The Red Widow – part 3








The first thought that went through Chloé’s mind was: You are not affected after all, thank goodness! The second was: You let me think that you were in trouble just to get revenge, you- you- It was probably good that Sarah’s knowledge of the French Language was nonexistent and the Chloé’s gag was quite effective, otherwise the woman would have been exposed to some very coarse words.

After the young lady had cooled down, Sarah gave the captive sweet caresses on her valley so that she would be reminded just how close she was to release. “I don’t believe that you fell for it, Chloé. After all, it was shown on Monday that I was immune to your effects, so why should it be any different today. You should have seen the look on your face. Anyway, I have my revenge for what you did to me, so it is time to give you your release.” The woman leant forward and kissed Chloé’s breasts as the captive’s valley was probed and caressed to its utmost extent, and there was a loud scream from the young lady as she was engulfed by the bliss of orgasm...

As the Chloé roused from her post-orgiastic reverie, she realise that her ropes had been removed, the ball-gag was no longer filling her mouth, and her clothing was back in position. Sitting at the edge of the bed was Sarah, who was smoothing her cheek. “You were out of it for a while, Chloé, and I was wondering whether or not to rouse you.”

“I was scared that you had fallen under the influence of the chemical, Madame Sarah, but I should have realised that you would not be susceptible because you rescued me on Monday. I let myself be fooled, rather than trying to think about it.”

After Chloé rose from the bed, Sarah hugged her and they stood in each other’s arms for a few seconds. “I’m sorry, but I always wanted to get my own back for that Saturday morning. I think that we need to do something first, before we go downstairs though.” The woman took a small aerosol out of her pocket and sprayed the contents over the young lady. “We don’t want Anne or Kayla going crazy over you.”

“Oui Sarah, I think that the results would be unpleasant, to say the least. Shall we go and see the others?” The two women pulled themselves apart and made their way to the living room, where the others were waiting.

“You looked very cute, all bound and gagged.” Kayla said “It makes me want to have that to happen to me again, as I once loved being helpless like that. I just wish I knew some people that I could trust so that it wouldn’t be scary.”

“Actually Kayla, I know just the people who could help you, as they have done this kind of therapy before.” Anne said “I’ll have a word with them and see if they could help you out with their own special session.”

“Thanks Anne, I would be ever so grateful.”

Chloé glanced at the scientist. Kayla just emphasised the word grateful, and there was something in her eyes when she looked at Anne. It could be that she may want some kind of connection after her years alone, or I am most likely reading something that is not there. “This outfit is very impressive, but my French accent will destroy any disguise that I am wearing, as it will be impossible to hide it.”

Brian smiled as he switched on the television and disc player. “The trick with an obvious accent is not to hide it, but to take it to the utmost extreme, so that it sounds fake. People will then think that you are faking the accent, and that you are hiding the genuine one. Please sit down everyone, this is for Chloé so that she could understand what I mean, but it should be entertaining as well.”

Everyone sat down as the programme started, and the scene was a French Cafe during World War Two. The cafe owner’s accent was crazy enough, but when the British spy posing as a French Police officer said “Good Moaning.” the librarian collapsed in a fit of giggles.

“Mon Dieu! Their accents are indeed atrocious, and what did the resistance leader say? ‘Leesten very carefully, I shall say zis only wunce!’ They have really exaggerated it.”

“That’s the whole point, Chloé.” Brian said “It is meant to be a parody of a television series about the French Resistance during the Second World War.”

“So instead of saying ‘I Am The Red Widow’ I should pronounce it as ‘I am Zee Reed Weedow!’ so that it sounds false.”

Kayla stood up and walked over to her case, bringing back a black pocket belt. “Sorry for the interruption, but Chloé needs to try her utility belt on. If you would be so good as to stand up, I will be able to put this around your waist.” The Librarian rose from the couch and Kayla put the belt around her waist, making an adjustment to the tightness so that it was a perfect fit.

Chloé moved the belt a little, adjusting its position so that it would be at its most comfortable. “What are in the pockets Kayla, knockout gas? stun grenades? Throwing stars?”

“No, the pockets contain zip-ties, duct tape, a sponge ball, a ball-gag, a set of handcuffs, and a set of leg cuffs. If you only have one or two people to deal with and they are close together, you might be able to use your ability to know where their nerve locations are, bring them down and use the materials to bind them. This is only if you are sure that you can do this, however. The safer option is to seduce them so that they will bind you with these items and once you break free, you can take care of the winner after he claims his so-called prize.”

“So, I am outfitted as ‘Little Miss Bondage’ then.” Chloé said as she and the scientist sat back down on the couch, and the episodes continued to lunchtime with Brian and Sarah serving refreshments to the others.

It was at this time that Alexa and Joanne walked into the Bank of Maine...


“I’m not sure that we should have come into the bank at this time, as it seems to be full of women who are doing business in their lunch break.” Alexa said. Both of the young ladies were wearing matching white t-shirts and trainers with jeans, and they were waiting in a long queue.

Joanne stood behind her friend, with her arms around Alexa’s waist and nuzzling her shoulder. “It does give us more time together, and I know that you would have wanted that. Anyway, mum asked me to make a withdrawal, so I have no choice but to come here at this time.”

“It’s okay.” Alexa said “I would have preferred more quality time alone with you though, and not inside a bank.” She turned around while still in her friend’s arms, placed her own arms around Joanne’s neck and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Careful, Alexa, we might draw attention to ourselves, and we don’t want to get into any kind of trouble.” Joanne said, before she kissed her friend back.

The girl’s loving was halted by a cough to their side. “Well, I think that you have got just about everyone’s attention.” The thirtyish black haired female security officer said as she looked at the blushing young ladies, along with everybody else in the room.

“I’m sorry.” Alexa said as she disengaged herself from her friend “We didn’t mean to get carried away.”

“Don’t worry, young love always takes over at times. Just wait until you go to somewhere private please, as it can be proved to be quite a distraction.” The guard said.

In fact it was this very distraction that saved the guard’s life, as at this moment five men in boiler suits and ski masks entered the bank, carrying pistols and semi automatic rifles shouting “Freeze! If anyone moves, they will be shot!”...

“See Chloé, if you use the right make-up, you can use it to alter which features of your face are distinctive.” Sarah added several faint brushes onto the librarian’s cheeks to alter the tone. “You already appear to be a different woman after just a few strokes.”

As Chloé looked in the mirror, she had to agree as she noticed the alterations to her face gave a marked contrast to her original appearance, and she knew that people who knew her might think that she was someone else. “Will this be difficult to learn, mon amie?”

“It will take a little practice, but it is easy to fool people once you know how. I visited Heather before the housewarming party for Amy and Veronica, and she didn’t recognise me once I had made a few alterations.”

As Sarah continued with teaching her makeup tricks, there was a call on Anne’s phone, and she looked worried as she answered it. When it was over, she turned to the others. “There has been a bank robbery in town, and five criminals escaped from one bank with a substantial amount of cash. Things went wrong though, when their car broke down after travelling a short distance, so they abandoned it and stormed the Bank of Maine. The men were forced out at gunpoint, leaving the women inside, and we have a hostage situation.”

“I’m afraid that training is over for today, and we will have to go into town to be on standby. The most likely result is that the criminals will surrender after a little while as they are unable to escape, and if they start to kill hostages the place will be stormed.”

“Okay, let’s pack up and head into town. Kayla, you can follow us in the van and provide any extra equipment.”

Kayla reached into the case and brought out a large black trench coat, before handing it to Chloé. “There’s a large pocket where you can put your wig and mask, and wearing this should cover your clothing, so that you can be transported to the scene.”

Chloé put the coat on and buttoned it up, before putting her mask and wig in the appropriate pockets. “The only things anyone can see are my boots and gloves, so this should prove to be a useful cover. I think that we should be on our way now, though.”

As they left the farmhouse and made their way to the parked vehicles, Anne’s phone rang again, and when she answered it, her face went pale as she trembled. “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” When she put the phone back in her pocket, she leant against the car door and said “Oh dear God, not again, please.”

“What is it?” Brian said as he supported the FBI agent.

“I- I just got a call from Joanne’s mother. She asked Joanne if she could make a withdrawal from the Bank of Maine this lunchtime, and there was been no contact since.” Anne said as she barely maintained her composure. “If Joanne is there, then, then-.”

Sarah took the car keys from Anne. “Then Alexa will be there as well. I’ll drive this time Anne, and don’t worry, nothing will happen to them. Chloé you are in the front with me, Brian stay with Anne in the back.”

The FBI Agent managed to recover and entered the vehicle, making a call to the police that they will need an escort so they will be at the bank as soon as possible...

The two young ladies were sitting side by side on the floor of the bank, with their wrists crossed in front of them and bound with grey duct tape. The same tape was also around their ankles and covered their mouths, so they were prevented from talking to each other. As they peeked out of the windows, they could see the vehicles and the armed officers taking cover behind them.

“I thought that you had checked the vehicle properly, so this wouldn’t happen!” The man who appeared to be the leader said.

“I checked and double checked the car, and it was just pure bad luck that the engine screwed up as we tried to get away.” The second said “So, what do we do now boss? Shoot one hostage per hour until they provide us with a car?”

“That would be stupid, if we start shooting people, then it gives the police chief every excuse to come in with guns blazing and become a hero by rescuing the survivors. He’ll probably get a medal for it. If we run out, we’ll just be gunned down, and if we just surrender, he’ll take the credit for it.”

“We have no options left then.”

“We have one, and they won’t like it. It doesn’t involve shooting anyone, and even if we have to surrender at the end, the reputation of the chief and his police will be destroyed. After all, there are worse fates then death, especially when women are involved.”

Alexa and Joanne’s faces went pale at this comment, and they reached out their hands to each other in order to obtain some kind of support.

“Bring the security guard to the centre of the bank.” Two of the masked thugs took hold of the terrified woman, grabbed hold of her hands and dragged her along the floor so that she was in front of the leader who pointing his camera at her. “Cut off her clothing, I want to see her naked.” The criminals set to work with their knives, and soon the helpless woman was sobbing as she lay naked on the floor.

“I want her arms behind her back, and I want tape from her elbows to her fingertips.” the tape that bound her wrists together in front of her was cut away, and one robber pulled her arms behind her back while another took a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around her arms from her elbows to the tips of her fingers. “Tape her legs from her ankles to the top of her shin and then place the guard on her knees.” Again the monster with the tape obliged, and soon, the captive was forced to kneel in front of the leader who handed the phone to another criminal.

The firearm that was the possession of the guard was picked up by the leader. “Now, I am going to remove the tape from your mouth, and you are going to open your mouth wide and say nothing. Failure to do this means that one of the customers will suffer as a result. Do you understand?”

The bound and nude guard trembled as she nodded her head. “Good.” The strip of tape was removed from the captive’s face, and she opened her mouth wide, just as her captor had ordered, but her terror increased as he placed the barrel of her pistol between her lips.

“I am not going to shoot you, I just want to make sure that I have your full attention. In a minute, you are going to hop out of here and deliver a message to the police outside.”

Alexa and Joanne’s blood ran cold as they listened to the message that the criminal gave to the guard...

The escort had just appeared for Anne’s car and Kayla’s van, and they drove as fast as possible to get into town as soon as they could, when the agent’s phone rang again. “Anne here, they did what? The bastards, the sick bastards!”

“What is it Anne?” Brian asked.

“They stripped the guard and forced her out of the bank so that she was naked with her arms taped behind her back, in order that she could deliver a message. Not only that, they videoed it and posted to the internet.”

“What was the message?”

“If the police don’t pull back and provide them with a vehicle so that they can escape, they will select two of the hostages, strip them and then-.” There was a moment’s pause from the agent “And then they will violate them and post this to the internet. They will not shoot any of the hostages unless the police attempt to storm the bank”

“This sounds as if the leader knows what he is doing. The police attack and hostages die. If the police let the criminals escape, they will be accused of helping crime. Once the thugs carry out their threat and post it, the politicians will try and force the chief to surrender to the criminals, otherwise it will appear to the public as if the authorities care more about the money than people’s lives.”

“Okay Brian, I’ll speak to the chief and let him know that we have a different option for him, but it will get a bit messy.”

Brian leaned forward in his seat. “How are you feeling Chloé?”

The young lady turned her head and body so she could look at the man. “To tell you the truth, monsieur, I am not ready at all, and I never expected it to happen like this.”

“Believe it or not, Chloé, not feeling ready is a good sign. I was attached to a military unit as a so-called technical advisor once. We had a fool of a captain who thought that he was ready for anything, and he walked us straight into an ambush against my advice which got half of his squad killed, including himself.”

Sarah increased the speed of the car as much as she dared and she followed the police car that cleared the way for her. “Unless there is a major hold up, we should arrive in time.” The three vehicles spend along the highway, and after a time, they reached the outskirts of the town...

The leader of the criminal gang looked at his watch. “The hour’s nearly up and the Chief of Police has not responded. Either he does not think that we are serious, or he considers the money and catching us to be more important than the well-being of a group of hostages.” He turned to the captives in the bank. “It seems that the authorities have decided that what happens to you is irrelevant. It’s a pity that two of you will have to suffer, but this is what they have chosen for you. Choose two of the captives, so that the authorities will know that our warning was not an idle one.”

The thug that was in charge pointed at two of his underlings, who went up to a frightened woman who was around her mid-forties and a teenage girl who was sitting next to her. “These will do, they look like mother and daughter.”

As the captives were dragged past the two teenagers, Alexa recognised the woman as someone she had seen before. OMG, it’s the principal’s wife, and the girl must be the daughter. NO!

Her shout distracted the two guards, and they turned around to face the teenagers who were still holding hands. “Actually, I think that these lovebirds will make a far better demonstration for the authorities.” The girls begged and pleaded for mercy as the criminals grabbed them by their wrists and dragged them along the floor to the leader...

The car and van pulled up not far from the bank, and Kayla went into the back of the van so that she could prepare something. The others exited the car, with Anne still providing instructions to the Chief. “Remember, once our operative goes into the bank, you will most likely hear shooting. Do not interfere or storm the bank, as this will be expected in the operation. Don’t worry, it’s not the hostages that will be shot. After one crazed person runs from the bank, you can take care of him, and the other members of my team will retrieve the operative. Do not enter the bank until they leave. I also need to borrow a vehicle for the extraction, don’t worry it will be retuned in a few minutes.”

The scientist left the van, holding what appeared to be a poster on one side, and a map in the other. “Chloé, this is a map of the local area, and on the other side is a fake comic book convention. All you have to do is enter the bank and pretend to be a costume player that has got lost.”Kayla lifted up Chloé’s right hand and a new tab was inserted into her glove. “Just use this when you are just outside the bank, and walk in.”

“Oui, Kayla, I just wish that my heart was not racing right now.”

“It’s okay.” Sarah said “Once you are in there, it will come naturally to you and you need to just let the events take their course. Good luck, Chloé.”

“Thank you Sarah. I think that I had better go on alone now.” The librarian put on her wig and mask, and handed Sarah the trench coat. Everything is up to me and me alone. This must be how you feel every time you went on a mission, mon amie.

As Chloé turned the corner, she could hear Kayla say “I would like to suggest that we prepare plan B for Chloé right now.”

Plan B, what could that mean? The young lady continued on toward the doors of the bank...

The leader raised his phone. “Make them stand, turn them so that they face each other, and tape their arms behind their back in the same way that the guard’s arms were.”

As Alexa was made to face her friend, she noticed that the criminal boss was holding his phone up in a certain manner. You’re going to show our destruction to the world! The tape around her wrists was cut away, her arms were pulled together, and there was the inexorable winding of tape around her arms from her elbows to the tips of her fingers. She looked at the face of her friend, and she saw that Joanne was as terrified as herself.

Please, this can’t be happening to us! Someone help us please!

“Strip them.” These two words increased the horror of the captives’ situation still further as their clothes were cut away from their bodies. The first items to go were the t-shirts, jeans and trainers which left them in their underwear. Next, their bras were removed, and then their panties were cut away, leaving them naked in front of their captors.

“If it’s any consolation, the mother and daughter pair will come after you, so you won’t be alone in your misery.” The boss looked at his henchmen “Force them to kneel and bind their ankles to their thighs, so that they are prepared for our pleasure. Maybe they’ll enjoy it as well, as they will be experiencing it with real men for once.”

The girls were made to look at each other as they were forced to kneel on the floor, the ankle tapes were removed and their ankles were taped to their thighs so that they would be accessible for the violation to come.

“Just think lads, we’ll be breaking into virgin territory this afternoon, and remember, after this part there was two more fields to plough with each of our virgin sacrifices.”

The two girls started to cry as their courage collapsed and the despair of their situation engulfed their being. “If the authorities cared about you, this wouldn’t be happening, so they are the ones that are truly to blame. Put them on their backs and let’s have some fun.”

I’m so sorry that I brought you to the bank with me today, Alexa. If I hadn’t, you would be spared this awful fate. I just hope that you can forgive me someday.

The girls was forced onto their backs and through their tears, they watched as the leader knelt in front on Alexa, while the second was preparing himself for Joanne.

Just at this moment when all seemed lost, everything was brought to a halt by a loud and bad French accent. “Iz zeez zee building for zee comeec convention?”


As the young lady walked into the bank and made her announcement, she noticed that the hostages and the criminals were in areas that were shielded from outside view by the exterior walls. This bank is a very good choice in defensive location, plus you would have a group of hostages as well. Alexa and Joanne! I must maintain my composure even though they are in danger and I have firearms pointing at me. She pressed the tip of her right finger against the palm of her hand and it was almost as if a tingling went through her body as the chemical entered her bloodstream.

A glance at her watch showed that the dial was changing from emerald to crimson, so she knew that checkmate was already achieved and all that was needed was to make the moves. Checkmate does seem appropriate in this situation, as it does mean to kill the king.

“I muzt zay zat your gunz look very realiztic. Iz zeez zum kind of zhow zat you are pooting on?”

The nude captives on the floor were trying to scream at the new arrival to run away, and Alexa’s thoughts had changed from terror for herself to concern for the new girl. They aren’t going to use the guns, if you run now, you can escape from here. Why aren’t you going, can’t you see what is happening?

Joanne looked at the young lady who walked into the bank and she was amazed by the appearance. That looks a bit like Chloé, but the nose and cheeks are very different. That put on French accent shows that it is fake, and Chloé would never be so stupid as to walk into a bank like this.

The leader stepped up to Chloé and took the poster/map out of her hands. “Where did you get this from?”

“Eet wuz given to me by one of my freendz. Zey zed zat a convention wuz ‘ere.”

“Your friends have played a joke on you, and the punch line is going to be bigger than they imagined. What type of heroine are you supposed to be, anyway?”

“I am zee zcurge of villainz everywhere, Fantomette-, non, I am Zee Reed Weedow.” Chloé said as the other four went to her sides and back. I announced myself as Fantomette?

One of the criminals behind her said “That sounds like a knock off, but at least she has her own character. Maybe we should capture this so-called super heroine, and show her what happens to people like her in the real world.”

“Yes.” The leader said “We will leave the two girls for later and have some fun with this lady. I always wanted to take a super heroine for myself. Pull her arms behind her back.”

“Non! I am zuppozed to take you prizoner, ziz iz wrong! I am the Reed Weedow and you must zurrender!” Chloé said as her arms were pulled behind her back. “Pleeze, do not humiliate me by uzing my own reztraint devizez on me!”

The thug on her left side opened a few of the pockets on the young lady’s belt before looking at his boss. “She has zip-ties on her, and a gag as well.”

“Non, pleeze, do not uze zem!” the girl cried as the items were removed from her.

“That’s perfect, bind her arms at the wrists and elbows with them.” The leader said.

That is perfect, these items can be easily broken if need be. One of the plastic strips was taken around the elbows of the young lady, and pulled tight to the fullest extent so that her elbows ended up touching behind her back. The next restraint was looped around the captive’s wrists and she felt the plastic dig into her gloves as the thug ensured her helplessness.

“Zeez cannot be ‘appening! Pleeze let me go!”

“Let you go? You are a succulent prize, and worth all of the others put together. I am going to enjoy you so much. Force her to her knees and bind her ankles to her thighs.”

It is working perfectly, and soon you will fight over me for your prize. The heroine was man-handled and made to kneel on the floor, and two long zip-ties were used to bind each ankle to her thigh so that she was stuck in a frogtie. As the second strip was pulled into place, the captive emitted a moan of arousal as the fire of lust grew within her body. I want one of you to take me, and I do not care which one of you it is.

“Pleeze, do not feel my mouth wit zee ‘orrible ball, ulp!” The leader picked up the ball-gag, inserted the large red ball between Chloé’s teeth and buckled the straps together at the back of her neck.

“Look, this girl is easily accessible as well.” He pulled the flaps open at the front, and the studs popped as the captive’s breasts were revealed, showing the already erect nipples of the helpless woman. “Now that you are helpless and are of no threat to me, I will pleasure you and mate with you.” The bound young lady moaned again as the leader fondled her breasts and teased her nipples.

Look, I am a very alluring and desirable mate, and I think that you would all want to mate with me. She did her best to get the other criminals to notice her by fluttering her eyelids.

“Why are you going to take her?” The second said “What about us?”

“There are two naked females over there, you can enjoy them, but such a prize like this is for me, as I am the leader.” The panel on Chloé’s hot pants was pulled down, and the flap that covered her most intimate location was pulled back.

“I’m the one who should take her, not you!” The second pulled a knife out of his pocket and stepped toward the leader who stood up and grasped his own weapon. Two of the other thugs had drawn their daggers and soon it developed into a vicious four-way brawl where they were hacking and stabbing at each other.

They have firearms but they are not using them. Could this be due to the fact that they want to show their strength, as this is a primal situation? I notice that one is hanging back from the others, though.

After the short but violent fight, three of the criminals looked as if they would never wake up again, but even though the leader of the group was victorious, he had also suffered several wounds. “You are my prize, as I have beaten the other-.” There was a look of surprise on his face, before he dropped face down on the floor with a knife in his back.

“Sometimes it’s the male who waits for the final mating fight who wins, and now all of you belong to me as my prize.”

Come to me and claim your prize, my winner. The captive squirmed in her binds as the fulfilment of her desire was the only thing on her mind. I am your bound mate, and you want me.

The surviving criminal dragged her around a desk so that she was out of site of the others, and the two teenage prisoners looked on in horror as they realised what was going to happen to the lady in red. Alexa looked at her friend who struggled in a vain attempt to free herself from her bonds. The poor girl! Her friends played a practical joke on her, and she is going to suffer a fate worse than death as a result of it.

“Your breasts are so beautiful.” The man said as he lifted the bottom of his ski mask so that his lips were revealed. “I will pleasure your body, as it is what you desire.” He landed kisses along the mounds of her breasts, and the girl writhed as his probing fingers traced paths of joy through the folds of her valley.

Oui, oui, provide me with bliss, and you will get a prize, but is one that you will regret. She moaned through her gag as her nipples were kissed and sucked, and the deep caresses of her intimacy took her closer and closer to her release with every soft stroke.

“You want me to take you.” There was a nod from the captive as she heard the familiar sound of a zip being pulled down, and she cried out as her body accepted him into her.

It is just like before, as I no longer care what you were planning. I just want you to do this to me. The shouts of pleasure from the helpless lady increased with every thrust and she soon gave a long, loud scream which was echoed by the captor as her body erupted in the bliss of orgasm.

Chloé smiled as she looked up at her captor who was pulling his zip back up. “Now I shall enjoy the other two girls-, the other-. Oh My God! What kind of monstrous creature are you? No, I can’t let you get me, I won’t let you eat me!”

Now you have the reward that you deserve. As he backed away from the captive, she pushed her body up as much as she could and this was enough to cause him to break and run for the door of the bank.

The captive girls saw the man run past them and they were amazed as they watched while he beat on the automatic door with his fists until it opened, and the moment that he exited was accompanied by a faint but fast clicking sound that came from outside. After a few more seconds had passed, a Paramedic van appeared outside the door and two medics wearing surgical masks entered the bank. One was a broad shouldered man, the other was a petite woman who was carrying a holdall, and the two girls knew that they had seen this pair before.

“Help the poor girl who stumbled in here.” The woman said to the man. “I’ll help the two teenagers to get free.”

Joanne started to sob with relief as she realised that the ordeal was over. Sarah, I’m glad that you and Brian here to help us now. As the woman knelt between the captives, she took two pairs of emergency scissors out of her holdall, and proceeded to cut away tape that bound the two girls.

“Try not to let the others know who I am, please.” Sarah said in a low voice “My disguise is for the benefit of the others in here. I will talk more with you this evening.” As soon as the two girls were free, they were each handed a long white tube dress. “Wear these, take the scissors and help the others get free, as Brian and I need to go and help the other girl.” Before the woman left the building with her partner, she picked up the phone that had been used to record the humiliation of the captives and put it in her pocket.

Chloé smiled as Brian wrapped a white towel around her before lifting her up, carrying her out of the bank and putting her on the bed in that back of the van. Sarah stayed in the back, while Brian went around to the front, got in the driver’s seat, and drove the vehicle away.

“Now it’s time to get you back to normal, relatively speaking.” The woman picked up a bottle of the counter agent and sprayed it over the girl’s body, but there was no change on her watch dial. A second application also failed to cause any change as well.

Sarah pressed a button on the phone that was attached to the left side of her chest. “Kayla, we have a problem here. It seems that the antidote is failing. Did you expect this?”

Kayla’s voice buzzed through the device. “Yes, I anticipated this situation, we have had two activations in a small time and a normal spray may not work. This is why I have prepared Plan B.” There was a buzz from the driver area up front. “Brain, take the van to the agreed area, where Sarah can disembark.”

What is wrong with me? I need something, but I do not know what it is. Chloé struggled on the bed, but the bonds still restrained her as she tossed and turned. The vehicle travelled from about ten more minutes, before drawing to a halt. “It’s time for us to get out now, Sarah.” Brian said “Time for plan B.”

The woman left the girl alone as she left the vehicle, but the captive was only alone for only a few seconds when James stepped inside holding a steak meal with the meat cut into small pieces. “I take it that you are hungry?” He asked as he approached her.

That is it, I am ravenous! Thank the stars that you are here to feed me. The straps of the buckles were unbuckled and the ball was pulled out of Chloé’s mouth before she was fed the first piece of steak, and it seemed to be the most delicious morsel in the world to her. After she finished it, her companion gave her a long, tender kiss on the lips before feeding her the next piece.

This continued until the meal was finished and the restraints that bound the helpless young lady were cut away so that she was free. As she brought her arms around to her front, she noticed that the dial was a bright green again. “How did you manage to help me, James?”

“This was Plan B, or to use the full title, Plan Brian.” James said as he helped Chloé to cover up her modesty. “Kayla had surmised that if you activated more than once in such a short time, you might need some special help in altering your pheromone output.  She studied my DNA, and she discovered that it had been adjusted due to the intimacy that we share. This made it possible for certain genes from Brian to be passed to me.”

He showed his right arm to his love, and she saw the two holes caused by hypodermic needles. “The first is where Kayla injected me with a special formula from Brian, and the second is where we got the blood to put on the steak.”

“You were taking a dreadful risk, my love, and there could be consequences.”

“Chloé, the alternative would have been to lock you up for two days, and I couldn’t bear to see that happen to you.” James said “Anyway, in a few days Kayla wants to check whether or not the new DNA has taken hold. If that is the case, I will be getting some extra tuition from Brian.” As the couple hugged in the van, a large vehicle rumbled past, and James looked up. “Is it my imagination, or did I actually see that eighteen wheeler go by?”

“You are not the only one.” Chloé said, and she gave her love a long lingering kiss on the lips...

It was early evening, and Sarah was dressed back in her formal outfit which she wore to the therapist’s office on the previous day when she helped Kayla. Anne rang the doorbell, and the door was opened by a pale looking Joanne who was dressed in a set of pyjamas and a night gown. “May we come in?” Anne asked.

“Yes, of course.” Joanne said. “Would you two like a drink?” She asked as she led them to the living room, where Alexa in identical clothes was sitting on the couch.  

“No thanks.” Anne said “I hate to be indelicate, but I presume that the police have already questioned you about what happened in the bank.”

“They have.” Alexa said “Don’t worry Anne, even though we recognised the two medics as Sarah and Brian, we didn’t mention this to them.”

“Thank you. One thing that I needed to tell you is that the surviving criminal who was Tasered as he left the bank is being committed. It seems that he was babbling on about giant spiders. Another is that the phone data has been destroyed so the video of you will never see the light of day, but the main reason I am here with Sarah is so that we can help you. Do you trust her and me?”

Joanne sat down on Alexa’s right and nodded along with her friend. “Right, all I want you to do is allow a gap between you so that Sarah can sit in that gap. Then all you have to do is hold her hands.”

The two girls gave a surprised look at Anne as she said this. “How will this help us?” Joanne asked as she moved to the right so that Sarah could sit down.  The woman held out her hands, but the girls were tentative as they put out their hands.

Once they were all joined together, Sarah said “Tell me what is hurting you so much.” It seemed as a wall had been knocked down, and the duo talked about their dreadful experience at the bank, even though they cried through much of it.

It took some time, but after it was over, the relief showed on the girls’ faces and they were smiling again. “How did you do that, Sarah?” Alexa asked.

“Well, at the moment, it seems that I am a good listener.” Sarah said as she rose from the couch. “If you still need to talk, just contact me, as I am always ready to help. I do think however, that it would be a good idea if you two join the group therapy session that has been arranged for the others.”

“Are you going already?” Joanne asked “You have done so much for us, just in one day and we haven’t shown you our appreciation.”

Sarah smiled. “I wish I could stay for a while, but I have a busy evening ahead of me. Anne was kind enough to give me a list of all the ladies who were in the bank. The security guard is next, after that I am visiting the principal’s wife and her daughter, and then the rest of the hostages.”

Joanne led Sarah and Anne to the door before opening it. “Thank you for helping us again Sarah, you are a guardian angel.”

“I’m glad to be of help. Goodbye for now and take care of yourselves.” The two women left the house and walked towards the car. “Now we have to see the security guard...”







It was Monday afternoon at the end of the school day, and Chloé was outside her office when the principal walked up to her. Mon Dieu! I hope that I am not in trouble for my erratic appearances, as I would hate to be dismissed from this position. I know that I no longer need to work for my income, given my new occupation, but this place gives me a feeling of stability.

“Mademoiselle Badelaine, may I have a moment of your time?”

“Certainly, monsieur. How may I be of help?”

“I had a conversation with a certain Anne Duncombe and Sarah Carter this lunchtime, and it seems that you have been performing important undercover work for them this past week. In fact, they may need you in future, and I am to provide an alibi for you if you have to disappear.”

The librarian looked surprised at this. “Did they mention anything about what I did for them?”

“Only that your contribution was of great importance. It wasn’t the first time that I had spoken to them though. That was last Wednesday evening, when they visited the house and Sarah helped my wife and daughter overcome their ordeal. They seemed to be in deep shock before she arrived, but after she talked to them they were almost back to their normal selves. It seemed that Anne was in charge of something that stopped the monsters from carrying out their terrible plans, and I am truly grateful for this.”

“Anne will contact me if you are needed again, and she will also call you at that point. If your contribution is even one tenth of theirs, you have my full support. Anyway Mademoiselle Badelaine, I must go home now but I hope to see you in the morning if there are no emergencies. Goodbye for now.”

Chloé watched as the principal left the library, and she turned back towards the door of her office. I am lucky that you caught me while I was outside, as you might not approve of my detention methods.

Natalie was again serving detention for walking barefoot in the library, but things seemed to be different on this occasion. She had been forced to wear the usual punishment clothing of silk blouse, very tight and very short red leather skirt, dark hose and the horrible red patent leather shoes with a three inch stiletto heel. After this, Chloé had bound her arms behind her back at the wrists and elbows so that her forearms were parallel to each other, and her legs were tied together at her ankles, below and above her knees and at her mid-thighs. Two loops of rope secured her arms to her body, with one at her elbows, and the other at her waist, and it seemed that more ropes bound her body to some kind of structure in front of her that was made of rope.

The captive wished that she could see what she was tied to, as her normal situation was to be bound to one of the poles, but the rope blindfold prevented her from seeing anything, and even her gag was made out of rope this time, with a large knot filling her mouth. Any attempt that she made to kick off the shoes proved to be useless as they were tied to her feet, so she was forced to stand in the heels that tormented her.

The helpless girl listened as the door to the office opened and closed but she wasn’t even sure that Chloé was in the room until she spoke. “Poor mademoiselle Natalie, would you like me to stop you from having to stand in those heels.”

Natalie nodded in the hope that her punisher would remove the shoes from her feet, but this was not going to happen. Instead, more ropes were taken around her body and upper legs which secured her to the unusual structure, the end of a rope was tied to the bonds at her ankles, and she squealed as her feet were pulled into the air and tied to her elbow rope. I’m suspended and hogtied! How have you managed to do this to me? The girl moved her head in an attempt to see, but she was unable to dislodge the rope.

“Would the helpless Natalie like to see what has happened to her?” Chloé asked from in front of the captive.

There was a nod from the captive, hoping that there was at least a chance to have her blindfold removed, and she kept her eyes closed as the rope was pulled up. As she opened her eyes and saw what she was bound to, the helpless girl had wished that the blindfold had stayed on.

A spider’s web! I’m trapped in a spider’s web which is made of rope that’s stretched between two of the supports, and you are the spider! The girl struggled in a futile attempt to get free, but it felt as if the ropes pressed harder against her body.

“See, my luscious little fly, you are caught in my web and the more you fight it, the more it tightens. You have a half-hour to hang there until your punishment is over, and it is time for your release. I am feeling a little hungry though, and seeing as you are caught in my web, you would make a very tasty morsel.”

For a moment it seemed to Natalie as if she was trapped in a real web, with Chloé as the spider that was going to pounce on her, and this sensation was very unsettling to say the least. How have you done this? You’ve managed to play games with my mind, and perhaps I shouldn’t be so eager to tease you in future....

Later that evening, there was a knock on the door of the therapy office where Sarah was working, and she checked the time on the clock. “Come in, Anne.”

The FBI agent entered the room and stood by the door. “They should be here in about five minutes, but are you sure about this? Suppose they recognise you?”

Sarah reached for a dimmer control on the chair and turned it down so that there was just enough light to see. “With a different hairstyle and voice, it will be enough to disguise myself, and as I am officially dead any resemblance will be assumed to be that and nothing more. When they arrive on the floor, please show them in and ask them to sit on the couch.”

There was the ding of the lift as it reached the floor, and Anne walked out to bring the trio of visitors into the office, requesting that they sit on the large settee, while the agent remained outside.

Once they had settled, Sarah used one of her disguised voices. “Good evening Anthea, Simone and Andrew, my name is Sarah Carter and I am known to be helpful in extreme cases such as yours. According to the information that was sent to me, the three of you were exposed to a biological terror weapon which has created a horrific fear response.”

“What I am going to do is hold your hands while listening to your story, so I am going to start with you, Anthea.” Sarah rose from the chair, picked up a stool, placed it in front of Anthea, and sat down before holding the woman’s hands. “Tell me how it started, Anthea.”

There was a moment’s pause before the woman started to speak. “It was lunchtime on a Tuesday, and I returned from my break to find my friend and work colleague Sara Smite, bound and helpless in the office...”

After an hour, all three had told their story, and their moods changed as Sarah helped to eliminate their fear. “Now, if you need any more help, I’m sure that the authorities will arrange another visit. Do the three of you want to talk anymore?”

Andrew stood up “We’ve taken more than enough of your time, and you have removed our fear of what happened to us. We will spend a few hours with James and Chloé, and make our way to the airport for a journey home. Again, thank you.”

The two ladies stood up, and Anne guided them to the lift after everyone made their goodbyes. After she entered the office again, the agent switched the lights back to maximum and she sat down on the couch beside Sarah who was starting to make a few notes on her tablet.

"How did it go? I notice that they seemed to be a lot better than when they arrived." Anne said as she fidgeted a little on the sofa.

Sarah finished her notes on the tablet and put it down. "I think that they will make a full recovery. It's incredible, but this new effect can even counteract the pheromones that were originally created by Parlour. Anyway, that's today finished, and I have a busy schedule tomorrow, so I had better call Brian so that he can pick me up."

"Actually, I have a favour to ask, of you, Sarah. Is it possible to add one more person for a special session this evening?"

"Anne, I will always have room for one more. Do I take it that this is a friend that needs help?"

"Yes, she is a friend that really needs your assistance."

“How bad is her situation?”

“She feels as if she is about to break apart inside, and that there is no way to stop the disintegration.”

“Show her in then, Anne.”

Anne trembled as she held Sarah's hands with her own, and looked into her eyes.

"It started when I received a telephone call, which let me know that Chris Andrews had been released from prison..."







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