Jessica Claus Gets Kidnapped

By Spandexman







Emma Elf, the 4'11", very pretty, 19-year-old, elf, with big doe shaped blue eyes, thick curly collar length golden-blonde hair, a curvaceous 115 pound figure and wore a 34EE cup bra, that her kelly-green spandex leotard, nude tights and red 3" high heels hugged provocatively struggled on the plush red carpet hopelessly. The pretty househole assistant's small well-manicured hands were secured behind her back, her arms, knees and dainty ankles were also taped together, with bright red duct tape, a balled up red sock was jammed in her luscious mouth and two strips of bright red duct tape placed over her pouty red lips as she tried to cry out for 'Help!'.


She had been assisting Mrs. Jessica Claus with decorating the North Pole castle when three black clad intruders snuck in through the second floor window. They trussed up poor Emma and grabbed the 5'7", Barbie doll faced, ageless, former school teacher, with big almond shaped blue eyes, thick curly collar length platinum-blonde hair, an hourglass figure and wore a 38DD bra.


Eddy Elf the 5'4", very cute, 18-year-old, elf with big brown eyes, thick clean-cut sandy-brown hair, and a sturdy 125 pound frame his bright red jacket, green pants and black boots hugged a little too well noticed the ladder and sleigh tracks. He noticed the window was open and it was cold outside. He had a feeling one of his fellow elves was either goldbricking or flirting with pretty Emma Elf, after all she was the hottest elf on the North Pole. He went up the ladder and was shocked to see poor Emma bound and gagged.


He quickly freed her and listened as she told the horrible story.


"We have to hurry." Eddy said. "It will snow soon and hide the sleigh tracks."


"He wants the magic bag Santa puts his toys in." Emma informed the cute elf.


"It has to be that evil fiend Dastardly Dan." Ellie Elf, the 5'1", very attractive, 43-year-old, bookkeeper, with big doe shaped blue-gray eyes, thick curly collar length honey-blonde hair, a shapely 125 pound figure and wore a 36G bra, that her red jacket, green spandex catsuit and black boots looked painted on gasped! "We have to find Jessica before Santa finds out!"


"Christmas Eve is tomorrow!" Emma informed her co-workers. "Get a sleigh Eddy."





Meanwhile in a hidden cave ten miles from Santa’s castle the 6'1", evil looking, ageless, former accountant, with big black eyes, thin black hair, a handle bar mustache and a frumpy 250 pound frame his black suit, overcoat and black boots stared at his prized victim. Jessica was tied and gagged to a chair with 50' of red cord, a bright green scarf covered her lower pretty face. She was very scared and didn't like her husband's former employee's evil laugh. She could imagine the awful things he could do with the magic toy sack!


Jessica tried to slip her well-manicured hands that were tied behind the chair as Dastardly Dan went to his office.  He had evil plans to make.






It began to snow as the three elves followed the old tracks. They were glad Rudolf volunteered to pull the sleigh, his red light helped them see in the early evening.


"Oh dear." Ollie Job, the 5'6", plain looking, 22-year-old, henchman, with big brown eyes, a bald head and pudgy 160 pound frame his black trench coat, pants, boots and stocking cap covered said as he looked through his telescope. "We should have dusted the tracks."


"I have four rolls of 3" wide white stretchy medical in my coat pocket." Odd Job, the 5'7", rugged looking, 25-year-old, henchman with big brown eyes, a buzz cut and muscular 160 pound frame, who was dressed just like his partner said. "Let's block the trail with this old log."


A couple minutes later Eddy jumped out of the sled to move the log. The two henchmen ambushed the two buxom elves and placed strips of tape over their pretty red lips and led them to the cave 300 yards away.


Emma and Ellie tried to warn Eddy, but the tape plastered over their lips prevented any coherent speech. Ollie soon had their small hands secured behind their backs. Odd Job liked the way their massive bosoms stick out in their tight jackets.


"What is this?" Dastardly Dan asked quite perturbed. "This will screw up my plans."


"I want to tie this beauty to the tracks." Ollie said as he ran his black gloved hand over Emma’s rosy cheek."


Emma meowed as she shook her head 'No!'.


Jessica meowed excitedly as Odd Job taped her two pretty elves ankles together.


Eddy and Rudolf snuck up to the cave entrance and looked inside. Rudolf jumped into the air and with his bright red nose blinked S.O.S.!  


Dastardly Dan snuck up on Eddy and quickly gagged the young elf with a red scarf as Ollie tied his hands behind his back. Eddy allowed the three evil doers to truss him up since it would buy Rudolf time.


All of a sudden the North Pole Bobbies landed their helicopter on the roof of the cave and arrested three criminals and rescued Jessica Claus and the three elves.


Things were back to normal on Christmas Eve as the elves filled the magic bag with all the toys and games. Santa was very glad the three elves risked their lives to rescue his gorgeous wife. He hated to waste the sexy red bikini bathing suit he bought for his buxom wife.





"Are you sure you want to do this?" Emma asked Jessica.


"Oh yes." Jessica said as she tested the red ribbons that held her spread-eagled to the king sized brass bed.


Eddy felt his red pants tent out as he checked out the matriarch of the North Pole in her sexy red teddie and green 5" high heels being gagged with a pair of nude tights and a wide green cloth that covered her entire lower pretty face. He was certain Santa would love his wife's Christmas gift.


"Now tie me up like Ellie.' Emma ordered her new boyfriend.


Ellie looked up from the floor hogtied with red cord and gagged with a 4" wide ace bandage to keep her worn tights stuffed in her luscious mouth.


Eddy pushed in a red yellow nerf ball deep in her willing mouth and placed two strips of 3" wide flesh colored medical tape over her pouty red lips.


This would be a good Christmas after all..................










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