"I think I have it figured out how he does it," Randi said back in the dressing room she shared with Phyllis, the other of Mecronon the Magician's assistants.     "Instead of pulling against the rope, you move laterally. That way you get free and it's impossible to tie you up."


Phyllis glanced over at Mecronon's newest employee. Once she had thought about being a magician or an escape artiste herself, but it was too much trouble.  Randi's youthful enthusiasm revealed that she had been out of high school for less than a year. Mecronon hired her for the way she looked in the costume, not for her brains. Her youth made her foolhardy.


"You don't know what you're talking about." was all the blonde would say.


"Yes I do! I read all about it!"


"Have you tried it?"


"No" she said slowly. That put the beautiful brunette on the defensive.


Randi's brown tresses were formed into a ponytail to keep her long hair out of her eyes on stage. She pulled it over her left shoulder to comb it as she thought of a suitable reply.


Suddenly she jumped up. "Here!" She tossed a rope on the vanity before Phyllis. As the blonde turned toward her, the buxom teenager put her hands together in front of her. "Tie my hands together. I'll show you that I know what to do."   Randi's bubbling enthusiasm got on her nerves. It would be fun to tie her up so she couldn't move, then leave her for a while. That would teach her a lesson.


"Why just the hands? Let me tie you up completely."


"Well I don't know.."


Phyllis turned her back to the mirror to remove her stage make-up. "If I were you I wouldn't. You don't know what you're doing."


The trap was set and the lovely brunette blundered right in.


"Okay tie me up completely"


Phyllis suppressed her smile. She didn't want Randi to know just how much she was going to enjoy this.


"How about a bet on it? Twenty dollars says you can't escape."




Randi found a couple of tens in her purse. When she came back Phyllis had a twenty in a jar. Once Randi had her money in she put the jar on a shelf where the janitor wouldn't find it.


"I'll meet you in the storeroom in about five minutes"


"Oh I thought you'd do it here"


"Here? People are always coming in here. You don't want any help do you?"




"Okay go back to the storeroom" Phyllis took the ropes and scarves from the trunk. She had worked with Mecronon long enough to know what to do. It followed logically that since she knew how to bind him so he could escape, she could bind Randi so she couldn't. She found the young brunette pacing back and forth in the small room.


"Can we get started with this?"


"Sure stand still over there by the chair with your hands behind your back"


Randi twisted her head round to look at Phyllis as she put both her hands behind her back. Once Phyllis had tied the end of a rope to the brunette's left wrist with a pair of half-hitches, she moved her hands about so the backs were together. Four times she looped the rope about them before passing it between her arms and hands twice. With her left hand she grabbed Randi's left forearm to provide leverage as she pulled with her right hand. As the last two loops became smaller they drew the slack from the four loops around her wrists, gradually making them tighter until Phyllis was certain Randi could not escape. She continued to pull even after that so the ropes were extra tight and secured the end to Randi's right forearm with a clovehitch. She studied her handiwork as she stood back. With all the slack drawn from the rope there was no way Randi could slide her hands out of the loops, and both knots were placed where she could not reach them.  "Sit down on the chair"





As Randi struggled down she tested her bondage, discovering just how secure her ropes were. For the first time the lovely teenager began to suspect she was in over her head. So concerned was she with her bonds that she paid no attention to Phyllis. The blonde had tied a yellow silk scarf into several simple overhand knots so there was a large knot of silk in the middle.


"Open up "


"Hey you didn't say anything about gagging me"


"You don't think I'm going to let you get those knots free with your teeth, do you?"


That plan of escape hadn't occurred to Randi. She supposed if she tried really hard she could get her bottom between her arms so her hands would be in front so she could undo the knots with her teeth. 


"They did this to Houdini all the time " Phyllis wasn't sure of the truth of that statement, but guessed Randi wouldn't know either. 


"Well okay.." Randi agreed doubtfully.


Phyllis stood behind her captive with her head tilted around so she could see when Randi complied with her order. Holding the ends of the scarf she raised it in the air over the brunette's hair, moved it forward, and lowered it so it passed in front of her captive's face. When she pulled her hands back the ball of silk disappeared into Randi's open mouth. Since her long tresses were already formed into a ponytail, it was easy to secure the ends behind her head in a square knot under her hair. She wanted Randi's hair free, she had plans for that later.


Taking a second scarf she rolled it into a column an inch in diameter before tying it about Randi's head so it too went into the luscious captive's open mouth on top of the ball of silk from the first scarf. She tied a third scarf across the same way so the teenager’s mouth was filled with silk. She then folded a fourth scarf so it was three inches wide. This covered Randi's mouth completely. Phyllis figured that four scarves would muffle any cries Randi might make so no one would hear her. Randi was in no position to protest, but she was beyond being able to use her teeth to undo the knots. The first scarf accomplished that. What Phyllis succeeded in doing with the other three scarves was to insure she could not make more than a muffled grunt.


"Lean forward so I can tie your arms"


With her hands securely bound behind her back Randi saw no need for more ropes. She leaned forward anyway, what more could she do? Phyllis tied a slipknot in the end of a long rope and dropped the loop over Randi's shoulders letting it drop until it was just under her large bosom. Twice she looped the rope about her captive's upper arms and body before pulling it tight. She saw the rope dig into the brunette's arms, pinning them against her body. Randi grunted a complaint but Phyllis did not have to listen to her as she tied it tight. Randi turned her head round for some type of mercy as Phyllis got another rope. This was used just like the other, only it passed around the captive's body over her large bosom.


"Stand up"



Randi tried turning round once she was standing but Phyllis twisted her about so her back was towards her. She tied one end of a rope to Randi's left arm near the wrist, passed it around the teenager's slender waist to the other side where she looped it round the right arm. She passed it back to the left arm across her tummy before tying it off. The ends she passed down between her legs and through her wrist ropes then back to her stomach. Tied off this kept Randi's hands pressed firmly against her lower back and she could now move no part of her arms at all.


"Sit down so I can bind your legs"


Randi's eyes asked if all this was necessary but Phyllis wasn't watching. She was too busy getting a further rope as she knelt beside the bound brunette and pulled her legs so they stretched out before her. She started with the lower thighs immediately above the knees. After looping both ends of the rope twice about Randi's legs so there was a total of four loops about them she changed direction so one end passed between her captive's thighs and the other between her calves. Twice she did this before pulling on them, causing the rope to dig into the soft flesh of the brunette's thighs. A square knot secured the rope in place.


She sat on the floor at Randi's feet to bind her ankles. Using the same process she quickly had four loops about her legs just above the ankles.  When she pulled the second set of loops tight before tying the square knot she had the teenager's legs so securely bound together that she could not separate them a fraction of an inch. Movement was out of the question. All the ropes were pulled so tight they hurt Randi's soft young body but she could not protest because of the gag. Phyllis could not care anyway. Randi continued to sit helplessly as the blonde set a padded bench before her in the middle of the room.


"Hop over here and kneel on this"


Randi tried to get up but found to her chagrin she could not. All she could do was sit there until Phyllis came over to help her up. She hopped to the bench with the older women holding her to keep her from falling over. She watched in enforced silence as the blonde took another rope. She thought Phyllis was going to tie her to the bench but could not see how that would make her more helpless. She accepted the fact that she was not going to escape from this bondage, she was going to stay tied until Phyllis decided to let her go.


The blonde tied the middle of the rope around the rope between her wrists and then formed a small loop by tying a knot halfway down the ends.


"Sit back on your legs"


As Randi lowered her bottom toward her ankles the blonde pulled the ends of the rope about the rope between her ankles. When she tied the ends together the knot on the other side was pulled snug. When Randi tried to raise her bottom she found she could rise only as far as the rope allowed. She would have to remain kneeling in that position. Her beautiful brown eyes widened in terror as her captoress rolled the frame over. The device was aluminium about ten feet high and ten feet wide. It was lightweight but sturdy as buttress supports made it impossible to tip over. When Phyllis pushed the lever down with her foot to raise the wheels under the base the frame was solid. Randi knew from experience it could support hundreds of pounds and now she was underneath it. She wondered what possible use Phyllis could make of it.


There was nothing she could do but continue to kneel there helplessly as Phyllis tied one end of a rope to her right arm near the shoulder. The other end she tied to a ring on the top right of the frame. She moved to Randi's left to repeat the process. Phyllis next went to work on her captive's waist. A rope about her right wrist was then attached to a ring on the frame about six feet off the floor. Again this was repeated on the left side. A further rope was tied around her right thigh at the top by her groin and tied to the same ring six feet up, followed by the same on the left.


Phyllis stood in front of the helpless teenager, hands on hips, a broad grin on her face as she studied her handiwork with the ropes.


"So far so good" she mumbled to herself.


Randi tried to protest as the blonde pulled the bench out from under her. Phyllis laughed at Randi's efforts to get her to stop. Grunting and wriggling about were all she could do as she was so completely tied up. The six ropes supported her weight so she hung there in the air, her knees and feet about two feet off the floor. She tried to lower her feet to the floor, but all she succeeded in doing was cause the rope to dig into her wrists. She could not get them to the floor. Phyllis walked about her captive inspecting the ropes suspending Randi in the air making certain all bore an equal share of the weight. If all had equal tension Randi would not be able to move at all. Selecting one more long rope she tied the middle tight just below her knees, the ends stretched down to the frame base near the floor.


"Just a couple more things and I'll be done. Then you can escape."


Randi watched as the blonde picked up the final rope. She twisted her head round to watch as Phyllis moved behind her. She disappeared from sight when she was directly behind her because her bondage made it impossible for Randi to move anything but her head. Phyllis tied a slipknot in the end of her rope before removing the elastic band which held Randi's long brown hair in the ponytail. She used both hands to bunch the teenager's tresses together on top of her head. Randi tried to twist about to see what Phyllis was doing but the grip the blonde had pulled the roots. Randi didn't try too hard; there was nothing she could do anyway.


Phyllis fitted the long brown hair through the loop and pulled it tight. Randi knew then what she intended to do to her but was unable to stop it. With a firm grip on the lovely teenager's hair Phyllis tossed the end of the rope over the top of the frame. When she had hold of the end she let go of the hair. She could control her merely by pulling on the rope. Quickly, she tied a hitch in the rope around the frame, and stepped in front of her captive to finish the job.

"Comfy Randi?" As she pulled down on the knot the tension increased in the rope. The lovely teenager could not move her head without pulling her hair. When she was certain Randi could not move her head she gave a final tug to make the captive just that bit more uncomfortable. Randi tried to stretch her body out even further to take the tension off her hair. There was still some feet of rope left so Phyllis wound this under her jaw and up over the crown of her head a couple of times then tied it off. This stopped Randi opening her mouth any wider


The blonde pulled the chair up in front of the helpless girl.


"Well what are you waiting for Randi? Go ahead and escape." Randi grunted a couple of times through her gag causing the blonde to laugh. "What's wrong? Is little Randi all tied up and helpless? I guess dumb little Randi doesn't know what she's talking about, does she?" Randi could not answer because of the gag. 


"Do you want me to let you go?" The answer to that was "YES" but she could not answer. She could not even nod her head. " Do you know what I think? I don't think you have yet learned your lesson. I think you need some more time so I'll give you lots more time to escape"


Phyllis had finished with the ropes but was not yet finished with the bondage. She picked up one final long silk scarf which she used as a blindfold tying it about the teenager's head three times over her eyes.


"If you can get free you can have the money in the jar. If not it belongs to me. I'll come back later, say  before the matinee tomorrow afternoon. That's twelve hours. I'll let you into a secret, Mecronon tied me up like this but you're getting off lightly; he left me for a sixteen hours and I could not get free."


Suddenly they both heard Mecronon calling "Phyllis, Randi where are you. I'll buy you dinner." 


"Oh sorry you miss out unless you escape Randi" whispered the blonde and gently kissed her cheek. "Good luck, see you soon I don't think"  


"Coming Mecronon be right with you "She called.


Randi could see nothing because of the blindfold even before Phyllis turned off the lights. She heard the door close and the sound of a padlock being attached outside as Phyllis started chattering to Mecronon."Just storing some things away and tidying up. I don't know where Randi's gone though perhaps she's got tied up doing something else. Shall we leave her a note to say where we've gone."


Randi was thinking that the padlock meant no one would be able to find her until Phyllis produced the key and as long as the door was locked no one had any reason for coming in there, and of course no one knew she was in there. She tried to apply what she had read. What she discovered immediately was that she could not move her hands at all. There were ropes all about her wrists, arms and body, making it impossible for her to move anything with the exception of her feet and hands. She tried jerking down once again on her legs but all she did was hurt her hands again as the ropes dug into her soft flesh. The rope was securely tied to her wrists and her wrists were bound to her body. Every time she jerked down she just hurt herself. She could only hang there, suspended in midair like one of Mecronon's illusions but beautiful Randi knew her bondage was no illusion. Soft silk filled her mouth and covered her eyes whilst harsh ropes dug into her soft flesh. She was completely and helplessly a captive. She knew what it was to be totally helpless. She was in complete bondage until the blonde came to free her hours from then. Each minute seemed an hour, she could only hang there.


She tried to call out when she heard the footsteps in the hall. Whoever it was paused to inspect the new padlock. The night guard saw the new padlock and wondered who had put it on. Still it was none of his business so he continued on his rounds. He heard no sounds from the room. Nothing interesting happened on this job.


Inside the room Randi stopped her well muffled grunts when the footsteps moved away. She wondered what time it was.






(C) Chas Spencer 1998




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