The Scout Leader







Even in the crowded grocery store he recognized her.  Wilma Buxton, the 5'7", Barbie doll faced 63-year-old, although she looked far younger, with big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick collar length wavy auburn-red hair and a solid 150 pound hourglass figure.  She wore a 36GG bra, that her tight red knit sweater, too snug high waisted jeans and white tennis shoes showed off perfectly – so perfectly she stood out in the crowd.


She was still the best looking woman in town, well as far as Robin Greystoke, the 5'6", boyishly handsome, 38-year-old was concerned.  He was a recently retired soldier, with big brown eyes, thick clean-cut sandy-brown hair and a smooth well-sculpted and tanned 138 pound frame.  His black polo shirt, tight jeans and black cowboy boots made a few woman take a second look, was concerned.


He pushed his cart and followed the woman of his dreams from a distance. She had the best looking bottom he ever saw, firm, big and rounded and the tight jeans looked painted on. She was his Explorer Scout leader when he was a boy. Robin was Todd Buxton's best friend so spent half of his young life at the white ranch house with red trim at the end of Essex Lane.   As he watched, the memories came back…


Robin was one of the original member of Troup 69. Wilma the recently divorced mother was the leader. The first few meetings were disasters, but then came learning how to tie knots and Indian lore. To say the least they tied the two topics together and bound the buxom redhead's hands behind her back and ankles together. Robin loved the feel of her shiny suntan controltop pantyhose and the way the gorgeous scout leader's bosom looked so big with her hands tied behind her back. Mrs. Buxton was a wonderful sport.


A week later Robin, the smaller scout ended up bound and gagged on the basement floor next to the buxom beauty. He tried to get free and talk to her, but the red bandanas around the mouths prevented coherent speech. The cute 11-year-old liked the idea of being a guy-in-distress, especially when he was next to the best looking scout leader in the world.

"Robin?" Wilma said to the day dreamer. "When did you get back to town?"


"Hi Mrs. Buxton." Robin replied shyly. He was always in awe of the buxom redhead, after all she was in his most erotic dreams throughout his life. "I just retired from the Army last month."


They briefly chatted as they stood in the aisle. Robin was stunned to discover his childhood friend was doing ten years in prison for armed robbery. Todd was always a wild child, but thought after he became a local police officer he would settle down.





That night he stopped at the house at the end of Essex Lane, flowers in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. Wilma didn't smoke or drink so wine was out of the question.  Eventually, he walked up to the house and knocked on the door.


To his surprise the door was opened by a young man.  He was a 5'8", extremely cute, 18-year-old, with big baby-blue eyes, thick wavy golden-blonde hair and a smooth well-toned and tanned 145 pound frame – a body his tight yellow spandex bike shorts, white tank top and worn white sneakers showed off a little too well. It was Todd's son, Terry. It turned out after Todd was arrested the mother left town and stuck Wilma with her only grandson.


“Can I help you?”


“Yeah – I’m Robin  is your grandmother…”


“Robin – come in, we were about to eat…”



They ate and talked, about the town's changes, sports and the places Robin served while in the Army. He was a supply sergeant and spent most of his time in Germany, Texas, with time in Alaska, Irag, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Terry seemed fascinated with the handsome man's career. Robin could see a lot of his best friend in his son.


"So were you in Explorer Scouts?" Robin asked.


Wilma blushed at the question.


"No." Terry replied. "But Nana and I play tie-up games."


Robin felt the package in his too tight jeans grow. "Oh?" He asked curiously.


"Who are you kidding?" Terry laughed. "Dad told me you guys played tie-up games all of the time."


"Guilty." Robin said with a smile.


"Perhaps you can show our guest your rope skills." Wilma suggested.  "Robin likes to be tied up and well-gagged."


“Really?  Great!” Terry dashed off from the kitchen table while Robin helped the gorgeous redhead with the dishes. He finished drying the last plate when the blonde appeared back in the kitchen, holding an unloaded BB pistol and wearing a bandana over his cute face


"Oh no!" Wilma feigned surprise as she raised her hands "Please don't bind and gag us!"


"I am going to have to this time." Terry said. "This Army guy looks kind of tough."


Robin was surprised when Terry tossed his grandmother a 3" wide roll of white stretchy medical tape. He then noticed two pairs of worn pantyhose and four bright red 4" Co-Flex bandages on the kitchen table. Wilma had moved on from ropes and bandanas, but so had he.


The masked robber ordered the buxom beauty to secure Robin's hands behind his back then tape his arms, knees and ankles together with a liberal amount of sticky tape. Robin was more excited than ever as she did this.


Wilma then stuffed a pair of her worn pantyhose deep in her luscious mouth and wrapped a Co-Flex bandage over her full red lips a dozen times, before she gagged the dinner guest the same way. She then taped her knees and ankles together with the medical tape, stood up from the kitchen chair and allowed the robber to finish the bondage.


As Terry watched, she hopped around the kitchen and pretended to be afraid. It didn't take Robin long to play his part of a bound and gagged robbery victim, doing the same. He could tell from the prominent bulge in the teenager's stretchy bike shorts that he was doing a good job as a captured robbery victim.


Ten minutes later Terry had the two victims tied back to back in the kitchen chairs. Robin was ready to explode as he heard Wilma gag talk and try to get away! They were taped together around their torsos, but as he struggled he could hear she was getting excited as well…


Terry finally helped them back to their feet. He left a steak knife on the kitchen counter and took off with the keys to his grandmother's white Mustang.


Robin loved the way Wilma's bosom looked with her hands restrained behind her back and her arms taped together. She seemed interested in his big package in the tight jeans. She, like all the women in town, had heard that Robin was the best hung man in town. She had seen him in a too tight Speedo often enough to know he was very well blessed below the belt.


Robin felt an urgency to escape. He wanted to rescue the gorgeous redhead.  He hopped to the counter and with some effort cut himself loose. He then took his time releasing the dream woman of his life.


It would be the first of many adventures.


















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