A Relative Problem







If you are not into bondage or sexual situations, please don't read this.  This is fetish bondage and is fiction.  The author would not want anyone to go through this in real life.

Thomas Silk

Copyright 2013 Knotty Silk Scarf Productions

The 1955 Chevy sedan moved down the street slowly.  Dottie Hanson gripped the steering wheel tightly with the leather driving gloves as she surveyed the street.  She saw nothing unexpected on the quiet street through her large dark sunglasses.  But Dottie was still nervous...nervous and excited.  After five years of being shunned by her family, Dottie was going to get what was rightfully hers.

"Dottie, I don't get it.  If this stuff belongs to you, why are we sneaking in?  And why are you wearing that thing over your head?  You never wear anything like that.  And why do I have to wear this hat?" George, Dottie's latest boyfriend, asked.  Dottie looked over.  George was good looking, but not the brightest guy around.  Sometimes that worked to a girl's advantage.  Besides, George was good in bed.

"George, I'm wearing a headscarf.  Lots of women wear them.  In fact, I kind of like the feel of the silk.  Maybe I'll wear them more often.  Your hat is a fedora.  By wearing the headscarf and the fedora, it is less likely that any neighbors will recognize us.  It is a way of disguising ourselves without tying a handkerchief over our faces.   The stuff we are going to collect is mine, but some members of my family might disagree," Dottie explained as she adjusted her dark brown skirt.  As usual, Dottie was wearing a tight fitting blouse, light brown in color, that enhanced her model-like figure.  Dottie's brunette hair was piled high on her head and was covered by a brown and white checked silk scarf tied under her chin.

"So, this is a job.  We should case the joint before we hit it.  Bring some rope and muzzles for the people who might object to you taking your stuff," George  suggested.  George was about 40, about five years older than Dottie.  He was about 5' 10" or four inches taller than Dottie.  He wore a gray suit without the tie.  He actually looked presentable with the fedora, Dottie thought.

"Calm down, George.  There won't be anyone there for a few hours.  I know where a key is hidden so we will be in and out before anyone discovers anything is wrong," Dottie explained.

"Ohhhh..."George sounded disappointed.  Dottie knew that he wanted to be a big time crook and he had this thing about tying up women, which Dottie knew from personal experience.   She smiled.  The first time George tied and gagged her he used her for several hours.  It was some of the best sex she had ever had.  She got a tingle in her crotch thinking about it.  


Katie Young was thrilled.  Her most boring class had been unexpectedly canceled.  The 21-year old university student was on her way home early for the weekend.  She took time to put the top down on her 1958 red and white Thunderbird convertible.  It was a 30 minute drive home and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.  She was wearing her typical 'class' wardrobe, a dark blue cotton skirt, powder-blue silk blouse with red flowers on it and her dark blue pumps.  In addition she had on powder-blue cotton gloves.  For the ride home she took the powder-blue silk scarf with its white boarder and small red roses on it from the car seat.  The scarf was exactly where she had left it this morning, still folded in a triangle.  She flipped the scarf over her head , wrapped it under chin and knotted the ends at the back of her head over her shoulder-length brunette hair.  She put on her sunglasses, and glanced in the rear view mirror at herself.   She looked just like Audrey Hepburn, she thought, her favorite actress.  She put the car in gear and felt the breeze catch the scarf.


Dottie made a right turn into a driveway and pulled the car up near the garage.  George had insisted that they watch the place for a few minutes.   Dottie was impatient to act on her plan so had finally decided to ignore her partner in crime.  She didn't worry about her sister, Mary, or her husband, Doug.  They wouldn't be home for hours.  But she didn't know their daughter's schedule.  Katie drove to school each day and was a bit unpredictable as to when she came home.  She was a sweet girl, but would be difficult to handle if she showed up unexpectedly and George had a liking for young women.  Dottie was concerned that George would go into his macho robber role.  But she had never seen Katie come home this early so they had plenty of time, she assumed.

George didn't know that Dottie had spent three years in prison before she met him.  They had never talked about their pasts.  She assumed that he had done time also.  Dottie had met George six months ago at a bar in a city some 600 miles further north.  They had hit it off immediately and had been a couple ever since.  It was because she had met George that this little caper was possible.  She couldn't have done it alone.

Dottie and George got out of their car and Dottie went to the back door and moved the 'secret' brick.  There was the house key.   When they entered the house, it smelled just like Dottie had remembered it.  Not much had changed.  She took a walk around and memories of good times...and bad times flooded back.

"Nice joint," George commented, "A lot of nice stuff to rip-off"

"We are only taking what is mine, George!" Dottie retorted with a hint of anger.  Dottie wanted her stuff, but she had promised herself that she would go straight once she got what she was owed.

"Okay, okay...don't let your panties get in a twist," George used one of his favorite sayings when he was miffed.

Just then they both heard a car pull up in the driveway.  Dottie and George looked at each other.  Dottie went to the window.

"Damn, its Katie!" Dottie hissed, as she looked through the window, "Lets get out of here"  A woman approached Katie in the driveway.

"There is no way to do it without being seen," George commented with a smile.  His mind calculating the possibilities of tying up these two women and having his way with them.  He felt himself get hard just thinking about wrapping rope around a struggling, young woman's body.  Of course, he really loved muzzling their mouths and looking at their terrorized expression just before before he used them.  Burglarizing people's homes was George's profession of choice, but unlike other burglars who tried to avoid occupied homes, George was happy when a pretty woman was at home when he paid a visit.


"Hi Katie!  Home early today?" Mrs. Silver asked.  Vera Silver was about 35.  She was still very good-looking woman with salon styled blond hair, a reasonable figure.  She was shorter than Katie by a couple of inches.  Verna Silver was the local mother hen.  She was married to a police detective.

"Hi Mrs. Silver.  Yes, class was canceled," Katie said.

"I thought I saw a couple around your house not long ago.  I had come out to investigate just now, but they seem to be gone," Verna commented.

"Any one I would know?  What did they look like?" Katie asked more out of duty than concern.  Verna saw robbers everywhere.  Their neighborhood was pretty crime free, Katie assumed, but if you asked Verna, the world was a dangerous place.  Perhaps she knew better given who she was married to, Katie thought.

"They looked like strangers to me.  Woman was dressed nicely enough.  Wore a headscarf.  Man was a bit more ragged.  He wore a suit without a tie and a fedora," Verna gave her report.

"I'm sure it was nothing, Mrs. Silver," Katie replied.

"Do be careful, Katie.  My husband tells me that there is a robbery crew operating in the area.  Do you want me to go in with you, just in case?" Verna said.  

"No, I'll be fine, Mrs. Silver," Katie replied with a smile.  Mrs. Silver was nice, but overly protective.  Katie headed for the side door of her home.  


"I'll get the clothesline I saw by the door.  You find something to muzzle her with," George said.

"You will do no such thing!  She is my niece and there will be no need to tie her up.  At worst, we will leave and do this some other time.  Go hide somewhere.  I'll take care of Katie," Dottie commanded.  George disappeared.

Katie came in the side door and went immediately in the bathroom that was directly across from the side door.  She was happy to relieve herself after her rush home, but then she heard a noise.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Katie asked what she assumed was an empty house.  No answer.  She finished pulling herself together and looked in the mirror.  She had left the headscarf on because she planned to go across the street, get her best friend Wendy and then to go shopping.  Then she heard something else and her heart skipped a beat.  Who could be in the house?  A burglar?  Was Mrs. Silver right?  Katie's fantasies suddenly ran wild.  She loved mysteries, but she loved to read them.  Still, there could be someone dangerous in the house or it could be something totally innocent.  Perhaps mama let the cat stay inside today?  Still, it didn't sound like the cat.  Perhaps she should lock herself in the bathroom?  But if it was nothing, she would look and feel like a fool.  Katie slowly opened the door to the bathroom.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Katie said louder.

"Hello, Katie," Dottie said in a calm voice.  Katie jumped and turned and saw her aunt.

"....Aunt...Dottie?  Aunt Dottie, what are you doing here?" Katie said slowly because she honestly didn't recognize her aunt at first, particularly wearing a headscarf.  She was now on high alert.  Aunt Dottie wasn't suppose to come near her side of the family and certainly not near this house.  The woman she had once loved like a second mother had gotten into a fierce legal and personal fight with the rest of the family when Katie's grandparents had passed away.  She had tried to take, really steal, a lot of valuable things that had been clearly indicated in the will as not being hers.  Aunt Dottie had been become an outcast before the sudden deaths of Katie's grandparents in that awful auto accident.  There were rumors that she was involved with a gang of thieves.  So she was excluded from the will.  Katie was the only one in the family that had had good relations with her five years ago, the last time anyone had seen Aunt Dottie.

"Look at you, Katie.  You have grown into a beautiful woman," Dottie said with a big smile.  If anyone in the family would be on her side, it would be Katie.

"What are you doing here, Aunt Dottie?  You know that you are banned from this house!" Katie said in a stern voice.

"Katie...Katie, I have come to get some things that are mine," Dottie said in a quiet voice.

"Aunt Dottie, there is nothing that is yours in this house.  I must ask you to leave right now!" Katie had only observed encounters like this with Aunt Dottie and they were never pleasant so every muscle in her body tensed for the encounter.

"I thought you would understand, Katie.  I was cheated..." Dottie tried to explain.

"Leave now or I will be forced to call the police!" Katie tried to sound sure of herself as she went to the phone.  She really had no intention of calling the police.  It was an empty threat.  She didn't even know the number, but she could always dial the operator.

"Please don't say that..." Dottie begged.

"Leave or I will!" Katie replied her confidence building.

"I guess this is where I come in," George said in a sly voice which was a mixture of excitement and pleasure.   Both Katie and Dottie gasped when George emerged with his face covered with a handkerchief, lengths of clothesline in one hand and a small revolver in the other.  Katie put her hands up.

"That isn't necessary, G..." Dottie cut herself short when George gave her an angry glance.  Of course, no names.

"It is when this sweet thing starts to talk about the cops.  You know, Dottie, that I have some unfinished business with the cops and I want it to remain unfinished," George explained with a touch of anger.

"Aunt Dottie..." Katie pleaded.

"You brought this on yourself, young lady.  You shouldn't threaten anyone with the cops.  Now you just sit down and I will go get the things that I am owed," Dottie said angrily.  This was all going wrong, but because of George they were too far to back out now.

"While you go find your stuff, I'll tie up your niece," George said with obvious glee.

"Aunt Dottie!!!" Katie yelled.

"And gag her!" George added.

"You will not tie her up.  Katie is a smart young woman and I am sure that we can come to an understanding," Dottie told George hoping that she could convince Katie to be reasonable.

"The only understanding that we are going to come to is that you are a robber and thief, Aunt Dottie!", Katie blurted out and then regretted what she said.

"On second thought I guess you are right.  My niece is a willful young woman.  It is best that we make sure that she doesn't interfere or make a fuss," Dottie said to George and then turned to Katie, "You brought this on yourself, Katie.   If you had been reasonable, we would have parted friends without any unpleasantness.  My friend is good at what he does so I suggest that you don't resist.  I would hate to see you get hurt"

"Aunt Dottie, you can't," Katie cried.

"Do you have everything you need?  How can I help?" Dottie asked George.  She realized that her niece would have to be tied up, but she wasn't going to let him tie up Katie unsupervised.

"I got enough clothesline to tie up several broads, but I don't have anything to muzzle her with" George said.   Dottie looked around.

"My niece is wearing her gag.  By the way, nice headscarf, dear," Dottie said with a wicked smile.

"A lady's scarf won't keep her yap quiet enough," George stated.

"I never told you that before I met you I helped another guy rob some homes so I have experience securing young women and keeping them quiet.  She'll be real quiet after I get finished with her,"  Dottie said with a smile.

"Aunt Dottie!?" Katie felt a shiver go down her back.  The fantasies she had when reading her mystery stories were coming to life, but she was much more scared than excited.  She was surrounded by her aunt, who went from nice to robber in just a few seconds, and a masked gunman.  And they were having a matter-of-fact talk about tying her up.  Katie considered her options.  The scary guy had put the gun in his waist band so he would have two hands free to tie her up.  If she could get past them to the side door...Mrs. Silver could help her.

"Really?  I thought you were just an innocent broad.  You're more like a gun moll?  I can discuss business with you?" George's eyes lit up.

"Sure can, hon.  But don't you think that we should take care of poor Katie first?" Dottie said.  At that moment, Katie kicked George in the shin and he yelled in pain grabbing his leg.  Katie pushed him out of the way and he fell against the wall.  Katie spun around using her purse as a weapon against her aunt.  The purse found Dottie's stomach, but without the force Katie had hoped for.  Instead of knocking the wind out of Dottie, Dottie simply grabbed the purse.  Katie pushed her out of the way, but as her niece tried to run past Dottie pulled on the purse, the straps of which were wrapped around Katie's hand.  Katie was yanked backwards because she couldn't free her hand from the purse in time.  She looked directly in Dottie's eyes...not the kind eyes of the aunt she had know, but the eyes of an angry woman...a criminal.  Dottie's punch caught Katie directly in her stomach.  Katie doubled over unable to fight or scream.

"There, there...enough of that, young lady," Dottie addressed her niece like a misbehaving child.  She held Katie's arm easily with one hand and still held Katie's purse in her other hand.  She directed Katie, who was still holding her stomach towards the living room.  Katie didn't resist as she tried to get her breath back.  Dottie bent down and picked up several lengths of cord that George had dropped.

"Down!" Dottie commanded and Katie obeyed going to her knees.  Dottie got behind her and with some effort pulled the young woman's hands behind her back.  Katie felt the clothesline go around her wrists.  She was confused.  She never expected her aunt to hit her like that.  Her parents were obviously correct about Aunt Dottie.  Katie had thought it an overreaction at the time, but they were right.  Katie felt the cord clinched and tied off.  She pulled with her wrists and realized that not only were her hands bound, but they were secured to her belt as well.

Dottie, satisfied that her niece wouldn't get free, opened Katie's purse and found what she was looking for right on top.  Young ladies often carried two hankies in their purse.  The two floral hankies that Dottie pulled out were typical lady's handkerchiefs, small and pretty.  One wouldn't be enough for what Dottie intended to do, but two would work just fine. One was folded. The other had been used and was all ready wadded.  Dottie didn't care at the moment, she was pissed that her niece had tried to escape.  Dottie grabbed the used hanky.

Katie started to plead with her Aunt when a strong hand stopped her by grabbing her chin.  Katie's mouth was open anyway, but the pincher pressure her aunt was giving forced it open even more.  Dottie's other hand appeared in front of Katie's eyes and she felt something soft being forced into her mouth.  She resisted and fought the gag being pushed into her mouth.

"Katie, the hankies must go all the way in for the gag to work properly," Dottie said in a soothing voice.  Much to both women's surprise, Katie stopped resisting and allowed Dottie to push the wadded stuffing in place as if Dottie's logic was a reasonable argument.  Dottie wasted no time and wadded up the second hankie, this one clean.  There was no resistance from Katie as it filled her mouth.  Dottie unknotted Katie's headscarf and pulled it off her head.  Already folded into a triangle, Dottie folded the scarf down a several times to create about a three inch band of thick silk.  There was a small triangular portion of the scarf that extended below the band.  Dottie was unconcerned about that imperfection.  In fact, she had folded the scarf that way on purpose.  Dottie checked Katie's mouth and saw some of the stuffing protruding from Katie's lips so she poked it back in place with her index finger.  Dottie then positioned Katie's folded headscarf over her lips, pulled the ends back behind her head over Katie's hair and looped the ends together.  Dottie's pulled as hard as she could on the ends of the scarf causing Katie to grunt her disapproval.  Putting her finger on the half knot to hold the tightness, she completed the square knot.  She took the ends of the scarf and tied a tight bow.  She looked over Katie's shoulder to examine her work.  She reached around and yanked the the triangular portion of the scarf that hung down below Katie's chin.  The scarf didn't budge.  There was no way that Katie would work the gag off without help.

Katie was in a daze.  She had read about women being tied and gagged in her mysteries, but no author had every explained what it really felt like.  The helplessness was overwhelming.  And when she looked at her purse, Katie realized what Aunt Dottie had put in her mouth.  That thought made her retch.  Katie was totally unaware that Dottie was tying her ankles or roping them to her bound hands.  She was still trying to deal with the awful gag in her mouth.

George clapped his hands.  "Very nicely done, babe.  If I knew you were that good, I would have taken you on some of my jobs," George said in a gleeful voice.

Dottie got up.  Shook her head and gave Katie a slight shove.  The helpless young woman fell over onto her side with a soft thud on the carpet.

"I'm going to go get my stuff.  Can you watch her without fucking her?" Dottie asked with a sneer in her voice.

"Sure thing, babe," George said as he watched Dottie go upstairs.

"You and I are going to have some fun, girlie," George said with an evil smile under his handkerchief mask.


Wendy Locker looked out her window and did a double-take.  She wasn't expecting Katie to get home for another couple of hours, but there was her car in her driveway.  That meant that they would have an extra couple of hours to shop.  Wendy was already dressed to go out, except for her gloves and she had to go out in her new high heel shoes.  She also grabbed a plain white silk headscarf off of the hat rack.  Wendy wasn't much for wearing headscarves.  She loved her long blond hair free, but even she had to tie one on when Katie got behind the wheel of her convertible with the top down.  The 22-year old ran out the front door and over towards Katie's house.



Katie tried to scream through her gag, but not much got past her stuffed mouth.  With Dottie gone hunting her valuables, George had taken full advantage of the situation.  He held the hapless, but squirming woman in his arms.  Her blouse had been carefully unbuttoned and Katie's white lace bra had been pulled up.  George's hand was nettling Katie's breasts much to Katie's dismay.  Katie had been fondled by a boyfriend a time or two, but this was different.  This wasn't a loving touch.  It was a frenzy of sexual desire, which was confirmed by the hardness of George's manhood poking into Katie.  If given the chance, Katie was certain that he would do more than fondle her.

Dottie came down the stairs and her eyes landed on George, who quickly withdrew his hands from Katie's breasts.  She was angry, but not at George.

"Young lady, you will tell me where all the valuable jewelry is?  Where is all my stuff?" Dottie yelled.  Just then the side door opened and Wendy came in.  Everyone fell silent when they heard the side door open.

"Hey Kat, why didn't you call to tell me that you were coming home early?", Wendy shouted.  She came down the hall and her eyes fell on the scene in the living room.  There was Katie hogtied on the floor with her boobs exposed and a masked man on the ground next to her.  In her rush, Wendy hadn't seen Dottie on the stairs behind her.

"Oh crap!" Wendy exclaimed.  Wendy backed up right into Dottie, who hit her over the head with her two gloved hands clamped together.  At first, it seemed that Wendy didn't move and then her eyes went up as her eyelids closed and she slumped to the floor.  Katie screamed into her gag and Dottie laughed.

"Friend of yours, sweet thing.  It is my turn to rope up this fine look'n filly.  Help me get her clothes off, Dottie?" George said like kid with a new toy.

"Why not?  But can I have the pleasure of gagging her?" Dottie said with a wicked smile.  Was this really the sweet aunt that she knew for so many years, Katie wondered?    

"Sure, I'll show you a couple tricks of the trade,"  George said with a smile under his mask.

Katie stared as the couple set about stripping her unconscious friend.  Dottie undid Wendy's skirt while George unbuttoned and pulled off her blouse.  George obviously was enjoying every moment of what he was doing, Dottie noted.  Strangely, so was she.

"How far are we going to go with this?" Dottie asked.

"Right down to her birthday suit.  Broads are a lot more docile without clothes, I've found," George sneered and then tossed Dottie Wendy's white, silk headscarf, "Use this to cover your face, honey.  No sense in making this broad a useful witness against you"

"I thought I would use the scarf to gag her," Dottie explained.

"No need...I'll show you a trick of the trade.  Now take off her stockings, but leave on her panties,"  George ordered.  Well, at least she will have some dignity both Katie and Dottie thought at the same time.  Dottie tied the scarf over her face and then undid Wendy's garter belt and peeled each nylon stocking down until it came off.    George slipped the bra straps off of Wendy's shoulders and then pulled the bra off of Wendy's small, but well-formed breasts.  

"Here cross her ankles and tie them that way so she can't straighten out her legs," George instructed.  He pulled Wendy's hands behind her back and corded them together.  Wendy was beginning to come around.

"Toss me her stockings," George ordered.  Dottie did what he told her.  George balled them up and stuffed them into Wendy's half open mouth.

Wendy was cold and her head hurt.  She felt like she was in an awkward position.  She tried to bring her hand up and couldn't.  Her eyes opened to see a masked man looking at her through dark glasses.  She screamed, but her scream was severely muted.  The taste of nylon filled her mouth.  She looked down and saw...saw...saw that she was naked!  She screamed again and the man's hand covered her stuffed mouth.  There was a masked woman near her feet.  She must have hit Wendy over the head.  Was that her scarf over the woman's face?  Wendy turned and saw a helpless Katie staring at her.  What the hell was going on?

"Now her stockings will be part of her gag, I always like to give the women I rob something tasty to chew on, but she needs something a bit tastier," George explained.

"Dirty hose isn't tasty enough?  Do tell your secret, dear sir," Dottie smiled under her scarf mask.

"Use you finger and thumb and diddle her twat.  Make her cum in her panties," Gorge explained.  Wendy squirmed and cried.  Katie screamed into her gag.  Dottie laughed.

"I like it.  I make her cum and then those panties go in her mouth.  I really like it.  That is a real turn-on," Dottie exclaimed with a laugh.  Wendy stared daggers at her.  No woman was going to make her cum against her will.

Dottie took off her gloves.  George's gloves had been off since he had fondled Katie.  Wendy squirmed, but couldn't prevent Dottie from touching her satin panties and rub in the area of her pussy.  Dottie's other hand went under her own skirt.  George started fondling Wendy's breasts.

"Damn, this girl is already wet," Dottie commented with a laugh.  Wendy was shaking her head violently from side to side, but much to her own surprise, Dottie found that she was enjoying this new type of sport.  She had never done this to a another woman before and it was fun.  Wendy was responding to every touch and rub.  She was helpless to prevent Dottie from doing what she wanted.  The power turned Dottie on,  She tried all sorts of combinations of rubbing and using her index finger to penetrate Wendy.  She even moved the panties out of the way and played directly with the hapless girl.  She extracted her wet finger and sucked it.  The taste of Wendy's womanhood filled her mouth.

Dottie soon found that the real fun was bringing Wendy close to a climax only to deny her.  She did this over and over while George enjoyed the young woman's now very sensitive breasts.  Wendy wanted it to be over.  She enjoyed sex and even enjoyed the company of another woman, which was something one never talked about in 1959.  She secretly hoped that Katie might be her partner some day, but had never dared discuss such a thing with her friend.  She felt her body tremble again as Dottie increased the stimulation only it didn't stop this time and the climax hit Wendy like a sledgehammer.  Her entire body shook.  She arched her body as best as she with the ropes, tightened her legs like a clamp around Dottie's hand.  Dottie didn't stop the stimulation, but the series of mini climaxes were easier for Wendy to handle.  Finally, Dottie withdrew her hand.  Wendy was exhausted and covered in sweat.  The heat of the climax was receding leaving her shivering.  

Wendy was totally unaware of her ankles being untied.  Dottie slid the panties off of the young woman.  She retied the ankles.  Dottie rubbed the girl's panties over her crotch area, not to stimulate, but to clean up.  George pulled the young woman's legs behind her and secured them to her bound wrists.  It wasn't until Dottie pulled the now damp stockings out of Wendy's mouth that Wendy opened her eyes.

"You did real well there, young lady.  Looked like you were enjoying yourself.  I have a gift for you.  One that you will remember for a long time," Dottie sneered.  She turned the panties inside-out and wadded them.  Wendy didn't know anything about bondage, but she knew this evil woman wanted to gag her with her panties that were soaked in her own cum.  The woman must have some compassion left, Wendy thought.  She was wrong.

"Please don't.  I'll be qummmph," Wendy tried to plead, but her chin was grabbed and the panties were force-fed to her until they filled her mouth and she tasted her own womanhood.

"Of course you will, dear.  I know you will be very quiet for us," Dottie laughed.  She always like it when a women begged.  The other robbery team she was with had never done anything like this, but the women still begged not to be bound and gagged.  She shook out one of the stockings and then doubled it up to give it some additional thickness.  She forced the stocking into Wendy's mouth and wrapped the ends in both directions compacting the panties in place.  When she ran out of stockings to wrap, Dottie knotted the ends at the back of Wendy's head.  Katie saw how distorted her friend's face looked.  Aunt Dottie had pulled all the stretch out of the hose.  Katie then watched in amazement while Aunt Dottie took the other stocking, doubling it, spreading out the nylon, carefully covering Wendy's mouth and wrapping the stocking over and over the stunned girl's face.  Dottie finally tied off the stocking at the back of her head.

"That should keep her quiet.  Won't be getting out of that without some help," Dottie stated proudly.  Wendy just moaned.

"You done good, hot cakes.  What is the score?" George asked.

"Round up everything of value you can find.  Might as well handle this like a real job.   I need to have a girl-to-girl talk with my niece," Dottie said.

"Sure thing, hot cakes," George replied and then looking at Wendy, "Can I fuck them later?  The broads never report it anyway"  Both Wendy and Katie shook their heads.  Dottie looked at them.

"Sure, hon.  I'll let you do Katie's friend for sure.  But make it a blow job.  I don't want you to make babes with the girl.   And maybe I'll throw in my niece depending on what she tells me.  First, get the loot," Dottie replied in a serious tone.  George, happy and very hard, went upstairs.

"Sorry girls.  A man must get his rocks off once in a while," Dottie looked down at the two helpless woman, "Now Katie, I'm going to take your gag off.  No screaming or your friend here will get fucked the old fashion way.  Understand?  Good.  Now if you don't give me straight answers, I'll let him fuck you too.  Understand?  Good," Dottie undid the tight bow and used her fingers to untie the knot securing the gag.  She pulled the scarf away and there were smudged red lipstick marks on the scarf.  Katie retched and manage to expel one soaked handkerchief and then finally the other.  She tried to say something, but couldn't.

"Hush girl.  Where is the good jewelry?" Dottie asked.

"Aunt Dottie, how could you do that to Wendy?  She isn't involved in this," Katie pleaded.   Dottie slapped Katie's face just hard enough to get her attention.

"The jewelry?" Dottie hissed.

"It is in a safety deposit box at the bank..." Katie told the truth.  Dollie slapped her again.   This time harder.

"Liar!  Your mama never put anything in a bank.  She doesn't believe in them.  I guess I'm going to have to get the information out of you another way," Dottie screamed.  It was true that Katie's mama didn't trust banks, but her father did.  Before Katie could explain that, Dottie was stuffing those disgusting hankies, which now were nothing more than small wet balls of cotton cloth, back in Katie's mouth forcing her to retch.  Her headscarf came next.  Dottie tied it tightly between her teeth forcing the corner of Katie's lips back giving her mouth an unnatural smile.  For Katie the gagging scarf was now much more uncomfortable than how it had been previously tied.  

Dottie smiled at the look of terror on Katie's face.  She got up and went to the hall closet and pulled out a large floral headscarf that belonged to Katie's mama.   Katie loved that scarf with its blazing red and blue flowers on a white background.  On special occasions, Katie's mama would let Katie wear it.  Now the soft silk would be used as a weapon against Katie.

"After I get through with you young lady, you will be begging to tell me what I want to know," Dottie hissed as she knelt next to Katie.  Katie tried to plead with her aunt, but the gag made her retch every time she tried to talk.  That, in turn made Dottie laugh.  Dottie reached under Katie's skirt and slowly undid her garters one by one.  Her aunt had an evil smile on her face.  She was clearly enjoying this humiliation that she was forcing on her 'favorite' niece.  If this had been a man who had was about to make love to her, Katie would have found this very erotic.  But it was a woman, a relative.  Katie had never been touched down there by a woman in a sexual way.  She knew what her aunt planned to do and there was nothing she could do to stop it.  She shook her head no and Dottie chuckled.  Katie had only to look in Wendy's defeated eyes to see the effect the controlled climax had had on her and Katie knew that Wendy had experimented with other women before.  Katie was filled with terror and yet strangely an anticipation of what Dottie planned for her.  She felt a tingle in her pussy.  An anticipation.  Katie realized to her embarrassment that her nipples had become hard, very hard...a fact that was obvious to Dottie even though they were covered by a bra and blouse.  And Dottie's nipples had also become hard.  Dottie lifted up her niece's skirt and with one yank pulled Katie's white satin panties off of her butt and down below her knees.  She forced Katie's knees apart with some effort and let the soft silk scarf drag through Katie's crotch area.  Katie closed her eyes and moaned through her gagged mouth.  She opened her eyes to see Dottie looking at her.

Just then, Wendy's eyes came alive and seemed to be trying to tell Katie something.  She was trying to tell her that she was alright.  Just go with what was going to happen.  Katie didn't know how she knew this.  She just did.  But it was more than that.  It was a plan.  Act terrorized.  Give this woman what she wants...control, but be strong and in control yourself.  We will get through this and win the day.  Katie understood that this was the message Wendy was sending.  She just saw it in her eyes.  Katie nodded her head and Wendy nodded back.  Acting terrorized was easy, Katie already was terrorized.  The trick was maintaining her confidence that she and Wendy would get through this.   She couldn't let Dottie break her, but she had to let Dottie think she had.

Dottie crawled to up and sat next to Katie.  She lifted Katie's body so Katie's head  lay on her lap.  Katie didn't struggle.  She already knew what Dottie intended to do.  Dottie slowly unbuttoned Katie's blouse.  Katie shook her head no, but Dottie continued.  Katie could see her smile under the Wendy's silk scarf.  As George had done with Wendy, she pulled down the straps on the white bra that Katie wore and like it was a formal unveiling Dottie slowly revealed Katie's creamy white breasts.  Dottie, Wendy and even Katie were staring at the perfectly shaped mounts with hard pink nipples in the center of each one.  Katie's face turned red with humiliation.

"Very nice, Katie.  You have grown into a beautiful young lady with all the attributes to drive guys, and perhaps some women, crazy,  Lets see if we can make your pretty body perform for me.  Your friend did a good job, but I'm sure you can do better," Dottie said with an evil tone in her voice.  Dottie had never been into women before prison, but she found that she liked this type of control.  It was a turn-on that made her hot.  Much to her surprise, her pussy wanted Katie's mouth and tongue between her legs, but she wasn't quite willing to go that far with her niece.  At least not quite yet.

Dottie dragged the scarf over Katie's exposed breasts.  The soft material slid over Katie's skin and Katie shut her eyes and and tried to stifle a moan, but failed.  Dottie then began a much softer version of George's fondling which ended in her pinching Katie's sensitive nipples.  Katie's eyes flew open as her aunt continued to squeeze.

"You see, dear Katie, this can be a pleasant, if humiliating, experience or it can be, shall we say,...uncomfortable," Dottie hissed as she put her mouth right next to  Katie's ear, "Let me know when you are ready to tell me the truth!"

Dottie moved down Katie's body until she was at her knees.   Her hand pushed Katie's knees apart exposing her bush of hair.  Katie didn't resist this.  She knew what was coming.  She didn't really want this forced on her, but oddly it would be better having Aunt Dottie do it to her than that man.  The act itself didn't scare Katie.  In fact, her body yearned for release.  However, it was the situation.  Having it done in front of Wendy and being forced against her will.  Katie's face was red with humiliation, which was what Dottie wanted...to humiliate her into talking.  But Katie had told her the truth.  There was nothing Katie could say that would stop this.

The next few minutes felt like hours to Katie.  She both wanted it to stop and to continue.  Dottie was a master of manipulating her body.  She used the scarf in many ways pulling it back and forth through Katie's crotch area to 'warm her up' to pushing it deep inside her to rubbing it over her clit.  Katie was sweating and squirming while Dottie worked her body and stared at her, getting satisfaction out of everything Katie did.  Just when Katie thought this combination of unbelievable feelings and torture would never end, her climax came.  She had been close so many times that she didn't see this one taking her over the top.  Katie screamed into her gag even though she knew that most of the noise was blocked and rang only in her head.

"Ride it, girl!" Dottie exclaimed, "Wait till I tell your mama about this!"

Katie couldn't describe the flood of emotion that ran through her body.  She had never experienced anything like that since she gave herself her first orgasm many years before.  But as soon as it peaked, it quickly went away.  Dottie made no effort  to continue.  Dottie held up the beautiful scarf which was damp and soaked in a few spots.  Dottie smiled.

"I think I will keep this for my collection and will wear it when I want to remember you, Katie," Dottie laughed as she pushed it into Katie's face, "It has your sent all over it"  There was no denying that the smell of Katie's womanhood recked from the scarf.  Dottie pulled the scarf away.

"Now, Katie...talk or else!"  Dottie said as she pulled the scarf gag out of Katie's mouth.  Katie spit out the two disgusting hankies.  She retched.

"Aunt Dottie, I told you before..." Katie's answer was interrupted by a hard slap to the face.

"I was hoping you wouldn't talk girl!" Dottie hissed.  She pulled the bound girl in front of a chair.  Dottie undid her own garters and pulled down her panties.  She sat down and pulled Katie to her knees.  In prison, Dottie had started off servicing other women like this, but soon she had become powerful in the joint.  She had young women routinely between her legs servicing her.  It wasn't as good as a talented man...and some of the male guards were talented, but young women were a convenient source of sexual pleasure in the joint.

Katie looked at Wendy, who gave a slight nod that everything would be okay.  Dottie spread her legs and pulled Katie's head between them.

"You had better do something good girl or else this scarf might be used to strangle you.  All you have to do is talk otherwise you know what to do," Dottie commanded.  Actually, Katie had no idea what to do.  She guessed that she was suppose to satisfy her aunt with her mouth, but this was new to Katie.  Dottie was not interested in Katie's uncertainty and pulled her head toward her crotch area.  She helped Katie by making a path to her promised land by moving much of the hair aside.  Katie felt the heat first and then the strong order of Dottie's womanhood.  She tentatively explored with her tongue and heard Dottie gasp as she moved over some skin.  Somehow Katie knew that was Dottie's clit.  She went lower and found Dottie's pussy...wet and ready.  Katie did some tentative exploring there.  The taste was...bearable, at best.  It must be something of an acquired taste, Katie thought.

"Faster girl and more tongue, my pussy doesn't have all day," Dottie exclaimed.  She then forced Katie's head deep into her crotch area.

Katie started to lick faster, using her tongue in ways that just came to her.  She tried to stay on Dottie's clit as much as possible because honestly she could breathe easier.  When Dottie would force her down to her pussy, Katie literally would have to hold her breath while she worked on Dottie.  Time seemed to stop for Katie as she worked on her aunt.  And then it came.  Dottie climaxed, pinning Katie's head in a vice hold only to release her some time later.  Both women were breathing heavily.

"It would seem that you has some talent in that area, Katie.  But you still won't talk so now I will have to get really rough," Dottie said still breathing heavily.

"Perhaps not," George chimed in, "Seems there is a safety deposit box after all.  She was telling you the truth and she has access to the box.  By the way, that was a good show that you both put on"


20 minutes later...

"Are you sure that you can do this by yourself?" George asked as he watched Dottie prepare Katie.  Katie was sitting on the sofa in the living room.  She was bound with her hands behind her back and at her ankles, but that was it and the bindings were her mama's silk headscarves.  She was gagged.  The headscarf used to force her to climax was tied over her mouth.  Dottie needed her.

"I'll be fine.  I'm sure you will show Katie's friend a good time while we are gone, but no fucking understand?  I don't want you making babies.  Good.  I'm sure she will be willing to give you a nice blow job or two if you don't fuck her," Dottie told George, who simply nodded, and to Katie, "I'm going to take the scarf off of your mouth and put on your lipstick.  Behave or I'll let my friend fuck your friend.  Understand?"

Katie nodded and Dottie untied the folded silk scarf pulling it away from Katie mouth.  That exposed the wadded up large man's handkerchief belonging to Katie's daddy that completely filled Katie's mouth.  It was too large just to spit out so Dottie used her fingers to pull it from her mouth.  Katie coughed.

"Aunt Dottie..." Katie began, but was cut-off by Dottie's gloved hand.

"No talking, Katie.  The sooner we get this done, the sooner we will be out of your lives.  Now I'm going to put your lipstick on," Dottie said.  Katie was quiet.

Dottie had pulled Katie's car up near the garage and out of sight.  She then led Katie to her car and put her in the front passenger seat and used a scarf to bind her ankles.  Katie's hands were still tied behind her back, but she wasn't gagged.  She was wearing one of her own silk headscarves, a simple white one tied under her chin.  Her hair was in too much disarray to fix before the bank closed.   Dottie put a bag of things in the tiny backseat.  She then got in the car and backed out.


Verna Silver watched Katie and the woman get into the car and drive away.   She  knew that something was wrong.  First, she had never seen anyone other than Katie drive her prized Thunderbird and second, Katie's hands were bound behind her back.  She called the police station where her husband worked, but he wasn't there.  She knew she should have reported what she saw, but the officers there would have ignored her.  Verna Silver had cried wolf too often.

Verna went and got her purse.  Then she went to her husband's closet.  She had never used a gun in her life, but pulled down the box that held her husband's spare gun.   The gun was heavy...much heavier than she would have imagined.  Next to the gun were a pair of handcuffs.  Verna smiled.  She had been handcuffed with those cuffs on many erotic nights.  The only thing that was missing for Verna was a scarf over her mouth, like she was really helpless.  But her hubby wouldn't do it saying that he saw the real thing too often to put his wife through that, even in play.


"Well doll, you want to show me what you can do?" George asked Wendy as he took off her gag.  Wendy was able to spit out the stuffing.

"Sure thing, masked man.  My name is Wendy," Wendy said in a steady voice.  She was terrified of this guy and the woman, but knew that she had to stay calm if she and Katie had any chance to survive this ordeal.  She had hated giving her friend the 'go ahead" for what was done to her, but if Katie didn't do exactly what these people wanted, they were both dead.  They might be dead anyway unless something changed.  She watched George drop his pants and pull out his manhood.

"Not bad for a stinking  robber and sexual creep ..." Wendy thought and then put out of her mind.  She smiled and moved her face towards the hard cock in front of her.  George moaned as Wendy went to work.  She wanted to bite it off, but did her job instead.

"Stop what you are doing!" Verna yelled as she pointed the revolver at George and Wendy.  George, was literally caught with his pants down, felt Wendy's teeth on his manhood, but was able to get away before she did any damage.

"Wendy, are you okay?" Verna looked concerned.  The gun was shaking in her hand.

"I am now, Mrs. Silver!" Wendy told her rescuer.

"Untie her, you scumbag" Verna instructed George using a term her husband always used.  George considered his options.  The broad clearly didn't know how to use a gun, but she might shoot him anyway.  Besides, George saw the handcuffs in her hands and he had a back-up plan.


Dottie and Katie walked into the bank.  It was 20 minutes before closing.  Dottie started to walk Katie towards the oldest of the tellers, but Katie stopped her.

"Of the three, the only one I don't know is on the right," Katie told her captor, who had a knife hidden under the belt she wore.  Dottie nodded and they  moved towards the blond on the right.

Sharon was tired and was looking forward to closing.  Then she saw someone she hadn't seen in months.  It seemed odd that Katie was with some other woman,like an escort.

"Hi..." Sharon said as they approached, but was cut off by Katie.

"Hi, I'm Katie Young.  I need to get into my family's safety deposit box.  Here is the key," Kate said in a business-like tone.  Sharon was stunned.  She had known Katie since they were young.  Something was wrong.  They did the formalities and Sharon showed them into the vault to get the box and then into the private room.


"That should hold him," Verna said as she snapped the cuffs on George's wrists behind his back, "Wendy, go to my house next door and call the police station.  These crooks have cut the phone lines to this house so these phones are useless.  The number is on the kitchen wall by the phone.  I'll keep watch on this scumbag"

Wendy, having gotten redressed as well as she could minus stockings and panties, nodded and quickly headed to the house next door.


"Wow, look at all of this jewelry," Dottie said as she opened the box.  She began scooping it into her over-sized purse.  A couple of minutes later, they left the bank.  Sharon watched them go wondering what she should do.  The bank would close shortly, but there was still things she had to do before she went home.


George sat there with a smile on his face.  That concerned Verna.  He didn't look defeated.  George wasn't defeated.  In fact, he was free of the handcuffs within seconds because of the handcuff key he had in the waistband of his pants.  Verna went to check his handcuffs and in one swift move George knocked the gun out of Verna's hands, twirled her around, clamped his big hand over her mouth and forced her to the ground.  Verna was so surprised that she didn't even put up much of a fight.  George straddled the woman.  

In George's jacket pocket was one of his favorite toys.  And it was a kid's toy.  It was a golf ball, but not a real golf ball...something called a wiffle golf ball.  A plastic sphere with holes in it.  When George had seen it for the first time, he knew where it belonged...in a woman's mouth.  It was a perfect fit.  If a broad wasn't gagged with her own panties, one of these balls worked well.  But he never left one at a job because it was too much of a signature, but he often used it to initially keep a broad quiet.  He hadn't thought of it earlier, but now his hand went right to it.  He grabbed the ball and shoved it in Verna's mouth.  Verna retched as the often used plastic ball filled her mouth.  He moved down, grabbed her wrists, which he held in one hand, and snapped the handcuffs on both of her wrists.  He then took a length of cord that had been used to bind Wendy and secured her ankles.  He came back up and grabbed a handkerchief from his back pocket, folded it into a triangle,  twirled it and tied it between Verna's red lips trapping the plastic ball in place.  Verna immediately knew that this wasn't a clean handkerchief and nearly threw up at the thought.   This was on purpose by George, who didn't like people putting cuffs on him.  A third handkerchief from a stack that Dottie had brought down from Katie's parent's bedroom was also folded into a triangle and tied over Verna's eyes.  

"That should hold you, bitch.  I'll be back to take care of you later," George said as he grabbed some supplies and headed out the door.  Fortunately, he had seen Verna talk to Katie in her driveway so he knew she lived next door.


Dottie led Katie to the car and had her get into the backseat this time.  She tied her hands with cord and her ankles also.  She pulled off Katie's headscarf and then forced a rolled up handkerchief between her lips and knotted it at the back of her head.  She then retied the headscarf over Katie's head.

Sharon wasn't suppose to leave the bank, but she had to figure out what was going on.  The young woman ran out and scanned the parking lot.  She spotted Katie or someone like Katie at the far end of the parking lot.  She appeared to be alone in the back of a car.  Sharon quickly walked toward the car.  Why was Katie just sitting in the backseat?  She looked around.  No one else was there.  She knocked on the window of the car and Katie turned.  She recognized Sharon, of course, and Sharon could see for the first time that she was gagged.  Sharon tried the car door, but it was locked.  She ran to the other side of the car.  The other door was unlocked.  Sharon opened it.  And she bent in the car.  Katie tried to warn her, but it was too late.  Sharon heard a noise behind her and turned just in time to see Dottie's fist coming towards her.


Wendy had two priorities when she went into Mrs. Silver's house.  The first was to pee.  Having your twat diddled does that to a girl.  She came out of the bathroom much relieved.  The second was to call the police.  She went to the phone on the kitchen wall and there must have been fifty numbers taped up next to the phone, none of them labeled.  She decided that her only option was to call the operator.  Then suddenly the line went dead.


"That really wasn't smart, Katie," Dottie said as she pulled out of the parking lot.  It was about a 15-minute drive back to Katie's house.  Dottie knew that George would want to get rid of these girls, including Katie.  At this point, she had to agree with him.  Any one of these girls could connect Dottie to the crime and put both of them away for a long time.  Dottie didn't like the idea of killing anyone, but she hated the idea of going to jail even more.  She looked in the rear view mirror and saw two young women in the backseat of her car.  Both were tied hand and foot.  The handkerchiefs tied in their mouths were only barely visible.  The one in Katie's mouth blended nicely with her white silk scarf.  It was only visible from the edge of the scarf until Katie's lips wrapped around it.  

Dottie had had to improvise with Sharon.  It was easy enough to bind and gag the girl after she knocked her out.  She had brought enough supplies to take care of several women.  But Dottie only had the headscarf she was wearing and now  Sharon wore Dottie's brown and white checkered silk scarf over her blond hair.  Her gag was also mostly hidden by the headscarf, but now the world could see Dottie.  Dottie hadn't realized how much she had come to rely on that fashion accessory to hide her identity.  It was another reason to get rid of these young women.  Dottie looked in the rear view mirror.  The girl she had hit was still out.  Her head on Kalie's shoulder.

Actually, Sharon wasn't out cold.  In fact she was wide awake and Katie knew it.  Sharon's hands, that didn't have gloves on like Katie, were behind Kalie's back working on the knots that bound Katie's hands.  Dottie had done a simple, but effective job on both girls.  They only had to stay bound for a few minutes.  Only, Katie's cords came loose as Sharon worked the knot.  Katie took off one of her gloves and started to work on Sharon's ties.


Verna was still in shock.  She had gone from being the captor to the captive in a few seconds.  The bastard must have had a handcuff key on him.  That was the only way to get out of those handcuffs.  Verna squirmed on the carpeted floor.  The bastard had both gagged her and blindfolded her.  It was a professional gag, not like you see on TV.  Her husband would always comment that professional robbers would always stuff the mouth to keep the person really quiet.  Verna's mouth was stuffed alright, but with some sort of awful tasting plastic ball.  She couldn't move her mouth at all and had to concentrate to avoid retching.  A fine mess she had gotten herself into.  At least, Wendy would have contacted the police by now.  


Wendy was frightened.  Telephone lines just don't go dead when you are calling the police.  Did that woman return with Katie?  It was too soon for that.  Still, Wendy had a very bad feeling.  Mrs. Silver had that asshole in handcuffs, but Wendy did not have a lot of confidence in Mrs. Silver's ability as a jailer.  Wendy had to do something.  She had to make a decision.  If she could make it to her own house...


"Stop squirming around back there, Katie.  Tell your friend that I know she is awake," Dottie yelled at the two women.  Both captives gave muted yells back through their gagged mouths.  Dottie would have preferred fully stuffing the girls' mouths with the largest handkerchiefs she had to keep them really quiet, but that would have made the gags very obvious even with the headscarves.  It was unlikely that anyone would hear her captives, even minimally gagged as they were.  But she still had to listen to them.  Dottie was going be happy to be rid of the three young women.  What had started out as a great plan had turned bad, but at least she had the jewelry she so desperately wanted.  Still she would prefer to just leave the three women, including her niece, squirming in ropes and gags.  But all three had seen her face.  She might convince George that Katie wouldn't talk, but not all three of them and to be honest, Katie wasn't the niece that had once adored her.  Katie would pay for her change of attitude.  She was just someone that Dottie was robbing.


Verna had rolled around until she ran into some piece of furniture.  This was the first time she had actually been in Katie's living room and now she couldn't remember the layout of the room.   The damn blindfold was much too effective.  She tried to ease herself up on what she assumed was a chair so she could hop to a door perhaps.  Two problems with that plan.  First, she had no idea which direction the door was or what might be in the way.  And second, the chair slid every time she tried to use it to brace herself.  She would get a few inches off the ground, the chair would move and Verna would land on her butt once again.  She screamed in frustration only to be reminded that she was effectively gagged.


Wendy looked out the front door of Mrs. Silver's house.  She figured that no one would attack her in full view of the street and it was the quickest way to her house.  She opened the front door as quietly as possible, but the door made a creaking sound anyway.  She didn't see any sign of movement.   Wendy eased out the door and turned to pull the door closed.  She didn't want any one to know that she had gone out that door.

She turned back around and he was there right in front of her, inches from her face.  Wendy stifled a scream when she felt the gun pushed into her belly.

"Going somewhere?" George asked with a sneer as Wendy shook her head and put up her hands, "Good.  Now open wide"

George stuffed his last wiffle golf ball into her mouth.  He made sure that it was completely in her mouth so it would be extremely difficult to dislodge.  Wendy could make some noise, but talking or screaming was out of the question.  He turned Wendy around and tied her hands behind her back.  Wendy thought that someone must be watching this and calling the police, but there were no cries of alarm.  The street was silent, except for some kids playing well down the block.  Wendy was ushered back into Mrs. Silver's house.

"Now sweet thing, you are going to finish what you started," George told his frightened captive.  He pushed Wendy down to her knees, undid his pants and pulled them down.  He pulled the wiffle ball out of Wendy's mouth.

"What have you done to Mrs. Silver?" Wendy asked after she had finished retching.

"Oh, I didn't hurt the woman.  Just tied her up, put a muzzle and blindfold on her.  She is quite helpless.  I'll deal with her later," George replied.  He pulled Wendy's face toward his rock hard manhood and Wendy knew she had no choice, but to satisfy this asshole.


Dottie pulled into an alley several blocks from Katie's home.  She was concerned that her two captives might be working themselves free.  It was difficult to drive and watch them at the same time.  If there was any trouble, Dottie didn't want these girls putting up a fight where they could be seen.  This isolated alley was perfect.  It was deserted and relatively dark.  The chances of anyone seeing anything was slim.  Dottie was confident because she had a gun and would use it, if necessary.  She also knew that the girls were still gagged and their feet were still tied.  This new girl was a problem.  Dottie considered hitting her again, but dragging dead weight around didn't appeal to her.

Katie and Sharon squirmed as Dottie got out of the car, moved the driver's seat forward and pointed the gun at Sharon.

"I know you girls got your hands untied so there is no use pretending that you are tied up any more," Dottie hissed as she stayed well out of the grabbing reach of her two captives.   Both Sharon and Katie put up their hands.

"What's your name girl?" Dottie asked.

"Its Sharon.  What is your name?" Sharon asked through the gag without thinking about it.

"Quite the little smartass, aren't you?  Sharon, take some cord and bind Katie's hands behind her back and no funny business.  I know a good tie when I see one," Dottie instructed the young woman, who was now shaking.  Sharon, who had never tied anything, grabbed a length of cord and wrapped it around Katie's wrists.  Following instructions from Dottie, she secured Katie's wrists, saying she was sorry to Katie at every turn.

"Very good, Sharon.  Now untie your feet and blindfold yourself with that pretty scarf you are wearing," Dottie instructed, "Good.  Now Katie, don't you think you should reward your friend for all she has tried to do for you.  So show her how much you appreciate her efforts by licking out her pussy.  And Sharon, you help her by guiding her to your honey spot.  Katie, I'm sure you can get your tongue past that hanky, if you try"

Both young women turned their heads towards Dottie, who was holding the gun.  They protested through their gags.  Dottie just laughed.

"This wasn't a request, ladies.  The first one of you that resists gets pistol-whipped , which is much worse than that punch I gave Sharon earlier.  Do it and do it good, ladies!" Dottie yelled.

In the cramped backseat, a blindfolded Sharon maneuvered to bring her leg up and a bound Katie moved towards Sharon's womanhood.  Sharon used her hands to move her panties out of the way and to direct Katie to the right spot.  Katie felt the heat coming from her friend.  Sharon thought that Katie was going to fake this show of intimacy, but she was wrong.  Katie got her tongue past the gag and began to work on her longtime friend.  Sharon moan and her eyes sprung open under the blindfold and then closed again as Katie licked her clit.  Sharon instinctively pushed Katie's head further down and Katie tasted Sharon's womanhood.  It didn't take long for Katie to bring her surprised friend to orgasm locking Katie's head in a vice grip with her legs.  Katie had to wait until the climax receded to lift her head up and breathe again.

"Very nice, ladies.  Katie, I'm sure Sharon will remember that for as long as she lives," Dottie said with a laugh.


Verna had made some progress.  She was now sitting on the chair and was rubbing the back of her head against the back of the chair.  Each time she could feel the knot of the blindfold catch for just a second and then it would slip.  She screamed in frustration.  The handkerchief tied in her mouth was soaked with her own spittle.  Drool was running down her chin and onto her blouse.  It was driving Verna crazy that she couldn't control the drool.

Verna shifted position and tried rubbing the knot of the blindfold again.  This time she caught it on a raised seam of the upholstery and the knot moved up on her head, but then slipped back into place.  She rubbed it again, it caught and moved higher.   The knot again slipped.  Verna shifted positions again.  It took another five tries before the knot moved up and stayed up on the back of her head.  Verna shook her head violently and slowly the blindfold shifted off of her eyes.  She blinked her eyes and then rubbed the blindfold completely off of her head.  Verna's purse was on the table on the other side of the room.  The keys to the cuffs were in her purse.



Having allowed Sharon to clean herself with a handkerchief, Dottie pulled Sharon from the tiny backseat of the Thunderbird.  Sharon figured that she was going to be left in that alley, either dead or alive, but most likely dead.  Suddenly she felt pee go down her leg.  She had been holding it, waiting for the end of the work day like she always did, and then all this happened.  But this really happened because she was scared.  Sharon was embarrassed, her face turning red.  If Dottie noticed, she didn't say anything.   Instead. she untied the handkerchief that was in Sharon's mouth.

"Open your mouth, bitch!!" Dottie hissed and Sharon obeyed.  Being blindfolded she didn't see the handkerchief that Dottie then force fed into her mouth.  Sharon immediately knew that it was the handkerchief that her attacker had permitted her to clean herself with.  The flavor of her own womanhood flooded her mouth.  

Dottie pushed, poked and jammed the handkerchief until every corner of Sharon's mouth until it seemed like it would explode from the packing.  Just when Dottie's fingers stopped poking and Sharon thought that she had a chance to dislodge the horrid stuffing, a cotton band pressed on the already tight packing.  Dottie was tying a fresh, neatly folded handkerchief between Sharon's stretched lips.  Sharon's hands went to the gag, but she was too afraid to actually resist the gagging.  She retched as the handkerchief was secured at the back of her neck.  She wouldn't gag me, if she was going to kill me, Sharon thought as the gag was double knotted.

Dottie opened the truck of the Thunderbird, forced Sharon to lie in it and then proceeded to rope her like a calf.  Sharon grunted with each pulled cord and was soon a small, helpless ball in the truck with her bound hands tied under her knees and few inches inches from her bound feet.  Seeing Sharon's skirt had ridden up, Dottie tied a final cord to Sharon's belt in back, treaded the rough cord between her legs, looped it around the back of her neck, back through her legs and secured it on Sharon's belt.  Pulling it tight forced Sharon's head to rest on her knees.  Despite the pee soaked panties, Dottie made sure that both cords embedded deep in the slit of Sharon's womanhood.  Any attempt Sharon made to move her head away from her knees would give the girl a thrill.

"There that should keep you occupied, honey!" Dottie said with a sneer.  She grabbed her scarf from Sharon's eyes and slammed the truck shut.  Dottie flipped the scarf over her head and knotted it under her chin.  She walked to Katie's side of the car and opened the door.

"Now that your friend has been disposed of, I need to punish you for being a bad girl..." Dottie told Katie and then laughed.


Wendy tried to get comfortably, but she couldn't.  She had been tied too long and too tightly.  She had serviced the man twice and he had fondled her constantly, but now he was stretched out on Verna Silver's sofa watching her, waiting for Katie and that bitch to return.  Apparently, the woman was Katie's aunt, the one the family considered a bad apple.  Katie had originally thought that the family had treated the woman unfairly, but over time Katie had heard everything that the woman she called Aunt Dottie had done.  Katie had realized that Aunt Dottie was a bad apple.  Right now none of that mattered.  This woman and this man were robbers and were guilty of sexual crimes that they assumed no one would know about.  Were they murders also?  

Wendy was tied as she had been before.  Her hands were secured behind her and then to her bound feet.  That awful plastic ball was in her mouth and a large handkerchief secured it in place.

"Okay sweet thing, I guess it is time to go back to Katie's house.  My woman and your friend should be arriving home at any time.  Then we can wrap this up and dispose of you three broads," George said with a smirk on his face.  He lifted Wendy over his shoulder so her head was facing behind and her hogtied legs were leading the way.  He adjust Wendy so that he could hold her with his hand between her legs and put a couple of fingers in her pussy.  Wendy screamed at the violation and George laughed.  He went out the side door, back to the alley, and came back to the side door of Katie's house.  Each step was torture for poor Wendy as he stimulated her.  George, unlike Dottie, was fearless in some ways.  He knew the chances of a neighbor seeing him carry a bound and gagged woman over this short distance was slim.  So he just did it.  He entered Katie's side door.

"Honey, I'm home!" he yelled as he went down the hallway.  But then stopped short.  The broad that he left tied up was no where to be seen, but the plastic ball gag and handcuffs were on the floor.  The handcuffs still had a key in them.  Before he could turn around something hit George hard in the head.  He stood there for a second and then crumpled to the ground.  The bound and gagged Wendy rolled off of his shoulder unharmed.    She stared at Verna.


"You are really quite good at this, Katie," Dottie said as she pulled the girl from between her legs, "Too bad our relationship will have to end permanently"

"Aunt Dottie, you have the jewelry and we have done as you asked.  We won't tell anyone, I promise!" Katie pleaded.  Dottie had removed her gag so Katie could  more easily give her another climax.  She got out of the car and pulled Katie off of the front seat floor and onto the passenger seat.  She closed the door and went around to the driver's side.

"If you promise to be good, I won't gag you again.  My partner will decide what will be done with you," Dottie told her scared niece.


Wendy grunted through her gag.  Verna had ignored her after hitting the robber.  He would eventually need a doctor, Wendy assumed...not that she cared.  Verna had handcuffed him, searched the man and found the handcuff key and had used the cord to tie him up.  Finally, she had dragged him to the front hall closet and had locked him in.

"Sorry dear, are you all right?' Verna asked with concern.  She untied the handkerchief in Wendy's mouth and Wendy managed to get the plastic ball out of her mouth.  It took Verna only a few minutes to untie Wendy.

After exchanging stories, Verna instructed Wendy to go to her own house and call the police.


Dottie approached Katie's house.  She already knew what she had to do.  She pulled into the driveway.  She got out and opened the garage door and then pulled the car in.  She took a handkerchief that she had used to clean herself and forced it into Katie's mouth.  Dottie untied Katie's white headscarf and tied it over her stuffed mouth.  She then took some cord and looped it around Katie's bound ankles and pulled them up to her bound hands securing her that way.

"Can't have you getting to the horn or the keys, dear," Dottie told the surprised girl.  Dottie got her purse and gun.

"What do you think you are doing?" Verna pointed her gun at Dottie.

"You're the next door neighbor, aren't you?  I hope you know how to use that gun because I have a gun pointed at Katie.  I know how to use my gun.  Do you really want to risk Katie's life?  Put the gun down and I'll tie you up.  I'll leave everyone here without hurting anyone," Dottie explained.  Katie was trying to scream through her gag telling Verna to shoot, but the gag was very effective.

Verna didn't believe the woman, but she had never fired a gun in her life.  This woman seemed so confident.  Verna put the gun down on the ground, put her hands up and walked towards the woman, who now had her gun pointed towards her.

Dottie wasted no time.  She tied Verna's hands behind her back with the last length of cord that she had and used the ends to tie her to the side view mirror.  Dottie took off her headscarf, spun the folded triangle into a silk rope and put a knot in the center of it.  She jammed the knot into Verna's mouth and tied the ends behind her head.

She had to find George and the other girl.  They needed to get out of here quick.  Dottie closed the garage door and ran into the house.  No George.  What had happened here anyway, she wondered.  

Then the front door opened and Wendy came in.  "Mrs. Silver?" Wendy called out.  Dottie came around the corner and both women looked at each other.  Dottie raised her gun.


Katie and Verna struggle against their ropes and gags.  Over time, they could probably get free, but neither of them believed that they had time.  Sharon tried to struggle in the truck, but she could barely move and if she did, she paid a price between her legs.  All three women screamed, but no sound left the garage.


"And then there were four," Dottie said as she tied Wendy's hands behind her back with clothesline.  Dottie went to pick up the scarf that she had used the gag Katie just before the trip to the back, the scarf she had forced Katie to cum with.  Wendy saw her with the scarf.

"Four??  Who is the fourth?  Katie, Mrs. Silver and me...that is only three of us," Wendy tried to delay Dottie from gagging her, but was also puzzled.

"Katie did something stupid and I had to grab one of her friends that worked at the bank.  All three of them are quietly subdued in the garage.  Which is where I am going to take you.  But I have to muzzle that pretty mouth of yours first," Dottie said with a smile.

"Wouldn't it make more sense to leave me here.  If I'm with the others, there is more chance we might untie each other," Wendy had a bad feeling about what Dottie was planning.  

"Let me worry about you girls getting free.  Let's get this pretty scarf over that big mouth of yours,"  Dottie told Wendy as she moved in front of Wendy and forced the neatly folded thick silk scarf over Wendy's lips.  She reached behind Wendy's head and knotted the scarf in place.  She then tied the ends in a bow at the back of Wendy's head.  The scarf was uncomfortably tight over her mouth, but was the best of the gags Wendy had worn today.  Still, it was surprisingly effective as she soon found out.

"Now don't you look pretty...Let's get going," Dottie smiled, picked up some lengths of cord and pointed the gun at Wendy, "I wonder what happened to George?"


Sharon continued to struggle in the trunk...not because she thought she could get untied, but because she had given herself two orgasms, which took her mind off of her situation.  She had no idea what was happening.  She assumed that Katie was tied up in the car, but there was another woman that she could hear or at least her gagged noises.  Sharon was tired of being bound and gagged, but the sexual aspect of being tied up certainly appealed to her.

Katie was truly scared.  Why hadn't Aunt Dottie taken them into the house.  Being in the garage brought back bad childhood memories when she had been locked in a garage by other kids.  She had been there for hours until her parents found her.  She struggled to reach the steering wheel and the horn, but tied as she was, her hands were useless.  She thought about working on the gag, but even if she got the gag off, it was unlikely anyone would hear her screams.  Katie squirmed in her seat and tried to locate the knots of her bindings.

Verna pulled on the cord securing her to the side view mirror of Katie's car.  Her feet were free, but there was little she could do except kick the car and she knew that Katie wouldn't want dents in her treasured car.  She had seen women tied up on her soaps, which she was missing today, but never like this.  As much as this was an adventure, Verna would rather be watching her soaps.  Her husband would scold her for all the mistakes she had made, but at this moment she didn't care.  Verna just hoped that she would see her husband again.

The side door of the garage opened and Wendy was marched in.  Katie and Verna groaned through their gags.  Their last hope was dashed as soon as they saw the brightly colored scarf knotted over her mouth.  Dottie wasted no time roping Wendy to Verna at the waist so they were face-to-face.  She then bent down and tied their ankles.  She checked the ropes.  That would hold them for as long as was necessary.

Dottie got in the driver's seat and started the car.   The engine roared to life and Katie gasped in terror.  She pleaded through her gag.  Her aunt couldn't really kill her, could she?

"Don't give me that look, Katie!  You brought this on yourself," Dottie told her niece and then got out of the car, "Ladies, sorry that this has to end this way, but blame Katie for not cooperating"  With that Dottie went out the side door of the garage and locked the door before she closed it.  The four women in the garage were pleading through their gags, but the sound diminished as she walked towards the house.

"George?  George?" Dottie screamed.  She finally heard moans from the front hall closet.   She unlocked the door to find her partner with a little blood on the head, handcuffed, and roped like a turkey.  A pretty lady's headscarf, with different birds on it, was over his mouth and she assumed that something was stuffed in his mouth.  She went to untie him.


Katie was struggling as hard as she could, but she knew that it was probably hopeless.  The women were coughing through their gags now.  It was getting difficult to breathe.  Katie renewed her efforts to get to the steering wheel and get to the car key.  Mrs. Silver and Wendy, who were directly exposed to the fumes, were beginning to sag against the car.  


Dottie half dragged George to her car.  These women had really done a job on him.   She could hear the car running in the garage and could see smoke coming from under the garage door.  She got George in the passenger seat and went around to the driver's seat.  Out of habit, she looked at herself in the rear view mirror.  She had tied the scarf with the bird motif over her head, not because her hair was a mess, but so there was less chance anyone would recognize her.  She put the car in gear and backed down the driveway.

At that moment, two police cars converged at the end of the driveway.  Two officers and two detectives emerged with guns drawn.  Within a minute, Dottie was in handcuffs.  George was already in handcuffs, Sam Silver's handcuffs.  Dottie wasn't able to find the key to release him after she found him in the closet.

"We need to find my wife and the other women," Sam told his partner.

"Sam, the garage!" his partner replied.  They both looked and started running.  Sam clawed at the garage door, which finally went up.  Smoke billowed out and both men coughed.

Sam saw his wife and ran to her while the other detective reached in and turned off the car.  None of the women were moving.  Sam was trying to untie his wife from the car.  The other detective helped.  They carried Verna and Wendy, still bound together to the grass and set them down.  Sam pulled the gag out of his wife's mouth and she moaned.

The other detective went and got Katie.  He carried her, still bound and gagged to the grass.  He pulled the scarf off of her mouth and pulled the handkerchief out.

"Trunk," was all Katie said.  The detective quickly went back to the car and opened the trunk.  Strangely, Sharon had been relatively protected from the fumes.  Her eyes looked up at the handsome detective and then realized that he was looking at her exposed panties, that were damp from pee and cum, with the cords buried in her womanhood.  Sharon grunted.  The detective quickly untied and removed her gag

"Would you mind untying me here," Sharon asked.  He untied the crotch cord first and Sharon moaned as the cords were pulled from her sensitive area.  He took his time untying her as they both enjoyed the process.


30 minutes later, all the women were up and about.  Sharon seemed attached to the young detective that untied her.  Sam was by his wife when not giving orders.  They would all be going to the hospital for a check up.

"A couple of minutes later and I might have lost you," Sam told his wife.

"But you didn't.  You were in time," Verna replied.

"Only because you had that girl Wendy call us before she was recaptured," Sam confessed.  

"Your partner seems to have found a new girlfriend," Verna commented.

"Rescue sex...some of the best sex...so I'm told," Sam replied.

"Well, perhaps we will find out tonight.  I think I will need some rescue if those handcuffs are handy.  But I should wear a scarf this time, if you know what I mean.  I wouldn't want to disturb the neighbors," Verna smiled and then looked towards the squad car, "Think I could have a word with that Dottie woman?"

Verna and Sam walked to the squad car where Dottie was handcuffed in the backseat.  Sam opened the door.

"What do you want, bitch?" Dottie asked when she saw Verna.  Without knowing the details, Dottie blamed the detective's wife for the failure of her robbery.

"Just wanted to retrieve something that isn't yours and to return something that belongs to you," Verna said with a smile.  She pulled the scarf off of Dottie's head and flipped it over her shoulders.  She then forced the Dottie's knotted scarf, that had been used to gag her, into Dottie's mouth and tied the ends behind Dottie's head.

"You have the right to remain silent...I suggest that you use it," Verna said and then slammed the door.  Dottie screamed unladylike language though her gag.  No one, including Sam, went to Dottie's aid. She remained gagged.


Katie and Wendy watched the activity from the comfort of some backyard chairs.  They were told that they would be taken to the hospital and then would have to give their statements to the police.  It was going to be a long day.

"Are you going to tell them everything that happened?"  Wendy asked.

"You mean about getting and then giving intense orgasms?  No.  It would just turn on the guy cops that listened to the story," Katie replied in a soft voice, "I have to admit that I didn't know that a woman could do that to another woman.  Was it because I was tied up?"

"No, but perhaps it helped intensify the situation.  I'm sorry I gave you the go ahead to do..."Wendy told her friend.

"Don't be, it probably saved our lives.  Besides, it wasn't horrible.  It was an interesting experience when you get past the terror.  I will always prefer boys, Wendy, but I wouldn't mind some experimentation with a good girlfriend.  Of course, I might have to be kidnapped and tied up to get the full effect," Katie gave Wendy an evil smile.

"It would seem that we now have a bunch of pretty silk scarves that have already been used for that type of purpose.  Can't really wear them with lipstick marks and such on them...I'm sure that we can find another use for them.  That reminds me...we still need to go shopping," Wendy replied.

"Yes, shopping...tomorrow," Katie said.

The End









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