Double Third Festival - Part 1









This story follows from previous stories, Mooncake Time and Dragon Boat Hostages. It centres on lesbian themes, so be warned. No offence to the country mentioned. Also warning of adult stuff.

Realising I had no other choice, I nodded, and after the leader rattled off something, my friend said, turning red, "He wants you to remove your jeans."

"What?!!!" I cried

"Please, Laura..."

Reluctantly, I did so, exposing my bikini blue underwear. "He wants you to put your hands behind your back," Miaohua again translated.

Shivering, I did so and the other man wound skin-biting rope around them. Within minutes, my wrists were strictly bound and my breasts were pushed out further as they tied ropes around them. I was a B cup (as compared to my Chinese friend's small boobs) and that made me blush and shiver further.

The men chuckled as they stood back then rope was passed between my legs and pulled against my crotch. Within seconds, a tingling sensation from  "down there" was felt.  It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was definitely not helping my situation as I stood there.

"Lau..." Miaohua started to say, but before she could speak further, one of them pinched her tiny nostrils and with her  mouth gaping open, something that looked like a cloth was jammed into her mouth. "He..." I soon received the same treatment, tasting something silky on my tongue as I heard an awful ripping sound. Brown tape soon sealed them in, wrapped round both our heads as we looked into each other’s eyes....

I woke up with a start. “What the hell was all that,” I thoguth for a moment, and then ....oh those horrible incidents where I was bound and gagged with Miaohua. Miaohua, my best friend and secretly, my lover. So I'm Lesbian, so what? I'm Lesbian in a country which does not recognise it and am in love with a citizen of that country. Ok, so what?

I got up and poured myself a glass of water; boiled water but slightly cooled since tap water was not clean in this city. I was clad in a cotton nightie with blue knickers underneath. Nighties were not my usual sleepwear until lately, when Miaohua advised me to be more girlish 24/7. Miaohua - it had been a while since we both got together. Her father was getting even more influential in the Chinese state government, so that meant travel for the family through the country and abroad. At the same time, my dad got promoted to Chargé d'affaires at the embassy. My family thus got to meet lots of local and foreign dignitaries. It was a little too much for me at times and I often retreated away.

Grabbing my cell phone, I tapped it on and under its glow, typed a message. "It's been ages. Let's go to the market." That was the code between both of us girls to meet up. Even though it wasn't really classified, we both knew better since Big Brother could very well be listening or reading in this country. Noting the time, I saved the message and made a mental note to send it just before school started in the morning. I tucked myself back under the covers, one hand reaching under my knickers.



The following Friday, my phone beeped and a message in Mandarin wrote, "See you at our favourite market". That meant an abandoned warehouse out of town, which both of us had found and secretly cleaned up one section of it. One room hidden behind some panels was dust free with beds, lighting from an old generator and ventilation from another hidden area. Friday though was the day of my Maths and History tests, so I only could get out of school at around 5 pm. Rushing through the capital's transport system and then through various side streets, I finally reached the destination. Three taps of the hidden panel was supposed to be our signal. But there was no response. I pushed hard and the whole frame gave way.

"Miaohua, are you there?" I called.

"Miao..." Suddenly a huge force slammed against me. "Ow!" I cried in English.

"Bao Bei!!" The cheery voice of my girlfriend broke the silence. Then her tone changed. "You're late."

"Honey, I'm sorry, school..."

"On your knees!"


Suddenly, she collided against me again, but this time, our noses and then lips contacted. "Mmm....I miss you sexy," she cried, and we kissed three times, lip to lip.

"Me too you beautiful little doll," I breathed, my hand rubbing her miniskirt covered bottom while I felt her small fingers tracing my bra straps. After continuing this sensual act for another minute or so, we both collapsed on the roll away bed. While she toyed with my school blouse, we both caught up with each other's activities.

"Honey, we really need a good time away, not just an occasional meet up here but a good time away..." she cooed in my ear, making me give her another kiss.

"But it has to be really discrete; how do we evade the notice of your family and mine?"

"What about two weekends from now?"

"Can't - Dad wants the whole family to attend an opening of some new joint British-Chinese industry."

"The weekend after...oh crap my father wants me  to join him in a local government meeting."


Hmm.. yes that's good. In fact, there's the Shangsi or Double Third Festival coming up."

"What’s that sexy?" I asked. I've been through major Chinese festivals, especially with Miaohua, but never heard of this one.

"It is an ancient Chinese festival celebrated on the third day of the third month of the Chinese calendar. During the festival people would go for an outing by the water, picnic, and pluck orchirds. It is also a day for invoking cleansing rituals to prevent disease and get rid of bad luck. The day is also traditionally considered to be a possible birthday of the Yellow Emperor.

"Oh, really never heard of it. Not in my course book of festivals"

"That's because it is celebrated only by a few local communities today, such as the ancient village of Xinye which holds elaborate ancestor worship ceremonies on this day."

"Ok so what are we going to do?" I stroked her breasts as I replied.

"My second uncle  has a house in the outskirts of Beijing. You tell your parents you have a field trip and I'll meet you over here. Pack lightly but only Chinese clothes. You'll have to blend in as much as you can."

"Ok honey....awww...." I cried as she unclipped my skirt and lowered my tights. Within two minutes, both of us were down to our undies and all my worries disappeared as our lips met.



The day of the festival, I did what was instructed of me. To further blend in with the local crowd, I wore a wig and a traditional cheongsam, along with thick tights as the weather was rather chilly. I thoroughly enjoyed the very traditional festivities and blended in well with the local crowd; no one suspected I was a "huang ren" or yellow person. Even so, I longed to break away with Miaohua. The bit of sexual activity in our hide out sealed it for me: I was a lesbian with a girlfriend in a country that officially banned lesbian activity. Screw boys, I thought. All those in the school I was in were all creeps. And all those guys my parents tried to get me to date were simply idiots. Miaohua is my girl and I hers. And to keep it secret was fine by me, so long as I got to see her and have bodily contact.

The festivities finally finished and we both escaped to the bed room we were kindly provided. Once inside, however, I was greeted by a loud KA-BOOM which deafened me and threw me to the ground.  i felt a prick at the back of my neck and I black out.

I lost track of time, but eventually i woke up and suddenly felt many different arms carrying me. What the??!!! I started to struggle and shout. "Hmmmmppphhhhhgg!!!" I was definitely gagged. Something metallic, definitely cuffs or chains was locked around my arms. A hood was over my whole head and despite my physical struggling and all, the arms carrying me did not flinch.  Suddenly I felt myself thrown down on something semi hard -- a wooden bed?


 The cuffs/chains locking my wrists behind me were unlocked for the shortest time and I felt my arms being stretched out and another lot of cuffs locking both of them--it was the beginning of a spread-eagle! "Mmmpppphhhhgghh!!!" I cried as I struggled to no avail with my legs were similarly spread apart and restrained. Suddenly, I felt my cheongsam being lifted up. Rape, I thought. Noooooo!!!!! 


I heard the clipping of scissors and  I felt a chill. They were cutting off my nice dress! I felt them lift the top of my silky tights and that was being snipped away too.  Mmmppppgghhh!!!!!" My full strength was used to struggle as I felt them cut my nice hoisery to shreds. Next, to my horror, I felt my pink knickers being cut off at the sides. My vulva was fully exposed now. I struggled with all the strength my full teenage body could give me but instead was held down fiercely.


Suddenly, I felt a crinkly, plastic-like material being slid under my bum. The sound of adhesive tapes came and something strange happened--something was being wrapped around my waist. "Mmmmmmppghh!!??!!!" I cried out in fear and in curiosity. Then, the final act of humiliation: they cut the middle of my expensive bra. The garment snapped back but the cups still were in place. Suddenly, I heard the shuffling of feet and the clanging of  a door.

Silence. What the shit just happen? Who are these people and why did they strip and restrain me like this? What is the thing they attached to my waist? And where is my darling Miaohua? Suddenly, I heard the door clang open again. My hood was yanked off and my eyes only saw darkness. "SNAP!" A bright flash blinded me and I thought I heard the muttering of "Embassy" in Mandarin. Strong hands grabbed my face and nearly crushed my cheeks, as I heard a disguised coarse accent:

"Lesbian, you disgrace our local girl. We have an ultimatum for your daddy. If not, you suffer. You will be in this bed for a long time so use the diaper well. We will only change if full. Better not shit in it. We're not changing it regularly and not changing your bed sheet." The grip was released and my hood was placed back on. With the footsteps shuffling away, I was left alone again.

To Be Continued.     







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