Graduation on Hold





"Sian, Sian, are you there?" Charlie knocked on the door of her friend's room for the umpteeth time. Finally, the door burst open and Sian was there, in her graduation attire--white blouse and black skirt, but with a toothbrush stuck in her mouth.


"Hey what's up? Graduation is less than three hours away. You said you'll be ready by nine. What's with the...."


"I had a terrible nightmare last night. A combination of our adventures in those islands, the skiing and then Dawn's wedding. I've been brushing my teeth to get rid of the taste of mine knickers and yours."


"Oh Sian, you're a big girl now how could you have nightmares? Look it's your graduation day, you're getting your First. What could possibly go wrong?"


"What? We could be kidnapped on the way, we could be dragged off into the bushes and sold as slaves, we could be tortured..."


"Sian, Sian, Sian!" Charlie shook her friend violently until her eyes blinked. "Snap out of it ok? We'll be fine, it's our happy day? Now, get that toothbrush out of your mouth and get ready."


Sian stood there for a few seconds before responding, "Yeah, I'm silly. I'll be down in minutes, have to get my tights..." the door bell rang. "....on. Can you get that?" 


Charlie scampered down the steps and open the door to find their landlady Kathryn standing there.  The older woman looked at Charlie, in her shift dress, and said "Hi Charlotte, I need to go over some of the housing documents."


"Right now?” Charlie looked at her watch, and said “Both of us have to head for graduation."


"It's just a few forms... won't be long..."


"Grrr...ok Kathryn, come in," Charlie turned around but just as she did so, she felt a sting on the back of her neck. "Did you let in a be..." but before Charlie could form her sentence, she collapsed down, the ladylady just catching her before she hit the ground.


"Ok, Jon," she turned to the man behind her. "I've done my part. Now please, let..."


"Shut up and call the other girl down," the man said, raising a pistol. "Now."


"Sian, it's me Kathryn, could you come down." Seconds later, Sian appeared in her blouse, skirt and tights. "What do....OH MY GOSH!" She cried, looking at the unconscious Charlie and the man waving a weapon.


"Get down here girl, and shut your gap," Jon growled.


"Please no...."


"NOW!" Seeing her landlady shivering, Sian slowly did so and came face to face with the weapon. "Now," Jon said, tossing her a packet, "Bind your friend."


"Please, she needs the 'protection'; the drug paralysed her."


"Ok, get it done, but hurry up," Jon growled then  moved to the side and made a call.


"Sian," Kathryn called, "quick, help me take her skirt and tights off." Charlie's knickers were quickly exposed. Kathryn yanked them down and brought out something folded. "Oh my gosh, is that a na..."


"Yes it is, Help me lift her over." Just as the adult nappy was tapped over, the indicator turned pale as urine flowed out.


"Ok, bind and gag her," Jon ordered, as more men ended the student house. "No, no, not both of you, just her," he pointed to  Charlie. "Kat, go help the men with the equipment. Wait, you girl," he tossed an object to Sian. "Gag yourself. I don't to hear your whines."


I knew this would happen again! Sian cried silently as she strapped the panel gag around her head and started binding her friend's ankles and wrists. "Tighter!" Jon screamed and Sian shivered wondering if that would still be painful even for the paralysed girl.


"Ok," he then said as he yanked Charlie up by her ponytail. "Now your turn sweetie." Within less than a few seconds, Sian was tossed back on the ground, her C cup boobs squashed as she tried to break her own fall.


Just then, Charlie started to stir. "Ah, sleeping beauty regains consciousness," Jon said, then felt around his pockets. "Damn, no more gag," he cursed.


"Who..what," but before Charlotte could say more, Jon had picked up her polka dot knickers and jammed them into her mouth. These were secured in place with her discarded tights. "Make a big noise, and I paralyse you again diaper girl."


"Mmmwwgth," a still groggy Charlie tried to say "go to hell" to the intruder but only slumped back on the ground, shocked to see her new 'underwear'.


"Mmmtldyuthmmmhapp," a very muted Sian said but Charlie's eyes were on the men who were setting up some devices. As the men moved to concentrate on whatever they were making, Charlie inched towards Sian. Catching the cue, Sian tried to position her zip-tied wrists against Charlie's sharp fingernails. Hopefully this will work....


"Hey you two!" Another man pointed at the girls and Jon whirled around. "Trying to escape earlier eh?" Jon growled at the girls who whimpered through their gags.


"Help me lift them up," he ordered and Sian found her head dangling as Jon carried her towards the living room. The nearby table was cleared and the helpless student was laid back down on it, with her arms and legs stretched out. "Get her skirt off," came the order and Sian was unable to resist as her formal skirt was yanked off and her tights half yanked down. More rope and zip-ties secured her stretched limbs to the table. Jon proceeded to rip her blouse off and started to massage her breasts. "You love this don't you? Great to find a C cup girl--you are C cup are you?"


"Fmmmmmof,” Sian tried to said but only got her boobs slapped.


"Dirty girl," Jon reached over and attached two clips to her nipples, making her yell. "Enjoy the tit torture."


Endure was more the word as Sian moaned and struggled with against the nipple clamps. Oh gosh, please some one save me, she thought. Please....


What seemed more than half an hour later, Sian suddenly saw hands shifting around her breasts and she heaved a sigh of relief as the clamps came off. "Sssh," she saw the face of her landlady, working to undo her bonds. Soon, Sian was freed but just as she tried to get up, Kathryn forced her arms behind her back and bound them again.




"Look, I'm sorry but you will have to come with me. This house will be wired to explode. I made a deal, both come with me. Quickly." Sian only tried to struggle but the muscular landlady picked her up and carried her again in a fireman's lift. Sian soon found herself out at the back of the house and in back some battered van where a still nappied Charlie was waiting.


She was reduced to wearing just her push up bra with one strap daggling down her shoulders. "Don't you two make any more trouble," Kathryn warned as she bound Sian's ankles with yet another zip tie. With both girls tired--one from torture, the other still groggy, their didn't put up any resistance as the van moved off but suddenly stopped.


"Siammmmmwp?" Charlie called through the duct tape they pasted over her mouth.


"Chmmlimeee," her friend responded, trying to rub her wrist bonds.


"Whmmha. Whermmmmwhe."


"Dmmmn, wmm," Sian started shifted her knicker clad waist and kicked at the door. Finally, it gave way. "Charlimmmm!" She cried and slowly both bound girls shifted and slide their way out out of the van. They had just managed to get out when they heard a loud 'boom' in the distance. Sian soon caught up with her friend and twisted her wrists so that she could peel off the tape and Charlie spat out her dirty tights and knickers.


"Let me see," it took much longer before Sian's panel gag was undone and saliva dripped down both their chins.


"Oh my god, they actually blew up our house," Sian cried, dropping down on the ground, unable to balance with her bound limbs.


"Blew?" Sian explained what she heard from their not-so-nice landlady. "See, I told you we would be bound and gagged again."


"You didn't tell me I would be placed in a nappy with my best knickers and tights ruined!"


"Hey ok, shall we just try to get out of here?"







"You know, it's kind of better to get our awards via the mail, Sian commented. "I didn't want to do all that Harry Potter-ish gown, kneeling and bowing anyway."


"Neither did I," Charlie said. "But luckily our stuff was insured. The other housemates weren't so lucky and lost all their stuff."


"Yeah, oh hey, here's the taxi," Sian waved and the driver courteously carried her oversized bags--she bought more stuff using the insurance money--into the boot.


"We're going to the airport," Charlie announced.


"Oh no you two aren't," the driver turned to show the face of the earlier intruder, Jonathan.


THE End.         









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