Sibling Bonding Part 3

So where I left off I had led or rather forced my sister up to her room to read the drama script she was involved with. Now with the script in my hands, I settled down on her bed to read it.


"James..." she pleaded with a stronger plea than before. I ignored her.


"James..." she repeated.




"Can please..."


"Hush sister. You want to be gagged again?" I pointed to her soggy undies.




"Then quiet," I replied, going back to the script.


"James..." I lunged over to her and cupped my left hand over her lips, effectively hand-gagging her. With my other free hand, I started to read the script. It was the typical DiD scenario, a rich daughter kidnapped due to her and her father's riches. The girl was handcuffed to a chair, just like what i did to my stepsis earlier, except that her legs were cuffed as well. "Hmm, we missed this out didn't we?" I looked at my sis.


"Mmmmpph..." was her response and I felt a bit of her saliva against my hand.


"Let's see...yes they used ice torture to get information out of her, they wow! hot objects against her, then electric shock torture! This is some drama act alright how did you manage it?" All I got was some muffled yells from Anna. "Okay," I said I flipped over the page, "the character finally revealed the location of her jewels and the combination code...wait she's release from the chair..." I skipped a page and then my eyes widen. "Hmmm...the girl now is bound with rope, not just around her arms, wrists and ankles but over her breasts and well..." Turning to Anna, I exclaimed, "your play showed a girl wearing a crotch rope? Wow, this is some adult drama act as well!"


"James, please can't we stop this..." she pleaded as I removed my hand.




"'s..." Anna started to stammer.


"Because it's some you secretly like right?" Anna was bright red now and looked down.


"Don't worry sis, I know where to get some rope."


"James!" She grabbed my arm. "Please, let's stop this,"


"Oh no sister, it is still on." Before she could move further, I cuffed her again, attaching the cuffs to the leg of her bed and pasted a piece of tape over her lips. Stay her oh red head." She gave several yelps but I ignored her as I raced down to the garage. My father and I fished alot as a hobby and our rods and fishing boat naturally required rope. I picked out a coil of rope used for our sail boat and also a pair of heavy duty scissors. Anna's eyes widen as I came back with the rope.


"Okay Miss Camden, I remove your gag, you don't yell." I did so and with saliva dripping down her chin, Ann burst out, "James, you can't be serious."


"You want your gag back on?" She shook her head.


"Then obey me." I knew by now I was sounding much like a captor or a master, but I didn't care. This was really a fun time and mostly Anna's fault--she was the one who had the handcuffs in the first place. Soon enough I released her once more and wrenched her arms behind her. Just then I stopped.




"Your clothing. The play described the girl in a floral dress, down to just below her knees. You're in a jeans and skirt."


"I'm not going to change in front of you..."


"I never said so. Now, I'm sure you have a dress like that, go put one on."


Anna hesitated. "James, binding me with rope is one thing but..uh are you going to tie the...crotch rope?"


"That's what happened in the play," I held up the script.


"James, I'm not letting you type a rope around"


"Put on some thing tights. Now move." Gee, sis what's wrong with mentioning crotch?


Minutes later, Anna was in a light blue floral dress and 20 denier tights. "Ow!" She yelled s I wrapped the first round of rope around her wrists. "James, does it have to be so tight?"


"A bit yes," I loosen it slightly but had no plan to make it a sloppy rope work. Indeed less that 10 minutes later, her wrists were tight bound behind her with some sort of lashing."


"James, it hurts."


"It could be worst sis," I replied, then wrapped one rope below her boobs. "What on earth?!"


"Oh come on, you know the girl in the play was bound like this."


"James, I won't be able to breathe..." But i ignored her protests and soon enough I managed to wrap rope in some form of a breast bondage style around her breasts. I truthfully never knew the cup size of my step sister but now it looked like a good B cup protruding out.


"Next part, the crotch rope," I announced and saw Anna shiver in fear. Two loops around her waist, that's fine. Making her lie over, I ran the rest of the rope between her anus and her crotch. In the process, i did get a good glimpse of her white high waist knickers since her tights were quite transparent. Oh yes, I included a small knot which directly rested against her crotch. Not sure if it was against her clitoris, but it had to do. I then quickly bound her ankles and then moved to fix her gag.


"Please, please I don't want my knickers in my mouth again," she cried.


"Ok, but how bout this?" I picked up one of her others tights and wrapped in around her head, giving her a passable cleave gag. All done.








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