The Lucky Victims, Unlucky Man









"Pint of Heineken, please," I told the lady behind the bar. She smiled and yanked the lever for my drink. Blonde, short hair, about five two or five, wearing the prescribed dark shirt and dark jeans skirt, with opaque tights. You look lovely darlin', I thought and passed her a large bill, telling her to keep the change. "Thank you very much, sir," she said in her high pitched accent. Oh don't I love it when I'm called sir.

I chose a rather dimly lit corner of the pub with the nearest patron at least 3 tables away. That was perfect since I didn't fancy the world to hear what I would be talking about. Just as I took my first sip, my long time friend and "teacher" entered the establishment. "Marty, Marty over here," I called.

He did come over, eventually, with a single malt whisky in hand. "You literally revealed me to the whole joint," he growled before giving me a hug.

"No one bothered to notice. Besides, it's not even you real name."

He grunted. "Still, don't you do that again. I've taught you well enough."

"But why do you so glum? I can tell you are; you're usually in high spirits."

"Because of my recent misfortunes", he grumbled, taking a huge gulp of beer.


I raised my eyebrows with curiosity. "Okay," he began, "here's four recently cases where the girls were lucky victims:

Case One: The "not bound" girl.


I had planned my materials--ropes, tape, cloth etc – and they were all to hand. Entering the house was a breeze, especially since the alarm system was an old model and the doors weren't exactly double locked. I headed directly for my target's bedroom and – well, ten minutes and I had subdued her with little resistance and wound a huge piece of tape around her lower jaw. Just as I was about to yank her arms to bind them behind I heard her yelp rapidly through the tape gag. "Shut up lady," I grumbled but the muffled noise came through. Sighing, I yanked off the tape.


"Listen, you make more noise and you gag will be worse," I threatened.


"Please, please don't tie my hands. I just recovered from a fractured arm and wrists..." It was then I looked closely and her arms and wrists. I wasn't any expert in medicine, but I myself had broken my arm once before--before I started my unlawful business. "Please, don't aggravate the broken area; I don't want to wear a sling and cast again."

"I make the rules here lady," I grunted, and then spied something on the floor. "Open wide," I said as I picked them up.  Well, she refused but I managed to get the tights--dirty or clean I didn't care--and used it as a mouth stuffing along with a fresh round of tape. Her legs seemed ok, so I bound her ankles and knees, spying her crotch knickers under her nightie. Her upper arms seemed ok so I loosely bound them together and then once she looked ok, I placed her in her toilet and proceeded to gather her valuables.


"Wow," I remarked to Marty after hearing that, lucky girl, wrist free because of her medical condition.

"That wasn't the only case," Marty grumbled.


Case Two: Unable to silence.


This time the target was a young nurse. Nurses usually don't make much money or hold valuables, but this hit wasn't my plan; I was helping to kidnap her for a friend who had bigger plans for her. I lurked just outside her flat and spied her immediately as she walked home, still wearing her uniform. The residence was in a side road and it was pretty dark in the evening, setting the ideal environment for a capture.


It all seemed fine, even despite her kicking and struggling, as I dragged her to my van. Inside, I quickly secured her wrists with zip ties, gave her a firm round of breast bondage and yanked down her tights before securing her ankles and knees with more zip ties. Just as I was about to get her mouth open and stuff it with the hosiery, she shook her head. "Now be a good nurse and take your medicine," I said.


"Please, please don't gag me," she squirmed against the bonds.


"Open your bloody mouth," I repeated,


"I've... I’ve a bad sore throat," she pleaded and it was then I noticed her hoarse voice. "Look, I even have a puffer in my pocket." Sure enough, one of those compact little puffers fell out. "Please, I don't want to suffocate or have anything terrible..."

"Oh shut up, literally," I commanded, then wound a black roll of cloth around her head, blindfolding her. The next best option for a gag was to put her in an area which would muffle any call for help. In my van, that was only a box that seemed large to fit a small human. Rolling her into a foetal position, I finally managed to get her in. "Shut up and stay there. You'll live."

I gunned the engine and headed off to the pre-arranged point. Less than ten minutes in, even over the noise of the engine, I could hear sounds coming from the box. So I pulled into a secluded alley, opened it and with a really threatening voice, I said, "nurse, I said to keep quiet! Or I'll still gag you, sore throat or not. Got it?" She did and I delivered a victim, not gagged to my friend.



"That's risky," I commented.


"Yeah, but really, if I had a suffocated girl on my watch, it would be worse."

"Could there be anyone else who couldn't be gagged or bound?"


“You had to ask, didn’ ya...”


Case 3: Girls just wanna (not) be able to have fun


This time it was two girls that would be the victims, because their father owed my friends money and the only way to make him pay up was to threaten him with pictures of his girls. As with case one, it was easy to jam the house security system and enter the residence. Finding the girl's room was easy, since there was loud rock and indie music playing. Even with one versus two, the girls were easy thrown to the ground, thanks to my trusty older taser.

"Ok you," I pointed at the first girl, Sian. "Take off your undies."


"What?! No...No..." I fired a taser shot, deliberately missing. "Now!"


"Please, Mister, I've having my period..."


"What?" Then my mind clicked. It was the beginning of the month....


"Drop your skirt and prove it," I ordered and the frightened girl did so. Indeed, she was wearing a pad with her dark blue knickers. "That doesn't mean squat to me. Take off the rest of your clothes and don't tell me no." Her face grew red as she removed her halter top. "Bra too. I said all clothes."


With Sian topless, I ordered her other sister, Carys, to bind her wrists, arms and ankles with zip ties, then told her to pick a pair of undies out from her drawer. I really wanted her to taste dirty underwear, but clean would so. "Stuff it in her mouth and tape it well."

With that done, Carys looked at me, shaking. "Strip" was all I said.




"Shut the hell up or I'll do it for you!" Soon enough, her clothes were naked on the ground and she stood stark naked, giving me a slight erection with her larger boobs. "Take your undies and put it in mouth," I told her. But her mouth was quite small, leaving the undies sticking out. I took over but the panty gag did look weird. Minutes later, that girl was bound as well, with a crotch rope tingling her clit. Now for the video...





"So, one with fractured arm, one with cough or asthma, one with period and another with a small mouth," I summarised it for Marty.

"Yeah, lucky victims, unlucky me."








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