Tropical Punishment





Disclaimer: Although this may sound like the case of hikers on a certain countries mountain top, especially a British Girl named E Hawkins, it does not related to world events.


No country is mentioned and no disrespect to any culture or nation here.




One step...two step...and three. "I did it" I exclaimed finally reaching the mountain top.


"We did it!" Jean-Claude, the French-Dutch guy next to me said and we raised our arms together in  triumph. The view from the several thousand feet high mountain top was beyond incredible. Misty clouds all over and in some corners, we could just pick out the lush greenery below.


"Come on," Jean-Claude yelled, "let's do our celebratory move." He suddenly then lowered his track suit, revealing his boxers and lowered them slightly. The few other men in my hiking group did the same. "Come on, Cathy," they yelled.


"Excuse me, please stop. This is wrong. You are disrespectful," the tour guide who led us interjected in heavily accented English. His 'wrong' came out as 'wong'.


"Screw it, we can do anything we like," yelled one of the guys.


"It's called freedom of speech," added Jean-Claude.


As the men shouted out such words, I unzipped my parka, pulled off my shirt and lifted up my bra. Yes! I thought. Freedom!


About forty-five minutes later, our whole group was back down the mountain via another shorter route. Instead of the other tour guides there, several police man were waiting. Two of them step forward suddenly and grabbed my arms. "Hey! What's this!"


"Arrest," one said in a thick accent. "Naked."


"Hey! It was just a bit of relaxing! Hey!" I cried but they pulled out cuffs and locked my wrists behind my back. The rest of my group was treated similarly despite their own protests. Bundled into a van, we were all driven to a run-down police station. I was escorted out, fingerprinted, a photo taken and only then was I uncuffed and pushed into a cell. Inside was a hard mattress and two other ladies, dishevelled and mumbling to themselves.


As I sat down, I thought back at what had happened. The tour guide must have informed the police of our actions. Ok, I didn't really go nude and it wasn't exposed to anyone else but ourselves. What's the problem? Then another voice told me that I was now under arrest in a foreign land and would face trial and possibly jail. I would have to serve time, interrupting my university studies. I would have a criminal record, something that would hinder me in getting a job. You are in big shit, girl....


"Guard! Guard!" I held on to the cell bars and called. A female guard finally came. "Please, let me see someone." She didn't understand. "Please," I used the local dialect I picked up, "see boss? I want to see your boss?" Finally, she nodded and a few minutes later two more guards came. I was brought out, back in cuffs and then led to a room with a chair. Forced to sit, they disappeared and minutes later, a tall, dark-haired men with long sleeves came in.


"Catherine Hanks," he read out from his folder. I noticed immediately he had a different accent, almost European. "You want to say something?"


"Please sir, let me speak to someone from my Embassy," I started.


"They will come in a day or so. You know this island is far from the mainland." He turned around to leave. "Please sir, I'm very sorry for what I did." He didn't turn around but muttered, "tell that to the courts."


"Please sir," I started pleading. "I don't want go to prison."


He turned around and raised his voice, "do you know what you just did!!!"


"I'm so very sorry," I started pleading, wishing the cuffs could come off. "I didn't respect your laws. I..."


"You showed no decency and itís not just our national laws. That mountain is owned by the tribes and you have hurt their ancestral feelings."


"I'm sorry," I repeated, although not really believing the tribal stuff. "Is there anything I can do to skip and apologise personally? I really don't want to go to jail."


"You have money?"


"," I realised. That option is out.


"Then there's nothing..." he paused. "There might be something," he suddenly added.


"What is it?" I tried to smile but the cuffs made me produce a grimace instead.


"I can take you to the tribe and they will meet out their own form of non-financial punishment on you. Afterwards, you can go free and out of the country."


I pondered for a moment. "What sort of punishment?"


"I even as a police officer have no idea. The tribes here each have their own laws."


I felt silent. "I don't have much time. Your choice--go back to your cell and wait or take your chances with the tribe."


I quickly decided, "I'll go to the tribe." I can't be that terrible can it? He nodded then lifted me up. Told to be silent, he escorted me through a side corridor to his car. Still handcuffed, he drove for about another half an hour until we reached a small field. Outside, he blew a short whistle and yelled in some strange words. Immediately, several men dressed in only grass 'skirts' and heavily tattooed appeared. One of them came forward and the officer spoke to him for a while. Finally, he uncuffed me--thank goodness!--and remarked. "This is the head Tribal chief, Chief Whang."


I decided immediately to bow down and said, "Chief, I'm so sorry I showed indecency and disrespect to your mountain and your tribe." The officer translated and the Chief sounded a bit angry in his reply.


"Chief Whang demands you take his punishment. I will escort you to translate but cannot and will not interfere." Suddenly, some of the other tribesmen came over and yanked my arms behind my back. "Hey! Hey!" I cried as I felt them tie coarse rope around my wrists and elbows. "What's this?!"


"Your punishment." I cried more but soon I was bound at my ankles and knees, before they lifted me up and carried me deep inside the jungle. After a few minutes, I found myself in another clearing were even more tribal men and women, some of them barely covered, were waiting. In the middle was wooden pole. I was dragged towards it and then more rope surrounded me, binding me to the post. The tribesmen then parted and the Chief approached, something in his hand.


"He says to open your mouth," the officer translated. "Why....mmmph!" Some rag was jammed into my mouth. I had played cops and robbers with my brothers before and often got tied and gagged by them, but nothing as complex as this. Next, the tribesmen and women formed a circle around me and then started chanting. Although I had zero idea what they were saying, I could guess it wasn't a happy song. Suddenly, they all extracted wooden sticks with sharpened metal spears. "Huga!" They chanted, pointing the spears at me. "Mmmmph!" I cried, thinking they were about to stab me. This continued for another half an hour, the spears coming closer and closer...


Finally I was released from the pole and the officer undid the gag, giving me a drink. "That...was damn scary." I exclaimed. My ropes were also undone and I assumed it was over. "No, it's not," the officer replied. "The Chief said that's just beginning."


"Beginning?!" I exclaimed.


"Be silent and respectful. He said since you like to show off yourself, take off your clothes."




The chief reached over and smacked me. "I...sorry," I said. "But I thought..."


The Chief gave me an angry stare and moved closer. "Please, I thought it was to show respect. I..."


"Take off your clothes, Miss Hanks. The Chief's word is final. You can leave your underwear on." Red with embarrassment, I did so, revealing my black bra and blue thong-like knickers. I tried to immediately cover my naked self but once more my arms were bound behind me.


"Open," I was ordered and something silky like was jammed into my mouth before the cleave gag held it in. This time I was dragged into one of their huts where there was some home-made wooden table. My hands were re-tied to the front legs of the table and my ankles to the back, effectively pressing my body flat down--oh my boobs! "Whmmmgommmph?" I cried.


"You're about to be spanked." SPANKED?! Suddenly I felt a terrible sting against by bum. "Mmmmph!" Another came and I cried out through the stuff gag. My parents had never spanked me as a child so this was entirely new and terrifying to me. The chief continued to spank me a total of only ten times but as he did, I somehow felt a sensual feeling down there. Oh my gosh...


The spanking over, I thought I was going to be released but once more my hands were bound behind me. That's it but no, suddenly I felt them attached a shorter rope to my bound wrists. That was pulled through my anus, exactly across my crotch and tied to a belly rope. "Whdmmmymmmmpph," I suddenly lost balanced and fell, feeling my clit being immediately stimulated. "Mmmmmpph...." I cried as the first wave of orgasm came and hardly resisted as the men tied me in a hogtie. The crotch rope--I've read about it but this was the first time I experienced it--continued its work of stimulating me. As the men looked at me, I wondered if this was really a jungle tribe or if they were trained in bondage...


Finally, what seemed like hours later, they undid the ropes--the crotch rope being the last. By then, my knickers were soaked with vaginal secretion and sweat. As they undid my gag, I gasped seeing that it was my other pair of knickers that was stuffed in my mouth. " did that get there?" I asked. There was no answer as the officer handcuffed me once more after I dressed. "Hey, is this necessary?"


"Yes," was his only answer. As I was brought back to the car I kept questioning him about the knickers. "Shut up," he said and before I knew it, my mouth was tape gagged. Stunned and quiet tired from all the bondage, I gave up resisting as he drove off. Just over two hours later, we reached the local airport. I was finally released, and miraculously, he handed me my passport and baggage. Everything was there. Well almost everything. "Here," he tossed over my soggy underwear. "Get out and I don't think you're welcome back."


A day later, back home, I pulled out my toy handcuffs which I still kept from all those years ago. Using parcel tape, I stuffed one of my undies in my mouth, taped my lips and cuffed my own hands. Smiling silently, I laid back, noting all that was missing was the crotch rope.


The End









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