The Honey Trap







They looked at each other across the table, the photos scattered across the surface of the table of the four women and the house.


“So we all understand?”


“We do Mister Gold – we enter the house, take them captive, and then strip them of what we find.”


“Correct, Mister Blue – and if we have a little fun, so much the better.”


“I like the look of this one,” one of them said as he pointed to one photo.  “I love the thought of showing a GILF what she can still do.”


“Well, from the reports of all those jewels and gold in the house, it is too sweet a deal to pass on, Mister Red.”


“How did you hear about it, Mister Gold?”


“From an unimpeachable source, Mister Green – so we leave in one hour, and enjoy our evening?”




The house stood on a hill on the outskirts of the town, a single road running from a wall that surrounded the fields up to it.  Getting through the gates was not a problem – his source had said they were never locked, always open, they felt they were safe.  It almost seemed too easy as they drove up the road, Mister Blue looking out on the dim road as they moved with the headlights off.


“Who’s that,” Mister Red said as they saw a figure come out of the door.  Mister Gold looked over, and said “that one’s Magda – runs the local furrier.  Want to make sure she cannot raise the alarm?”


“On it,” Mister Red said with a smile as he opened the door and jumped out…



Magda looked up into the dark sky and smiled – it was a good night, a good night for all.  She was a woman who liked grey and black, with black hair cut in a bob.  The grey fox fur gilet seemed to sparkle in the cool air, as it sat over her black roll neck sweater and knee length scarf.  Her legs were snugly clad in dark tights, and over them a pair of over the knee black leather boots.


As she turned to walk back inside, she was taken by surprise by the leather gloved hand which clamped over her mouth, and the sharp point in her back as a voice said “inside – don’t say a word.”  She stood for a moment, considering the situation, and then walked slowly forward, the pressure on her back not lessening as they entered the kitchen.


Looking out of the corner of her eye, she saw three more men move in, dressed in black, one of them saying “make sure she goes nowhere Mister Red,” as he put a bag on the table, and then followed the other two out.


“If I take my hand away, you going to scream?”


Magda felt the pressure on her back increase, as she slowly shook her head, and the voice said “Good – bend over the table, and put your hands behind your back.”  As the hand was taken away, Magda bent over, feeling her arms being pulled behind her back, wondering what she should do as she felt the rope on her wrists pulling them together…




Yelena sat on the ornate seat, upholstered in burnt umber leather, flicking through a magazine as she wondered when the others would be ready.  A small smile played over her lips as she read a story of a witch getting revenge on an enemy – such stories were just that, fables, legends…


“Don’t Move.”


As she looked up, she saw the masked man standing there, smiling as he pointed a gun at her.  For his part, Mister Blue looked at the Russian – her brown hair pulled back in a pigtail on tip of her head, a cashmere grey sweater hugging her upper body, the black leather belt around her waist and the purple velvet skirt, the dark hose, the long patent leather patented boots in black.  Truly a beautiful woman.


“You have the advantage of me,” Yelena finally said in her softly accented voice.


“Yes, I do,” Mister Blue said as he walked in, “I do have the advantage of you, and you are going to do whatever I say, aren’t you?”


“I see I have no choice – what would you have me do?”


“For now,” he said as he put his bag on a low table, “lie face down on that seat, and cross your wrists behind your back.  I want to make sure you can’t stop me and my friends.”


Yelena looked at him, and then lay down, her legs over the arm as she crossed her wrists and looked to the side.  Mister Red put the gun down and drew a length of cord from the bag, before he quickly walked over and tied her wrists tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms.  As it was tied off, she looked down her back as he crossed and secured her ankles together, and then stroked his hands down her legs.


“Now then,” he said quietly, “are you going to tell me where the gold and jewels are, or do I need to persuade you?”



Olga sat at the table in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror and smiling to herself.   Taking off the fox fur jacket and letting it fall to the floor, she adjusted the collar of her white blouse as it sat over her short black dress, and then looked down at the camouflage print long leather boots that were on over her hose covered legs.


The sound of the door opening brought a smile to her face – a smile that disappeared as she turned round, replaced by a shocked look as she said “what the…”


“Hello, bitch,” Mister Gold said as he and Mister Green came in.  “We’re in charge now – questions?”


She shook her head as Mister Green walked over and pulled the headband from her short dark hair, and then looked at her.  “Lie on the bed,” he said as he looked over to the large four poster bed, “when I have you secured there, we will discuss your jewels.”


“Do I have a choice,” Olga said quietly.


“No – move!”


She stood up and moved over, lying with her head on the pillows as he said “can you help me here Mister Gold?”


“Spread eagled?”


Mister Green nodded as they each took one of Olga’s wrists, tying one end of a length of rope tightly round it and then pulling it to the sides as the other end was secured to a pillar at the head of the bed.  She looked from side to side as her wrists were secured, and then down as they repeated the process on her ankles, pulling her legs to the side as her skirt rode up, unable to move as her body was stretched out.


“I need to find the other one – keep her occupied,” Mister Gold said as he walked off, Mister Green nodding as he grabbed Olga’s face and whispered “jewels – tell me where they are…”



Val looked up as she heard a noise, and smiled to herself as she checked the papers on her desk again.  The door opening made her look up, then put the pen down as she said “so – a break in.”


Mister Gold looked at her, in her black silk blouse, knee length skirt and long black leather boots, smiling as he rubbed his chin and said “yeah – you going to cause any problems?”


“I take it you have already found the other women.”


“My friends are taking real good care of them – I ask again, will you give me any trouble?”


Val thought for a moment, and then shook her head as he walked behind her, taking a length of rope from the bag and pulling her arms behind her back before he secured them together at her elbows.  She looked at the way her chest was forced out, the blouse straining, as the rope went around and between her elbows, and then around her wrists, forcing them together as she flexed her fingers.


“I will not be raising the alarm then,” she said as Mister Gold wrapped the rope around her upper body, stretching her blouse even more as he did so.


“No – so start talking…”









Magda looked down as the bands of white rope framed her chest, the fur gilet pulled to the side as they were pulled tighter and tighter by Mister Red, and then secured further behind her back.  She controlled her breathing, trying not to think of what may happen next as she was frog marched past the drawing room, and then into a large front room.


Mister Red looked round as he closed the door, and then pushed Magda over to an Ottoman, waiting as she sat down before he produced another length of rope, and lifted her feet onto his knee, crossing her ankles before he started to bind them as tightly as her wrists and arms.


“What are you going to do to me,” she said quietly as she looked at him.


Mister Red stared at her for a moment, and then pulled the rope tight between her legs, securing the ends before he let them drop to the floor, and then bound her legs together below her knees, his eyes fixed on her chest as she breathed in and out.  She could feel his hands on her legs as he pulled them together, the rope compressing the leather as it was secured, and then he looked at her.


“Kneel down,” he said, Magda nodding as she fell onto her knees, looking at him as he pulled the gilet to the side, and pressed his hands onto her chest, kneading and massaging them as she said “no – you don’t know what you are doing?”


“Oh I think I do,” Mister Red whispered as he gripped them firmly, a sensation like fire starting to run through her as despite herself, she moaned and started to respond.


He looked at her as the thought of the treasure started to ebb from his mind, his focus shifting and changing, as he stood up and opened the front of his pants.


“No,” she whispered quietly as she saw his cock spring out, firm, hard, “no, please…”


“Shut up,” Mister Red said quietly as he pressed it into her face, Magda looking at him as she gently kissed it, and then opening her mouth, taking it in and pushing it out with a soft pop as he held her head.







Yelena let out a soft gasp as Mister Blue pulled the rope up between her legs, forcing her skirt up as it rubbed on her panties and hose, while he took it up and tied it to her ankles which were sitting on her bottom.  Her arms were tied tightly to her sides, the band of rope cinched between her arms and her body, and her ankles and legs secured with cinched bindings.  The rope round her waist and between her legs had been a last addition on his part, and she wondered what he was going to do next as he looked at her.


“Now – where do you keep your valuables?”


“IF I tell you,” Yelena said quietly, “will you leave me alone?”


“If you do not tell me,” Mister Blue said into her ear, “I will hurt you.”  For a second, he thought something had happened to her eye, but when she said “no – no I’ll tell you” he smiled as he said “go on…”


As she spoke, he looked at her, and then started to pull on the crotch rope, Yelena squealing as she said “please – don’t do that…”


“Oh shut up,” he said as he pushed a sponge ball into her mouth, and then wound duct tape round her head, to silence her, before he continued to move the rope, Yelena groaning as she wriggled round and the ropes rubbed on her…





“Now was that so bad?”


Olga shook her head as she tried to pull on the ropes, Mister Green watching as he said “I told you they would hold.”  She looked at him, as her eyes bored into his, and he rubbed his chin before he said “maybe…”


“Maybe what?”


She looked at him, and then ran his gloved hand down the inside of her leg, and back up under the skirt of her dress as she felt his hand on her crotch.  “Hmmm – you’re damp there,” he said quietly as he looked at her, running his finger up and down her clit as she groaned and looked at him.


Looking to the side, and then into her eyes again, Mister Green put both hands under her skirt, as she felt and heard the gusset of her pantyhose ripping, and then his gloved finger on her damp, sensitive mound.


“No – please god, no…”


“I need you to be quiet,” he said as he looked at her, and then picked up a pair of her panties which were on the floor, pushing them into her mouth as he said “if you spit those out, you die, understand?”


Olga nodded as she felt his finger working her, and then his lips as he pulled her skirt up and kissed her clit, his tongue running up it as she squirmed and felt the shocks running over her.


“Let me reward you for been a good girl,” he said quietly as he knelt on the bed between her legs, massaging her chest as her legs moved from side to side, the leather squeaking as she felt her nipples harden, and then her breasts firming as she twisted round.


Then he let his pants drop, and she saw how aroused he was, fearing what was to come next…




“I told you the combination,” Val whispered as Mister Gold stood behind her, “what else are you going to do?”


“Oh it’s very nice,” Mister Gold whispered into her ear as he pulled her blouse open, firmly pressing on her chest as he did so, “but that’s not all there is, is it?”


Val groaned again as she twisted round.  Her upper body was secured with bands of rope, and a further length used to form a rope bra as they pressed onto her already enlarged chest, while her ankles and her legs below her knees were tied together with rope.


“I don’t know what you mean…”


“The gold, where is it?”


Val groaned again as his fingers sunk into her chest, making her shiver as she said “the….  The cellar…  But it is an optical lock…”


“Well then – we’ll go there,” Mister Gold said as he pinched Val’s breast, making her yelp as the sponge ball was pushed into her mouth, and then the black tape pressed firmly over her lips.  He threw her over her shoulder, smacking her bottom as she wriggled on his shoulder, and marched her to the hallway.


Everything was going according to plan…







Magda was groaning as Mister Ed’s cock grew larger in her mouth, his grip on her head forcing her to keep it there as her tongue played with it, and she slowly sucked it, feeling the throbbing on her tongue as it grew larger, expanding, forcing her tongue down as the tip touched the back of her throat.


“Yes…  Oh yes,” he whispered as she felt himself starting to respond to her attentions, tightening the grip on her hair as the throbbing intensified, the pleasant pressure inside himself as he forced her to continue.


She glanced up at him as she felt the sensations on her tongue, knowing he was coming closer to a climax as she teased and brought him on.  Soon, soon, it would all be over, and she would be free of him…


The throbbing, the pressure, was coming to a head as Mister Red closed his eyes, feeling her tongue as it moved on him, the sucking getting stronger, the pressure almost unbearable…


And then he came, shooting his sperm into her mouth as she swallowed, his grip tight on her hair as she looked up, hoping he was enjoying what was happening.  Mister Red closed his eyes as he said “oh my god – that is so good – I think you’ve earned a rest now – oh MY GOD!”


The last scream came as he fell backwards, looking at his cock as it sat in Magda’s mouth, bitten clean through by a set of razor sharp teeth.  He stared down at the bleeding stump between his legs, as Magda started to growl, her body expanding and growing large as the ropes snapped, the fur gilet seeming to spread over her whole body as her face elongated, her nose flattened, and seemed to become black at the tip, her hands and feet becoming paws with long claws.


“My turn,” she growled as she stood up, swallowing what was in her mouth as Mister Red looked at the beast before her, and then screamed as she jumped forward…



“What was that?”


As Mister Blue heard the noise, he pulled harder on the rope, Yelena opening her eyes wide and shaking as the orgasm washed over her while she lay on the couch.  He let her go as she panted into the gag, and walked to the door, looking out as he heard the growls.


“You must have a dog here – I hope he’s allergic to lead,” he said quietly as he turned round – and his face turned white as Yelena started to kneel on the chair.  Her purple skirt seemed to be growing longer, wrapping itself round her legs and feet and becoming what looked more like a tail as scales started to appear.  Her arms also seemed to merge into her sides as the rope fell off, but it was her face, which was flattening, her hair seeming to form a black hood as her eyes turned yellow, her pupils becoming slits as she turned and looked at the masked man.


Mister Blue was rooted to the spot as she slowly slid over, wrapping her body round him as she slowly squeezed and she felt his body begin to be crushed…




“Oh yes – oh yes that is good,” Mister Greene said as he pushed himself into Olga, the older woman looking up at him as she felt his cock inside her, rubbing on her most sensitive of areas, gripping him tightly as she pushed her hips up to meet him.  Her body was screaming at her to do this, to take him, to take what he was giving, as she felt the throbbing on the walls of her passage, and also felt her own passion rising in response.


She looked at him as he closed his eyes, and moved with him, in response to his own passions, making sure she was in step with him, wanting him to know exactly what was going to happen, how it was going to feel…


And then it came, as he threw his head back and shot into her, the hot fluid combining with her own fluids as the orgasm washed over her, filling her, transforming her as she threw her head back and screamed out as well, the cool sweat on her body almost evaporating as she did so.


And then Mister Green looked at her, wanting to withdraw – but her grip on him was total, as she opened her eyes and looked at him.


“What…  What are you…”


“Stupid man,” she said in a deep voice as she spat the panties out of her mouth, “thinking you were in charge here.  You’re not – I am…”


She watched as he opened his mouth in a silent scream, seeming to grow smaller as she felt him slipping even further into her, his head slowly been pulled down between her legs as she smiled even more, and watched him as he was pulled completely into her.  She then looked to her arms and legs, snapping the ropes as if they were string as she sat up, stood on the floor, and then left the room.


As she walked down the stairs, she saw Yelena emerging from a room, and through the door she caught a glimpse of the snakeskin discarded on the floor.  “Perhaps you want some new boots form that,” she said with a smile.  “Where is he?”


“Digesting,” she said with a grin as the door to the other room opened, and Magda walked out, wiping her chin as she said “we need to get that cleaned later.  You two?”


They both nodded as Yelena said “what about Val?”


“There are four of them,” Magda said quietly, “let’s go and make some coffee – she will join us soon…”




“Very sophisticated,” Mister Gold said as he forced Val to look into the optical reader, hearing the beep and the locks opening as the heavy metal door swung open.  He carried her inside, propping her against the wall as he looked at the stacks of gold, the cobwebs glistening in the electric light as he ran his hand over them.


“Well, this is going to be a lovely haul – I need to get the others,” he said quietly as he started to turn – and then he looked up, and said “what the…”


A number of white cocoons were hanging from the roof, and as he looked at the, he began to wonder what had made them – which was when he heard the noise behind him, and slowly turned.


Val was there, the ropes burst and falling to the floor as she started to transform before his eyes, the tape ripping away from her mouth as two fangs started to appear, four legs bursting from her sides as she started to lean forward, her body changing and filling out as her eyes seemed to multiply in terms of the number of irises.


He tried to back away, but she grabbed him in her arms, smiling as she started to produce silk from between her legs, winding it tightly round him as she said “supper time I think….” in a lisping, hissing voice.   The cocoon grew round him, covering his chest and arms, his neck, his mouth, his head…




“There you are,” Val said as she came into the kitchen, brushing herself down, “I need to fix this outfit now.”


“We need to clean up first,” Magda said as she handed her a coffee mug, “but we have all fed, and you can feed for a few more days as well.  The honey trap worked perfectly.”


“Indeed,” Val said with a smile, “I wonder who we can attract next…”









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