Wedding Bound







"Absolutely not!" Charlotte said, crossing her arms as she did so.


"Why not? You know Dawn and Callum, especially Dawn. It's their wedding and it's during the weekend." Sian replied.


"We might get into trouble and get bound and gagged again."


"What?! It's a wedding. Why would we?"


"Because every trip or outing we've been to previously, we ended up bound and gagged. And with our undies in our mouth," Charlotte shuddered.


"It's a wedding," her friend repeated. "It's just a bit of dancing, lots of talking and eating. No one is going to capture us."


Charlotte looked down for half a minute then finally agreed. "But I don't really have a dress, just that one from the fresher's ball."


"Oh you... Any chance of buying a new one?”  As Charlotte shook her head, she said “Ok - wear it. You may still pick up a guy with that old piece."





A week later, Charlie was wearing her red strapped gown with a normal bra with translucent straps while Sian was in a lavender tube top dress that somehow enhanced the size of her breasts. "Hey Dawn congratulations," Sian greeted the fiancée.


"Thank you," Dawn replied, trying balance on her heels and her wedding dress.


"Congratulations," Charlotte greeted but only got a curt reply from Dawn. As that girl moved away, Charlie muttered, "She still is jealous I beat her in the last Greek history essay."


"Oh come on. Anyway, let's enjoy ourselves." The enjoyment didn't arrive, however, as both of them sat through a long a boring wedding ceremony.


"Ladies and Gentleman," the Best Man announced, "before the evening dinner, there's a little game. Hidden amongst the garden is a really small gnome. Pair up amongst yourselves and the first pair that can find the gnome wins a prize. You have one hour. Ready, set, go!"


"Great, some activity to stretch my limbs," Charlie replied.


"Well, I've to empty my bladder first," her friend replied. "Don't worry, I'll be back and we'll get that prize." That was easier said than done since she wore four inch heels and her dress restricted her movement. After managing not to get her dress wet from the not-exactly clean loo, Sian was just about to exit when she encountered someone in dark black clothes at the door.


"Err, the gents is down that way."


The man didn't move or speak.


"Excuse me, can you let me pass? I'm going to participate..hey!" A misty vapour was sprained directly at her face and she slumped down.





Sian's head was throbbing when she regained consciousness. What the heck...oh that guy. What the hell did he spray stuff at me for? Who...Sian blinked her eyes and saw the outline of the grey tape. I'm gagged once again!


"Hey boss, got her." She heard someone say. A dark figure approached from her left and she heard a voice thunder. "You silly rat! This is the wrong girl! You're suppose to get the bride, not some guest!"


"Sorry boss, I thought she looked like the bride." Bride?! Sian thought. Someone wants to get Dawn? "Mmmmph," she yelled and struggled--her wrists and ankles were securely bound with rope and there was some crude breast bondage done against her breasts.


"Shut up you," the 'Boss' pressed a booted leg against Sian's arm. "Now, go with Ben, get the bride and make sure it is her." With a shuffle of feet, the other man moved away.


"You're still a pretty one," the Boss said, kneeling down at Sian and stroking her hair, causing her to yelp. "No worries, we can use you as well. Double the money."


Money? Sian cried. "But first, gotta fix that gag." More tape was wound around her jaw, trapping part of her hair. "It will do for now, maybe I'll add stuffing later." Sian was unceremoniously pushed against a side wall while the masked man waited.


Soon enough, the two other men returned with Dawn in between them, struggling lightly. "Hi beauty," the Boss said, removing her mask.


"Richard!" Dawn gasped. "You...let me and Sian go!"


"Oh no, this is payback time ex-girlie," the man snarled and with the restriction of her bridal gown, Dawn was easily tied up. "Gag her," he ordered then paused. "Wait." He moved over to Sian and lifted up her dress, exposing her blue knickers. Despite her yelps, he yanked it down and tore it into half. "Taste her juice," and with that, the bride was gagged with the remnants of her friend's underwear. "Get the lorry ready."






"Where on earth can she be? It's just a simple pee," Charlotte mused as she watched the other guests roam the garden, searching for the gnome.


"Hey, not into the game?" She looked up to see the groom, Callum.


"Waiting for Sian. How about you?"


"I organised the game. In fact, I'm waiting for my love. She's disappeared, probably in the loo or the kitchen."


Charlie offered to find them - but just as she entered the corridor to the kitchen, she heard a shuffling of feet and turned to see some men carrying a box and what looked like someone in a gown into a lorry. "Hey!" she cried, trying to run with her 2 inch heels and dress. "That's my friend! Stop!"


"Shit, another guest!" Richard growled. "Get her in as well!" The two henchmen overpowered Charlie and she was flung against the floor of the van, her C cup boobs immediately squashed. "Start the damn vehicle, I'll deal with her," Richard yelled and furiously bound Charlie's hands with rope. "Hey, please...let me go!"


But Richard instead lifted her dress and again tore off her knickers. Oh my gosh, he's going to rape me, Charlie thought but she was only turned around and the underwear jammed into her mouth, a huge strip of tape sealing it in. Soon enough, her ankles were also bound.


"Mmmph!" She cried then, her eyes wide as well as Sian came into view and the box was opened, revealing Dawn. "Well, well, aim for one, get three," Richard said. "I'm really going to have fun ladies." The girls could only yelp through their panty and tape gags as the lorry bounced around. Just under an hour later, the vehicle reversed then stopped, and each girl was carried down, Richard carrying his ex-girlfriend. After moving through two flights of stairs, they were brought into an open cellar, and the two henchmen removed their rope bonds.


"Ok ladies, strip," Richard ordered and all three gave muffled cries of protest. "You want Jerry and Ben to strip you ladies. Strip now!"


With their skin turning red, Sian and Charlie removed their gowns, exposing the translucent adhesive bra and a black strapless bra. With much difficulty, Dawn removed her wedding gown, revealing a satin bodice and her wedding knickers.

"Sexy Dawn," Richard purred as the henchmen bound their hands with handcuffs. "Now, start dancing ladies, move back and forth." Gagged and cuffed the girls did so and the men started film then. "Excellent ladies, keep at it." For the next few hours, the trio were humiliated as they were forced to dance in their semi-naked state.

Finally, Richard cut of the film. "It's a great start girls, let's sleep now eh? Tomorrow, you do it nude."


With cries of protest, each girl was dragged separately away. Charlie was thrown onto some stone hard bed and her cuff hands were yanked up and attached to the top rails and her ankles were bound once more. "Nighty, night," the thug said and she was thrown into darkness.


“See Sian, I told you we would get bound and gagged again!” She sobbed silently. “And now with my knickers in my mouth, my crotch was expose to three goons! Ugh!


As she sobbed, she struggled once more and suddenly found some slack from the railing. "Mmmp," she cried silently and tugged several more times and the railing snapped open.


Free! She cried, but it was only one small step. In the darkness, she fiddled with her bound ankles and soon the rope was off. Next, she gingerly peeled off the tape and eased her soggy knickers out.


“Yucks,” she thought as she spat them out, “should I put those saliva-soaked things on?”


With a quick debate, she decided not to, then moved around in the dark until she found the door. “Great, it's not locked,” she thought and slowly eased it open. “But where on earth am I and how do I get out?”


Tiptoeing--the men had removed her heels--she used the sided of the wall to guide herself until she found a flight of steps. Going down barefoot was painful since the cement was rough and the steps were narrow. The next corridor was dimly lit and there was light from the third door. "Yeah, yeah, 8 am tomorrow will do. Yeah, I've three gals instead of just one, no they all pretty, one has a nice large set of breasts. You'll love them. Better ensure the money is ready."

That asshole, Charlie thought, he's trying to sell us! Probably to some sex slave owner! Ducking down, Charlie continued along the corridor until she saw the outline of another door and heard some muffled cries. Finding it similarly unlocked, Charlie eased it slowly open and found Sian bound to the bed, rope around her adhesive bra breasts and a crotch over her nude crotch.


"Cmmmm!" she cried then fell silent as her friend put her finger to her lips. With some difficulty due to her still cuffed hands, Charlie managed to undo the ropes that held her friend down and peeled off the tape. "Oh my gosh,” she gave her a hug with her cuffed hands.


"The...the crotch rope!" Sian spluttered and soon, Charlie was able to get that off but the ropes binding Sian's arms were far too tight to be undone. "Never mind, let's get out of here, Sian said.


"Hey, they didn't give you a crotch rope or breast bondage?"


"No, and they didn't stuff your mouth with your knickers?"


"That went into Dawn"


With one girl’s hands cuffed in front and the other behind, they slowly made their way out when suddenly a figure stood in the door way. "Trying to escape eh ladies?" Richard asked.


"P...please, let us go! We did nothing wrong!" Charlie cried.


"Not a chance girlie. Now," He tossed two objects over. "Gag yourself and your friend. Now!" With a pistol raised at her, Charlie locked the black ball gag into her friend's mouth and eased the other into her own.


"Outside, move it."


But just as the girl's were force marched out, a deafening explosion occurred and cries of police were heard.


"You're safe now girls...whoa," an officer saw their scantily clad state.


"Hey, get the girls free," another said. "And get them something to cover up."




Days later....


"See I told you something would happen," Charlie said, extracting her clothes from the dryer.


"Ok, ok, you were right. But how was I suppose to know Dawn had a ex-boyfriend that bore such a grudge at her?"


"Fine you wouldn't. But next time, don't go wandering off to the ladies. Or don't drink too much."


"Geez," Sian said and went back up to her room. Minutes later, she heard a knock on her door and answering it, she was shocked to see a masked figure. "Helll...." the figure pushed her down onto her bed and started binding her hands with tape.


"You didn't suffer like I did," Charlie said gleefully, managing to straddle Sian down and also tape her ankles.


"Charlie, it's not funny. Hey, I was crotch roped ok?"


"But you weren't...ah, not so clean I think."



"What?!!" But Charlie had managed to stuff one of Sian's own underwear from clothes basket into her mouth.








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