The Red Widow – Part 1









It was the sound of the twittering birds that woke Sarah up on the Monday morning as she snuggled against her partner, and she relaxed in her waking reverie as the dawn light crept across the bed. It’s so good to get back to normal after the recent incidents in our lives, and I’m thankful for the help that I received at home with the family. The people here are just as much family though, as they are equally important in my life. Thoughts ran through her mind of her return to the USA and the couple of missions that she had completed since then, which showed that she was back on her form.

As she lay there, her rest was interrupted as a peculiar feeling in her stomach appeared, and she knew from experience what was going to happen next. It can’t be, that’s the third time that I’ve felt ill this week. I’d better hurry to the toilet before I’m sick. She left the bed and exited the room as the feeling of nausea as queasiness built up inside her, and she just about made it to the toilet and put her head over the bowl when the inevitable happened.

After she finished and raised her head up, there was a voice behind her. “A glass of water to clear your mouth of anything that remains, and here’s some milk to remove any residual taste.” The woman stood up, turned around and saw Brian there with two glasses.

“I’m so sorry Brian, I didn’t want to wake you up this time.” Sarah said as she took hold of the glass of water, and took a large sip which was swirled around the inside of her mouth before it was spat into the toilet bowl. This was repeated several more times by the lady, who flushed the bowl so that the contents were disposed of.

“Sarah, there is no way that you could left the bed without waking me up. Even if you were at the other end of the room and completely quiet, I can still know that you were moving and where you were. It’s part of our joint heritage, so to speak.” He took the glass of water from his love, and handed her the milk which she sipped in small amounts, so that any taste of bile in her mouth could be countered. “Maybe it’s time that we should contact Miss Smith, as this is the third day in a row that you have been sick, so we can’t put it down to the last curry that you had enjoyed. Could you have been called back to active duty too early, and it has put undue stress on your body?”

“I’m fine, my love, and I only throw up once in the mornings, so it cannot be that.” Sarah said as she embraced her partner and noticed that he was wearing his black boxers. “However, it would be good to arrange a meeting with Miss Smith, just to make sure that everything is okay. I know that she will be at the laboratory all day, and she still looks for a way to better control my condition amongst her other research. The best time to call her will be after nine o’clock, because that’s when she starts work. Perhaps you can leave a call on the answer machine at her lab, so that she knows that we will be coming in today.”

The glass of milk was handed back to Brian, who went downstairs to make the telephone call while Sarah made her way back to their bedroom, and she moved a photograph that was hanging on the door before entering and sitting down on the bed. That should be a sign for some fun when Brian comes back upstairs. There was the sound of her partner’s voice as he made the call, and when it was completed, she could almost sense his movement back up the stairs, with a pause that was just outside the bedroom.

Even though he moved without noise and she had her back to him, she knew that he moved to the drawers and picked a few items up from the top before he made his way towards her, which caused her to tremble in her anticipation of the game to come. She turned her body and head away from Brian so that he would be able to approach the bed without her seeing him, and he stopped about six inches away from her.

“Who’s there, what’s going on- ulp!” Her questioning was silenced as a large rubber ball was inserted into her mouth, and in an instant she found herself pressed face down on the bed with her arms pinned to her sides as he knelt on top of her. You and Chloé are the only people who can truly make me an actual captive, and I feel so helpless right now. The straps of the gag were pulled around the sides of her face, and tightened to their fullest extent before they were buckled together at the back of her head. As she closed her eyes, a length of cloth was placed over them which was tied off at the back of her head so that it would act as a blindfold.

The arms that were pinned by her side were placed so that the forearms were parallel to each other, which created a form of box shape and a rope bound her right wrist to her left elbow, along with her right elbow to her left wrist, before it was cinched and tied off. A very long piece of cord was used to bind her upper arms to her chest, above and below her breasts, and this tie was cinched between her arms and her body so that the loops would be more secure. The helpless lady was turned over so that she was on her back, and she was positioned so that her head was on the pillows before her legs were spread wide apart so that her ankles could be secured to the corresponding corners of the bed.

This is always so wonderful, I am helpless and at your mercy, and the process of binding me has already left me greatly aroused. Even though she was blindfolded, she could almost see where he was on the bed and the woman gasped as he planted little kisses on her neck while placing soft caresses on the mounds of her breasts. Soon, the kisses migrated down her chest and between her breasts while the tips of his fingers traced a path down to just above the Mound of her intimacy. Her heartbeat hastened as kisses tantalised the mounds of her left and right breasts, and she attempted to arch her back in order to offer her body to him as he applied a stroking pressure to her Mound of Venus.

More kisses were landed on the bound lady’s areola, with them creating a circle of pleasure as there was a gentle touch along the tops of the ridges of her valley, and moans escaped her gagged lips as the fire of her lust was enflamed. There was a deeper exploration of her valley with his fingers as the tip of his tongue teased her erect nipples, which caused her to writhe on the bed in her pleasure and she hoped that he would satisfy her soon. There were little twitches in her hips as he caressed her depth, and the playful biting and sucking of her nipples caused her to try and force her body against his so that she could obtain the release that she craved so much.

Just when it seemed that the helpless lady was about to explode with pleasure, Brian stopped and pulled back from Sara, leaving her in a state of extreme denial. Please, my love, I need you so much! Don’t leave me suffering like this, right on the edge of bliss. The captive struggled as much as she could in her bondage, but she was unable to get any of the strength that she could use to free herself as her lover watched.

You are the only man in the world who can do this to me, as anyone else would have succumbed to my charms by now. Please fulfil me! There were shrieks through the gag as Sarah communicated her plight to the man who had complete control over her, and she thrust her hips up in the vain hope of pressing herself against him. There was another feeling at the ridges of her valley, and she screamed with pleasure as he filled her cup of joy which was followed by a gentle sliding of his staff in and out of her.

More, faster, harder! The thrusts by Brian increased in speed and intensity as time went on, and she responded as best she could by pressing her hips up in unison with his movements so that she could gain the maximum pleasure from their joining. Soon, she reached the point where she was right on the edge, and another increase in the thrusts from her lover was enough for her to reach the peak of her desire. Oh yes, Yes, YESSSS! All other senses and feelings were ignored as the pure joy of orgasm swept through her body.

Sarah was roused from her reverie by the smell of meat in the air, meat that had a little extra something added by Brian that made it the most delicious meal in existence, and she noticed that her gag had been removed so that she would be able to eat. She accepted the first morsel which was chewed and swallowed before she realised just how hungry she was. “More, my love, I need more.” It wasn’t long before all of the meat had been devoured, and even then there were still small pangs in her stomach because her hunger wasn’t yet sated.

“Oh my-. Sarah, something’s happening! I think that we need to get you to Miss Smith as soon as possible!” There was a fumbling at the back of Sarah’s neck as the knot of her blindfold was untied, and it took a few seconds after the cloth was removed for her to see what was happening.

The pheromone lamps were glowing pink.

“I think that waiting until noon to see Miss Smith may not be a good idea, so I will call the answering machine again and let her know what is happening.” Brian said as he removed the ropes that held the love of his life captive.

“I’ll call Anne and Chloé, as they’ll want to know about any changes that are going on.” Sarah said, and as soon as she was free, Brian went downstairs to call the laboratory while she picked up her smart-phone. “Anne, it’s Sarah here. Could you make your way to the lab please? It’s just that something has changed and we need to get it checked out. Is there any possibility of you picking Chloé up from the school? I think that she starts early today and she normally keeps her phone off when she is in the library. Thanks, I’ll tell you the details when we meet you there.”

“I’ve called the lab so that Miss Smith should be expecting us when she gets to work.” They got dressed in a speedy manner, with Brian dressing in white shirt, black trousers, socks and shoes, while Sarah dressed in her grey jogging suit with pink trim and pink trainers.

As they made their way to the black car in front of the farmhouse, Sarah said “I hope that it’s not bad news, especially after the dial going black that time.”

“I’m sure that it will be okay, Sarah. Anyway, we can face it together.” The couple embraced before they entered the vehicle and made their way to the laboratory in the middle of town.

Miss Smith was wearing her hazard suit as she looked at the monitor that contained the readout. “This is puzzling. I am getting conflicting readings from you, and I think that I will only be able to find a result with a chemical analysis of your blood.” Anne was watching from an adjoining room which had a glass partition with the laboratory, while Brian and Sarah were sitting next to each other with Brian hugging his partner with his right arm. The worried woman was rolling up her right sleeve while the doctor took a new syringe and needle out of a sterilised package, and Chloé wondered around the room in an agitated state.

“I hope that this won’t hurt much, Sarah.” The doctor said as she inserted the needle into the woman’s arm and withdrew a quantity of blood.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just a pinprick, and I’ve suffered a lot worse.” Sarah smiled at Miss Smith who placed a swab of cotton wool over the hole which was held down by the patient. The sample was taken over to an unusual looking machine and the blood was injected through a small hole in the device, before the syringe was placed down on a table.

“What is that thing, Miss Smith?” Chloé asked as she took a close look at the new analyser.

“In plain words, it analyses the chemical structure of any material put into it, so it’s similar to a spectroscope but a lot quicker and more effective.”

The librarian took an even closer look at the machine as it started to whirr, and she didn’t notice that she put her right hand down right on top of the syringe, with the needle penetrating her skin. “Will this tell you what is wrong with Sarah?”

“No, but the full chemical readout will give me the ability to make a full diagnosis.” Miss Smith said as she opened a new screen on her monitor so that she could observe the results.

Several minutes passed, and the tension grew with Anne pacing up and down in the next room and Chloé standing to the right of Sarah. The sudden beep increased the nervous feeling in the room, which rocketed up when Miss Smith said “This is impossible! It’s impossible but it’s happened!” She stood up in her chair and turned to face the trio as their faces turned pale.

Sarah was trembling. “What is it Miss Smith, please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong, Sarah. You are in perfect health, at least perfect health for a woman who’s going to be a mother. I think that congratulations are in order.”

This came as a massive surprise to the woman, as this was a result that she had never considered. “You mean that I’m preg-, that I’m pregnant? Are you sure about the results?”

“Quite sure, in fact I was led to almost the wrong conclusion because of some conflicting chemical information, that’s why I had to double-check it with the new analyser. Not only are you expecting, but as far as I can tell, it’s going to be twins, a boy and a girl.”

Chloé developed a puzzled look at her face from this information. “Sarah, you said once that your line only produced a single female? It seems that something has changed, and if one thing has changed, maybe other things have as well.”

Anne looked through the screen and smiled at the mother-to-be. “That’s wonderful, Sarah. Maybe the break in England did you the world of good.” The FBI agent looked puzzled for a moment before she said “That explains it!”

“Explains what?” Sarah asked.

“The night of the- of the rescue. Your watch was alternating between pink and green. I originally thought that there was a malfunction, and the pink was actually supposed to be red. Looking back on it, Brian had calmed you down recently, so that was the moment when you had become pregnant.”

Miss Smith looked at the FBI agent and thought for a moment. “I hope you understand that Sarah cannot go on any missions that involve risk until she has given birth. She has a great responsibility to her children that cannot be ignored.”

“I understand, doctor, I’ll make a report and send it off right now. As soon as I’ve finished, I’ll be up at the farmhouse to congratulate you properly.” Anne walked to the far end of the room, opened up her notebook and started work on typing her report that would be sent to her superior.

By this time, Chloé had her arms around Sarah in a warm hug. “I am so happy for you, as I thought that this was something that was impossible given that you both have altered DNA.”

“It seems that Sarah was the lock and Brian was the key, so they were compatible in that way.” Miss Smith said as she prepared to pull the zip down on her hazard suit. “Anyway, I should give you a congratulatory hug as well.”

“Wait!” Sarah said as she looked down at her watch which was starting to glow red, and this startled the librarian who pulled away from the woman. After a few seconds had passed the watch returned to pink, and the doctor removed her suit, showing her black trousers and white blouse.

“That was probably just a hiccup, you will most likely have changing levels as the pregnancy continues.” Miss Smith said as she gave Sarah a big hug. “I will visit at the end of today, but I have more work to do now, so if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Okay doctor, we shouldn’t be in your way. Let’s go, Sarah, we have a lot of things to work out.” Brian said as he walked towards the door, with his partner walking beside him.

Chloé, what have you done to yourself?” Miss Smith said as she pointed to the drop of blood on Chloé’s right hand. “You stay here and I’ll treat it for you. Goodbye for now, see you later.”

The parents-to-be left the laboratory and Miss Smith walked over to a bright light next to a pole that ran from the floor to the ceiling. “Over here please, Chloé, so that I can treat you. I’m just going to switch off the intercom so that we will not disturb Anne while she’s working.” A switch was flicked by the doctor, and a beep indicated that the intercom to the next room was off, before she picked up a packet of sterile plasters. “Place your hand out, please, Chloé.”

The young lady did as she was requested and a plaster was used to cover the tiny wound left by the needle. “There we are, one perfect young lady kept safe from infection.”

Perfect young lady? You talk as if I am someone who is very special.

Miss Smith picked up a wide roll of white microfoam tape and pulled the end free. “Now, I just have to make you very safe, as you should be.”

You are behaving in a most unusual manner, Miss Smith. Why should I need to be made safe? There was a gasp from the girl’s lips as her hands were grasped by the doctor, and her wrists were crossed before the tape was wrapped about ten times in horizontal and vertical winds around her wrists. “What are you doing to me, doctor?”

“I am making you safe so that you cannot hurt me.” Miss Smith said as she forced Chloé to stand with her back against the pole, and placed the bound hands above the girl’s head before binding her wrists to the pole with more of the tape.

“Miss Smith, stop this! Please let me go.” The librarian’s words were useless as her ankles and knees were taped to the pole by the doctor, who seemed to be almost possessed in her actions. “Help! Someone, please helf-MMMMMM!” Her cries were halted in mid shout as a strip of tape was placed over her lips, and the captive felt as if all of her strength had left her as two more pieces of tape ensured her silence.

“Now that you are unable to attack and eat me, I will mate with you and pleasure you.” Miss Smith planted kisses over Chloé’s gagged mouth as the helpless young lady struggled against her bonds in a futile effort to get free.

Miss Smith, what is wrong with you, you are acting as if I am Sarah. Non, you are acting as if I am The Pink Widow and if I am, it will destroy your mind! That red glow, was it I who caused the change? ANNE, SARAH, BRIAN, HELP!

The lift descended to the ground floor of the building, and the couple were walking through the reception when Sarah halted. “I think that I need to sit down for a few minutes.”

“Why, is there something wrong with you?” Brian asked as he helped Sarah to sit down on a red couch, with him sitting on her left.

“It’s not that, Brain. This has come as a complete shock, and my mind is in a whirl from this revelation. There are so many things to sort out, so many people to tell. I don’t know what to do, as I’ve never done this before.”

Brian smiled. “This may come as a surprise to you Sara, but that has been true of every mother in history. Don’t worry, you have friends and family who can help you through this.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve become all flustered with the situation. Maybe we should start with family, so it would be a good idea to sort out an appropriate time to call Lucinda and Desmond Holderness. It’s only right that they get to hear the news before everybody else.”

“I that case, I would suggest that we telephone them at five o’clock in the afternoon, as it should be midday in England.” Brian cuddled his partner as they began to discuss the arrangements that they would make for the future...

The helpless captive continued in her weakened struggle against the tape that bound her to the pole, and as she turned her head to the left, she could look through the glass as Anne typed away on her laptop. Without looking behind you, you have no idea what is happening in here. Please Anne, get up and turn around!

“You have no idea how beautiful and perfect you are.” The doctor said as she gripped the hem of Chloé’s red sweater and lifted it up until the girl’s black bra was exposed. “I must provide you with your pleasure.” A line of kisses were planted along the bare skin above the bra, and this attention made the captive moan from the teasing that she received from the captor.

Sarah is right, your mind is affected so that you enjoy this, no matter who is doing it to you. As the bound lady looked around the room in order to try and find some means of distraction from the moment, she focused on one of the pheromone lights in the room and as she watched, it changed from pink to red.

Mon Dieu, it is me! But how is it possible? Oh, that feels so good. The front clasp of Chloé’s bra was unhooked, and the cups were pulled away so that her bare skin was exposed along with her already erect nipples that the doctor tantalised with the tip of her tongue. Carry on Miss Smith. Non, you must stop! The needle, I must have been infected when I put my hand down on the needle. But the virus would be unable to work that fast, so there must be something else involved as well. Non, don’t do it.

“Your breasts show that you want this, my helpless mate, so I will continue.” Kisses and playful bites were applied to the captive’s breasts while the woman unbuttoned Chloé’s denim shorts and pulled them down to her knees.

Non, not my tights! The hands of the doctor took hold of the young lady’s red tights and they were pulled down to her mid-thighs, which caused the captive to blush as the most intimate part of her body was exposed. Oh, this is so pleasurable, non, I must try to resist. A tremble went through Chloé’s body as the doctor administered the first caress to the captive’s Mound of Venus, while her right nipple was sucked and bitten by the woman. Her hips twitched as the flame of desire grew in her intimacy, and she wondered if she would be able to maintain her resistance for much longer as she thrust her body at her captor.

My body has taken on a will of its own, which is just how Sarah described her incidents. Please help me someone, before I drive Miss Smith mad! There was a movement out of the corner of her eye, and she turned her head to see Anne close the lid of her notebook, just as the caresses of the captive’s flower started. At last, please turn around so that you can see what is happening in here. The agent rose from her desk, picked the notebook up, and she was nearly at the door when she turned her head to make one last check on the laboratory.

As she looked at the sight in front of her, the agent’s expression changed to astonishment and then horror as Chloé’s plight became visible to her. One quick look down showed that the intercom was off, so she pressed the button so that she was able to speak.

“Miss Smith, what on earth are you doing to poor Chloé?”

“I am mating with her so that she can get the pleasure that she deserves. I know that you want her, so that’s why I switched the intercom off. She belongs to me!”

“Hang on Chloé, I’ll help you.” Anne was just as the door between the two rooms when she spotted the red glow from the lamps. “Wait, I’ll call for help, as I can’t help you.” The agent pulled her phone out of her pocket and said “Priority, Widow!”

The helpless young lady watched as the phone call was made, and she put all of her will to resisting the climax that seemed to be about a minute away.

Sarah was startled as the phone in her pocket began to play the four distinctive notes from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and she was worried when she held the phone to her ear, as she knew that this was an emergency. “Sarah here, what is it? Upstairs to the laboratory, right now?” The woman was already standing on her feet and she was walking to the lift which had just opened on the ground floor. Brian had overheard her remarks, and he was following right behind her as she entered the lift and pressed the button for the floor with the laboratory.

“Okay Anne, I understand, and I’ll tell Brian.” Sarah ended the call and looked at her partner. “Chloé is bound and gagged in the laboratory and she is almost at her peak, Miss Smith is mating with her, and the pheromone lights are red. Anne knows that if she enters the room, Chloé won’t be saved and Miss Smith could be hurt very badly, so it is up to us.”

“Right then, I’ll subdue Miss Smith while you help Chloé. Knowing what you can be like at this point means that freeing her from her bonds is to happen after you pleasure her.” The lift door opened, and Anne was standing by the door.

“Thank goodness you are here, I think that Chloé may only have seconds left.”

The kisses on her breasts and the caresses of her intimacy had driven the captive to almost the point of release, and her mind had surrendered to the desire. Please, take me over the edge and fill me with pleasure, just a little more. Just as the librarian was about to explode with pleasure, the door opened and two people rushed into the room which distracted Miss Smith from her actions. Non, what are you doing, you’ll stop her.

“You can’t have her she’s mine! Chloé is mine to mate with.” Even Brian was surprised for a moment by the ferocity of the doctor’s attack, but he managed to take hold of her right wrist and force her to the floor before taking a zip-tie out of his pocket and binding her wrists together. “I know what you want, you want her for yourself!” A second zip-tie was wrapped around the doctor’s ankles and pulled tight before Brian lifted her over his shoulder and carried her out of the room, closing the door behind him.

By this time, Chloé had become frantic from denial, and she twisted and writhed in her bonds from the exquisite torment that her body was experiencing in her bound state. Please, give me my release. I need to climax! The captive thrust her body at the woman and she put on the best pleading that she could through her eyes. The first kiss on Chloé’s breasts by Sarah sent a shockwave of pleasure through the girl’s body, and she cried out has there was a gentle stroke over the petals of her flower. Make love to me Sarah, please take me to the heights of ecstasy.

The kissing and caressing of the bound lady increased until her lust was taken over the edge, and she screamed as bliss of her climax engulfed her very being.

When her post orgiastic reverie had ended, Chloé noticed that Sarah had put her clothing back into position, and the tape that bound her wrists together was cut apart by a scalpel that the woman was using to free her. “Is Miss Smith okay, Sarah? That was a very close call, and I am puzzled by the fact that I was her target, yet I have never been anywhere near the original virus.” After the tape around the girl’s wrists was unwrapped she was freed from the post, so Sarah removed her watch with the pink face and strapped in onto Chloé’s left wrist, where it began to change to a crimson colour.

“There’s only one way to say this, Chloé, it was you and you must have the virus inside you.” The woman reached into her left pocket, brought out the suppressor aerosol which was sprayed over the young lady, and the librarian watched as her dial colour changed to a glowing green. “That does confirm it, and what we have to do is find out what has happened. However, we should check on the others and see how Miss Smith is doing.”

They made their way out of the laboratory and joined up with the group just outside the lift door, with Miss Smith dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief. “Chloé should be okay now, but I think that we need to find out what has changed inside her.” Sarah said as she comforted the doctor.

The doctor took the cloth away from her eyes and looked up at the FBI agent. “Thank you Anne, had you not made the phone call I would be breaking up right about now with fantasies about being eaten. If everybody gives me a few minutes, I shall put on the suit and start taking samples from Chloé and Sarah.” The doctor put her handkerchief away and walked into the office, leaving the others in the corridor.

Brian turned to Sarah. “I think that I had better not go in there, as something has happened which seems to have terrified Miss Smith. As soon as the chemical effect had stopped, she suddenly burst into tears and said ‘Please don’t do that to me, I’m only a child’ over and over again.”

“As Brian seemed to have a negative effect on her, he stepped back.” Anne said “So I freed her from the zip-ties, at which point she seemed to come back to her senses.”

Sarah looked worried at this news. “It almost sounds as if an old memory has been triggered, one which she is trying to suppress, and being tied up by Brian has brought to the front of her mind.”

“Anyway, my staying here is probably not a good idea right now.” Brian embraced his partner, giving her a long kiss on the lips. “So, I’ll go into town and just wonder around while Miss Smith does her tests. Call me when you want to leave, and I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

Sarah kissed Brian. “I will, but I’d better go in soon as she’ll want to prod, probe and prick me with various devices.” They relaxed the embrace, Brian made his way to the lift and he entered once the doors opened.

“As for me, I’ll wait downstairs as I think that Chloé should be with James for tonight, so I’ll take her to visit him at the university. If she remains in this condition, I’ll arrange to have an apartment set up for them both to live at, as it would be easier to keep an eye on them.”

Chloé put on a brave smile. “I understand, it is going to be safer for others if it is easier for you to monitor my condition, oui?”

“Okay Anne, I’ll see you when Chloé has finished with the testing.” Sarah said as Anne walked towards the lift, while the two unusual ladies made their way back into the laboratory where a tearful and suited up Miss Smith was preparing the equipment for new tests.

“This is going to take until early evening, so you might need to eat or drink in a few hours. It’s okay to contact the lobby, as they can have food sent up.” Miss Smith said to her patients.

There were many tests, some of them long and laborious with the ladies feeling as if they had been poked in places that they didn’t even know existed, and time went on with the final test taking place at around six o’clock in the evening. Anne made herself useful during the day by bringing up food and drink when necessary for the three people in the laboratory, and when the tests were nearly over, she stayed in the room with the other ladies.

“That’s the final test that I can think of for you, Chloé, so maybe Anne should take you to James’s room at the university for tonight. I want you to pick up James and Chloé in the morning and bring them here please, Anne. I have an idea of what is happening, but I need to make a few tests later this evening to be sure.” Miss Smith picked up a spray can of the antidote and handed it to the librarian. “Take this just in case.”

Chloé accepted the item and turned to Anne who said “Come on, Chloé, let’s take you to James so that you can spend the night together. I’ll pick you up bright and early tomorrow, so don’t stay up too late.” After hugs and kisses between Sarah and the young lady ended, Anne left the room with the girl in tow, leaving Miss Smith with Sarah.

“If you don’t mind, Sarah, I’d like to take a large blood sample from you so that I can do some more tests tonight. The doctor said as she unzipped and removed her hazard suit before using a large syringe to withdraw more blood from Sarah, which was placed in a storage unit. “You will need another watch, seeing as Chloé has inherited yours, so to speak. You’ll probably show pink until your children will be born, but it’s better to still have a means of monitoring you.” A cabinet was opened and a watch was picked up by Miss Smith who walked over to her patient.

Sarah turned to her right on the couch, so that it would be easier for Miss Smith to strap the device onto her left wrist, and so the doctor sat facing the mother-to-be, with the watch in her hands. As the strap was placed around her wrist, Sarah looked at the doctor. “I’m sorry about what happened to you today, we didn’t know that you would be scared so much by Brian’s actions.”

There was a firm grip on Sarah’s right hand after the watch was buckled into place. “It’s not Brian’s fault as he had no way of knowing what would happen, and it was preferable to the alternative. Anyway, it was a long time ago, and you need to be going as I have taken up enough of your time.”

Sarah placed her right hand over the hands of the doctor as she looked into her face. “There is plenty of time, and what happens in the past affects the present.” As she looked at the troubled woman, it almost seemed for a moment as if a struggle was going on inside the doctor’s mind, until there was a slow nod.

“When I was a kid, I loved to play cops and robbers. In fact, I used to end up as the damsel in distress, and the others called me ‘Miss Houdini’ because I could get out of most tie-ups that they put me in, so I even challenged the boys to tie me up.”

“This is what led me to the worst and most horrific day of my life. I was playing in the park, wearing white trainers, t-shirt and shorts and I sat down on a bench in a secluded area, when a man in a blue suit sat beside me. He said that he had heard about my exploits as Miss Houdini, but he said that he would be too much of a challenge for me.”

“I was a complete idiot, so I told him to try his best and that I would get out of it. Within minutes, I was lying face down on the bench and tied tighter than I could have possibly imagined, with my hands tied to my feet. He took a roll of tape and wrapped it around my head and my mouth so I couldn’t speak or shout. It was then that he told me that he was taking me away and that mummy wasn’t going to see me ever again.”

“As he picked me up, the pull of the ropes on my limbs turned to agony, and I started to cry. He carried me over to his car, opened the trunk and dropped me in before pushing the lid back down. I was terrified as the car travelled, and after a while he opened the trunk, picked me up and carried me into the house. He took me upstairs and placed me on the bed, and to this day I can smell his breath as he told me of all the games that he was going to play with me, again and again and again.”


Miss Smith burst into tears at this point, and just sobbed for several minutes as she was comforted by Sarah, who noticed that her new watch was almost illuminating the room in a pink light. “Just as he picked up a knife and started to cut apart my t-shirt so that he could start his games, there was a shout of ‘Stop! Police!’ He raised the knife as if to stab me, shots rang out, and I was spattered with blood as his body fell onto me. Someone saw him put me into the car trunk, and the police were already familiar with his location.”

“Ever since then, I’ve had the same nightmare every night, with him standing over me with the knife.” Miss Smith used her handkerchief to dab at her eyes while Sarah hugged her, and the watch returned to its usual pink. “The most insane thing is that I’ve never spoken about this to anyone. Oh, the therapists knew what happened to me, and they always tried to get me to tell them, but I refused as it was too terrifying to tell anyone. Even Melinda Harper, my latest therapist said that I cannot get proper help until I can talk about the incident.”

There was another hug from Sarah, and the doctor stopped crying. “You have spoken to me, Miss Smith, so maybe you can speak to the therapist. Perhaps you should make an appointment for tomorrow, and I’ll come with you so that I can hold your hand.”

“It’s Kayla.” Miss Smith said “You can call me Kayla. I’ve never used the name since that day, which is why Miss Smith has been used.”

“Will you be all right, Kayla. I mean you have gone through quite a revelation this afternoon.”

Kayla smiled. “The weird thing is that I do feel all right, better than I have for a long time. I think that in a way that you have really helped me this afternoon.” She hugged Sarah back and they sat there with their arms around each other, until there was a beep from the phone of the expectant mother.

“That’s probably Brian. Now I have some more experiments to do, and you have to spend time with your partner.” Kayla smiled as she checked the readouts on the monitor. “I’ll see you in the morning, bye for now.”

I can’t see how I could have helped Kayla, but something has changed her, and I think that it’s for the better. Sarah rose from the couch and exited the room before checking her phone.

I’m down in the lobby, are you okay?

Sarah pressed a few buttons on her phone and sent ‘yes’ in reply before entering the lift, and riding it down to the ground floor where she met and embraced her partner. After a long hug, the lady disengaged and said “Don’t ask anything right now, I’ll tell you when we are driving back.” They exited the building and walked over to the parking lot where their vehicle was parked, and they sat down and drove off without a word. As they headed back to the farmhouse, Sarah thought about whether or not she should tell Brian, but she remembered that he understood all about confidentiality anyway.

“I’ll tell you what happened at the end of the tests, as that is the reason why I was delayed.” Sarah recounted the story that the doctor had told her, and then she mentioned the more mundane tests that she had to endure throughout the day.

“Poor Kayla, I must have scared her half to death this morning when I tied her wrists and ankles.” Brian said as he took some grocery bags out of the trunk of the car. “She must have been convinced that I was going to violate her. It’s good that you made her feel better after the ordeal.”

Sarah pressed a button so that the alarm panel was revealed and the correct code could be entered, before the couple entered the house. “I hope that you don’t mind the idea of me going with her tomorrow so that she can see the specialist, but I think that it will help her.”

“I don’t mind at all, I think that you are doing the right thing, after all that’s our job description, to help others. Sometimes, helping someone like this can be just as important as catching the scum of the earth or rescuing people from a burning building.” They walked into the kitchen, and put the shopping items away before entering the living room. “I am curious about how Chloé has suddenly become a Widow. I’m wondering whether or not it was an accident.”

“Perhaps it wasn’t an accident, and that this has happened to Chloé because of an outside agent. After a talk with the Holderness family, I learnt that one manifestation of the Shadow is darkness, and I think that is why I couldn’t see at the moment that I cut my hand on the Sunday night which caused me to become infected with Parlour. Maybe something clouded Chloé’s sight for a second and that is how the needle pierced her skin.” Sarah became thoughtful for a moment “There is also the fact that on the night when everyone was rescued, the Holderness Shadow looked at Chloé and nodded his head. I came to accept my destiny a long time ago, but at the moment it could be unadvisable to mention this to Chloé.”

“I understand, Sarah. Telling Chloé that a ghost might have turned her into a Widow, especially as you are unable to function as one for the time being, may add further troubles to her mind. By the way, I contacted Lucinda and told her that we would be calling her at nine o’clock to have an important talk. I did mention that it would be good news, but I told them that you were busy, and that you would want to tell them first.”

Sarah put her arms around Brian’s neck as she planted a long and tender kiss on his lips. “Thank you, my love. I think that I need to relax before then, but I shall make us something to eat first.”

Brian took Sarah’s hands in his and brought them to his front. “I will see to tonight’s meal, but I will make you comfortable first as my other needs a good rest after today.”

Sarah giggled, as she knew what was meant by ‘making her comfortable’ and she wondered what position she would be placed in. “You are always so kind to me Brian, and that really would help me to relax. Just let me use a moment to get ready.” Sarah went up the stairs in into the bedroom, where she removed her trainers, jogging suit and underwear, and placed them on a chair, along with her watch. “I don’t think that I need this at the moment, so it can stay there.” As she started to walk back out of the room, she caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror and she ran the tips of her fingers over the abdomen. “I’m going to look very different in a few months time, but I don’t think that you will mind, Brian.”

Instead of going back downstairs, she walked into the toilet so that she could have a bathroom break take and a drink out of the bottle of water that was left there just in case she was thirsty or was ill again. A minute later, she made her way downstairs and stood in the middle of the living room, where Brian was waiting with a bag full of pink rope and the pink ball-gag which was a present from Chloé on that fateful week so long ago.

“Open wide, please.” Brian said as he picked up the ball-gag and went behind Sarah, and the lady obliged by opening her jaw as far as she could. The ball was inserted between her lips, and the straps were taken around her head where they were buckled together at the back of her neck, which ensured that the gag was secure.

“Place you hands together in front of you palm to palm.”

The gagged lady did so and her lover used a length of pink rope to wrap and cinch her wrists together, before tying a knot out of reach of Sarah’s enquiring fingernails. It feels so good when you do this to me. A second piece of cord was looped six times around the captive’s elbows, cinched four times and knotted off so that her forearms were parallel. Three more lengths of the pretty rope were used by the man to bind Sarah’s legs below and above the knee, and at the mid-thigh.

You haven’t tied my ankles together yet, I wonder why that is?

If you would like to sit down at the end of the couch, I can finish making you comfortable.” The bound lady walked to the right side of the sofa, and sat down so that the clear space was too her left, and Brian approached her with two more pieces of cord. Her ankles were crossed, and one length was used to wrap and cinch her ankles together in that position, while her hands were brought down to her knees and the second piece bound her wrists to the ropes that were just above her knees which left her arms fixed in position.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m nude and in bondage, this would be a very demure and ladylike position. The helpless lady turned her head away from her partner who gave her a sweet little kiss on her left cheek, and she even blushed a little as she sat on the couch.

“You look very sweet and modest like that, Sarah, but you are a Holderness after all. Now you just rest there while I make dinner.” Brian left the living room and the bound woman moaned as she surrendered to the sensuality of the ropes that restrained her limbs.

Sarah had her eyes closed when Brian entered the room, but by the way his movement had changed, she could tell that he was carrying something in both hands, and the smell of food made her stomach rumble. Her eyes opened as he put the tray down on the table, and she couldn’t wait for him to feed her. Her gag was removed, and put on a table before Brian started the very intimate act of feeding his love who always found this to be a most pleasurable experience. After the meal was over, Brian took the items out except for two bottles of water and a pair of glasses so that he didn’t have to go back and forth for any drinks.

When he sat back down on the sofa, her pulled her over onto his lap, and spent the remaining time kissing and cuddling Sarah until it was nine o’clock, which meant that it was time for the telephone call to England.

It seemed to the bound woman that time had passed by at too great a speed as the clock over the mantelpiece chimed nine, and Sarah was put back on her original position on the couch. “I will use the speaker system on the phone, as it will be easier than to try and place the handset to your ear.” Brain said as he pressed the speed dial button for Lucinda’s number, and the phone rang for several seconds before it was answered at the other end.

“Good evening, Lucinda Holderness here. How may I help you?”

Hi Lucinda, it’s Sarah.”

“Good evening Lucinda, Brian here.”

“Well, how are you both this evening?”

“I’m very well, thank you.” Brian said.

“Well, I’m a bit tied up at the moment.” Sarah said, and she giggled a little after the comment.

“You are such a scandalous member of the family, Sarah.” Lucinda said, with a tone that indicated that this was not serious. “Now, what is this news that you want to tell me? Desmond is next to me and we both want to hear it.”

“Are you both sitting down?” Sarah said “It is good news, but you may want to sit down first.”

“We are already seated.” Desmond said “We are curious about the news.”

“Okay, there’s no way to say this but the direct way.” Sarah took a deep breath “There are going to be two new additions to the family.”

There was silence at the other end of the line for a few seconds until Lucinda replied. “How- How did this happen?”

This was probably not the precise line to say in front of Brian who decided to lighten the moment. “Well, first you have a mummy and daddy, and they love each other very much.”

There was deep laughter on the handset and then another response. “Oh Lucinda, you fell for that one.”

“Okay Brian, I meant how did it happen between you two, given your genetic alterations?”

“I think that we have been compatible, but it’s just not happened until now.” Brian said “Anyway, Sarah is no longer on active duty for obvious reasons.”

“You mentioned two new additions to the family, if I remember the line has only had a single female.” Desmond said “It seems as if things have changed. Is it twin girls?”

Sarah smiled “One will be a girl, but the other is going to be a boy.”

“My, things really have changed.” Desmond said “Have you given any thought about what names you are going to give them?”

It’s okay, Sarah.” Brian said “I’m okay with any names that you will give them.”

“Well, names have just sprung into my mind, now that you mention it.” She paused before mentioning them to the listening group.

There was another silence, but a few seconds later Lucinda answered “They are good names, and I can’t think of anyone who would disapprove of them.”

“We would be honoured if you use those names.” Desmond said.

“Well Sarah, I agree with them, so they are good names for our children.” Brian almost seemed to blush as he moved on the sofa. “I know that this is a little late, so to speak, but is it possible for you to give your blessing to our partnership?”
“You have always had our blessing Brian.” Lucinda said “We also understand if you wish to keep your situation the same, given the past.”

“Actually, I think that things have changed for the better after Sarah came to the Manor, so there’s something that I want to do, and I would like you two to listen to this as well. Sarah, do I have your permission to gag you for a few minutes?” Brian picked up the ball-gag.

“You will always get permission from me. I don’t know why you would wish to do so right now, but go ahead.” Sarah opened her mouth wide, and a moment later the ball was in her mouth and the straps were tight against her face as they were buckled together at the back of her neck.

“I needed to gag you so that you can think clearly, no objections, no distracting comments.” Brian said as he stood in front of her.

You want me to think clearly, clearly about what? Sarah watched in surprise as Brain placed his hands over hers and knelt on his right knee. Surely you can’t be thinking about-.

“Sarah, I know that we have not been with each other that long, but we were bonded together in a most unique way since we first met. Now, I know about your family history, but I believe that this has changed and the situation is no longer the threat that it once was. Even if it was, I would still take the risk.”

You are, you are going to, even though you know what it could mean?

“Sarah Holderness, will you marry me and allow me the honour of being your husband?”






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