Sibling Bonding part 5

"My oh my, Anna Camden, what do we have here?" I held up the ball gag in front of her. She only gave frantic cries through the gag. "Ok, I remove your present gag, you explain this. Ok?"' She nodded and gave more muffled cries. I finally eased her soggy knickers out after the tape and she screamed, "please, the crotch rope, get it off!!!"


"Not until you explain why you have a ball gag."


"Please, I can't bear any more!!!" I thought for a few seconds then reached down and undid the crotch rope, spying a bit of her own undies in the process. "Now explain."


"Water please; the gag dried my throat." I gracious accepted her request, but used the cup and facet in bathroom. "Can you remove my bonds?"


"No, they stay. Now tell me about this ball gag."


"Okay, look it's part of the play. Yes, I admit I co-wrote the play with my friend. Somehow, the first actress considered for the damsel-in-distress didn't and couldn't fit in, so I sort of volunteered. No, I DID NOT buy the gag or the cuffs; someone else did and I don't know who. But I volunteered to keep the props. Now please, can you release me?"




"Why? Look, I gave in to all your play. I don't want to spend more time bound and gagged."


"You do," I replied, as her facial expression was much different from her plea.


"No, please."


"Yes. Now, here's the deal. You wear this ball gag, and that will be the final play."




"Ok, then I'll keep the key to the cuffs and stuff back your knickers."


"You sadistic..."


"What did you call me?"


"James, I'm your sister. Not your slave."


"I'm not treating you as such. But after all, you wrote the play, you like being bound in adult style. You want it don't you?"


Anna shook her head but I knew she wanted it. "At least give me a breather first."  I nodded and allowed her to relieve herself in the loo before re-binding her. "It hurts."


"I guess you didn't say that when they bound you."


"Look ok, you want to see me gagged with that but the bonds hurt. Can't you loosen them or remove the uh breast bondage?" She clearly liked to be tied up but not confident in saying the bondage types. "If I don't use rope what can I use?" I yanked open several of her desk drawers and soon found some parcel tape. "No, no..." But soon enough her hands were taped bound tightly. "Not over my dress or tights' the tape will ruin them!"


"So I guess it's just rope then."


She glared at me. Picking up the ball gag, I ordered her to open her mouth. "Wait, it's dirty," she cried.


"No, it smells ok. Besides, you wore it last right? Open up dear sister...." She regretably did and once more she was bound and gagged. Yay!


To Be Continued










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