Den Mother Self Tied






It was a summer morning and my friend was over visiting. Her son was away at band camp. My son was at home. He was not in the band because he is as tone deaf as can be. Well I guess he saw an opportunity to tie us both up and keep us his captives for the morning.


We were soon confronted by a masked intruder, banishing a toy pistol, and telling us if we did as told we wouldn't be hurt. We both looked at each other and just put our hands up. My friend didn't help anything when she said, "please don't hurt us. We won't cause you any trouble. You can tie us up just to be sure".


My son agreed that was a good idea. He had us get up out of our chairs and sit on the floor so we were back to back. He then tossed both my friend and I a piece of rope and told us to tie our ankles together.


I asked, "you want us to tie ourselves up".


He said, "that's right. I can't tie one of you up and watch the other one to". He then told us we better tie the ropes tight because we wouldn't like it if he had to retie them.


I drew my legs up toward me just a little and leaned forward so I could reach my ankles. I wasn't as easy I thought. I did manage to get the rope wrapped snuggly around my ankles and took any slack out by cinching the ropes tight. My friend and I finished about the same time.


My son tossed us another rope and told us to tie our legs above our knees. I was wearing slacks so that was not a problem. My friend was wearing a sundress so she had to lift her skirt back to tie her legs. Again I wrapped and then cinched. My legs were now tightly tied. I remember leaning back on my hands and looking down at my legs and thinking, "not bad". I had done as good a job one of the boys could have done or as I had done when I had tied up my friend.


Next we were handed a medium size kitchen sponge and told to put them in our mouths. I compressed the sponge and pushed it into my mouth. My friend did the same. We were then handed a large scarf and told to tie a knot in the middle. Once the knot was tied we were told to put the knot in our mouths over the sponge and tie them tightly behind our heads. As I cinched the gag tight in my mouth I remember thinking, having to tie and gag yourself, was a very interesting experience. This definitely was a new and interesting feeling.


We were then handed another scarf and told to blindfold ourselves with it. That done we were instructed to put our hands behind our backs and lean forward. I placed my hands behind me and leaned forward as instructed. I could feel and sense my son's movements as he tied my friend's hands. He then crossed and tied my wrists behind my back.


He then had us sit up. My bound wrists were now up against my friends bound wrists and we sat back to back. My son then wrapped what seemed like a lot of rope around us starting around our waists, up below our breasts, and finally above our breasts. We were firmly locked together.


Every time my friend breathed I could feel the ropes tighten slightly and I'm sure she could feel the same when I took a breath. We were left tie up for a little over an hour.


When our rescue arrived the rope around our upper body holding us together was unwound and our hands were untied. We were then left to finish untying ourselves. I removed my blindfold. And, then I don't know if it was from habit of my gag always being removed last or what, I left my gag in and began untying my legs. Interestingly enough as I was removing my gag I glanced back at my friend and she tooh had left her gag in until the last.

Anyway that was the incident, which got me to thinking about tying myself up. If I remember any other interesting stories I will certainly write them down. In the mean time everyone have fun and please continue to share your experiences.






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