Saturday Detention





Chapter 1


Its 9 am on Saturday morning, best friends Tiffany, Kelly and Megan aren’t happy. Instead of the shopping trip the sixteen year olds had planned, they’ve been ordered to attend a Saturday detention by Miss Fox the gym mistress, after she caught them smoking behind the sports hall when they should have been on a cross country run.

Dressed in full school uniform which consisted of a navy blue skirt, white blouse, navy blue tie with yellow and white pinstripes on it, a navy blue v neck jumper, white socks and black shoes. The girls walked down the driveway to school entrance, Kelly looked up at the sign above the door which read St Mary’s Catholic School for Girls.

“God I hate this place”

“Only four weeks Kel and we’ll be out of here for good, and I can’t bloody wait.” Tiffany replied.

Miss Fox dressed in red Nike tracksuit and white Nike training shoes was waiting in the main entrance hall for them

“Good morning ladies. We'll start by handing over any cigarettes you have in your possession."

All the girls reached into their pockets, pulled out a packet of cigarettes and reluctantly handed them to the ginger haired teacher.

"You'll not be seeing these again. Now make your way to the changing rooms and wait for me there I’ll be along in a minute.”

“Bitch! Look how she’s dressed I hope she’s not planning on making us go for a run or anything because I’m telling you now I ain’t” Tiffany said to the others as they walked down the hall to the changing room.

In the changing room the girls sat down and waited for Miss Fox who arrived about five minutes later.

“Right ladies strip down to your bra and panties and put these on” She said handing each girl a set of dark green overalls.

“I’ll be back in five minutes to tell you what I want you to do”

“What do you think she‘s going to have us doing?” Megan the quiet one of the three asked as they changed.

“I wouldn’t put anything past that psycho bitch” Kelly answered.

“All changed ladies? Good” Miss Fox said upon entering the room.

“Now this is what I want you to do. I want this changing room cleaned and scrubbed from top to bottom including the showers, toilets and sinks. I want the benches polished so I can see my reflection in the wood, got that?

The girls nodded.

“After that I want the sports hall floor cleaned, I want to see you down on your hands and knees polishing the wooden floor and then when you’ve finished that you’ll find a basket of dirty netball kits from the matches last night in the storeroom, I want them washed, dried and ironed, you’ll find all the equipment you need in the store cupboard down the hall.”

“Geez we’ll be here all fucking day” Tiffany snapped.

“That’s the whole idea Miss Thomas, and girls you can thank your friend here because her foul mouth has just cost you your lunch break. You’d best get cracking if you don’t want to come back tomorrow, I’ll be back in an hour or so to see how you’re getting on. Oh I nearly forgot if you have a mobile phone I'll take that too, you'll get it back at the end of the day.”

Each of the girls reached into their overall pockets and handed over their phones

"Thank you ladies"

Miss Fox turned and left girls alone to make a start.

“Bitch she’s going to pay for this.” Kelly screamed.

“Best make a start or we’ll never get finished.” Megan said.

“Best make a start or we'll never get finished, listen to miss goody two shoes here.” Kelly said in mocking kind of way.

“Hey Kel do you really want to make that bitch pay?” Tiffany asked.

“I sure as hell do”

“Then I have a plan, come here.”







Chapter 2


About an hour later Miss Fox returned to the changing room where Megan was busy polishing the wooden benches.

“Where are your two friends Miss Davis?”

“They’re cleaning the toilets Miss”

“Thomas, and Clarkson cleaning toilets this I have to see.” Miss Fox replied with a huge grin on her face.

She hurried though the frosted glass door to the adjoining toilet block, but as soon as she walked into the room she was plunged into darkness as a dust sheet the girls had found in the store cupboard was thrown over her head.


“Megs hurry - bring the jump ropes.” Tiffany called out as she and Kelly fought to hold the struggling teacher.


“Quickly Megs grab her wrists and tie them behind her back.”


“What do we care if we’re expelled we leave in four weeks anyway.” Kelly scoffed.

“Make sure those knots are tight Megs. Tiffany told her.

“Don’t worry Tiff I was a girl scout.”

Once Megan had tied the teacher’s arms behind her back the other two removed the sheet still keeping a tight hold of her. Miss Fox’s face was blood red with anger.


“I’ve heard enough from her; get something to shut her up with Megs.” Tiffany instructed her friend.

“I’ve just the things in the changing room I’ll go get them.”

Megan returned holding up a large pair of bright pink cotton panties.

“I found these in one of the lockers I cleaned out.”

“Geez they must have belonged to right fat cow.” Kelly said with a smile on her face.

Megan rolled the panties up into a tight ball and held them up to the gym mistress’s mouth.

“Open up Miss.”

Miss Fox shook her head.

With her other hand Megan pinched the teacher nose blocking her airways.

“She’ll have to open her mouth to breathe now.”

Miss Fox held her breath for as long as she could but finally had to give in and take a deep breath which allowed Megan to quickly stuff the panties in her mouth narrowly avoiding Miss Fox’s teeth as she tried to bit Megan’s finger, which earned her a hard slap across the face from Tiffany.

ARGHMMPPHH! She cried out which brought a smile to the girls faces.

Megan then pulled a blue scarf from her pocket.

“Found this in a locker too.” She said as she folded the scarf into a band.

Miss Fox shook her head and tried to spit the panties out.

“No you don’t” Kelly said pushing the panties back in.

Megan pushed the centre of the scarf into the teacher’s mouth and wrapped the two loose ends around her head couple of times over her shoulder length red hair each time making sure the scarf went in Miss Fox’s mouth, before tying them tightly in a double knot at the back of her head.

“You’re rather good at this Megs are you sure you haven’t done this before.” Kelly teased.

Megan smiled and blushed

“You know what they say about quiet ones don’t you Kel?” Tiffany said joining in on the teasing.

“She’s a dark horse that’s for sure.”

“What are we going to do with her now?” Megan asked.

“Remember all those laps of the sports hall she’s had us do over the years?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes.” Kelly replied.

“Well I think it’s her turn to do a few laps for us now, come on.”






Chapter 3


The girls lead Miss Fox to the sports hall, Kelly and Tiffany keeping a tight hold of one arm each while Megan followed behind carrying more lengths of the jump rope they found in the gym storeroom.

“Get hold of this arm a minute Megs I have to get something.” Tiffany said as they passed Miss Foxes office just outside the sports hall entrance.

Tiffany went into the office returned with a wooden paddle slightly larger than a table tennis bat.

“My sister Karen said Miss here used to enjoy beating girls who misbehaved with this, when she was here, before they banned stuff like that. Isn’t that right Miss Fox?”

“Noommph” The teacher said through her gag shaking her head.

“Get her inside” Tiffany said holding the door to the sports hall open.

“Let her go but stand by the door don’t let her get out”

Tiffany stood right up next to the teacher.

“Now what is it you say to us? Three laps quick as you can, Go.

She said giving Miss Fox a hard whack on her bottom with the paddle, causing her to moan into her gag but she refused to move

“Three laps quick as you can. Go. She repeated again whacking Miss Fox hard on the bottom.

Miss Fox realized her situation was hopeless and set off running to loud cheers from the girls, never feeling so humiliated in her life.

“Faster Miss” Megan shouted.

The girls were all roaring with laughter at the sight of their bound and gagged teacher running around the sports hall.

While this was going on Kelly slipped out of the door and returned a few minutes later smiling like the cat that’s got the cream.

“What are you smiling about?” Tiffany asked.

“You’ll find out later, here I’ve got our ciggies and phones back, I’ve just got to take some photos of this.” Kelly said passing the girls their belongings.

“She’s a fit old bird for her age, how old must she be now at least forty five?” Megan asked.

“I’d say nearer to fifty” Tiffany replied snapping away on her new iPhone.

After three laps Miss Fox stopped

“That was way too easy look she’s hardly out of breath. What say I make it a little more difficult for her?” Megan asked uncoiling a length of the rope.

Miss Fox tried to kick Megan as she bent down and began tying one end of the rope around her right ankle, earning herself another two hard whacks with the paddle from Tiffany. Megan then tied the other end of the rope around her left ankle leaving about thirty centimetres of slack rope between her ankles.

“This is called a hobble rope they used to use it on slaves in the olden days to stop them running away.”

“How DO you know so much about this Megs?” Kelly asked.

Again Megan only smiled.

“Ok Foxy, off you go again. Three laps quick as you can. Go.” Tiffany said again whacking the teacher on the bottom.
The girls thought it was highly hilarious watching the teacher struggling to run.

"She looks like a penguin" Megan said laughing

“Foxy Fox on the run” Kelly shouted as the teacher passed them for the first time.

“Come on Foxy pick those feet up” Shouted Tiffany.

Despite her humiliation Miss Fox was determined not to give them the satisfaction of seeing her fall managed to stay on her feet for the full three laps.

Tiffany noticed beads of sweat appearing on Miss Fox’s forehead.

“Girls I think she needs a shower after all that exercise don’t you?”

“She certainly does” Kelly answered

“Megs untie her legs and we’ll take her back to the changing room”

On their way past the office Tiffany told Megan to go and see if she could find some scissors.

“Kelly and Tiffany sat Miss Fox down on one of the benches and waited for Megan who arrived shortly after.

“I could only find these.” She said holding up a small pair of silver scissors.

“As long as they’re sharp they’ll do.” Tiffany said holding her hand out.

“Keep tight hold of her you two I’m going to enjoy this.”

“Noommphh” Miss Fox struggled as Tiffany approached holding the scissors and began cutting the sleeves off her tracksuit.

Very soon she’d cut her full tracksuit top off leaving the teacher wearing only a sports bra.

“You two get her trainers and pants off.”

Kelly removed her trainers while Megan pulled her track pants down and whipped them off revealing a navy blue pair of brief style panties.

“We’ll have this off too.” Tiffany said cutting the straps of the sports bra.

“I hope my tits are this firm when I’m old like you.” She said admiring the teachers nice round breasts.”

“You know what she needs now?” Megan asked.

“What?” Tiffany answered.

“A rope bra”

“A what? What the hell is a rope bra?”

“It’s easy I’ll show you.”

Megan took a long length of rope and quick as a flash to the others girls amazement to started to wrap it around Miss Fox’s upper body, circling each of her breasts before tying the two loose ends behind her neck tying the perfect rope bra.

“Wow that’s amazing, where did you learn all this stuff Megs tell us?” Kelly asked again.

Again Megan only smiled.

“Right girls remember a couple of years back when she caught the whole class messing around in here after a gym class and she made us all take an ice cold shower as punishment saying we needed to cool down. I think she needs to cool now, don’t you?” Tiffany said pointing to the beads of sweat on Miss Fox’s forehead.

Tiffany and Kelly pulled Miss Fox into the shower area and pushed her in.

“OK Megs turn the water on, the coldest setting possible.”

Kelly and Tiffany then stood one at each entrance of the shower area pushing the teacher back in every time she tried to leave. After about ten minutes Tiffany instructed Megan to turn the water off.

“These little bitches really are going to suffer for this.” Miss Fox thought to herself already plotting her revenge.

“What are we going to do with her now?” Kelly asked as they took the wet, sobbing woman back into the changing room

“I say we let our little bondage queen here tie her up good and proper, and we get the hell out of here we’ll still be able to get a few hours shopping in.” Tiffany answered.

“Megs she’s all yours”






Chapter 4


Megan’s eyes lit up.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

“You’re the expert.” Kelly replied. “Just make sure she can’t escape”

“She won’t be able to escape once I’ve finished with her” Megan told them with a big evil grin on her face.

Tiffany and Kelly had never seen this side of Megan before; she was always such a quiet almost shy girl, who they often took advantage of.

“Pass me a piece of that rope please Tiff”

Tiffany didn’t really like taking orders from Megan she always considered herself the dominant one of the three, but she did as Megan asked.

“Let’s start by tying her elbows together.”

Megan wrapped the rope around Miss Fox’s arms and pulled it so tight her elbows touched each other causing the teacher to cry with pain into her gag which brought another evil grin to Megan’s face as she completed the elbow tie with a double not.

“Geez that looks uncomfortable” Tiffany thought to herself.

While Kelly stood watching, open mouthed fascinated Megan’s work.

“Lay her down on the floor for me”

“Miss Fox grunted as Tiffany and Kelly roughly pushed her to the floor.

Megan wasted no time in binding her ankles and knees tightly together.

“Finished Megs?” Tiffany asked

“No I’ve have to hogtie her first”

“What tie?” Kelly asked.

“Hogtie” Megan relied.

Miss Fox knew exactly what a hogtie was and began to thrash about on the floor moaning through her gag as Megan knelt down beside her holding a long length of rope.

“Hold her still you two, sit on her if you have to.” Megan said ever growing in confidence.

Tiffany gave Miss Fox two more hard whacks on her bottom with the paddle

“Keep still bitch!”

Kelly held on to the teachers shoulders while Tiffany held her legs, between them stopping her movement.
Megan began by tying one end of the rope to the rope binding Miss Fox’s ankles before pulling the teachers long legs right up so her heels almost touched her bottom.

“Hold her like this Tiff” Megan said as she started to tie the other end of the rope to the rope binding Miss Fox’s elbows making sure there wasn’t any slack in the rope.

“Ok let her go girls, she ain’t going anywhere.”

Miss Fox was fighting to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes she sure as hell wasn’t going to give them the pleasure of seeing her cry. "You silly little bitches really are going be sorry you crossed me." She thought to herself.

“Good job Megs” Tiffany told her.

“ Yeah good job, I know I keep asking but where the hell DID you learn all this. I’m fascinated to know.”

Again Megan smiled. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you, but not now.”

"Let’s get out of these foul overalls and hit those shops girls” Tiffany said heading to where they left their school uniforms.

“Not just yet Tiff I have a surprise of my own for old Foxy here.” Kelly said reaching into her pocket.

“You know when I went looking for our phones and came back with huge smile on my face. I found these in her desk hidden at the back of a draw.”

She held up a small plastic bag containing about a dozen white tablets

“She the one that’s been selling that shit that's been going around school. Isn’t that right Foxy?”

“Noommphh” Miss Fox shook her head.

“We think you’re telling lies Foxy. Here's the deal, you don’t tell anyone who did this to you, and we won’t go to the police with these. Is that a deal?”

“Mmmphh.” Miss Fox nodded.

“In a couple of hours we’ll phone the headmistress and tell her where to find you, you tell her a group of masked girls did this, understand?”

Again Miss Fox nodded.

“Ok girls let’s get changed and hit those shops and on the way Megs can tell us how come she’s such an expert in all this bondage stuff.” Tiffany said winking at Kelly.








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