Post-IB Blues


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"Yay, it's the end of IB!" screamed the graduate students of Solihall High, a private boarding for middle to upper class children. It was not just for local children but had a large number of international students, who improved not just their English standards but were talented in various subject areas. One such student was Chan Mei Ling, the daughter of a famous Hong Kong businessman and a South Korean mother. She had beaten both British and international students in all the science subjects and Geography. Due to the nature of her name, most students and teachers would just call her Mei, but she would often correct them that her 'first name' was 'Mei Ling'.


The only local student who was nearly as clever as Mei Ling was Louisa Richards, a blonde girl with facial features almost Asian in looks--she would literally slap people if they thought she was mixed race. The daughter of a rising civil servant, Louisa--never called Lou--was top in all the humanities subjects and biology.


It was the end of the International Baccalaureate (IB) tests which all the graduating students took and it was an understatement that every student was happy. Mei Ling and Louisa were elated because their predicted IB scores were almost perfect, thus allowing both girls to enter top-ranking universities. This was where the similarities would end for both.


"So, thinking about Oxbridge schools, Louisa?" Mei Ling asked. Both girls were in their school uniform, which was compulsory for all students regardless of year or age. For the girls, it was a translucent long-sleeved blouse and blue and green checked skirt. Since it was November, both girls were also in 70 denier tights, the classic thickness prescribed by the school. Since it was the official end of their schooling life at Solihall, students would be writing names or drawing graffiti on their shirts and blouses. Louisa, having finish her drama class, had a T-shirt under her blouse.


"Yup, Mr Harrison and Ms Taylor sent huge reference letters to both, as well as LSE, KCL and..." Louisa rattled off some other top universities which she applied for either history or philosophy. "Aren't you doing the same? Or are you thinking about crossing the pond?"


"My parents, especially my dad, seem to prefer US colleges," Mei Ling replied. "My brother in currently in UCLA."


"Aw shucks, I thought we would be able to study together, and live together," Louisa replied.


"There's always ..." Mei Ling's words were cut off as the Student President announced that the end of year party would be shifted back to the evening due to logistical difficulties. "Ah, damn just when I thought everything would be picture perfect," moaned Louisa.


"Speaking of pictures, hey there's a photographer. C'mon babe, let's have one!" The East Asian student practically dragged her friend over to the photographer who was taking numerous photos of various students, in pairs and groups. After more than two hours of wait, Louisa and Mei Ling finally got a spot in front of a farm fence.


"One,!" the photographer called. Both girls did so, with Mei Ling clutching a marker in her left hand and Louisa her mobile phone in her right.


"One more," the dark-suited man called.


"Wait, I think a bee stung my neck," Louisa called.


"Here, let me check," Mei Ling commented but she too felt a prick on her neck and suddenly both girls collapsed. A dark blue van quickly rolled up in front of them and both unconscious girls were quickly deposited in side. With students chatting away, no one seemed to notice the van or the girls and assumed it was just another vehicle entering and now exiting the premises.






"Meilmmmmph! Meimmmph!" Louisa cried muffled cries. It was hours later when Louisa awoke. She found herself in some smelly semi-dark shed, lying down, her wrists bound with nylon rope behind her back, her ankles also rope bound and her school tie wrapped between her teeth, muffling her cries.


"Whmmm, Lommm!"   Mei Ling, who was similarly bound and gagged, answered from her position lying across the room. Both girls continued to wail at each other and then the half Hong Kong, half South Korean girl started rolling towards her friend. Soon enough both girls were back to back and they were picking at each other's wrist bonds. After much struggling and picking, Louisa's wrists were freed and she quickly undid Mei Ling's rope.


"Argh!" both girls cried as they yanked their now saliva-soaked school ties out of their mouths.


"Where the heck are we? What happened?" Louisa cried.


"Got to be some sort of kidnapping. Hurry, get your ankles free. Whoever did this may be back." Once free, the girls felt the darkened walls until they found a door but it was locked from the outside and both of them simply could push open the door.


"Maybe there's another way..." Before Mei Ling could say 'out' she heard an electric buzz and collapsed once again.


Another few hours later, it was her turn to awake but her groan was much softer this time. It wasn't long before the just turned-eighteen-year old found she was bound and gagged again, but in a more intricate manner. Instead of her school tie as a cleave gag, a tube filled her mouth and there was some leather rectangular panel over her lips, with straps locking the device in place. Mei Ling may be a science whizz, but she knew this was a panel gag, something used in adult sex play or bondage.


Her arms and legs were stretched out in a X-shape and her wrists and ankles were now secured to wooden beams with plastic ties. What was the worst was that her school blouse, formerly tied on a bow, was now ripped open to expose her black bra! Again, across the room, Louisa, similarly bound and gagged awoke. Her blouse too was ripped open and the T-shirt she wore underneath was cut open to reveal her beige bra. Louisa was always the conservative girl.


"Welcome ladies," a mechanical voice called and both girls saw two masked men appear. "Welcome to your new home. Tried to escape eh? Sorry about the wet undies. The stun device temporarily stopped all your nervous systems. Lucky it's only pee." Both girls then realised their knickers and tights were damp with urine, so embarrassing. If that wasn't enough, each thug moved over and started caressing the girls’ boobs, first fondling their bras and then reaching underneath and pinching their nipples. Both girls moaned from their fright and this sexual pleasure until suddenly, sirens were heard.


"Quick, cut them lose and take one girl, I'll take the other." Neither girl could resist as each was carried on the shoulder of one thug each. Louisa found herself back in the same van while Mei Ling was flung down on some lorry and covered with a canvas bag. Both vehicles drove off madly in different directions and the lorry with Mei Ling entered a small dilapidated cottage.


Mei Ling was this time bound with zip ties to a dusty wooden chair, her blouse further ripped apart and her school skirt removed. "Stay here!" the thug yelled then disappeared. Mei Ling immediately struggled but tipped the chair so much that it fell down with a huge muffled 'ow'.


This is a great post-IB celebration she thought bitterly then heard a door creak open. She thought it was the kidnapper returning until she saw a figure in the same uniform as hers. It was Jonny, one of her classmates and actually one which she detested the most. "Sssh," he said then lifted the chair up and slowly undid the panel gag. Mei Ling managed not to cough but saliva drooled down her chin. Jonny then used a pocket knife and managed to cut away her bonds. Both students managed to reach the doorway when the thug sprung out from behind and tackled Mei Ling.


"No, you don't!" Jonny yelled but before he could strike the kidnapper, he was pushed down on the ground. Just before the kidnapper could draw out his taser, the cry 'Police' was heard a shot rang out.


Hours later, Mei Ling and Jonny left the hospital. Louisa had suffered some concussion but was generally fine; the police had to force her captor's vehicle to a sudden stop. "You know, I know you hate me Mei," Jonny began,


"Mei Ling. My gosh, can you never get it right?" She corrected.


"Sorry, Mei Ling. I know this was partly my fault since I post pictures of you two on," he braced himself for a slap but it never happened.


"What, you want a 'Thank You'?" Thank you for coming to rescue me," Mei Ling continued.


"I was wondering if, I was wondering if, no let me rephrase that, would you like to be my date for the Prom?" In response, he received a huge and kiss but above, the CCTV suddenly moved.



The End.







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