A Tale of Two Cities






London, 6 pm


“Yes, I understand, Mother – we get in, get the girl, secure the others and get out.


“Please, Mother, I am a grown woman – I don’t think Son and I will have any problems with this.


“Yes, I will call you when we’re on our way.  Stop fussing, Mother – this will be simple.”


Daughter switched off her mobile phone and turned to look at her brother, sitting behind the wheel of the car.  She was wearing an orange halter neck dress with a slanting pattern of differing hues of colour, while Son was more simply dressed in a black polo shirt and faded jeans.


“You could have made a bit more effort,” she said a she cast a critical eye over him.


“Simple and practical,” he said as he looked down the street.  “Save the fashion critique for later – here she comes.”


They watched as the tall, thin, brown haired woman walked down the street, her blue sheer top covering her dark bra and panties, the stockings reaching up the short skirt and down to her patent leather two inch heel shoes.


“What about her friends?”


“Neither of them has come out,” Daughter said as she hoisted a shoulder bag over her right arm.  “Grab the bag and let’s go.”




Natalie didn’t notice the couple climbing out of the car as she walked past.  Her only thought was on the long hot bath she was going to have, and the meal with Sue and Mel, the two women that shared her house with her.


It had been bought outright when she had moved down here, but the rent came in handy for party money.  Stopping by the front door, she reached into her handbag and looked down, fumbling for her keys as she did so.


As a result, the first she knew of the night that lay ahead was the large female hand clamped over her mouth, the very large gun that was pressed to her forehead, and the female voice saying “Not a bloody word, Nat – just open the door and let us all walk in, nice and quietly.”


Looking to her side, she saw the tall, blonde haired woman holding her, while behind her was a tall, broad shouldered man smiling and carrying a bag.  Nodding, she slipped the key into the door and opened it, allowing all three of them to enter before the man closed the door.


They could hear movement upstairs, as she looked to her side with her eyes.  “In there,” the woman gagging her said as the man opened the door to the front room and walked in.


“Who the hell are you,” the dark haired girl sitting there said as the stranger came in, but when the woman walked in with her hand over Natalie’s mouth, she put her hands to her own and said “Shit – what’s going on?”


“None of your business, Sue,” Daughter said with a smile as she kept her hand tightly over Natalie’s mouth, watching as Son placed the bag on a chair and drew out a gun of his own.  Sue looked at both of the strangers, before slowly raising her hands, the short sleeves of her white blouse falling down.


“Call Mel down,” Daughter said as she pressed the gun to Natalie’s temple, “and make it natural – I don’t want you to give her any warning whatsoever.” 


“How do you know our names,” Sue said as she tried to stand up, only to sit back down again as she saw the look of total fear on Natalie’s face.  “Mel,” she called out, “Can you come down for a minute – Nat has something to tell us.”


“What’s she done this time,” a voice said before the door opened and a young woman walked in, dressed in a white blouse and dark a-line skirt with stockings and high heels.  Her blonde hair was cut short, and a pair of horn-rimmed glasses was perched on her nose.  She stopped short, seeing the armed woman holding Natalie, and would have started screaming if Son had not taken her by the arm and frog marched her over to sit next to Sue, closing the curtains after he made her sit down.


“Now, Nat,” Daughter said as Son turned the light on, and walked over to stand beside her, “If you want your friends to survive to tell the tale of tonight, you do exactly what we say, understand?”


Natalie whimpered as she nodded, her eyes fixed on her tow housemates.


“Good – I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to do what I tell you, all right?”  Again a whimper and a nod.  As Daughter took her hand away, Natalie looked at her and said “What do you want?”


“You Natalie – now, undo the top of your dress and strip it down to the waist.”




“Just do it, girl,” Daughter said as she pointed the gun back at her.  Falling silent, she reached round and unzipped her dress at the back, allowing it to fall in front of her as it slipped off her arms.


“Now the bra,” Daughter said “and don’t complain about the cold, or you will find it gets very hot very quickly.”


Slowly, Natalie slipped the shoulder straps of her bra off, removing her arms before she twisted the band round and unfastened it.  As she let it drop to the floor, Son walked over and pointed his own weapon at Mel and Sue.


“Both of you,” he said as he waved the gun at them, “On your feet and start stripping.”


“WHAT?” both girls called out in turn.  “I said, start stripping,” Son snarled, “or else...”


“NO – DON’T HURT THEM!” Natalie called out, only to have Daughter clamp her hand over her mouth again.  “Didn’t I tell you to shut up,” she whispered into her ear, and as Natalie nodded she continued “Well then – get the rest of your dress off, and shut the hell up!”


Natalie nodded and whimpered once more as she pushed her dress down her legs, watching as her two friends started to unbutton their blouses.  “Take your knickers off,” Daughter said, “and fold them into a pad in your hand.”  As she did so, she began to fear what her captor’s plans were for them – a fear that came true when Daughter said “I want you, when I take my hand away, to put those in your mouth and keep them there.  Nod if you understand.”


“Thstdsgstn,” she mumbled, but on seeing the gun again she nodded, opening her mouth as Daughter removed her hand and placing the soiled garment between her teeth, trying hard not to vomit on it.


Sue unzipped her black leather skirt and let it drop to the floor, standing there in her bra and purple tights, while Mel was standing in a black bra and pantries set, her stockings held up with suspenders attached to the pants.  “Very nice,” Son said as he watched Daughter pull a black silk scarf over Natalie’s mouth, “but to work.  You, Mel, face down on the floor, hands in front of you, and don’t move until I tell you to do so.”


“Just do as he says, Mel,” Sue said as he friend looked over at her, before lowering herself to her knees and lying down, hands stretched out in front of her.  “Come here,” Son said a she pulled Sue over, turning her so that she was standing with her back to him as he pulled a length of rope from his trouser pocket.  Holdign her wrists together with one hand, Mel watched as he quickly wound the cord round them, pullign it tightly so that it sank into the flesh around her wrists as they were pulled tightly together.  She started to complain as he removed her bra, allowing her large breasts to hang freely, but one look at the gun convinced her not to do so.


There was a pale blue leather recliner in the room, and as Daughter pulled Natalie’s wrists behind her back and tied them together Sue was frogmarched over to the chair, before been made to sit in it.  Son pulled the back of the chair almost horizontal as Sue slipped back, looking up as Son held up a large white cloth.


“You have a big mouth,” he said as Natalie called out, “Let’s see if this will fit in.”


“You have got to bdgagsdgsaggadsg” Sue said as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, further and further in until only the edges were sticking out from her lips.  She watched as Son picked up a roll of clear packing tape that she had used the previous day, tore several strips off and plastered them over her mouth and lower jaw, holding the gag in place as it pulled at her skin.


Taking another length of cord, he quickly bound her ankles together, and then a third length around her legs as Natalie was forced to kneel on the ground and her ankles secured.  “Stay there,” he said as collected a second wad of white cloth and a second black scarf from Daughter, and made his way over to stand beside Mel.


“Open your trap,” he said a she knelt next to her, taking great delight in forcing the cloth into her mouth before he pulled the scarf tightly over her lips.  “Yrudngts,” she mumbled a she pulled her head back, securing the ends together at the base of her neck before allowing her head to fall heavily to the ground again.


“We’re taking Nat here on a little trip,” Daughter said as she watched Son pull Mel’s wrists behind her back and begin to tie them together,” and we need you to deliver a message to her father for us.  I’m sure you will be able to do that – especially as you want your friend to survive, don’t you?”


“Yswd,” Mel screamed through her gag as she kicked one shoe off, frustrated as Son bound her arms tightly together above her elbows, then her ankles and her legs, before pulling her ankles back and attaching them to her wrists in a tight hogtie. 


“Get the car,” Daughter said as Son left the room for a few minutes, the whimpers of the three girls the only sound as they heard a car been reversed into the driveway.  Son returned a few minutes later, saying “We’re ready” as he came in.


Picking Natalie up in his arms, he carried her out of the house as Daughter took a USB stick from her bag and laid it on the table.  “Make sure her father gets that – once you’re free” she said with a smile as she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her before heading for the door and leaving the house.


Son was lowering Natalie into the boot of the car, her struggling in vain as he closed the boot lid down on her.  “Back to the meeting point?”


“Back to the meeting point,” Daughter said as they climbed into the front of the car and drove off, the rays of the evening sun beating down on the windows that were covered by the heavy curtains...







Newcastle, 6 o’clock


“No funny stuff, no little side games for Son – you do exactly what we told you to, or this will not work.


“I know, I know – it’s just that I worry so much about you.


“All right – call me once you are on your way.  I’ll be happier if you do.


“Fair enough - see you later.”


The grey haired woman switched off the phone and looked at her husband.  “They’ll be fine,” the broad shouldered man said as they sat in a transit van in the estate on the outskirts of Ponteland.


“I know, but a mother worries so.  Well, I guess we should get started.”


“Yes, we should,” he said as they left the vehicle and walked to the back.  Opening the door and taking a tool bag out, the man waited as his wife walked to the front door of the house and rang the door bell.


The woman who answered was in her early thirties, with wavy blonde hair, and wearing a light pink jumper with a short floral print skirt and dark pink shoes.  She looked at the older woman and said “Can I help you?”


“I’m really sorry to disturb you, but my car has broken down and I can’t seem to get a signal on my phone.  Could I possibly use yours?”


She looked at the stranger on the door step, wearing a camel full length coat and carrying a handbag, her grey hair tightly permed around her face and head.  “All right,” she finally said as she held the door open, “come on in.”


“Who’s at the door, Carol?”


“Just someone who needs to sue the phone, Pauline,” the woman called to a second person, in her late twenties, who was coming down the stairs.  She was wearing faded jeans and a grey sweatshirt with green sleeves and writing on the chest.  “The phone’s just over there.”


“Thank you dear – I wonder if I could trouble you for just one more thing?”


“What’s that?”


“Both of you, hands in the air and stand still,” she said as she produced a gun from her handbag and pointed it at the two women.  They looked at each other, before slowly raising their hands as Carol asked “What’s going on here?”


“We need a word with your other housemate, but I don’t think she’ll be home for work for an hour or so,” the old woman said with a smile.  “In the meantime, I think we should all be nice, quiet and cosy, hmmm?”




“Oh dear me, where are my manners.  You – Pauline – go and open the front door, there’s a dear.”


Looking at Carol, the younger woman walked slowly to the front door, opening it to allow an elderly but strong looking man to walk in with a tool bag in his hand.  “Any problems, Mother?” he said as he took the gun from the grey haired woman and covered the two others.


“No problems, no – we just need to make sure everyone knows where we stand.”  She reached into her handbag and took out two small red rubber balls, as well as a roll of silver duct tape.  “Carol, I want you to take one of these balls and put it in Pauline’s mouth, then cover her lips and mouth with this tape.  Do as I say, and all will be well.”


“Is this a robbery?”


“You heard Mother, and Mother knows best – put the ball in your friend’s mouth and tape over her lips.”


“Please, don’t make me do this,” Carol pleaded as the tears started to roll down her cheeks.  “There, there, hush child,” Mother said as she stood there, “If you don’t do it, then father will – and trust me, he will be very rough as he does it.  Better it is you, nice and gently.”


“It’s all right Carol,” Pauline said as she looked at her housemate, “Just do it.”  She stood still, opening her mouth as Carol pushed the ball behind her teeth, then closing her lisp as she stuck several lengths of tape over her lips.


“Very nice,” Mother said as she passed another ball to Carol.  “Now, do the same to yourself, and as quickly as you can please - we’re on a tight schedule.”


“Trntstrgl,” Pauline said as she heard the ripping of tape, watching as Carol sealed the ball into her own mouth by covering her mouth with tape.  Her hands were shaking as she did so, with the result that she used more strips on herself as they lay at various angles on the lower half of her face.


“There now – isn’t it better when everything is nice and quiet,” Mother said with a smile.  Pauline glared at her – she looked so sweet, so innocent, and yet she was doing this to her and Carol? 


“Very nice, Mother,” the man said as he opened his tool bag.  “Now, which would you like – grey or white?”


“Grey, if you don’t mind Father – I think it goes very nicely with this young woman.”  As she said this, Mother placed her hand under Carol’s chin and lifted it up.  “Both of you, be good girls and turn round, facing the wall with your hands behind your back.  We don’t want any undue harm to come to you, but,” as a hint of steel entered her tone, “be assured if you do not cooperate, it will hurt.”


“Plsdnt,” Carol whimpered as she turned, looking over her shoulder as Mother shook a length of grey rope loose and began to double it over.  Pauline turned slowly and crossed her wrists behind her back, looking at Father as he did the same with the white rope.


“Now then,” Mother said quietly, “If you are ready?”




Nancy stepped off the bus and walked the short distance to her front door, passing the grey transit van parked in the street outside.  Fishing in her handbag for her door key, she turned it and walked in, calling out “Anybody home” as she did so.


Hearing no reply, she shrugged her shoulders and placed her handbag on the table by the door, slipping out of her dark jacket and placing it on the coat rack.  It had been a long day at the bank, and all she was looking forward to now was a glass of wine and a nice quiet night in.


Climbing the staircase to her bedroom, she started to pull her blouse out from the waistband of her skirt, intending to change into something far more comfortable.  Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by a banging sound from one of the walk in cupboards on the landing.


“What the hell is that?” Nancy said to herself as she stood outside the door.  There it was again – a knocking sound, and now it sounded like something was been mumbled elsewhere in the house.  “Carol, Pauline, are you home,” she called out, but she got a response she did not expect, as the knocking became a banging against the door in front of her.


Slowly, she opened the door, before gasping as she found Pauline sitting on the floor of the wardrobe her lower jaw covered in duct tape and her hands securely bound behind her back.  Her ankles were crossed and lashed together with rope as well, as she looked at her flatmate with pleading eyes.


“GTTFHR!” she called out as Nancy slowly backed away, her hands over her mouth.  Pauline tried to move out of the cupboard, her calls falling on deaf ears as Nancy turned and ran down the stairs, making her way into the front room.


Two things greeted her as she went in.  The first was the grey haired lady sitting in an armchair, a smile on her face as she said "Hello Nancy – we’ve been waiting for you.”  The second was Carol, lying on her side on the floor as she looked up with red eyes.


“Carol?” Nancy said as she looked down, wide eyed at the way her friend was.  Her wrist were also secured behind her back, and then her ankles had been pulled back until they almost touched and tied together as well.  There was also rope around her arms, clearly visible on the sleeves of her jumper, and around her neck and shoulders.


The front of her jumper had been pulled up, to reveal a dark pink bra, and her skirt had ridden up to show a pair of pink panties with a white lace trim.


“BHNDU” she screamed as Nancy backed away, only to run into a man who was waiting for her, enveloping her in his arms as he stood there.


“Now, Nancy,” the old woman said as she stood up, “Father and I would like to take you for a little trip, isn’t that right Father?”


“That’s right Mother – a drive in the country, but we need to be sure you cannot make any comments or stop us from going.”


“What do you mean,” Nancy said, but her words were answered when she saw a large roll of grey duct tape held in front of her face.


“Stand nice and still and let Father do his work,” the woman he had called Mother said as she knelt next to Carol, “or I will show your friend a new way to experience ecstasy and pain at the same time.”  As she said this, she cupped her gloved hand around Carol’s breast, squeezing as the woman let out a yelp of surprise.


“All right – just don’t hurt her,” Nancy said as she slowly moved her hands behind her back.  She listened to the sound of tape ripping before feeling the pull on her wrists as Father began to tightly tape them together.


Within five minutes, her upper body was encased in bands of silver, around her wrists, elbows, wais and chest, holding her arms firmly against her body as her blouse stretched over her 38DD breasts.  She looked on, her brown hair falling lankly as Father forced her to sit down.  Moving to her ankles, he started to tear the tape loose again, passing the tape around her ankles as it stuck to her hose, then to her surprise around her feet as well, the tape sticking to her patent leather heels as she sat there.


Band after band followed, around her lower legs three times, then her thighs the same number of times, leaving her looking like a silver and flesh coloured mermaid as she sat there.  “Now, my dear,” Mother said as she knelt next to her, “Isn’t that nice and comfortable.”


“No, it’s not,” Nancy said as she looked at her, “I’m scared to death, you’ve held my friends hostage, and for what?”


“You’ll see, dear,” Mother replied with a smile, “but I’m afraid we can’t have you talking all through the journey.  Open wide now.”


Nancy looked over at Carol, who nodded to show she was all right despite everything.  Opening her mouth wide, she allowed Mother to push the rubber ball into her mouth, before layering strips of silver tape over her closed lips.


“Be a dear and help her to the van, Father,” Mother said as she stood up.  With one movement, Father lifted Nancy onto his shoulder and carried her out of the door, kicking and mutely screaming, while Mother opened her handbag and left a USB stick on the table.


“Make sure her parents get that,” she said as she walked to the door.  “Do have a nice evening.” 


Carol watched as her attacker walked out of the house, closing the front door behind her.  Outside, Mother walked to the van and looked in the back as Nancy stared back at her, lying on her side on the floor of the rear.


“Have a nice trip, dear,” she said as she closed the doors, walking round and climbing into the front cab beside Father.





Nottingham, 10 pm


The grey van pulled up outside the garage, and as Mother climbed out and walked to the door Father opened the rear of the van, hoisting Nancy onto her back and carrying her through the now open doorway.


“NSEE” Natalie called out as her sister was place don't he mattress next to her.  For her part, Nancy saw her younger sister lying there, in her bra and panties and effectively hogtied.


“I see you had fun,” Daughter said as she kissed Mother on the cheek.


“Of course I did dear – now we wait for mummy and daddy to get our demands.  Enjoy your stay, ladies – you won’t be going anywhere for some considerable time.”




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