hem of her sundress up to get it out of his way. More then half her thighs were now exposed. He did this without hesitation and she didn't seem to pay any attention. I felt my ankles being cinched together as her ankles were also being tied.


While our sons rummaged around in the kitchen we sat there staring across at each other. The kids returned with and I sat there mesmerized as I watched my son pack a medium size kitchen sponge into her mouth. I was only remotely aware there was also one being stuffed into my mouth as well. The boys had some long narrow strips off of some old bed sheets we had torn up for rags. I watched as my son tied the strip of cloth over the sponge and between her lips. He cinched it tight behind her head and then brought the long ends around and pulled each of them firmly between her teeth before knotting it behind her head.


A sudden backward jerk of my head brought be back to reality as I realized my gag had just been cinched very tightly and knotted behind my head. This was followed by darkness as a cloth was placed over my eyes and knotted tightly behind my head. For the next hour or so I sat there in silent darkness, enjoying the tightness of the ropes, knowing another woman, my friend, was tightly tied and gagged only a few feet away from me. I could hear the kids move around the kitchen every now and then. And, also hear some muted grunts as my fellow captive probably tried to adjust her position in the chair.


Unfortunately, the kids as usual, left the gags and blindfolds until last when they untied us. If fact, once freed, I removed my blindfold and gag. By the time I got my blindfold off she was already completely untied and the material used to gag and
blindfold her were in her lap. She was rubbing her wrists where the ropes had left deep red marks in her skin.


Now I had something else I had to learn to deal with. Not only did I like being tied up, but I enjoyed seeing other women tied up as well.







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