The Tomboy









"Ow!" I cried as I felt my earphones being yanked away. I was in the midst of playing an MMORPG when I felt the painful yank, and quickly turned my head around. "Charlotte Blampied, how many times must I call to make myself heard?!! And how many times have I told you not to play that game which bursts your ear drums and is so un-lady like!"

"Mom," I began, thinking silently to myself that my mother is a dinosaur, "It's not a game. It's a MMORPG, Massively..."

"I don't care what it is. Why can't you - why can’t you be like other girls and take dance classes or something. And, for the umpteenth time, put on a bra at home. Your father and his friends will be home soon."


Ok, I have to explain. I'm a tomboy at heart. I have been since my prepubescent years and after 12 I made the decision to be one forever. I started wearing only shorts and jeans, never skirts or dresses and would kick up a fuss when my mother made me wear them. I literally fought against going to dance or ballet class and argued vehemently when my mother told me to join the school's cheerleading team. Instead, I hung out with boys, not for dating but to join in manly stuff.  That included playing MMORPGs instead of shopping at the mall.


The two barriers to my tomboy life were perhaps my own body and my mother. Despite my dress sense, my body was so feminine and my breasts especially were large--medium B cup in szie. Outside, I would try to wear clothes to hide them but at home, as my mom just shouted to remind me in so embarrassing a way, I would go bra-less. My mother - yes, she still would not accept after sixteen years that her daughter was a tomboy.

I sighed and replied, "Yes Mom. Did you come up here to lecture me on this?"

I expected her to scold me for the retort but all she said was, "I came to tell you I'm going out for a while. Dinner is in the oven and please switch it off in half an hour or you'll get burnt food for dinner. And," she pointed at my room, "Do clear up. Most girls your age aren't as untidy as you Charlotte," My name is Charlie, I thought as she disappeared and I returned to the mission I and the others were trying to deal with.

It was another five minutes and just as my character was about to pick up something in the game I felt my headphones being pull off again. "Mo..." I began when I felt a gloved hand clamp down on my mouth. "Not a struggle or sound girl, or you'll not live a second longer." Simultaneously, I felt a hard object pressed against my neck.

Home invasion! My mind raced as that thought hit me.  I had read enough stories to...  Before I knew it I was yanked out of my seat and turned round, coming face to face with a masked man. There was definitely another behind me. "Ok, now do as we say..." I heard him say.

"Or what?" I tried to give my most defiant voice. Surely this was just another...  Before I knew it, an object appeared in his hand. Suddenly, I felt an excruciating pain as something was fired against my left arm. "OW!!!!!!" I yelled as I jumped away, nearly falling backwards onto the floor.

"Or you'll get more torture from this," the man held up some futuristic-looking device, almost like some of the stuff I'd seen in the MMORPGs I played. "Now, do we have your attention?"

I nodded and thought to myself, just get this over with. Tie me up and rob the house. The next thing I heard however was a shock as the man in front said, "Strip to your underwear."

I nearly said "WHAT?!!" but saw the device and red-faced, dropped my slacks down. I heard the other intruder behind me mutter something about "granny knickers" - which well was true. They jusy felt more comfortable and less feminine than the sort of thing my mother wears.


Just as I was about to take off my T-shirt, I realised something. "Err...I'm not wearing a bra underneath." I said, looking at the two men.

" slutty.”  The man actually had the gall to smile as he said “ Turn and face that corner. Wrap this towel over your boobs," The other intruder stepped aside as I caught a small bath towel. Freaking hell, just restrain me and get on with it, I thought as I peeled my shirt off and tried to shield my 32B breasts. Finally, once I had done as instructed and tucked the towel in on itself in front of me, I asked, "Ok guys, what now?"

"Now to stuff this in your mouth," the second man said, holding up one of my other knickers.  I must have stared for a full minute, before saying "Wha...."  I was held steady and with my nostrils pinched, there was no choice and that cotton underwear was jammed into my oral cavity. A long stripe of tape was plastered over. The only thankful part was that due to my short hair, tape was not stuck to my hair.

"Mmmppph!!!" I now started protesting but the gag was surprisingly strong - strong enough to hold the stuffing in and mask my cries. I was pushed down on the ground and felt something bite against my wrists. Plastic ties, I surmised, again gaining my knowledge from books.


Next I was lifted up and made to kneel as one of them knelt behind me, using a long length of rope that was lashed against my arms and breasts. "It's breast bondage. Helps you dearie since you didn't wear a bra."  I looked own at he way my chest was forced up and out, and hoped - even prayed that the towel would hold.


"Mmmmmppph...." I grunted against the tightness of the restraints. Next was an even more surprising move. A long strand of rope was connected to my wrist bonds and pulled through my anus, between my legs and against my crotch before it was tied off to the lower of the bands of rope around my chest.


I heard a laugh as the man said "Surprised? Soon you'll feel some tingling down there from this crotch rope."

Finally, I was made to lie on my atomach, and my knees and ankles were given the plastic tie treatment. "Now, stay comfortable there girl," they commented as I heard them bending over my computer. What on earth were they up to? Why were they continuing to play my MMORPG?


I was then distracted by the tight rope straining against my private parts, causing sensations that I've never felt before. I mean, being a tomboy, I never bothered to play with myself, you know. Funnily enough, despite the predicament I was in, the feeling was quite enjoyable.  It was warm, a tingling that seemed to spread through my whole body as I tried moving my wrists.

The intruders finished whatever they were up to and then looked at me, checking the restraints.  All I heard was a "good bye" as I was left alone, struggling on the floor, unsure of what I was experiencing as the rope moved...

It was the smell of the burnt food in the oven that later aided in my rescue. A passing policeman heard the alarm going off, and come in the open kitchen door to investigate.  He then heard my muffled cries and found me.


The police would later inform me that hidden in the game I was playing was a code that could assist in the disabling on bank security systems through the town. That hardly bothered me. Instead, several nights afterwards, I started to rub myself down there and found that feeling of pleasure that I got from the "crotch rope" they gave me. Hmm, maybe I won't want to be a tomboy after all.








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