Mark Plays Cupid








“Hey,” Sam said as she joined me at the table in the school canteen, “I’ve been looking for you.”


“And I’ve been looking for you,” I said as we leaned over the table and kissed each other.  “How were your classes this morning?”


“Boring – and that’s what this weekend’s going to be without you there.”


“Yeah – well, your mum booked this trip for you and your aunt, and it’s important you go and see these relatives.”


“I know – but THIS weekend?  Valentine’s Day?”


It was true – the most romantic day of the year, falling this year on a Saturday – and Sam was going to be in Florida, visiting her grandmother.  Life, as Scar put it so eloquently, is just not fair.


“Got something for you though,” Sam said as she took a red envelope and a box wrapped in red paper out, and handed it over to me.  “Try not to use it all at once.”


“I’ll keep it for Saturday,” I said quietly as I looked round, “if you promise to keep this until Saturday as well.”


Opening my bag, I took out a card and a small package, and handed it over to her.  “Hmm,” she said as she felt the package, “am I going to like this?”


“I think you will – you can tell me when you get back.”


“It’s a date – we’ll be back late Sunday night, but you could always come and pick us up at the airport.  Sound good?”


“Sounds fantastic,” I said as we kissed again.  At least the weekend would not be a total washout – I hoped Mum and Kristen would be for a few games.




“Mum, Mark – I’m going to be away this weekend.”


“Oh,” Mum said as she looked over the dinner table, “and where exactly?”


“I don’t know – Danny said he’d pick me up Friday night, bring a few things, and I’d be back Sunday afternoon.”


“Oh wonderful,” I said as I put my fork down, “so I’m on my own this weekend?”


“Well, I’ll be here?”


“Yeah,  but are you and Sheila planning anything?”


Mum blushed a little at Sheila’s name.  She and Sheila Cann had admitted their relationship to me and Kristen in December, but it was still not common knowledge.


“None of your beeswax, Mark – but I’m sure we’ll find something to keep you amused,” she said as she cleared the dinner plates away.  “Anyway, right now, given you’re away this weekend Kristen, do you fancy a challenge tonight?”


“Oh,” Kristen said with a smile, “what do you have in mind?”


“Let’s both go and shower first – and hope the nasty intruder doesn’t break in while we ate doing that?”




No prizes for guessing who plays the part of the nasty intruder in this.  So it was, an hour later that I pulled Kristen’s bound ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes as she lay face down on the bed.  She had a large bath towel wrapped around her body, and one around her hair, but the rope holding her arms to her sides were keeping the larger towel in place for now.  Her wrists were crossed behind her back and tied together, while there was also a band of rope under her knees.


As for Mum, she was lying next to my sister, wearing a white towelling rope.  That had already come slightly open, despite the ropes around her chest and legs as well – not surprising given the way she was wriggling round, trying to get out of the hog tie I had placed her in. 


“You’ll never get away with this,” Kristen said before I pushed the folded bandana into her mouth, and then wrapped the duct tape round her head, so that she matched the silver band around mum’s head.


“Now stay still,” I said as I gently smacked them both on the bottom, “I’ll be back in a little while, once I’ve found all your valuables.”


Heading down to the front room, I turned the television on and sat down – but before long the telephone started ringing so I went to answer it.




“Hello Mrs Cann,” I said quietly, “what can I do for you?”


“Oh come now Mark, I don’t mind if you call me Sheila, you know that.”

“Sorry – what can I do for you Sheila?”


“Are you busy on Saturday?”


“Not particularly – Sam and Kristen are both away.  Why?”


“Good – I need your help with something for your mother.  Listen carefully...”





“Have fun,” I said as Kristen jumped into Danny’s car, and I closed the door.


Walking into the front room, I saw Mum reading a magazine, wearing a polo shirt and jeans.


“Nothing planned for tonight,” I said as I sat down.


“Not particularly – unless someone calls round and...”


The doorbell ended speculation on that front, as I went and answered it, coming back with a parcel.


“Did you order something,” I said as I handed it to Mum, who opened it and took out a red silk teddy nightie.


“Nope – must be from a friend,” Mum said as she held it up.  “My size too.”


“Maybe you should wear it to bed tonight?”


“You know, I just might,” she said as she went upstairs, and I smiled.


Stage one was underway.


I waited until Mum came down, the nightie looking great on her, as she twirled round.


“I wonder who sent it,” I said as I looked at her, “Sheila?”


“No idea, but if it is, I’m not unhappy,” Mum said with a smile.  “Well, I’m going to bed.   See you in the morning Mark.”


“Yeah – I won’t be too much longer in coming up myself,” I say as I look at you, and smile.




My alarm clock went off at five in the morning – deliberately, as I shut it off and got up, checking to make sure you were still asleep.  Smiling, I slip on a pair of trousers and a sweatshirt, grab the car keys, and slip quietly out.


Sheila Cann lives in a one floored house a few blocks away from our house, and as I pulled up into her driveway I was grateful it was still dark outside.  Putting on a pair of leather gloves, I got out of the car, collecting a paper bag I had put in there last night, and walk up to the garage, slipping in through a side door and into the house.


It was still in darkness, as I made my way into the hallway, up the stairs and into Sheila’s bedroom, where she was still sleeping.  Slowly, I moved over, looked at her and then placed my gloved hand over her mouth.


“Hmgddd,” she whimpered as she suddenly opened her eyes, and looked at me.


“Not a word,” I said quietly, “get up, and put something over your body.”


As she nodded, I took my hand away, and she slipped out of bed, putting a red dressing gown on over her naked body, and then looking at me.


“Don’t move,” I then said as I opened the paper bag, took out a roll of flesh coloured tape and tore a strip off, pressing it over Sheila’s mouth, before turning her round and crossing her wrists behind her back.


Taking some ropes, I tied them tightly together, and then wrapped the rope around her waist to lick her arms to her back.  I then bent down, and tied some rope around her legs below her knees, so that they were secured but she could still walk.


“Put those slippers on,” I said, watching as she shuffled over and put on a pair of red mule slippers, and then I escorted her down the stairs, out into the dark and into my car, strapping her into the passenger seat before I went back into the house.


I picked up her door keys, and a small leather holdall, before locking the door and coming back, opening the holdall and putting the car keys in before I placed that in the trunk, and got behind the wheel.


“Not a word,” I said, Sheila nodding as I set off and returned home...




I looked in on Sheila, closed the door and then went down to the kitchen.  It was seven am, so I just had time to get some coffee brewing before I went for the next part of the plan.


Walking back up the stairs, I opened the door to mum’s room and walked in.  She was lying on the bed, curled up and fast asleep, as I tore a strip of the flesh coloured tape from the roll, and then pressed it gently over her mouth.


I listened as she started to breathe through her nose, and then crossed her ankles before I tied them firmly together with the white rope.  Her own legs below her knees were next, the rope going between her limbs as well, before I tied it off and rolled her onto her back, making sure her head was to one side.


Moving her arms behind her back, I wrapped some rope around them below her elbows and pulled then gently together, securing them as they nearly touched, and then her wrists, before I bent her legs back and tied her ankles to her elbows.  Rolling her back onto her side, I made sure she was alright before I left the room, leaving the door open.


When I returned, I had Sheila in my arms, rope holding her arms to her sides as it went above and below her chest, and her ankles secured together.  I laid her quietly down beside mum, and as she looked at me and nodded I pulled her ankles back and tied them to her chest ropes.


I caught a glimpse of her chest under her dressing gown as it opened slightly, but I did nothing, except to leave them, Sheila looking at mum as I closed the door and went back downstairs.


The coffee was brewed, and as I carried a mug through to the front room I could hear them trying to talk to each other – so I turned the television on, sat back and watched an anime as I drank my hot coffee.






I looked up at the door as the film finished to see mum looking at me, a black dressing gown wrapped round her.


“Oh hi mum,” I said in a nonchalant way, “good sleep?”


“Want to explain to me why I woke up bound and tape gagged with Sheila beside me?”


“Nope – why, are you complaining?”


“I’m not complaining,” she said as I stood up, “I just want to know why it happened?”


“Ask Sheila,” I said as I picked up my car keys, “I’m going to pick up some fresh muffins.  Be back in fifteen.”


I walked past, nodding to Sheila as she came down the stairs, and went to the bakery, returning to find the two of them talking in the kitchen.


“All right, I get it now,” mum said as I placed the box of muffins on the table, “Sheila and I are spending today together.”


“In more ways than you can think of,” I said with a smile, “although I expected you to get out of those ropes more quickly.”


“Yes, well, I might have been slightly distracted,” Sheila said with a grin, mum nodding as they looked at each other.


“All right, all right - so the deal is I have four scenarios ready, for you to enjoy – and you will enjoy them.  In return, you two will have a quiet, intimate meal tonight while I clear out.  So, eat, drink, and then I believe Sheila has something for you to wear for the first scenario.”


Mum looked at Sheila, who just smiled as I grabbed a muffin, and went to get ready.




I was in the kitchen, making the final preparations for what I was going to do when I saw mum and Sheila walk down the stairs – looking amazing.  Mum was wearing a pair of daisy dukes, with a cheesecloth blouse that had the front tied under her chest, and skin tight tan knee length leather boots, while Sheila was wearing a crochet waistcoat over a brown velvet top and hot pants, with over the knee tight brown suede boots.


Quite a different look for her, it had to be said, as I looked at my supplies, and waited until they had spent a few minutes together in the front room.


I then put the domino mask over my eyes, picked up the toy pistol, wondered what Sam would say if she could see this, and walked into the front room, a bag in one hand and the pistol in the other.


“OH MY GOD,” Sheila called out as I looked at them both, “who are you and what are you doing in the sorority house?”


“None of your business little ladies,” I said quietly as Mum and Sheila held each other, “just do as you’re told and nobody gets hurt, all right?  You want to make your valentine’s dates tonight, in one piece, don’t you?”


They nodded as I put the bag down, opened it up and took out two red silk scarves.  “Take these,” I said as I looked at them, “roll them up and tie a knot in the middle.”


“Why,” Sheila said as she caught one of them.


“Just do it, lady,” I said in a menacing voice, watching as they did what I had commanded them to do.


“Good – now put the knot between your teeth, and tie the band tightly around your head.  I need you both to be nice and quiet from now on.”


Looking at me, and then at each other, they gagged themselves, and then caught the lengths of red rope I tossed over to them. 


“Now tie your ankles together, nice and snugly – and do a good job, or I will have to do it for you.”


I watched as they both bent their legs and secured their ankles, making sure they cinched it by taking the rope between their legs as they did so, a darker shade of red appearing between their lips.


“Now your legs, below your knees,” I said as I handed them a second length of rope, watching as they tied the second band round.


“All right – now one of you is going to tie the other’s wrists behind their back.  Who wants to be tied?”


Sheila raised her hand and said “dmmfrst.”


“Good,” I said as I tossed the rope at mum, “take care of her wrists, little lady.”


As Mum turned round and put her arms behind her back, Sheila doubled the rope over, and then bound mum’s wrists tightly together, side by side, taking the rope around and between them before she held Mum and rubbed her gagged lips on mum’s shoulder.


“All right,” I said as I tossed Sheila another length of rope, “now tie her arms together – see if her elbows will touch.”


Mum started to breathe heavily as Sheila wrapped the ropes around her arms, her blouse straining as her chest was forced out, and the ends starting to come undone under her chest.


“Good,” I said as I walked over, “hand behind your back now.”


I soon had Sheila’s wrists and arms secured together as she had secured Mum’s, before I noticed they way they were looking at each other, smiling to myself.


“On the floor, both of you, and face each other,” I said quietly, unravelling more rope as they managed to kneel, and look each other in the eye.  I then wrapped the red rope tightly round their upper bodies, pulling them together as their chests pressed into one another, and made sure they were tightly bound before I stood up.


“Now I’m going to rob this place – don’t move,” I said as I left them alone in the room, and went to take care of a few things in my room.  I had a feeling I knew what they would do, but wanted to see if I was right or not.


When I came back down the stairs, I could hear some muted voices in the front room, so I looked in to see they had managed to ease the knotted cleave gags out of each other’s mouth, and were gently kissing each other as they moved together, rubbing against each other. 


So, like a good son, I went into the kitchen and started to make some coffee, before I came into the room, saying “Security – good god, what happened here?”


“Oh thank god,” Mum said, “this robber broke in and tied us together.  Call the police, quickly.”


“Once I get you free, lady,” I said as I untied them, and then said “Coffee’s ready before we go to the next scenario.”


“Thanks, Mark – just give us a minute or two,” Mum said as she stood up, her blouse now untied, so I allowed them time to make themselves decent before they came through.


“That is definitely a new look for you Sheila,” I said when they eventually did come in.


“Thanks – it’s actually more of an old look, but I don’t think the congregation is ready for me like this yet,” she said as she took a cup of coffee.  “So what do you have in mind next?”


“Well,” I said quietly, “I got the impression you were enjoying yourselves kissing there...”


“Now whatever gave you that idea,” Mum said with a smile.


“So – you need to be soccer mums for this next setup.  I’ll let you get changed and then come and find you...”





A little while later, I knocked on mum’s door, and came in to find her standing there in a pair of red satin shorts and a vest top, with knee length white sports socks.


“Very nice,” I said quietly, “where’s Sheila?”


“Getting ready,” Mum said with a smile, “so what’s going to happen this time?”


“Well, we can start with you if you want,” I said as I put the bag of supplies down, “why don’t you cross your wrists in front of yourself?”


“Why not,” Mum said, and as she did so I took some soft white rope and bound her wrists tightly together, making sure the rope went around and between her arms, and tied it off out of reach of her fingers.


“I’d be able to get out of this fairly easily,” Mum said as I shook out some more rope.


“I’m not done yet,” I said as I started to tie her arms to her side, taking the rope above and below her chest, and then tightened the bands by taking the rope under one arm, around the back of her neck and under the other arm.


As I was tying this off, Sheila came into the room.  She was wearing a red polo shirt and knee length cycle pants.


“I see red is a theme for today,” she said with a laugh as Mum smiled at her.


“You have no idea,” I said as I looked at her.  “Now, the same for you Sheila – hands in front of you please.”


“So do we get some more up close personal time,” she said as I tied her wrists together.


“Not in the same way, but I don’t think you’re going to complain,” I said as I wrapped rope around her chest as well, the buttons of her polo shirt opening as I did so.  “So take a few minutes to say to each other what you are going to say – it might be a while before you speak again.”


“Sounds like we may not want to,” Mum said as she smiled at Sheila.  “But you look so hot like that...”


“Oh get a room you two,” I said as I looked at them.


“Err – we have,” Mum said with a laugh.


“So you have – stand back to back please.”


“Damn – what’s he planning,” Sheila said as I looked at them, and then walked in front of Sheila.  Taking one end of a long length of rope, I wrapped it between her breasts, my hands stroking over them before I tightened the two bands together, encircling her breasts in the rope.


“Ahhh,” she called out softly, “have you any idea what that feels like, Mark?”


“Sam’s told me a few times,” I said with a smile as I wrapped the rope a couple of times round her wrist, and then let it drop to the floor before I walked round and knelt in front of mum.


“Regina, he’s not goooooooooooohhh my god, he is...”


That was Sheila’s response as I reached between their legs and pulled the rope up, Mum gasping as it pressed her shorts against her sex, and then repeated on her what I had done with Sheila – wrapping the rope a couple of turns around her wrist, and then tightening the rope around her breasts by tying the other end between them.


“There,” I said quietly as I heard them both gasp while they tried to move their arms, “now you have to decide, will you sit on the floor or lie on the bed?”


“Sit... Sit down,” Sheila gasped as the slowly did so, trying not to rub too much with the rope between their legs as they did so, and watching as I secured their ankles as well as their legs below their knees.


“What... What are we going to do, Regina,” Sheila purred as she tried to move her hands again.


“AAhhhh have no idea,” Mum gasped as I took two sponges from my supply bag.


“Open wide,” I said, compressing the sponges and placing them in their mouths before I took a length of wide micropore tape and smoothed it over each of their mouths.  “Now, I’ll let you decide how you’re going to free yourselves – if that is what you want,” I said as I left them in the bedroom.


I hadn’t secured them together on this occasion – I wanted them to just have that one rope connecting them, so they could enjoy it for as long and in as many different ways as they could.


Heading downstairs, I opened the card that Sam had given me the other day – it had two little lovebirds looking up from a nest, and inside was the message “Bound for life – and I would not have it any other way.  Love, Sam.”


I then opened the present, and laughed as the phone rang.


“Hey,” Sam said as I picked up the receiver, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


“Same to you – and thanks for the present.  I’ll make use of it later.”


“Thanks for yours – I’m making use of it now.”




“Oh yes – with a little rope to keep it in place...”


“Lord above, I wish I was there with you right now,” I said as I heard the loud moans from upstairs.  “I’d better go and get some lunch sorted out – when do you get back tomorrow?”


“I’ll text you later – I need tooooooooooooooo....”




“Sorry – I’ll see you later,” she said “and thanks again lover.”


I smiled as the call ended, and went into the kitchen, preparing a large salad bowl.  It made sense to do that, given I had no idea how long they would be, and then prepared a plate of cold meat before warming some bread in the oven.


It was about one o’clock by the time I heard footsteps, and saw Mum and Sheila come in.  They both had robes on, and smiled as they sat down at the table, looking at me.


“What,” I said as I put some plates down, and then laid the lunch out.


“Oh nothing, nothing,” Mum said with a sigh.  “Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day so far.”


“Indeed,” Sheila said as she put some meat on her plate, “and I was curious as to what we would be doing later.”


“Spoilers,” I said as I poured some water, “but I think you’re going enjoy it no matter what.  For the next scenario, I think you two needs to be going to a party.”


“I have just the outfit in mind,” Mum said with a smile, “What about you Sheila?”


“Forewarned,” Sheila said with a smile, “is fore prepared...”






“Well, so you think we look as if we are going to a party?”


I looked up as Mum and Sheila came in.  Mum must have been taking tips from Sam’s Aunt Jennifer.  She was wearing a long sleeved black blouse, made of almost see-through cotton, over a dark coloured bra, and tight red leather trousers with black stiletto heels.


Sheila was wearing a red strapless cocktail dress, with a flared skirt that come down to mid-thigh and red heels.


“There really is a theme developing here, isn’t there,” I said with a smile.  “Now, before we begin I have a little something for both of you.”


I handed them each a small vibrator, and said “slip those into place before we begin please.”


“When are you going to turn them on,” Sheila asked as she looked at me.


“HOW are you going to turn them on,” Mum asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Not important – I’ll give you both a moment to do that,” I said as I stepped out of the room, returning with several lengths of rope as Mum re-fastened her pants.


“So what are you going to do?”


“Well, here we are, the two party goers coming home and not realising there is a man waiting for them – so both of you, please, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Oh no – not another man robbing us,” Mum said, laughing as she turned and crossed her wrists.


“Quiet or I keep you quiet now,” I said as I took the first length of cord, and tied them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms, and keeping it snug and tight.  Doing the same to Sheila, she giggled as the rope rubbed on her bare wrists.


I then took another length of rope, and tied it round Mum’s waist, taking the ends between her legs and pulling gently up before I tied the ends to her wrists.


“Okay – that’s how they stay in there,” Sheila said as I pulled the rope between her legs, her skirt hiking up as I tied it to her wrists.  She moved her wrists up and down, sighing as it rubbed on her, while I shook loose a long length of rope and wrapped it round her arms below her chest, pulling it tight before wrapping it round above and below her chest.  She let out a little sigh as I did this, the rope rubbing on her bare chest over the top of the chest before I tied it off behind her back, pressing the bands up and down as I did so.


“Why are you doing this to us,” Mum said, as I tied her arms to her side in the same way, her blouse stretching over her chest as I did so.


“I just need to keep you two occupied for a little while,” I say with a smile as they look at each other.  “Now, I want you,” I say as I look at Mum, “to sit in that corner over there, and I want you Sheila to sit on the couch.”


“All right,” Sheila said as she sat down, her skirt rising more as I helped Mum to sit in the corner, then knelt down and stated to bind her ankles together, followed by her legs above and below her knees, each band tightened by taking the rope between her legs.


“He means business,” Mum said as she wriggled her legs, the leather squeaking as I walked over and bound Sheila’s legs in the same way.


She looked at the white bands as I helped her to sit on the floor, and then lie down on her stomach, before I pulled her legs back and secured them to her chest ropes.  I then walked over and helped Mum into the same position, her leather pants really squeaking as she looked over at Sheila.


“What are you going to do with us you fiend,” Sheila said as she looked at me.


“Keep you quiet for one thing,” I say as I leave the room for a moment, returning with two red ball gags.


“Colour coordinated – cute,” Mum said before she opened her mouth, and I pushed the ball between her teeth, before fastening the black straps around her head.  “Swhthppnsnsthslleee,” she mumbled as I took the second ball gag to the opposite side of the room.


“Same thing as happeendndttudmjn,” Sheila said as I pushed the other ball into her mouth and fastened the straps around her head.  Smiling, I patted Sheila on the bottom, and then Mum, before I said “not, doubtless you two will manage eventually to get to each other and free each other.”


“Ufnnkk,” Sheila said as she winked at Mum, and wriggled round, her chest rubbing on the floor rug.


“But then, I would have to distract both of you,” I said as I picked up a small box with two buttons on it.


“Hmmgddd,” I heard Mum say – before I pressed both buttons, setting off the vibes that were now well secured inside them.  Sheila’s eyes opened wide as she let out a moan – matched by Mum as she started squirming on the floor, her crotch rope rubbing on the leather.


“Well, I’m going to let you ladies have your own party for a while,” I said as I looked at them, “I have a few things to sort out.”


Leaving them writhing on the floor, I closed the door and collected my car keys – I wanted to sort something out for later, and I needed to stretch my legs anyway.





When I came back in, I could hear faint moaning from the front room, so I opened the door and peeked in.


Mum and Sheila had managed to make their way over to each other, but both of them were lying on their sides, shaking as the vibes appeared to still be doing their job.


“Ready to be released yet,” I said as I looked at them both of them shaking their heads as I said “All right then – I’ll make some coffee, and then time is a-moving on – if you still want to see my fourth scenario.”


I let them to it, smiling as I went to the kitchen...


Once I had the coffee made, I went in and untied both of them, before stepping back as they both ran up the staircase.  I went back and poured three mugs, waiting until they came back in, again wearing robes.


“I’m not sure I can take another session like that last one,” Sheila said as I passed her a mug.


“ah well – you have managed three, and this one would be a lot quieter.”


“No toys?”


I looked at mum and said “no toys – and you’d be on the bed as well.”


“Well, if that’s the case – I guess we can live with that before we have to get ready for dinner.  What do you say Regina?”


“I don’t know – my son can be very tricky at times.”


“Moi?”  I adopted a shocked expression and put my hand to my heart, before I said “of course, if neither of you are up to the challenge...”


“Did he just call us out,” Mum said as she looked at Sheila.


“I think he just did – right then – do your worst.”


“Very well then – what do you have on under your robes just now?”


They both blushed and then looked at me.


“Perfect – let’s go up to Mum’s room, and you can decide who’s going first.  Once you have finished your coffee, of course.”





A few minutes later, I watched as Sheila went to the bathroom, and I escorted Mum into her room, disappearing into my own room before I came back with what I needed.


As I came in, Mum had removed her robe, and smiled when she saw what I had.


“Please, put your hands behind your back,” I said, and as she did so I put them palm to palm, before tearing the end of one of the rolls of red tape loose, and securing her wrists together before taking the tape down and over her hands.


I then wrapped it around her arms and belly, the band of red below her chest as she stood there, before I made her lie on the bed, tapign her ankles and feet together, adn then he rlegs below and above her knees, as well as her thighs.


“Oh very appropriate,” Sheila said as she came in, and removed her robe, standing as I taped her upper body in the same way, and then had her lie next to Mum while I taped her legs together.


“Open wide,” was the next thing I said, both of them smiling as I pushed the folded cloths into their mouths, and then covered their lips with several strips of the red tape.  I watched as they nodded to me, adn then rolled over, their gagged lips touching before DSheila started to work her way down – and I left them alone to it.


Instead, I went downstairs and put on the DVD player, looking at the very special gift Sam had given me.  It was a compilation from a “home invaders” site we had come across – a collection of short films with the theme of people captured at home, which I sat down and began to watch.






I opened my eyes to see Mum and Sheila standing there, obviously having freed themselves and wearing blouses and slacks.


“Oh – you got free then,” I said as I stretched and yawned.  “Sorry – I must have dozed off.  What time is it?”


“Six o’clock – where are you going to go?”


“There’s a film on at the cinema I’ve got a ticket for,” I said as I stood up, “so, as promised, I am going to clear out and let you enjoy your evening.”


“You’re not going to be late back are you?”


“Nah – but how late do you want me back?”


“Oh don’t worry – we’ll still be up,” Mum said with a smile.


Guess that should have warned me – but it didn’t...


Anyway, the film was good, and I got home after ten, thinking that Mum and Sheila would have retired to bed by then.  The house was dark, so I let myself in and then headed to the kitchen.  In my mind, I was thinking a drink, a snack, and then a good night’s sleep.


Well, I certainly managed to get the drink, and the snack, but the chances of me getting them into me?  They decreased dramatically when the light turned on, and I saw two women in dark clothing, with stockings over their heads, looking at me.


“Errr... Hello?”


“Not a word,” one of them said as she pointed a toy gun at me, “strip.”


“As in...”


“To your boxers,” the other woman said as she held up a length of rope.


“Well, if you insist,” I said as I kicked my shoes off, and took off my pants and polo shirt, leaving me in a pair of white socks and my boxers.


“Socks as well,” the one with the rope said as she walked forward, watching as I removed my socks, and then guiding my arms behind my back, crossing my wrists and securing them together behind my back.


The other woman then put the toy gun down, and took a longer length of rope, handing it to the partner and watching as she used it to bind my arms to my side, above and below my chest.


“We need to keep him out of the way,” she said as she stroked my cheek with her gloved hand, “any suggestions?”


“There’s a room upstairs – we can keep him there, but we need to keep him quiet first.”


“Agreed,” the woman in front of me said as she picked up my socks, “open up like a good boy and say Ah.”


“Oh you have got to be freaking kiddnngmmmmm” I said as she shoved my – well, frankly, my sweaty socks into my mouth, and then covered it with her gloved hand.


“Got it?”


“Got it,” I heard the other woman say at the same time as I heard tape being ripped from a roll – and sure enough, several strips of duct tape were soon smoothed down over my mouth.


“Before we take him up, a little something,” I then heard behind me, as a doubled over length of rope was passed round my waist, and then between my legs, the strands either side of my sac before they were secured to my wrist as well.  So when they made me walk...


Eventually, I came into my room, and they made me sit on the bed, watching as they tied my ankles tightly together, and then my legs below and above my knees.  The ropes had rubbed on me all the way up the stairs, so yeah – there was a bulge in my pants by this time.


“Oh look – he’s enjoying this,” the one who had taped over my mouth said as she put her hand on my crotch and gently stroked it.  I groaned and nodded at this, as she said “Well, I guess you’re just going to have to suffer, aren’t you?”


And with that, they pushed me over onto my side, pulled my ankles back and tied them to my chest ropes.  Leaning over, she said “Don’t feel sad – I’m sure you can find a way to amuse yourself while we rob you.”


Well, as I wriggled round and felt the ropes rubbing on my body – in all parts – I figured I could manage for a while.  It’s just a pity the taste of sweat was in my mouth...





When I finally woke up the next morning, I found the ropes had been removed, but the tape and socks were still in place.  So I got up, ungagged myself, swallowed the contents of a bottle of water that had been left for me, and got into the shower, coming down later to find Mum standing by the cooker.


“There you are – want some French toast?”


“Go on – where’s Sheila?”


“Gone home to get changed for church – she has some family coming round later, so we’re on our own until Regina gets back later today.”


“Well after yesterday, I think you might enjoy the break.”


“Fair point,” I said as I poured myself some coffee, and then sat down.


“When does Sam get in?”


“Late afternoon – I’ll go round and see her later tonight.”




“Sounds like you made them happy, at any rate.”


“True,” I said as I sat in the cafe with Sam.  “How was Florida?”


“Fun – Gran’s invited us down over Spring Break, if you’re interested?”


“Might be – would she allow...”


Sam just grinned – which made me wonder what that meant.  Still, Spring Break in Florida – sounded fun...







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