On a Little Street in Singapore...

This story is set in Singapore...


It was after our Junior College prom and every one had had a blast, especially during the after party. It was around 3 am when I decided that I had enough and left. Well it was not just me, my best friend Yan Lian was rather tired. So re-securing our strapped heels to our aching feet, we click-clocked out of the stadium. Neither of us were drunk but rather quite lethargic from the dancing and moving around. The humid but cool air (since it was early morning) was refreshing on our faces since the mass of people inside negated the effects of the air-conditioning. We click-clocked around for a few minutes until we reached a bus stop on Orchard Road, the main shopping belt.

"Shit," Yan Lian swore as we saw the time our usual bus would arrive. "I don't want to wait so long..."

"Well, my feet won't take the pain from these heels any longer," I said. I was wearing a simple strapless tube dress since my boob size was small. Yan Lian, who was close to a C cup, was wearing a halter neck-type tight beige dress that reached just below her crotch area. People at the prom kept asking her if she was freezing under the air-conditioning.

"There's a road over there where we can hail a taxi," she commented and I followed her gingerly, lest I end up in a chair the next day. Suddenly, a trio of enormous tankers--they were too large to be normal truckers zoomed past us and nearly knocked me off my feet. "What the...." I yelled, breaking the silence of the night air as they screeched round a corner.

"Hmm...  Where are those vehicles going? This road isn't meant for tankers that size." Yan Lian asked.

"What the heck! They nearly knocked me down! Let's get the taxi and get out of here!" I yelled.

"Wait, Im curious - let's follow...." Suddenly, my friend scampered off --amazing since she too was on heels. Cursing, I followed her and remarked that she was out of her mind. Or was she? Since young, Yan Lian was the inquisitive type in fact, in her younger days she had been a kid detective like Nancy Drew. She was known for aiding the local police force in solving several crimes. But this was not a criminal case this was a very large, very fast truck. Or was it?

I caught up with my ex-detective friend and we found ourselves amongst some abandoned buildings. The trucks had disappeared into one central building which was the only one with lights blazing and dozens of warning signs to stay out. "Yan Lian...." I tried to say in a vain attempt to stop her.

"Hush Hui Ru, there's something going on here," she whispered and to my amazement, she lifted her dress up and climbed up some stairs. I wanted to call it quits but as always I seemed to by playing the part of the loyal sidekick, the one tagging along her adventures.  I sighed and did so, hoping my new dress would not rip out as I climbed the narrow steps.

We reached a sky light and saw dozens of men working on various unidentifiable machines. "That's got to be...."My friend's voice was cut off as a voice behind us yelled "FREEZE!"

We both spun around to see a quartet of men dressed in what looked like weird space suits pointing some sort of funny devices--they could not be pistols or rifles at us. "Hands up!"

Seeing no other choice--what ever the devices were, we both complied and raised our hands.  Immediately, men came forward and locked our hands behind our backs with plastic handcuffs--I've seen them before on TV. "Ow! I cried, but received no reply from the suited men who dragged us through an opening, down several flights of steps and into a wide open space.

Suddenly, our cuffs were cut off. Before I could move, one of them said, "Stop. You have been exposed to high levels of radiation. Unless you want to suffer, you must go through a decontamination process immediately."

"Radiation?! But..." I started

"Shut up! Now, remove all our accessories, and I mean all of them! Then take off all your clothes and proceed through the shower!" It was then we saw some conveyor belt running and some weird sound all around--definitely not that of shower water. I wanted to ask and protest further but Yan Lian nudged me and started to remove her necklace. Reluctantly, I followed suit. But taking off my nice dress in front of some weird men...

"Hurry up girls! Or we'll do it for you!" That threat did it and red with embarrassment, I unclipped my dress to reveal my black panties and bra. Those came off as Yan Lian did the same with her dress to reveal a set of adhesive bra cups and pink panties. She proceeded first to the conveyor-belt thingy and suddenly was squirted with thick white foam. "Go through," came the command and looking a bit shocked, she did so. Stepping up, I too yelped as the foam enveloped me. It was then I saw what was inside the belt area--gaseous sprays of some sort of liquid. Moving through the belt, the foam was slowly blown and rinsed off.

My friend exited before me and there again stood the four men. Both of us were immediately grabbed and wrapped in thin towels that held our arms to our sides. "Hey!" We both cried but they said nothing, merely pushed us to the ground and secured our hands again with plastic ties. Our ankles, elbows and knees received the same skin-pinching bindings and as I cursed and screamed, my nostrils were pinched. "Ah..." and the next thing I saw was a pinkish item in front of me jammed into my mouth. With ultra-sticky tape wrapped around my head, I was effectively gagged.

"Don't worry, we sanitised your friend's panties," remarked one of the masked men. "Mmmmmph!!!" I screamed in horror of the thought of having Yan Lian's (possibly still dirty/still contaminated with radiation) underwear in my mouth. Judging from the bulge in her mouth, my friend was undoubtedly also gagged with my own underwear.


"By Chiobus," the four men said in unison then left. Immediately, I tried to roll over to my friend to work on our bonds and gag. Several minutes and much mmmmpphs later, it was impossible to even undo the tape around our mouths. Just then voices were heard and a loud bang came. Arms lifted us up and I came face to face with a policemen.

Half an hour later...

"You girls were really really fortunate," the Inspector in front of us said. "It was by chance we were trailing this group and our worst fears were confirmed."

With eyes indicating that we both did not follow, he continued, "those men were building a dirty nuclear bomb. Inside that building was the main construction plant and that's why it was so radioactive. The vehicles you saw--and what we were chasing after--contained more material for the bomb. As of now, our team is apprehending the organisation concerned before they can put the final stage of the bomb together."

"That explains the suits the men wore and why we were bound with plastic cuffs instead of metal handcuffs," Yan Lian commented.

"Oh," was all I could say, my head still spinning from the events of the early morning.

"Anyway, consider yourselves lucky they had the decontamination unit inside there. If not..."

We would be zombies, I thought. What a way to end a prom. Lesson learnt: Curiosity kills the cat.






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