Chapter 5: Shock and Surprise







The rope and my thighs, both were indeed wet. He saw this and remarked matter-of-factly, “ are really enjoying this, aren’t you?”


All I could reply with was an embarrassed “mmmmm.”


The spanking continued first with his hands, and then with his TT bat. The bat struck me at random, everywhere from my butt cheeks to my thighs. Between that he would pinch my butt cheeks now and then, making me squeal aloud. When he finally he came to the front I could see his erection. All the smacks and slaps had turned him on too. I wanted to ask if he could allow me to spank him now, but resisted the temptation. The short relief, made me realize that my ass was literally on fire. It must have been red by now, and I was surely going to regret all of this when I had to sit down later.


There was certain desperation in his actions. I hadn’t noticed it before, but during the day while we were lazing around watching movies in his room, even then he seemed quite anxious. Like always, we were on his bed (completely dressed) , watching one of our favorite movies, and then some episodes from Friends that I loved. While all my concentration was on the screen, his was on me. He always held me close to him, but this time, after every few minutes his hands would slip under my t-shirt and reach my breasts caressing them, or he would take my hand and kiss it. When a romantic scene came up in the movie he hit the pause button and started kissing my lips. At first I resisted as usual, but then gave in. It was one long French kiss, and both of us were completely lost in it. Though, I had to scold him when he tried to put his hand under my track pants. And even to that he reacted by pinching my butt. Normally, all this could have waited till the night. But now is was clear -in his mind he had some sort of list of all the things he wanted to do to me; or with me. And these 24 hours were his opportunity to do so.


My head hung low and I felt exhausted. If this is all that he wanted, he should have just asked it upfront : “You cheated on me and now you have agreed to be punished. In next few hours, you will have to sit and watch as I make out with other woman. And then you will have to let me spank you hard. Only then I can forget what you have done.”


Obviously, in retrospect, I would have laughed at a statement like that, but if he had tried hard enough and made me feel guilty with all his lovey-dovey talk, I would have eventually agreed. I could take on all that and spanking as a punishment. But this humiliation of being tied and gagged, the feeling of helplessness, and not being in control was infuriating. He knew well that I loved power-play but hated the kinky stuff, and he should have remembered this. I would have given him what he wanted, but it should have been my CHOICE. I was his girlfriend, not his toy.


But for him that seemed irrelevant. Suddenly my left nipple was pinched. I looked sideways to find him standing right next to me, with his pants and boxers pulled down and his hard cock pointed right at my face. I had seen, touched and caressed his tool many times before, but it had never been pointed right in my face like a fucking gun. I was shocked. Crap! What the fuck did he expect from me?


Looking above, I could see that it was 3am in the morning. It was a Friday and Diwali now. A day when people spend quality time together, burst fireworks and go shopping or visit their relatives. For the first time we were going to have 4 days together. Thursday to Sunday and there was so much I had planned on doing this Diwali. Before this hell-ride started we had been planning to go out for shopping. Every time, I visited his city this is what we did. It was a routine we loved. At least I did, and he was kind and patient enough to tag along and help me with the choice-making. He knew me really well, and the shopping had always been a grand success. My apparel always impressed everyone at work. Obviously, I had helped him too on several occasions.


Once we had spent 6 hours in selecting a classy suit for him for a wedding he planned to attend. The trip generally involved shopping, then having a cheesy pizza for lunch – because I simple adored cheese; followed by a movie. This weekend, a dance movie for which I had waited since long had been released. We had decided to watch it and then later stop at his favorite bar for a couple of beers and a quick bite. It was an ideal way to spend a weekend - the perfect therapy that my tired brain and body needed since almost two months. But when I looked at his dick pointing at my face, I could see that my plans for the ideal day were going to be flushed down the toilet.


The signal was crystal clear. He expected oral sex. It had been demanded countless times before and every time I had firmly refused. I found it unhygienic and disgusting, while he justified it as amazing and completely safe. I knew my refusals frustrated him. Not being allowed to have sex made sense to him, since I didn’t intend to lose my virginity before getting married. More importantly, I was terrified of the pain it would cause on first insertion. He knew this and understood it. But my apprehensions about oral sex seemed illogical to him. I had never agreed before and I was not going to agree now.


So when he untied the scarf from my mouth and moved forward, I simply looked away and barked “No!”.


As expected, the reply was, “You had agreed to do as I asked, now there is no going back. Do it!”


I had half a mind to take his cock in my mouth and bite it hard just to teach him a lesson. Instead of being satisfied that the spanking had turned both of us on, he just wanted more. Why did he have to push my limits? I was turned on, and at this point if he had untied me and taken me to the bed, I would have given him the best kiss of his life. Probably after some convincing I might have broken the no-sexbefore-marriage rule as well. But no. I felt really angry and looking back at him, I spit on his crotch. Bad idea! The hulk expression was back as he walked to the corner and drew out a brown box from his bag. He opened the box and took something out of it.


I couldn’t see what it was but from the smirk on his face I was sure that I would hate it. “You shouldn’t have done that. Now I will have to make you regret it”, he barked.


He came and stood right in front of me, his cock a few inches from my eyes. And then I saw it in his hand – another kinky item from the Pandora’s box. It was big black ring covered with some soft shining material that seemed like leather or rubber. On both sides of the ring, leather straps were attached which ended up in buckles. Before I could process what I was seeing, he yanked my hair and pulled my face upwards. I screamed from pain and tried to shift backwards, but the rope held my chest firmly to the table. I had almost forgotten the rope biting at my crotch and encircling my chest, in the face of this new threat. My mouth was all he needed to insert the ring behind me teeth. He pushed my jaw with one hand and inserted the ring behind my teeth with the other.


First I felt that soft material behind my upper teeth and then as the lower part was inserted in, I felt it digging into my lower gums. Only the padding was soft, but the ring itself seemed to be made up of hard metal. I bit down, hoping that it would bend a little, but the ring held my mouth wide open. He took the straps behind my head - a jolt and pull at the ring confirmed that he had just buckled the straps right above my neck. He let go of my hair and I immediately looked down to give rest to my strained neck. As drool trickled down from my mouth, I finally became aware that I was gagged again, but this time no tape or cloth covered my lips. My mouth was forced open and exposed to him and his wild desires. I voiced out my protests, but they came out as gurgles. I just kept trying to dislodge with my tongue, which made even more noises of “aahah hhuhh ahhh uh uhh.”


He stood stroking his dick with his left hand, apparently even more turned on due to the new gag I wore and the sounds I made. The erection now pointed right at my mouth, waiting for me to accept it. He took pride in how huge his dick was. I noticed that he had shaved off all his pubic hair and his testicles seemed neat in some weird way. Was this planned too? Even my vagina was not so clean. I waxed all over my arms and legs, but never touched my pubic hair. It was a short growth, and did not hamper in cleaning activities. I had no intention to put a razor down there because I feared I would cut myself. And waxing in such a sensitive area was not an option.


“Forget everything and just feel it. Touch it with the tip of your tongue”, he commanded sternly.


I looked up at the man who had forced me into this position and now was instructing me on how to suck his cock. Wow! I had to admit, the way he had tied me, he had complete access to my vagina, my butt hole and my mouth. I was stupid if I thought that he was going to stop at oral sex. This guy standing in front of me with his dick in his hands was not my boyfriend. He looked like a possessed man driven by his wild agenda. It wouldn’t be a surprise if after making me suck him; he went behind me and first fucked my vagina and then my ass. Why would he give a damn about my virginity or my pain?


Would he care about how much I hated the idea of anal sex? Men had their penis, and we women had our vagina. Wasn’t one hole enough? Why did they have to put their penis into every hole in our body. Go ahead. Fuck my mouth, vagina, butt-hole, and don’t stop at that, fuck my nose, ears and the small hole from where I pee, fuck that too. Bloody bastard!


He advanced further and his dick entered my mouth. The first point of contact was the tongue. He had inserted just the tip of his penis, and it had touched the tip of tongue.


“Lick”, he commanded as if I was a programmed robot, and I involuntarily moved my tongue around it touching it at several places. Oh, that felt like an advanced level of French kiss. I felt butterflies in my stomach and a dampness in my crotch again.


Seriously? Was I going to be turned on by this disgusting act? He pushed forward and I drew back my tongue trying keep it close to the tip of penis. And then it started. He yanked my hair, and pushed all in. The tip touched my throat and once again the gag reflex kicked in. He massaged my throat from outside and waited for me to recover. His testicles were brushing past my lips and I could smell testosterone. The smell, the touch and the dampness, made me forget everything else and I tried to close my lips around his dick. Although the ring held my teeth apart, I could still stretch my lips and close them around his hard cock. This just turned his cock turn even harder, and he started thrusting back and forth.


My whole face moved at the rhythm of his pelvis as he drove deep into me. But what was I supposed to do next? I had no idea, even theoretically, about the tricks of giving a blowjob. Reading about that part I had always willingly ignored. He let go of my hair, and started inserted his hands between the table and my chest. As soon as his cold hands touched my breasts, I felt a weird sensation go through me. The thrusts continued as he pinched my nipples and fondled my breasts. This wasn’t the first time when he had touched me there, but it definitely felt different. Every time he pinched my nipples I sucked in. And every time he pressed my boobs I lifted my tongue. I had actually turned into a female sex-bot. It was an auto-reflex action but it seemed to work, because I felt some liquid in my mouth and it was not my saliva.


He withdrew his left hand from my breast, and pinched my nose. This was the third time he had done this today, and every time it worked. I couldn’t breathe so I tried to suck air through my mouth, and unknowingly I ended up sucking drops of his semen. It tasted yuck and smelled of manhood. The thrusts, groping , nose-pinching and sucking continued in tandem as he gradually built up the speed. I was getting excited too and held on to his dick with my lips sucking in whatever he unloaded.


Suddenly he stopped, his dick became harder and was throbbing like it had a heart of its own, he pinched my nose again, and that is when I felt a large quantity of hot, thick fluid at the back of my mouth. He reached the point of orgasm, and cummed into my mouth, unloading so much that my mouth could hardly take it. I swallowed as much as I could, but as soon as he released my nose, I coughed up and streams of semen squirted out of my wide-open mouth. Now, this had reached disgusting and the taste on my tongue felt unbearably repulsive, and so did the odor that invaded my nostrils. He withdrew his dick and took a few steps back.


I was recovering from shortness of breath when he walked off, came back with his phone, and took a picture of me. Shit! How dare he? He even had the audacity to show it to me. As the screen turned towards me, I was shocked to see the picture. It was different from what I had imagined I might be looking like. My naked back and tip of butt could be seen, along with the crotch rope between my butt cheeks, my legs uselessly pushed against the floor, and the face – strands of hair fell on my face, the black ring was visible behind my white teeth, my lips made an O shape, and semen dripped onto my chin, while the straps dug into my cheeks. It was so pathetic, I had to look away. This was the worst moment in the day so far.


“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”, he asked. I had no answer.


Surprisingly, it was precisely a state of mixed feelings. I wished he hadn’t shown me the pic, maybe then I could have admitted to myself that somewhere the wild part inside me enjoyed the experience. But now, I wasn’t sure. I felt humiliated and abused. It felt like I wasn’t his girlfriend, but just another hole, which he had used to masturbate.


I stared blankly at him. He probably understood my confused state and responded : “You did quite well, for a first-timer. I wish I could teach you more.”


Most of things he was saying today didn’t make sense. Since morning there was a feeling hanging in the air that this was our last weekend together. Had he already decided to break up with me? Either way, after this humiliation, I was definitely going to break up with him. Since this was India, I had to worry about people, parents, their reputation and social standing. If we were in United States or some faraway place, I would have definitely filed a police complaint against him, just to teach him a lesson. Once again, I had gone down a pointless train of thought, while absent mindedly staring at the cum soaked floor below me.


Just at that moment he came back with my white panties in his hands. He used them to wipe his cock and then wiped my chin and lips with it. And then he effortlessly stuffed them into my open mouth. I could not help but notice how methodically he did it. Starting with wadding up a small portion that was wet, then putting it in my mouth and then gradually inserting the left over portion in both side of my cheeks – and thus he had made sure that the whole panty was inside, and not even a bit was left protruding out. My jaw already ached from being stretched open like that for such a long time.


Panties? Again? First, soaked with that woman’s juices. And now my own favorite underwear soaked in his semen. Didn’t he have a cloth rag or a handkerchief. What was this obsession with underwear? But I knew the answer already. Wet, soiled underwear was definitely 10 times more humiliating than a random piece of cloth. It seemed like he was having fun now, because he clicked another picture and showed it to me. Yeah yeah, pink lips, outline of black ring beneath them, a couple of teeth visible, mouth gaping open, and white soft cloth stuffed in it… Quite colorful, indeed. Great!


“You do look sexy, I must admit”, he remarked casually. There I had received my answer. Thank you, you moron!


He wore his shorts again, poured himself a glass of vodka, lighted a cigarette, and walked around in the room. The forced blowjob had definitely calmed him down.


He started talking, “Now do you get it? This humiliation, this helplessness- this was to show you that you don’t own me. You cannot just go around taking your boyfriend for granted. I am your BF damn it and I have some rights, some expectations. You cannot just keep on insulting people, treating them like trash. You don’t appreciate the things I do for you, fine. I don’t want that. You are always demeaning and condescending. Fine, that’s who you are. But after putting up with all that, your tantrums, your bickering, your mood-swings, you go ahead and reward me by cheating on me, and that too with my best friend? How does it feel now? I felt exactly the same way - humiliated, insulted, used, abused, helpless and exhausted.”


And I admitted to myself, that he was right in some ways. Only difference what I was going through, was physical as well as emotional pain. Whereas he had been on the receiving end of emotional pain for the past few months. I often used condescending tones, scolded him on every small thing, never really appreciated all the little things he did for me, and often did whatever came to my mind before giving a thought about his opinions. That was correct!


He came back to me and unbuckled the straps, pulled out the panties, and gently took out the ring. While unbuckling the straps he again broke a few strands of my hair which pissed me off all over again.


So, when he asked, “Do you understand? Is there anything you want to say?”; I just blurted out “Fuck You!”.


Another wrong choice.


His expression changed once again and all he said was : “Fine, so be it.” He pressed my jawbone, stuffed the panties back in my mouth, ripped off a strip of his ever favorite duct tape and plastered it over my lips. And I was back to square one.







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