The Girl Next Door









I grew up in a small gated Florida community.  It was perfect place for a geeky kid to make roots.   I spent most of my younger years living with my grandparents since my parents were both deployed military.  I don't remember much except for the little girl who lived next door to me.  Her name was Allyson and she was a year younger than me but we were like brother and sister.  She was an only child and so was I.  She was a pudgy little girl who wore braces for like years and she didn't seem to have a lot of friends.  Still we spent a lot of time together outside and sometimes would even have sleepovers.  Allyson and I would have probably been friends forever except for that fateful day, six years ago, when mom and dad came home for good and we moved to New York.  I soon lost touch with Allyson and I went on to be a scholar at my school graduating last year as valedictorian and got excepted to Harvard to major in pre-med.


It was the summer after my freshman year of college that my grandmother died.  My parents asked me to go down to Florida and help my grandfather get the house ready to sell.  So here I was the first time back in six years.  I didn't plan to see her but it just happened.    I got out of the car and before I went up to the house I was spoken to by a beautiful blonde haired girl wearing a bikini under a swim dress.


“OH, hi, Bruce, I bet you don't remember me.”


I looked around and thought I recognized her but I hesitated.


“I can't believe that you don't remember the one you used to pick boogers and flick at.”


I was stunned.  It couldn't be, could it?  No, it isn't.”


The girl ran up and gave me a huge hug.  It was Allyson Domin, the girl next door,  only she was no longer pudgy and she no longer wore those braces.  Instead she was a gorgeous 18 year old beauty who could have been an S.I. Swimsuit model.


“Allyson, wow, I didn't recognize you.  You've changed a lot, in what has it been, six years.”


“Well, I am no longer that little ugly duckling am I?”


“Oh, you were never ugly.”


“Well, thank you but we know that I was.  I am so sorry to hear about Ms. Thelma.  She was a good lady.  How is Mr, Frank doing?”


“Well, he is doing well day to day.  I have come down here to get help him get the house ready to sell.  He is going to go live in one of those retirement centers.  Listen I do have to get inside but we need to get together and talk old times.”


“You betcha, bro.”


I walk inside shaking my head at Allyson Domin's change of looks.  She was right.  She was an ugly, pudgy little girl and pre-teen but obviously her teenage years have been good to her.   And she looked rather  hot in that bikini. 


Over the next week I got so busy that I didn't even see anyone outside of my grandpa.  In fact, it would be two weeks before I even saw my childhood friend and then it was seeing her carry some groceries in the house.  She was wearing a nice looking sweater blouse and jeans. 


It was a Friday afternoon when I answered the door and it was Allyson.  She had a casserole that her mother had made for me and grandpa. 


“I'm sorry I haven't been over to see you but I knew you were busy.”


“That is OK, Ali, or do you go by that name anymore.”  


“No, that went away a while ago, it is strictly Allyson.  Say why don't we go to Starbucks and catch up on old times.”


So I got my work done and went over next door to pick up Allyson.  When I rang the doorbell her mom, Stephanie, answered it.  Now I had a huge crush on her when I was growing up.  I mean, she was gorgeous and today even though she is 40 years old now, she is still very hot.  And especially when she answers the door wearing a bikini visibly shown under her swim top. 


“Well, if it isn't Bruce Ware.  It has been years and you have grow so much.”


“It is nice seeing you again, Mrs Domin.  Is Allyson ready to go get some Starbucks?”


“Now that you are an adult, just call me Stephanie.”


I felt uncomfortable calling her that but I did just to be polite.


“Ok, Stephanie.  Is Allyson ready?”


Before she could answer Allyson brushes past her.


“I'm ready, Bruce.  Mom, we will be back.”


“No problem, Ally, you two kids get reacquainted.”


 And is how Allyson Domin and I got back together.  We drove to the Starbucks and sat down.  We reminisced about the times we did things together.  It was nice.  Those were the good old days.    Allyson told me all about going to Princeton next year to major in international law just like her father. 


She hated to leave her mother whom she was very close to.   But her mom seemed to be better about it recently.  She said they planned to do some things together soon.   We sat and talked for over two hours.  Allyson had changed so much in the six years I was gone. 


Over the next few weeks, Allyson and I see a lot of each other.  I mean it is like we are rediscovering each other all over again.  We play tennis almost every morning and I must admit she beats me every day.  We go to Starbucks and have a lot of nice talks.  The subject of sex is out of the question even though I got to admit I take a lot of cold showers after looking at her 34C chest in those little tennis outfits but I respect her and her parents to not try anything in their house or in my grandfather's.  Stephanie and Allyson still did a lot of shopping and more shopping.    


It happened without any warning about two days before I had to head back to Harvard.  Allyson and I were having one final rigorous game of tennis.  I didn't want it end.  I was going to tell Allyson that I had fallen in love with her and today was my last chance.  I didn't want to go off to Harvard and her be in Princeton.   I wanted us to be together but as far as I knew Allyson may not have felt the same way about me.  After all, she has been my friend since we were small kids and now after six years apart I come back and I can't expect our relationship to change from friends to lovers.


Well, it was about noon when we got back to Allyson's.  She wanted to change so that we could go to Starbucks.


“I beat you fair and square, big guy.  Now you owe my another very large latte and a then a meal tonight.”


Allyson was saying as we went through the house toward the kitchen where we were going to get some water.


“I still say that last shot was in but I am a nice guy and will let you win again.”


“Oh, you let me win,” Allyson says as she turns towards me as we hit the kitchen.


Suddenly she gasps as she sees a masked gunman step out behind me.  Just as she starts to back away another gunman steps in behind her.


“Nothing stupid, kids, and you won't be hurt.”


I turn slowly towards the one behind me and we both put our hands up in the air.


“Please take whatever you want but please don't hurt us.”


“We only plan to rob you and we don't plan on hurting anyone.”


Allyson draws as close to me as possible and I put my arms tightly around her.  I didn't like the way these two looked despite the ski-masks on.  I could tell that one was female but they were still scary anyhow.


“Now what do we do with these two.”


I didn't like that comment and I see one of them pick up a small bag that he had hidden on the floor. 


“It is a good thing that we always come prepared for these things.”


He pulls out a roll of duct tape and several coils of well-folded rope.


“Please you don't have to tie us up.  I can help you find anything you want just lock us up in a closet and we promise we won't stop you.”


The man comes closer to both of us.


“Oh, I know you won't get in the way.  Now the quicker we get these two out of the way, the quicker we finish and get the hell out of here.”


“Ok, then let's get started.  Both of you strip!”


Allyson and I look at each other and then at them.  I couldn't believe the words.


“You heard my partner, both of you strip off your clothes.  It is easier a couple of naked bodies than with clothes in the way.”


Allyson was sobbing and  trying to hold onto me. 


“Please don't make us strip.  You're planning to rape us, aren't you?”


“Listen, you want your mother to come and find  her little girl's brains all splattered on the floor next to hunky boyfriend, you both better start losing the clothes.”


The person chimed in, “Give them to the count of 10 or else I will blow a hole in the girl's pretty blonde head.”


That was all poor Allyson needed to reach down and pull her white tennis shirt up over her head.  I took the prompt to pull mine off.  I was a bit embarrassed about the tiny tattoo on my left shoulder.  But then I saw Allyson with a small one on her side and a navel piercing.  Allyson and I bent down to untie our sneakers and slip our feet out of them.  We were both trembling in sheer terror and panic.  Allyson next slid out of her little white tennis skirt and I got out of my shorts.  We hesitated at that moment hoping they would let us stop there but no such luck.


“No way, kids, naked means naked.”


“Please let us stop there.”


“Come on, we don't have that much time to waste.”


Allyson slowly takes her sports bra up over her head and then without stopping, she pulls her panties down to her ankles and steps out of them.  I pull my underpants down and off.  Allyson tries to cover her large breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other one.  I am embarrassed that my dick is getting large at the brief glimpse of Allyson size C chest.


“Very nice, kids, now get down on your knees with your hands on top of your head.”


Allyson was trembling as we got down to her knees beside each other.  I was terrified thinking this is how people get executed but there was nothing we could do about it.


“Please don't do this.  We won't report this to the cops, we promise.”


Allyson begged like our lives depended on it.


“We better gag them or we will hear this all day.”


“No, please don't gag us. We will stay qu---mmmpphhh.”


Allyson was begging some more when the female captor picked up our sweaty socks and crammed them in her mouth.  She gagged in disgust but couldn't spit them out.  I got the worse end of it when the man crammed Allyson's panties in my mouth.  They tasted awful as well they should since she had worn them all night and through a hot, sweaty tennis match.  None the less, we had no choice in the matter and the kidnappers quickly secured them in place with duct tape plastered across our mouth from ear to ear and from our nose to our chin.


“Good now we won't to hear anymore dribble from the chick.  OK, let's get them bound up.”


They forced us to face each other.  They got amused at my large dick that was turned on at the sight of Allyson's large breasts.  They forced us very close together.  Allyson's breasts crushed against my chest and my dick made contact with her crotch.


“Ok, you, two are going to hug each other.  I do hope you like each other because you're going to be this way for a while.”


They made us put our arms around each other and then they crossed our wrists behind each other's backs and bound them together with rope.  It wasn't very comfortable but again we had no choice.  They bound our ankles together and then took a rope and tied it from our wrists to our ankles.  Mine got tied to Allyson's ankles and vice versa.  They also bound a rope around our waists to hold us together.   After they were done they just left us there on the kitchen floor on our knees.


Allyson was tearing up as I looked at her blue eyes.  We were already starting to sweat from the ordeal.  Our abductors could be heard upstairs searching for more things. 


It seemed like an eternity but it was really only a couple of minutes when we heard the two of them coming back towards the kitchen.  We hoped they were coming to tell us that they were finished but that wasn't the case.  In fact, they had a surprise for us or at least one that Allyson had feared, as she would later tell me.


I hear them coming but my back was to the entrance of the kitchen.  I could see Allyson's eyes and they got very big, then she screamed as loudly as possible and then started shaking in terror.  I strained my head and managed to turn my head.


I suddenly saw Allyson's mother, Stephanie being pushed into the room.  She was naked, bound and gagged and looked very haggard.  She probably had been home when these two broke in.


“Your mom is glad to get out of that closet upstairs and she insisted upon seeing whether her daughter is alright.  As you can see, mom, she is doing just fine with her boyfriend.”


Stephanie is forced over into a kitchen chair.  Allyson twists her head around to see her mother and then looks at me with curious eyes.  I was more embarrassed.  My dick was getting larger as I looked squarely over at Stephanie's large size D breasts which was encased in a very tight rope bra that the intruders had wound around them.  She had her wrists bound behind her back and had rope wound around her waist and the arms.  She has rope wound below and then above her breasts and then taken down between them and then back up over her shoulders.  She also had a rope that appeared to go through her crotch and tied at the waist.   I watched as they tied her legs back together at the knees and ankles and then bent them back to attach them to the back of the chair.  She had duct tape wound completely around her head effectively gagging her.  She had her panties in her mouth as well. 


“Your mom put up quite a fight but we had to remind her that we would hurt her precious daughter if she didn't cooperate so she did quite well.  Now as you can see your daughter is quite well and probably having fun with her boyfriend's large dick pressing against her.  I imagine they would love to go at it right now.”


With that exchange the two kidnappers leave the room again leaving all three of us to struggle to try to escape but it is not going to happen.   Stephanie tried to move the heavy wooden chair across the floor but didn't get much accomplished.  Allyson started frantically trying to untie herself.  She moved her hands feverishly behind my back trying to find any slack.  Nothing was working except that we got sweatier and sweatier.  Her large breasts squeezed against my chest and my dick was getting much closer to her pussy than what I wanted.  I managed to pinch her back to get her attention and then through my gag I was able to convey to her the need to work together.  I saw a chance that if we worked together we could move over to her mother and maybe I could then work on Stephanie's bound wrists behind the chair.  It will take a lot of time but I felt like this was our only hope of escape.  Not knowing what these people plan to do to us caused us to work quick. 


So Allyson and I started to inch closer to her mom who was encouraging us through her much tighter gag.  We could hear the two burglars continuing to work upstairs so we knew that we had some time.  We managed to go about two feet and were still another five feet from Stephanie when we suddenly heard the two burglars voices coming near.  Allyson and I panicked.   


“OK, kids, what have we been doing?  I guess you need to something else to do while we finish up stealing your valuables.”


Allyson and I have been caught and now we feared what they were going to do to us.  Well, they started untying our wrists and the rope that goes from our wrists and ankles.  Before we know it, we have been freed of our bonds.  I flexed my wrists and Allyson rubbed hers but it was short-lived.  The man grabbed me and the woman, Allyson.   Our arms were pulled behind our backs and our wrists were being retied only this time behind our backs.  I could see the grimace on Allyson's face as they seemed to be tying us tighter.  Stephanie was struggling mightily to free herself undoubtedly wanting to rescue her daughter but nothing was getting loosened.  These two seemed to be pros.  They probably had done this before.


They didn’t say anything but instead seemed in a hurry to finish binding us tighter.  Our hands were bound together behind our backs with about five or six loops and then the rope was taken up between them and tied off.   They then decided that we needed a chest harness.  I must admit that they spent more time on Allyson’s impressive rack.  She had rope wound below her breasts making sure that the rope was tucked snugly against the bottom of them.  She had rope looped about five times below and then the same number above them before it was tied off behind her back.  At the same time that Allyson was having that done, I was getting about ten loops being tied around my bare, hairy chest.  It was extremely tight and with it going around my arms as well, I can’t move.  I am walked over to another chair and forced to sit down.  My hands were put through the wooden rungs of the chair and then I had some more rope wound around my chest and my waist to hold me to the chair.  I looked over at poor Allyson and saw that they were still tying her boobs.  The woman had taken another rope, dropped it down over one shoulder, took it down through the top and bottom breast ropes, then brought it back up over the other shoulder, and then after pulling it snug, tied it off at her wrists.  She had her breasts dangling over the ropes and then after making her sit down beside her mother across from me, they bound her to the chair just like me.


The two burglars weren’t quite done with us.  They took some more rope and the man started binding my legs together.  He wound rope around my ankles even forcing me to cross them so that I wouldn’t be able to use them to free us.  After winding around five or six loops he tied them off and then took some rope ( I honestly wondered where they found all of this) and wound it around my knees just below them.  He finally took the final coil and tied my legs just above my knees.  He then did the same thing he had done to Stephanie and secured my bent legs to the back chair rung.    


I was so enthralled at watching myself being totally humiliated and immobilized that I hadn’t looked over at Allyson.  The woman must have it out for the young blonde because she didn’t have her legs tied  like me.  But rather she had her legs spread apart and she was having them bound to each chair leg and they were the back ones.  Allyson’s feet were tied to each chair leg and her knees were secured by rope wound around each one and then secured to the back of the chair.  I found myself getting turned on at the sight of not only her gorgeous, large breasts but also her hairy pussy that was just wide open.  Why had they decided to tie her that way.  Stephanie and I were bound alike but they had decided to do something more elaborate and sinister to Allyson.


“OK, now I don’t think these two will try anything else this say but just in case we will let your girlfriend put on a show for you.”


Allyson and Stephanie started shaking their heads as the woman pulled a large silver vibrator out from the bag they were using.


“It seems your little girl has been keeping a dirty little secret from you, mom.”


The man takes the vibrator over and placed it right against Allyson’s exposed pussy and then tapes it into place.  Allyson is crying from part shame and part terror and embarrassment.  There wasn’t anything my childhood friend could do but sit there and hope they don’t leave it on very long.


“OK, it is show time.”


The man reaches down and turns the vibrator on low.  The low hum can be heard and I can see Allyson’s face start getting some weird looks. 


“Now, mom, don't think that we left you out.  It seems you like mother like daughter.”


The man produces another vibrator which he shoves down between her bound legs and turns it on.


“Must keep this for all of those lonely nights when your hubby is gone overseas interfering with  other nations.”


I suddenly realized that these two were extracting some sort of retaliation against Allyson's father.  How was this going to end?


The two kidnappers sit and watch Stephanie and Allyson start twitching from the building orgasms and my dick was getting much larger though it is hidden a bit by the way I was tied.   Fortunately after about five minutes, the two of them head off to finish what they were doing.


The women were starting to scream into their gags as the orgasms started flowing.  We were all sweating but they were doing more.  How long were we going to be kept like this?


Almost an hour goes by.  Stephanie and Allyson are dripping with sweat and have been jerking for a long time.  Even when Allyson's vibrator goes dead, she is still jerking uncontrollably.  Stephanie is still going at it.  Her vibrator was just shoved down in between her legs and maybe that kept her orgasms from being as severe.


Finally the two burglars reenter the room.


“Well, ladies, I imagine you are good and wet down there.  And we have a hot-to-trot young man sitting there waiting for some action.”


They both pull the vibrators away.  We shuddered to think about what was going to happen.


“But it's your lucky day and we have to get going so we are going to have to pass on the sex unless you find a way to do it without us.”


The woman unties Allyson's legs from the very stringent position she has been in for more than an hour.  She can hardly stand once they untie her from the chair.  She is forced to walk or practically dragged into the living room.  The man unties Stephanie and picks her up.  I strain to see what is happening to Allyson and Stephanie.  After about five minutes, the man comes back.


“Ready to join the ladies.”


He unties the rope that held me to the chair and then forced me to hop into the living room.  I was relieved to see that the women were unharmed.  They were lying on the floor on their stomachs, hogtied with their legs bent and tied to their wrists.  They had more tape plastered over their mouths.  In fact, the tape went completely around their mouths and their heads.  I would soon join them in the same position.


“Now, we have enjoyed our day with all of you.  And Mrs. Domin, tell your husband to stay out of Brazil or else next time it won't be so nice of an ending.”


With that they took a small bag of valuables and left.  We could hear a car speed away from the house and then it became deathly silent.   We were unable to move much and speech was practically inaudible but we were at least safe.   Now the major task was for one of us to free themselves.


And that wouldn't be an easy task.  We were bound tighter than ever with the hogtie rope keeping our legs up and causing our backs to arch a bit.   The wrap-around tape gag was not budging and we could communicate a little but not enough to ellicit a scream for help. 


Besides we located on the side of the house that was next to my grandfathers so obviously no one from there was coming to free us.  We had to work together to get someone free so we started.  We didn't care about our nudity or the perspiration on our entire body.  We had to get free just in case (1) they decided to come and kill us or (2) they left some sort of incendiary device that is timed to go off at a certain time.


Our hogties were tight.  My legs could not go down.  I had never seen anything like that.  Stephanie and Allyson were in the same position.  It was going on five hours of captivity for us and it wasn't ending anytime soon.  Stephanie managed to roll over onto her back.  Her large boobs were very perky and I must admit they were still making me horny.  Still the intent is to get free.   She managed to scoot over to me and I suddenly had her boobs lying on my back.  She was trying to reach my knots but wasn't succeeding in anything except getting my penis more erect.  Allyson next managed to do the same thing and I found myself trapped between two very hot naked bodies with large breasts.  I have to admit that I sort of wished the burglars had forced Allyson and I to have sex.  I was really in love with the girl next door.  She had a hot naked body and I wanted some of that.


We rolled around and around for hours.   Soon it was dark outside.    Allyson had somehow manged to loosen her hogtie rope and with my and her mother's help, got it free.  Stephanie was next and then me.  Now we had to find our way to get the rest of our bonds off.  We started rolling around on the floor.  Stephanie managed to get to the living room door and found a way to get to her bound feet.  We watched as she started hopping toward the kitchen.  If she could get to the knife drawer she might be able to cut her wrist ropes.  Well, she fell hard and I could see that she hurt herself.  So I managed to get to my feet and found success. I grabbed the knife and started sawing through my bonds.  I worked in near darkness but after about ten minutes, I could feel the ropes loosen enough that I could squeeze my hands out.  I was free.


Soon I had untied both Allyson and Stephanie, who may have broken something with all of the pain she was having.  We hugged each other despite being naked.


“You help your mother, Ally, while I call the cops.”


“Thank you, Bruce.  I don't know what we would have done without you being here.”


“Just help your mom.”


The house was soon crawling with cops and forensic people.  They took fingerprints and DNA swabs as they tried to figure out who attacked us.  Allyson and Stephanie were wearing bathrobes while I was wearing a T=shirt and jogging pants.


“Well, folks, you are very lucky.  We believe you were attacked by two members of the brutal Mendoza gang.  They must have only wanted to send a message and that is why they never harmed you.”


“I don't consider being bound, gagged and naked being not harmed.”


“Well, the last time they struck, they not only bound, gagged and stripped the family but they raped all of the women and that included an 11-year-old girl.  So consider yourselves very lucky.”


Stephanie was complaining of more pain so the paramedics transported her to the hospital and Allyson and I went as well to be checked out.  Her collarbone was cracked so she would spend the night while Allyson and I were released to go home.  Though, her dad was coming home tomorrow, Allyson obviously didn't want to stay in the house, so she came over to grandpa's house for the night or the rest of it.


“You know I saw you while we were totally helpless.”


“What do you mean?”


“You know, Bruce, I saw your penis and the erection you got when you saw these.”


Allyson stood in the doorway and pulled her top off.  Her breasts were once again exposed and  this time they were not bound with rope.  My penis got big again.


“I know you wanted them to force you to fuck me.”


“Allyson, I am so embarrassed.”


“Don't be, I'm not.  I love you and I have since we were six years old.  I knew that you would someday come back and that is why I got this body and these boobs.”


She came over and let me rub my hands over her breasts as we kissed.  I kissed her hard and over and over again.


“OH, man, I love you too.”


With that we soon found ourselves in bed.  At Allyson's prodding, I actually found some rope and tied her down just like our kidnappers had threatened.  I even gagged her with a large cloth.  We had wild, passionate sex for hours.  It was everything we both had hoped for.


We all recovered from our ordeal quickly.  Stephanie was laid up for a while with her shoulder.  Her husband came home and vowed never to return to Brazil.  Allyson and I went off to college.  She to Princeton and me to Harvard.  But we saw each other every other weekend spending a lot of time in bed.  We took turns tying each other up.  I even hired a friend of mine to “kidnap us” so that we could have forced  sex.


I left Harvard after the year and transferred to Princeton.  Allyson and I got engaged and got married the next summer.  We graduated and moved to New York City.  We still have a vibrant love life with a lot of passion and roll-play.  It was during a visit from Stephanie soon after we were married that she confessed something wild and  unbelievable to us.


It seems she knew that Allyson and I loved each other but were going to go off without any passion between us.  So she hired two thugs to kidnap us.  She had always wanted to be tied up that way and felt like if we got the passion flowing it would lead where it did.


We were a little angry at her but not for long.  We were thankful that she saw what we had and besides being bound, gagged and naked for those few hours changed our lives forever.


For without that I would never have married the girl next door.







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