A Small Delay in Our Plans for the Weekend







She had worked hard and harder to be were she was now.


She was one of the best at the board of the small (but VERY exclusive) investment bank, she was envied and feared by many of her peers and... she was a complete idiot!


She calmed down. Goosebumps, that was what it was, she was chickening. She was scared and excited, more the first than the second. But truth remained, it was a way too long shot what she was doing. Could it be that Ruth and Winnie had lied to her?


Ruth (or ‘iamYOURS801’) had described a thrilling sex-filled weekend with her online mistress, ‘laichoisan1935’, in their private chitchat with Winnie (‘spankmeover555’) that they had disguised as a late business meeting. Three successful women, all deep down to the core submissives, chatting about their sexual lives... that’s how it had all started.


As per request of her mistress, Ruth had done something that she couldn’t even think of doing. She had allowed herself to be a prisoner, a captive, in her own house!


‘laichoisan1935’ had ‘broke’ into her house (after she received by e-mail the security’s codes), had ‘overpowered’ her in her own bed and, for the whole weekend...


Could any single moment of Ruth’s tale be true? She surely hoped so...


Winnie had stopped Ruth’s recollections and had called her a liar, things definitely couldn’t have had developed the way she claimed they did! Ruth merely shook her head with a grinning and confident smile in her face. ‘Wanna bet?’ was her answer.


E-mails between Ruth and her mistress were exchanged and, three months before, there had been another ‘B&E’ at Ruth’s home, but this time there were two ‘innocent victims’ for the kinky and ‘cruel’ burglar to deal with... The stories they had told her the next week!!!


Ruth, 33, from some very large family in a backwater city in Utah to uptown NY, the most resourceful person she had ever met and the prettiest smile she had ever seen, beautiful legs and trim waist. Winnie, 38, from some classy family of London (that had a bad taste in names, who still dared to call their one and only daughter ‘Winnifred’?), who had taught her all the right and proper poses to do anything and everything (she acted/walked/sat like a lady... or a model!), and had piercing blue eyes and short blonde hair.


They were her friends, the only ones amidst that large group of individuals that knew that she was ‘ownme4ever’, and they were not lying when they had described their ordeal...


No, they weren’t. Definitely, positively, ABSOLUTELY!!!


So calm down. Caaallllmmmm dooooowwwwnnnnn...


It wasn’t working! ‘laichoisan1935’ was due to arrive in... two long hours!!! With her now worshiped (by her friends) skills and fingers... with her...


She had already taken two baths, she wanted to be immaculately pristine and pure to be the perfect ‘Gwendoline’ (although she was a redhead, the rest of the ‘physical requirements’ for the ‘job’ did apply in her case) for her mistress...


Instead of going to be visiting Ruth when the next ‘captivity weekend’ was due, she had decided to get in touch with ‘laichoisan1935’ and, over the course of a couple of weeks, had been turned into her newest ‘online slave'. And it had happened so naturally!!!


She did wanted to meet such a woman, to under her power and might...


And it was going to happen that very night in only two...


There was a knock at the door.


Suddenly frightened, she jumped from the chair in front of the XIX Century dressing table wearing nothing but a pair of white silk lacy panties, turned to the right with bulging eyes and there she was: About one or two inches taller than her, more in the ‘athletic’ side than in the ‘oh babe’ one, clad all in black (that fitted her body like a glove), including a leather jacket and a pair of shades and... holding down a gun in her left gloved hand???


‘Hel-lo!!!, my dear Natalie..., ready to be ‘owned’ for the weekend?’


‘Wh-who-who are you?’


‘Oh yes, ‘Pancakes from Heaven’... isn’t it?’






‘But-but it’s only 10... 10:06! You... you were supposed to be here...’


‘I know... and I am sorry. I really am for having arrived so early. But... can we start?’


Her phone was within reach, but she doubted that she was going to be able to catch it if she tried to. This woman was obviously dangerous, powerful and far more meaner than she could ever be... And was looking at her as if she was some... toy to be played with...


Everything that she was expecting and craving for...


‘Uh... ‘Syrup from Hell’? ...Please?’


In no time she was struggling in those wonderfully strong arms, she was trashing as she did intended to get free from her grasp (NEVER!!!) and forcing her to be what she expected her to. The foam ball was shoved into her mouth and the roping started, first the wrists, then she was thrown in her bed and the ankles were crossed and tied, after that the woman... her mistress knelt over the bed with her struggling body trapped between her legs and proceeded to tie her up, after her elbows were lashed together and her knees (actually above and below them) were tied as well she stood up, rolled her around so she was lying on her back and made her sit at the edge of the bed and was now kneeling behind her.


One, two, three, four strips of tape carefully smothered over her lips, then more rope above and below her breasts (pinning her arms to the torso), then she was carefully positioned over the bed, a flock of her hair was removed from her face and there was this sad smile...


‘I am sorry... but I didn’t had any other option...’




‘Oh, don’t worry... I don’t intend to hurt, degrade, humiliate, blackmail, sell or kill you. I wish I could have been able to just be here around midnight, do exactly what I just did to you and that we could have had a whole weekend of fun for us... I do wish that...’


OK, if that’s some kind of ‘practical joke’ then it’s NOT a funny one!!!


‘Calm down... calm... down... Your bust is very yummy to watch and feel, but you are well gagged and en route to hyperventilate... so... please calm down. I’ll repeat: I will not hurt you in any way you might be imagining right now. Calm... down... please...’


The last word had nothing of a request in it. It was an order... that she obeyed. The hand over her left breast was now starting to feel it instead of urging her to breathe normally, she was everything that she had expected to be... she could dominate her so easily!!! And the fact that she was being groped by an unknown woman that had just confessed to have... what? Tricked her? If so... whatever it was this woman was groping her...


And she was enjoying it.


‘You might be asking yourself, ‘What did she meant with she wished that she could have done all that she did to me for fun?’, right? Well, I lied to you, and lied big. I am not a lawyer from Annapolis. I am... many things, some pleasant some not. And right now... I am a fugitive from the law. Simple like that. You are my captive... for real.’


You gotta be kidding me!!! That HAS to be a JOKE!!!!


But her eyes, while her hands roamed all over her body, were saying that she had just told her the truth. ‘laichoisan1935’, her mistress, was a... a criminal? A criminal who was now leaning over her bound body and about to... hold her head with both hands while looking straight at the core of her soul with the most demanding eyes she had ever met.


‘Now that you know it... supposing that I asked you to help me, would you do it?’


The woman that was everything she had ever anticipated, who had just fulfilled a long lost fantasy of hers and was now in the same bed that she was... and she couldn’t help but shake her head. No, she couldn’t help a criminal. Even if she was said criminal...


And why did she felt so sorry for herself for being so honest?


‘There, there, why are you crying? You were honest with a question that was made to you. What’s the problem with that? There... there...’


She dried her tears, played with her hair with one hand while feeling her right breast with the other and, before she jumped from the bed, gave her blue taped lips the tenderest kiss she had ever received. Before she left the room she did a quick check-up on her room.


She had prepared it as she had been instructed to. For the weekend she was not going to be Natalie Sanders, powerful chairwoman, but Natalie the ‘lonely suburban housewife’. She even had provided fake portraits of ‘her and her husband’ that were scattered around the house. At least the male model, that made the role of ‘Arthur, now currently serving in his second Iraq tour’, was a handsome guy (that she had dated after the photo shoot)...


Whatever was her name, she was pleased with the results and gave her a thumbs up, then shut down almost all the lights and went downstairs. And didn’t came back alone...


She was carrying a struggling nearly naked (fake) busty black girl over her right shoulder.


Save for a strapped high heel in her left foot, a thong bikini bottom and two opera gloves (all in white) the girl was naked. And really roped up, really really roped up!!!


Crisp white rope over her bound folded legs, over the entirety of her arms and from then to her torso, squashing her ample bust (in three different places) and holding something (a nap perhaps?) inside her mouth. Plus two or three strips of white tape covering her eyes.


For a moment she did thought that her captor’s confession had been a practical joke, that the girl now being hogtied besides her was a stripper or a prostitute secretly hired by her mistress for their tryst, that her weekend wasn’t lost after all...


Then she saw her mist... her captor’s eyes and realized that she meant business.


Like herself, this incredibly bosomy girl was a captive in her room now. And now... she was going to tie them breast-to-breast? She was!


The black girl shrieked as even more rope was added to her body, and again when she felt her presence and their bodies being drawn onto each other. On the other hand she was way too scared to do anything now, this was not sexy nor kinky nor hot nor anything else!!!


This was for real!


‘Since its better that you both don’t know each other’s names, at least for now, you...’ – and she pressed her right hand against her right shoulder – ‘...are Lonely Suburban Housewife, Lonely Babe for shorts. And you are Stripper... Mole. Stripper Mole... Lonely Babe...’


So she was a stripper after all...


‘And before you ask, Lonely Babe, there’s a second woman waiting for me downstairs to take her out of my SUV. Be seeing you both!’


Another woman? Another captive for real woman?


What had she put herself into?


Whoever was that second woman, she wasn’t as well gagged as she and ‘Stripper Mole’ were. She was making a lot of noise as she was half dragged/half carried by her captor into the room about twenty very long minutes later. And she was dressed for action as her captor was. Trousers and T-shirt and jacket... a blue jacket with a white ‘FBI’ logo?


NO WAY!!!!!


Her eyes were now completely absorbed by the scene happening in front of her. The mid-thirties brunette woman was trashing madly and wildly in her captor’s arms, completely uncooperative for real and making her sweat as their captor managed (very slowly) to rope her into the shape of an human ball. Halfway through the struggling captive managed to dislodge her blindfold and take a good look around, and saw her.


But in the dim light that the corridor’s bulb provided for her, she couldn’t see much more than a nearly naked white woman bound to a nearly naked black woman. And the blindfold went back very quickly. Minutes later their captor locked the woman inside her closet.


And stripped herself completely right in front of her.


‘I don’t know about you girls, but all this night’s activities made me sweat a lot... I am in need of a bath and I will take one. Now, the captive girl with the most slacks in her bonds, when I check them after my bath, will pay for it... in kind...’


And she went to the bathroom. Moments later her voice, singing enjoyably Roy Orbison’s ‘In Dreams’, was heard in the room. She thought about trying to get loose, but then she remembered the treat. Her ‘partner in captivity’ must have thought the same for they stayed as silent and immobile as possible for the next thirty minutes.


She came out of her bath wrapped in one of her largest towels, made a stop at the closet’s door (opening it, checking the balled up Fed, tightening a few knots and closing it again) and then she was covering both captives with the sheets, then she was behind her.


A naked woman was behind her, and she was unable to prevent her from... Her mouth was as close as possible of her ear. She whispered in a soft yet authoritarian voice.


‘I could tell you right about now what is going on, in a way that wouldn’t endanger you in any way, but to be honest... a lot of things happened tonight and I simply need to stop and think about it a little, after a good night' sleep. Don’t worry, I promised that you won’t get hurt or otherwise prejudiced because of what happened a few hours back, and I intend to keep that promise. For now, Lonely Babe... good night...’


She kissed and bit (lightly) her right ear, and slept right away, hugging both captives in a gentle way. The stripper was next, after about half an hour of very light sobs.


She couldn’t sleep, too much had happened in too little time!


She was a captive for real in her own bed. That wasn't a selfbondage act, the woman behind her wasn't that freaky dominatrix she had hired a couple of years before and the two women sharing her fate that night weren't NCFs, everything was actually happening!!!!


How could she... that wasn't time for her to do that. Cry for your stupidity and naiveté tomorrow, now you (and those women) are in danger. She IS a criminal, she HAS made you a real deal captive and perhaps only YOU will be able to do something about it...


What could she do? When could she do anything anyway?


Calm yourself... calm yourself... You killed too many sharks to be were you are today. And you didn't ate them raw, instead of the contrary, by allowing yourself to despair...


Calm down... and sleep. That's it. Sleep. Awake as refreshed as possible under the freaky  circumstances you and them are locked in now. Then you'll be able to plan things in a more success-prone way. Calm down... calm down... calm...






She felt her slave relax and sleep, and smiled. This girl had self-control to bottle up and sell it for a dime, and get millionaire with it! She had done the right choice. Winnie or Ruth would be shrieking, crying and crashing in her arms right now, Holly wasn't in town and Lo was married (and pregnant) now. All the data she had gathered about this girl had deserved its price, she was probably going to try 'something stupid' tomor... today...


She smiled, it was going to be a fun morning... for her at least.


And only then she slept for real.










She, as usual, slept for only four hours and awoke even before the sun was up. Another bath and clean clothes (Natalie's underwear and gym outfit, black trousers and blue singlet, they were a bit too small but wearable anyway), some milk and oat flakes and back to the room where her three captives were still sleeping. For real... time to deal with them...


Even being a ******* with capital letters, a whole night balled up was way too much for Special Agent Paulsen. She was the first to be freed from her ropes, massaged and rebound in a more bearable way. Then it was 'Ebony' (what was that girl's real name? One of which she was really, deep down real, ashamed of...) and finally sweet resourceful Natalie.


Apparently it was a simple hogtie for all three women, but she was yet to know someone that was able to undo that knot that held their crossed wrists and ankles tied together and to each other. It was one of her sensei's trademarks and family secrets.


Only three women in the whole world knew how to do and undo that knot, okay perhaps two more... and the others were in Japan right now, thus...


She sat in chair facing them, and waited for the show to start. As she did so (it was a good three hours wait) she thought about the whole episode.


The betrayals, the doublecrosses, the back stabbing attempts against her, her successful ones..., the 'do-you-think-you-can-fool-me-sucker?' schemes. The four corpses she had left behind after she had saved the lives of the women that were now flanking the lady of the house. The half a million in gold that were lying inside that box in the backseat of her SUV. What a night!!! Everything had went so horribly wrong!


Just like the boss had planned so well!!!


That Italian lady was very cunning, to say the least!


And now... She was planning to celebrate her successful plans with Natalie during the course of that weekend. Now she was granting that lovely, and lonely, girl's wildest wish... in a way too true way for her tastes. Not that she was pleased with the situation herself.


SHE, Natalie and 'Ebony' were supposed to be on that very same bed right now...


Stop dreaming, Debs old girl. You have an useless half a million dollars in gold in your hands. To whom would you try to sell it? How would you transport it to him or her? Until you find a way to do that all you have is a dead and heavy weight in your hands...


And thus, as she admired the trio of naked captives in front of her and the sun arose, Debs (or Dread Deborah, or Double Deal Deb, or Daredevil Debs...) thought about her businesses that had brought her to the town in which she was now, and how she was going to manage to get rid of all 'dead weight' that she had with her as of now... as if she was in the situation she made (or was going to make) all three captives think that she was now.


Everybody that was somebody in the nearest one thousand miles HAD to believe that she was what she was trying to make them believe that she was. A criminal, sole survivor of a big mess of a shady enterprise of a couple of late and unlamented 'crime lords', that now was on the run and had to deal with what she managed to salvage for herself...


Specially those three little vixens...









One by one each captive awoke, found herself in her inescapable situation, had her head held in a gentle yet firm way, got a special eye drops applied over her eyes and suffered a couple of light (in Natalie and Ebony's case) or hard and loud (in Paulsen's) swats on her bare buttocks, and from them on realized that she still could see but now very blurry and out of focus. They protested, demanded and begged to their captor, whom they could see in front of them, or tried to get free from their bonds. Debs calmly waited for them to stop.


'Dumb Agent and Stripper Mole, the girl in between you has more brains than both of you together. Lonely Babe has already realized that she can't free herself or any of you two, and that right about now the ball is with me. Could you both follow her example?'


The FBI agent answered with a series of muffled obscenities, that ended as soon as her hair was viciously held by Debs and her head yanked backward.


'Lonely Babe, this Dumb Agent here thought that she had the perfect plan to lure me and my former 'business partners' to a trap. Mole Stripper here was the favorite girl of two of my former partners, they sort of shared her among themselves, and was used by them as a bait to lure ME to a trap of their own. Do I need to tell you that Dumb Agent here is a bit too arrogant for her own good and did not realized that I was using her and her fellow federal agents to get rid of my double crossing partners? Or that Mole Stripper here granted me hours and hours of bliss that I intend to have again, thus you don't have to fear me and you... as you probably are still doing? As for this Lonely Babe... she thought that my name was 'Mike' and that I could... 'help her' while her husband is on duty oversea. Just one of the four bored and (now) lonely military housewives that lives in this town that I promised a 'great time together' in the chat-rooms I drop by as 'Mike', 'Sam', 'Phil'... Point is that I will be leaving this house today or tomorrow, I will take all that gold with me and a girl to warm my bed for as long as I see fits and she pleases me. And there's nothing you can do or to have fear of besides that. Now, who wants to use the toilet?'


They couldn't see anything clearly one feet away from their eyes, their gags were reinforced  and they weren't allowed to close the door (whose latch had been taped so there was no way that they could lock themselves in even if they tried it), plus she stood in front of the open door with a gun in her right hand. One by one they were helped to hop to the front of the bathroom, their legs and arms were freed and they were shoved inside. Afterwards they were retied and taken somewhere else in the house.


Natalie heard the agent's failed attempt of surprising and overpowering Debs, and secretly admonished the woman. It wasn't the right time to do that. Of course their captor was on guard you fool! The following struggle lead to a furious binding and... a spanking? Then she heard the woman being dragged away by their captor.


Now it was her turn but, surprisingly, Natalie was freed from any kind of restraint by the woman who was kneeling on the bed with her body between her legs.


'I put earplugs on their ears, they can't hear us so... let's talk. Turn around first, please...'


The woman was wearing (and stretching beyond any kind of repair) one of her singlets. She couldn't see but her shape and the colors of what she was wearing.


'We have nothing to talk, let me use the toilet, tie me up and do whatever you want and...'


The smile in her face... white pearls appearing at where her face was had to be her teeth... she was grinning. Grinning!!! At her? She was mocking her? SHE???!!!!


That was too much!!!!


Of course, Natalie rage filled attempt to slap and punch Debs failed miserably. She trashed far more violently than she had done the night before, and put way much might and effort in it, but after a few minutes all she had managed was to have both her arms held above her head by one of Debs' hands, a silk hankie shoved into her mouth for her offenses and...


Another grin!!!


Wait a moment... she was able to see her captor's face better than she had done a few minutes before... the effects of that eye drop were fading out...


'Now, now, that dirty mouth of yours earned you a punishment... that I will apply later. For now, I have decided to be honest with you. Do you want to know who they are and why they are my captives? By their own words? That's right, do you want to hear them and me telling you what is going on? First and only chance for that to happen, so think wisely...'


She was soooo obvious! Of course she was going to say yes. To be able to, at the very least, see and hear the other captives was a very good reason. If she could hear their names or anything else that could identify them faster it would be a bonus.


The woman under her own body was now hating her with all her guts... Pity. But since she was planning to put her mind in a roller coaster without any warning...


Perhaps she deserved it...


Natalie managed to nod and both got out of the bed, she was feeling uneasy to be naked in front of her, but she hadn't any other option. Her captor ordered her to grab her hair and held it high, above her head, as she held a roll of elastoplast in her hand. She gave six turns of the tape, turned her around and slapped her butt playfully.


By the time she got out of the bathroom her eyes were practically back to normal, and the con-woman was holding a roll of blue tape in her hands. Wrists, elbows, above and below the breasts... knees and ankles? And next thing she knows, Natalie is being carried OTS (with her bare left buttock being 'felt' all along) from her room, down the stairs and into the kitchen. There she was taped to her big three legged stool and, as a bowl of oat flakes and milk was prepared, she saw TV. As RA (for 'Rogue Amazon' as she was naming her captor) was expecting, she merely raised her head for a moment and grinned to her and her eyes said everything, there was a story in a local TV channel's morning news.


It was right after a story about a weird robbery in a beauty shop in the suburbs, four women  (two late clients and two workers of the place) had been attacked, bound and gagged and had their purses robbed. But their credit cards and cash were left behind by the 'mysterious tall masked woman' that had broke into the place coming from the back of its building after the 'CLOSED' sign was fixed on the door. Their cellphones and documents were all that had been stolen, and so far none of them had been used by the robber...


Then came the news of the moment in the whole state. About last night mysterious gunfight during what the FBI was expecting that it has been some gun and drugs sell, but in the end it had been a bloodbath. They had made a lot of prisons, discovered and apprehended a lot of proofs and recovered more than 40 millions in stolen antiquities from all over the world (the 'gun and drugs sell' was actually a meeting, sort of an auction, for shady buyers of historically valuable rarities and art masterpieces that had been stolen from museums in almost all the continents)... But had lost one of their own.


Vivian Paulsen, 41, senior field agent... a footage of a previous interview of the woman was being shown with the words 'MISSING AGENT FEARED CAPTURED DURING RAID' at the bottom of the screen. After that there was an interview from a police high rank officer in uniform that assured that the local police department was helping the FBI in every aspect possible, that many arrests had already been made ever since but the most obvious suspect, whom he called 'Barracuda' (RA mouthed 'guilty as charged' to her when she looked at her) had no fingerprints, DNA nor any available image or description. To make things worst, he admitted, the only girl who could identify 'Barracuda' was also missing.


And now there was another picture behind the anchorman.


Mole Stripper's name was Ayshamari Clemments, a.k.a. 'Ebony'. She was the eyes and ears of Agent Paulsen in the Borone Family. After the ('still' in the words of the police officer) mysterious death of both Carlo and Giugglio Borone the police had rounded up all known affiliates of the late Borone brothers, and in the process had searched for 'Ebony'.


Without any success.


Suddenly the sound was off and the word 'MUTE' appeared in the screen. She was now in front of her, holding a bowl with oat and milk and a spoon in it in her left hand and placing her right one over her left shoulder. It was way much bigger than she was fearing!!!


Who was this woman? What had she fell face first into? And could she stop grinning???


'Calm down. I told you that I intend to be honest with you, didn't I? Calm down...'


She placed the bowl in her lap and removed her gag., but forbid her to say and ask anything to her. After she had ate all the oat she opened her mouth expecting a new gag, instead her lips were pursed together by two of 'Barracuda''s fingers, she had the area around her mouth wiped clean and received a glass of orange juice. Afterwards 'Barracuda' was all business.


'I need to know one thing about you, and I need to know it now...'


'Go on...'


'Are you able to keep yourself as silent as possible? I intend to make them talk to me with you being within eyesight and earshot of them, but for you to be able to believe that what they will say it's true they can't be able to know that you are around, can they? I could gag you, really and horribly gag you and yet... there would still be a possibility of you making a sound and being heard by them. And I intend to make them talk, and talk a lot... I will record our talks to use it as a safety of sorts for myself, but if I allow you to be present you must assure me that you will stay way more silent than the gag I'll put on you allows it.'


'About... two year ago I tried a S&M weekend. I hired a dominatrix known as 'Mistress N' and, well..., I discovered that I am not into S&M. It wasn't what I hoped that it would be. A couple of months later 'Mistress N', through a common friend of ours, got in touch with me. Someone was blackmailing her to 'visit' me again. At the time I was about to get my seat at the board of the bank I work at, and the man I was about to substitute wasn't very happy with the prospect of being kicked out by a woman with less than half his age... It didn't took too long for me to have evidences that he was behind the trap that was being set for me. So I told 'Mistress N' to drop by my house, and we watched TV, chatted and drank some tea all in front of a camera. In the next meeting of the board my opponent, as expected, showed the pictures of 'Mistress N' performances at the S&M Club she owns and she entering my house and leaving it about four hours later. How he talked... 'Immorality' this, 'obscenity' that... and I let him talk and talk. Then I showed the video I had made of the candid meeting that I had with 'Mistress N', plus the evidences that he was blackmailing her into being the bait for that trap. I got his seat and 'Mistress N' got some money from the bank...'


'And you both smoked him like a cheap and ugly cigar... right?'


It was her turn to grin...


Then 'Barracuda' cut the tape in her lap and ankles that held her to the stool, grabbed her in another OTS fashion and carried her to the garage. There she had all the tape cut from her body and was allowed to put on a yellow bikini, that belonged to 'Ebony' (there was a cheap backpack with a few clothes in it atop a few boxes inside the SUV), while 'Barracuda' fetched a whole supply of pre-cuts coils of blue rope from another backpack. Her eyes might have given away the question that was in her mind...


'Yes, blue as you have requested... Turn around please...'


This time she was really asking her to do that. And she did as she was asked. It took more than thirty minutes for 'Barracuda' cinch the last knot (on her white scarf/cleave gag).


Five spots at her legs, three on her torso plus her chest and almost the whole extension of her arms were now encased in that nonabrasive rope.


She shouldn't be feeling that good...


Before she grabbed her, threw her over her left shoulder and took her back to the kitchen, 'Barracuda' checked four women's purses (of different sizes and colors), six cellphones and a small arsenal. Three knives, two guns and a taser... which she took with her and left a lot more behind. Back at the kitchen she prepared another bowl of flakes and, holding it in her right hand and her left buttock in the other, went to the guestroom.


'Ebony' was there, writhing on top of the bed. 'Barracuda' helped her to slide safely from her shoulder to the floor of the room feet first, so she was now standing in front of the woman who was... placing the bowl over the bedside cabinet and checking if everything was alright with a camera aimed at the bed were a tape bound, gagged and blindfolded girl was writhing with some despair and a lot of anger. Too much anger actually...


To whom this camera belonged to? It looked like a professional model, but she had never seen it before. Then she was holding her lower jaw with a strong grip.


'Just to be sure if you understand. I have ONLY ONE chance to do it. Spoil it...'


Her eyes meant it. She nodded, then was told to stay put and hop or make any kind of sound. The camera was turned on and 'Barracuda' climbed on the bed. 'Ebony' shrieked and tried to run away. But it was obvious that she had no chance at all against her captor.


The first thing that she did was expected. She removed the plugs in the girl's ears and helped her to kneel on the bed, then said something really unexpected to her:


'Stop playing 'Ebony', there's no audience for your show...'


And the 'sobbing captive' composed herself immediately!


'Where the **** are we?'


'As I would tell you the answer for that...'


'That was not part of the plan! You were supposed to...'


'If I did it we would both be dead or en route to a 4th grade brothel somewhere overseas...'


'Come again?'


And so, before Natalie's increasingly astonished eyes, the naked and busty black girl and their captor discussed their plans for the past night and how they had turned out so wrong. The incredulity in her mind reached higher levels as it became obvious that 'Ebony' was a mole for the FBI agent AND Barracuda and played on both teams.


While Paulsen had offered a new ID and a 'bright and clean' future, Barracuda had offered her one million dollars, so she (apparently) had in fact sided with Barracuda. But the girl's voice and body language... True, she was a captive of a woman who wanted to know what went wrong with the carefully crafted plans she had helped to design for the past night, and who obviously thought that she might have something to do with it...


She was scared, trying to hide and trying to look more confident than she actually was.


But she was lying. Even doing a generous discount for the fear and uneasiness that she was obviously feeling, she was lying. And trying to pose as a victim. The opening that she found she'd use it to blame anyone else, no matter who that person was.


Natalie didn't understood half of what they talked about. Did she had just called someone 'Duchess'? But she could find a pattern of betrayals and backstabbing plans. Whatever her... Barracuda was involved with last night it was way too big and profitable. And all parts involved in the business had tried to rob, murder or send to jail its peers...


Then, little by little, Ebony started to pin the blame on Agent Paulsen! Barracuda had gave her the opening by saying that she couldn't understand what she (Paulsen) was doing so far away from the other agents as the trap was being set up. It didn't took long enough for Ebony to practically sell herself to Barracuda as she confessed that, in fact, Paulsen was a crooked federal agent and wanted to get 'the millions' for herself. And, blinking at Natalie, the only free from any bonds woman in the room pretended to fell for Ebony's act...


The things that Ebony said that Paulsen had told her, either to threaten her or try to bribe her, or forced her to do or... There was some truth in her words, but she was lying!!!


Playing the still doubtful captor (yet obviously considering all the words she had just heard from Ebony), Barracuda forced Ebony to give her a long kiss and Ebony practically trusted herself at her captor. They shared some intimacies before Barracuda remembered about the oat flakes. It was soggy and Ebony refused it, then the tape was back over her lips and the plugs were deafening her again. Barracuda looked at Natalie as in the verge of bursting out laughing. She run from the room and laughed hard and long to the point she found herself sitting on the floor with her back against the wall.


And with Natalie standing by her side as, having nothing to do in the room and definitely not wanting to free Ebony, she had hopped her way out of the guestroom.


'Ready for round two?' - Barracuda managed to ask after catching her breath seven times.


This time she left her buttocks alone as she carried her to... her study on the ground floor?


OK, that was freaky. There was another professional camera on a tripod aimed at the naked woman held captive on that room. The said captive was hogtied over the desk, her desk, and tied to it through a series of ropes that went from around her armpits or behind her knees to the feet of the desk., she could move a little and perhaps even managed to stay on her side over the desk, but that was it. She was stuck.


Barracuda wanted her to knelt a couple of feet at the left of the tripod, and she ensured that she would be as stuck as the woman over the desk in front of her by tying a few ropes; one that connected her ankles to the left back feet of the sofa at her left, another that linked them (her ankles) to the front left feet of the sofa, a third one that tied her to the bookshelf at her right and, last but not least, a complex pattern that put her in a kneeling hogtie.


'It might take a while to get this bitch to talk what I want her to say, so I need to make sure that you are not going to be able to go anywhere, OK? Now remember. No sounds...'


She kissed her forehead and stood up. She should be scared, she really should be scared of that woman in front of her. But she wasn't... she was starting to feel numb...


Nothing was so sure anymore. Could she still believe that she was looking to an upstanding model of a law enforcer? Could any of the words from the stripper upstairs be true? Could she have one chance, just one, to get back her life in her hands?


Barracuda, who had done a quick trip to the kitchen, had returned to the study carrying a bottle of cold water. She saw the woman wanted by all the police of the State removing the earplugs of the older woman, then the tape over her lips and afterwards giving her some water. The special agent renewed her struggles and treats


Not bad... she hoped she could look like that when she was ten years older, just some sag on her breasts a little fat here and there. Barracuda whispered 'showtime!' in her ear and...


'Stop playing Ms. Federal Agent, no one is here to see or hear us, since I came to kill you...'


'You would not dare...'


'Who can stop me? Who knows my face? Who knows my name? 'Ebony' only knows my face, and she can't stop me from doing everything that I want to do with her, not that she has any objection to that now, especially after she told me everything about your treats and menaces against her. And your lame attempt of betraying me, ********...'


'What? WHAT???!!! The ********, ******, ******** ************!!!!! She's lying!'


In five minutes Natalie was sure that Vivian Paulsen was as crooked as she could think that she was, in ten she was sure that she was going to hell when she died, but only after twenty minutes she saw the weird movements with Barracuda's fingers. Sign language... if she wasn't wrong she had just 'said' something like 'Here it comes'.


Again she was lost in the maze of names, dates and facts that made so much sense to the dirty and greedy captive and her... Barracuda. It did not mattered to her tough. She had just heard the agent admit more than a handful of felonies, big time felonies, while she tried to convince her killer-to-be that she was not the responsible for the demise of her plans.


Ebony was.


She had tried to pin the guilt in someone called Fallen, then in a woman called Bea, but after her efforts were debunked way too easily she pretended (very poorly) that she had just  added what Barracuda had just said (about a meeting with the 'Japanese old doctor' in the back of a sushi bar downtown) with something in her mind and had a revelation.


Over the next nine minutes, in which she did most of the talking, Paulsen elaborated a very good story that implicated Ebony with the three men that had tried to kill Barracuda circa 08:15 PM the day before. A very good and strong based in facts (apparently) story.


Too bad that she was such a lame liar!


Promising to check on a few things/items 'just to be sure' that she wasn't trying to fool her, a grinning Barracuda reggaged Paulsen and put the plugs back. She simply cut the ropes that were nailing Natalie where she was kneeling and the weblike pattern that hogtied her, and threw her over her shoulder (she was getting used to it...).


Halfway to the kitchen the phone rang and Barracuda stopped.


'Hello boss, did you received my e-mail?'


Barracuda had a boss?


'Just provided it... Because I spend every two weeks a weekend with one (or more) of my local slaves in this area. I live far away from here, true, but I know a lot a bout this town... A lot. I needed cameras, professional cameras, to record their confessions. So I bought two with the help of a lady lawyer that likes me to... Sorry, I forgot... None of your business I know... Sorry about that... Anyway, yesterday before dawn, hours before everything started and I soon found out me and myself in a very messy job that many people expected that I couldn't find a way out, I stopped by her home and... afterwards... I took the cameras with me. They're pointing fingers at each other... Of course that I know that you are tracing this call ma'am... Do you want to come over? The address is...'


Wait a moment... even more criminals were going to stop by at her home?


Her protest was very audible and Barracuda's grip over her bare behind was increased, then she received a series of quick swats and an admonishment.


'Just the rightful owner of the house protesting the intrusion of her home by a few more illegal invaders. She's another of my slaves... or was... I am not sure... after last night I can't be sure of anything regarding me and her... No, she doesn't knows my real name... None of them does ma'am. Say... she's a top business lady in the bank business and lives in a good and cal neighborhood... When you and your bodyguards drop by... could you please pose as some even more important top business lady making some unexpected business meeting at her home in a Saturday morning? Yeah... No ma'am... I don't think you're a fool...'


She had removed her captive's body from her shoulder, and was now pressing her stronger body against the smaller bound woman's one (effectively pinning her against a wall) as her free hand covered Natalie's lower face almost completely. She maintained the same tone on her voice, but the look on her face and her eyes... Natalie's protests died immediately.


'One hour? Alright ma'am...'


The conversation was over, and for the first time she saw fear in Barracuda's eyes, and the very audible sigh was way too genuine to be false. Barracuda feared her boss?


'Now listen up. She's not well known, yet, by the media and the public in general. She's not feared or respected or whatever by most of all big players, or 'crimelords' as you possibly call them, because they think of her as an 'upstart from Europe'. But, she's way WAY more dangerous than I am now and I might ever become!!! She's polite, educated and all that. And one of this days she will be meeting you to question you about what is happening now in your house. Whatever things turn out to be here now and from then on, tell the truth to her. Don't try to lie to her, don't try to fool her, don't do anything but answer her questions with all the truth. I know you are confused with everything that happened and is happening with you... who wouldn't be right now? But... never ever try to lie to her, OK?'


She was... concerned about her? She did seemed to be... But what was that thing about  her in a meeting with Barracuda's boss? Barracuda was avoiding eye contact as she seemed to be considering what to do or not for now, and she was not grinning or having any sort of 'superior' attitude when she looked at her after a couple more of minutes and asked:


'Ready for round three?'


Uh? There was a third captive woman somewhere in the house?


Her obvious question was answered by a shook of the head from Barracuda. This time she was carried bridal style to the living room and deposited in the sofa, rolled to lie on her belly and then hogtied. She was expecting that Barracuda went elsewhere in the house for whatever reason at all, instead her captor stayed still besides the sofa for a good minute, then she knelt on the floor and her face was inches close than hers.


'I am really sorry. I did planned to have a lot of fun with you girl... I believe that Winnie and Ruth told you the edited version of how were my two weekends with her as my captives, didn't they? Well, believe me... You'll be worshiping me right now if we could have had... what I wanted and wished us to have. Honestly...'


Oh, really?


Uh oh, she shouldn't have answered with that look in her eyes... At least not while she was at her mercy, captive in her own home and totally unable to prevent her from...


Kissing her taped lips. No more and no less. Then she stood up and left the room.


Alone for about five minutes, Natalie had a chance to think about her situation and what was going around her now. Had she been conned by Barracuda?


Apparently not, Barracuda's intents toward her seemed to have been, at first, genuine and honest, as kinky and devious as they were (she had heard an edited account of only one weekend? Then exactly what had happened in the sec...? No time to think of that!!!).


Those two women that shared her current status as Barracuda's captives were whom she was thinking that they were? Yes, the anchorwoman of the news and the reporter and the police officer were for real, she had seen them every week and read the anchorwoman's blog due to her credibility. Unlike herself, the other captives were involved in something big, confuse (for someone like her who was a complete outsider in the whole business) and dangerous. People had died because of that. People had...


Wait a moment... the story before the one about the missing agent and mole... the robbery at the beauty shop. Four innocent women who had their four purses robbed, four purses, the same number of the ones she had seen in Barracuda's SUV...


'Do you like lesbian porn movies?'


The... where had she came from? She was now holding her body, lifting it and forcing her to kneel on the sofa, then she went to the plasma TV and crouched in front of it. The DVD player, she was putting something in it... She went back to the sofa and sat at her right.


'So? Do you like lesbian porn movies?'


She was really expecting an answer for such a question in such a situation?


'You'll find this one... interesting, to say the least...'


OK, she wanted her to see something, something that definitely was way more than simply some lesbian porn actresses in action.


She adjusted herself on the sofa as the 'movie' started. It showed a room in what obviously was in a cheap motel from a camera positioned somewhere at the left of the bed. Ebony entered the room, removed all her clothes and sat at the edge of the bed in the front. About four minutes later agent Paulsen entered the room, the two shared a long kiss as the black girl eagerly helped the older woman to remove all her clothes...


Barracuda fast forwarded twenty minutes of sexual activity between them and then, as they were laying side by side under the covers, she turned up the volume.


Ebony was congratulating Paulsen for her 'vigorous performance' and then said that she was scared, they were only in two, how could they try to fool so many dangerous people like their 'partners'? Over the next fifteen minutes both women discussed the pros and cons of their plans to get the 'millions' for themselves. Specifically how they would make 'he/she' kill 'he/she' or how they would react if they had to kill 'he/she'.


There was not a single chance to have any survivors left behind if they wanted, as both women claimed that they did want to each other, to 'live in debauchery in Australia' for the rest of their lives! The most, interesting, part was the one in which they discussed the role they wanted that Barracuda had in their plans. Ebony bragged about how she had managed to make the 'big idiot' to eat in the palm of her hand after a few encounters, and Paulsen did ask her if she believed that 'that *****' would kill the Borone brothers to which a grinning Ebony answered 'of course'... Barracuda's face was emotionless as she paused the video.


'Giugglio Borone showed me this video about three weeks ago. He recorded about fourteen meetings between the two. Always the same stuff, hot sex sessions before and after their talks about their plans and strategies. I saw a few of them. And I pretended to be as mad as he wanted and expected me to be. Because... 1st: There’s no one that had managed to fool me, completely at least, since I was fourteen. And 2nd: I already knew for a couple of months that he was going to kill as soon as last night's 'job' was over. He just wanted me to get rid of a federal agent (and a mole) for him. Probably I was going to have been betrayed by him and killed by the *******'s honest partners before 9 PM last night, if his plans had beard any fruits. The things that people do to get their hands on one hundred millions...'


Natalie's eyes bulged noticeably after her captor's last words, it was a mix of fear and curiosity and it looked so delicious to 'Barracuda'!!!


Next thing she knows, Natalie was grabbed and forced to lie on her back on the sofa, with her head resting in her captor's lap. Now she was just teasingly scared...


'Don't worry. One hundred is more or less the value of everything that was... 'available' at last night's 'auction'. I don't know the details, and you better not know not even a fraction of what I do know now. Suffice to say is that I managed to grab, besides those two and all evidences that Borone had collected about my previous 'jobs', a box with more or less half a million in golden coins. Give or take a few thousands...'


She was roaming her hand around her torso, playing with fingers over her flesh as she went on, but not even for a moment she broke the eye lock...


'My plans, originally, were more or less like this. Have it all over the day before yesterday, lay low for a few hours and come here and... well I was going to use you to hide me... Don't!!! Don't even try! I don't know how things are going to be from the moment my boss walks throught that front door of yours, so I did everything I could think of to protect you. Yes, you were going to be used by me (more than you'd ever allowed me to), but that doesn't meant that I do not care of whatever might happen to and with you...'


Like she would believe in it!


'Stop!!! I did not lie to you... well not about why I was going to be here, in your house. You think that you were the only one that wanted to have a 'no-strings-attached' weekend of sex and fun? For the past five months I worked with people who were trying to either use me as their scapegoat, kill me or both!!! I wanted this weekend as much as you did!! And do not, I repeat DO NOT, dare to think that I was not having some wild and wonderful ideas about what I would be doing with you right now if...'


'If I wasn't as smart as they thought I could not be. Hello... ‘Barracuda’...'


The look in her eyes... pure shock and fear, then her free hand (the other was groping her) was over her eyes and forcing her head to stay on her lap.


'B-boss? I mean, ma'am? What... what are you doing here?'


'The nearby neighbors are either at the local marina, or in a shopping mall or... in short, besides a bunch of teenagers having a pool party a couple of houses at my left, no one saw me arriving. Is this the so called 'innocent bystander' according to your e-mail?'


'Yes... Humm... Her name is...'


'Natalie Sanders, chairwoman of the board of the Golton & Sons Fund, born in...'


And as the pressure over her eyelids stayed constant, and the voice got closer, Natalie heard the woman describe all her life, family bonds and a few little known facts about her.


'In a moment my assistant is going to remove her hand from over your eyes, keep them closed and don't look at me. Don't do that and there will be a vacant chair at the board Monday morning... Obey me and Barracuda's wish, that she was trying to tell and explain to you when I interrupted her, will be granted. And you'll have your life back in your hands, for as long as you wish for... Do I make myself clear, Ms. Sanders?'


She wished that she had such a voice. Firm and delicate and... AUTHORITARIAN!!! The kind of natural and imposing authority that you don't mess with. She nodded.


The gloved hand was off, two folded little and soft hankies (?) were placed over her closed eyelids and she heard tape being ripped. She was effectively blindfolded in a second. Then she was helped to sit after the rope connecting her wrists and ankles was cut.


'Leonard, take her to the kitchen and make sure that she's stays there. Ulric, put the other captives in the same room and watch them. John, check everything that Barracuda has in her SUV... What's this, Barracuda? Are you defying me?'


The person that was now cradling her in her arms was a woman, a strong one. Barracuda.


'If you don't mind, I would like to be the one in charge of her...'


'You're too soft my dear, but I like that in you. First thing first, make sure that she won't be able to hear anything at all for the next hours... Now, please?'


She was helped to stand on the floor and then Barracuda started. First a couple of earplugs, then an earmuff, and finally something wrapped over her hair keeping the earmuffs and earplugs tightly in place. Ace bandage perhaps? In four minutes she was being tied to one of her chairs at the kitchen's table. And left 'alone' for the next...?








'Don't touch her...'






When the Duchess called her name syllabi per syllabi it was not a good sign. Even if she said it in a neutral mood. Geri Scott Lee, one of the Duchess' most important collaborators (employees), was checking all the data that Debs had managed to gather (and put in DVDs) from the Borone and the Duchess' rivals on the other side of the table.


The duchess herself was dressed as some ‘bratty spoiled heiress’, in a little provocative way yet with a lot of style in that all white dress up. The odd part was her wig, as bright red as her real hair. That could only mean that they would let at least one of the captives see the wig (and thus, if she was ever questioned by the feds or the Duchess’ rivals, would identify the Duchess as a Duchess-wannabe). Geri (the younger woman in the room, not even 20 yet) on the other hand was simply stunning in her conservative brown business suit, too bad that she was straight... Oh well, she was going to have Ebony, and possibly Natalie, for herself in a few hours and she was already wanting a third girl?


Debs ol’ girl... Debs ol’ girl!!!


The three bodyguards had spread themselves around the rooms, following the Duchess orders by the letter, and were keeping themselves invisible for anyone that might had a chance to see any activity in the house. Even Ulric who, after bringing Paulsen to the room where Ebony was being held, untied both women and retied them in the fashion they now beard: sitting cross-legged and back to back on top of the bed with a lot of rope above, below and even over their breasts to keep their torsos linked as one, their wrists tied (palm to palm) to their own ankles and their elbows as close as possible.


The only neighbor who could have seen something happening was Ian, the 13 years old son of Natalie's next-door-neighbor. But he was too busy playing some MMORPG to check on his favorite female neighbor through the lens of his telescope.


Back at the kitchen of the house, the Duchess was preparing the lunch of all four women in the room. Something simple, salad and fish, with a little bit of these, this... and that... She really enjoyed to cook. Ginger, a very thin and tall reddish blonde girl in her early twenties, had just finished her job and was appraising Debs' latest 'catch' when she received the call they all were waiting for. Phase II had been concluded, it was time to move to Phase III.


'So... what's the 'damsel of the house' story?'


'Lonely sub who relies on the web to have her fantasies fulfilled... Sorry, ma'am...'


Debs found weird the look in Geri’s eyes, something more like ‘Oh no!’ than ‘Ops!’, and the reaction in the Duchess’ ones wasn’t usual as well. True, the Duchess hated when she asked something to somebody and another person pocked him/her self in the conversation answering it, but the look they shared among them...


What had Geri done this time?


'Well, don't be too mad at her, ma'am, she's right. Typical case of a girl who got everything that she wanted in her life just to realize that she lost everything that she was in the process and didn't filled the void appropriately. Nice person though, lonely as she can be, but nice. I stopped by a couple of times when she wasn’t around, made my investigations... and thus I am sure that, whichever way the action ended last night, she’ll do it fine for our purposes... And I begged you to let me have a weekend with her, didn't I?'


'And I told you that you could have it, if a few circumstances happened. They hadn't.'


'Yes... you did...'  - SIGH!!! - 'So, what should I do with her?'


'Are you sure that she is falling for your telltale?'


‘Positive. In the remote chance that the FBI, even their black ops, or any of those whom we have fooled or are affiliated to those we have killed last night find out about her and this house... She doesn’t knows anything about last night. She was fooled like the rest of the world with the raid on that ‘auction’ and right about now must have a very unsavory idea about the other captives. The best part is that neither she nor Paulsen knows the truth about Ebony. So, even someone comes to this house to question her about me and last night... which will probably happen a few weeks after we let Paulsen go...’




‘She’ll do what I tell her to do. That girl has zero resistance to any order I gave her, it’s kind of creepy actually. But... the point is that she will fool Paulsen (as she has been doing since day one) into believing what we want that ‘black op’ to believe...’


‘As long as you nominate her your ‘chambermaid’..., really?’


The confident smile in Debs face said everything to the other women. And they knew she had reasons to felt like that. They had scrutinized every aspect of the lives of the people involved in the first major strike of the Duchess in US soil, and knew how deep down to the core submissive ‘Ebony’ was. But what did Debs meant with ‘chambermaid’?


Now the air in the kitchen was filled with the delicious fragrance coming from the saucepan and Natalie’s stomach was quite audible one moment later. They suppressed their laughter (even without any chance of Natalie to hear it) and...









‘Don’t be ashamed... I was starving as well my dear. I barely managed to eat a sandwich since last night’s ‘wild party’... And now...’


It was odd to be sitting on the lap of her captor while being fed by her, it was really odd to be following their orders (to not speak and only open her mouth to another spoonful of that delicious fish recipe) without actually fearing any reprisal (or just because she had received such order), but nothing was odder than the fact that she felt safe.


They could have done so many things to her to keep her quiet, she could easily think in about six or seven bloody excuses for her death/disappearance/raw terror filled absolute cooperation if they thought they needed to do that, but they had just talked to her and now were feeding her. ‘Talked’, not ‘threatened’ or anything like that.


She told the woman that she identified as Barracuda’s boss everything that she knew about the whole affair, what she had seen and heard the other captives say about it and what she had deduced from that, as they obviously ate their lunch besides her (Barracuda did most of the questions). There was a younger woman with Barracuda and her boss, more likely even younger than herself, who had made a few questions as well. Besides having (or using at the moment) a polite and educated tone she couldn’t say anything about her.


‘You may answer my following questions. You do realize that if I am to allow you to return to your life, I have to be sure of your silence, right?’




‘And you do realize that in order to be sure my techs are, right about now, checking your life and personal computers and all that... so I can know you better, right?’




‘Very well. Barracuda, take the girl back to her room and tend to her needs. Tend to her needs, do you understand me? I’ll call for you both in a couple of hours, perhaps more.’








‘Feeling better?’


‘Yes... (thank you)... So, what happens now?’


The massage had been as good as her friends, who had fell for that ******, had told her it would be. Those fingers were simply divine and she was (at least physically) feeling way much better than she was a few minutes before.


‘Do you mind if we watch some TV while we wait for the boss to call us back?’




‘But first...’


The look in her eyes said everything, she didn’t wanted it, she couldn’t stand it anymore, she was tired of being kept bound and gagged. But Barracuda wouldn’t have none of it.


Minutes later they were laying side by side on the bed.


Her captor had arranged a change of clothes and now was wearing the skirt of a blue and black business suit and a white shirt. The jacket of the suit, a pair of high heeled shoes, a pair of shades and few other items were piled up at her feet. She for her part was still wearing the yellow bikini, and was hogtied and gagged with tape. While Barracuda was laying on her back, she was on her belly , her face inches away from Barracuda’s bare feet.


And, of course, Barracuda’s right hand was over her yellow covered left buttock... What did that... bitch had with women’s behinds? She felt like an object!


Her captor wildly zapped the channels looking for more news about last night’s events. Nothing really new was being shown, except that the composite sketch of the woman that had robbed the beauty shop was absolutely nowhere near Barracuda’s features. Minutes later she felt the pressure over her buttock loosen and looked behind her shoulder.


Barracuda was sleeping. For a moment she thought about trying to free herself. She could do it, she really could manage to do it. But even in the far away from reality possibility of her managing to ‘untape’ herself and overpower Barracuda becoming true, what else would she do after that? Nothing, less than nothing... She just wanted that all the people that was sharing the space beneath her house’s roof right now with her was gone for good!!!


‘You know what’s funny?’


She was awake??? She didn’t dared to look back...


‘Paulsen is the most safe of us four as of now. Ebony is completely expendable, so are you... but me? I am... I don’t know... Things went way out of hand last night and I had to improvise. Do not worry, I really have been trying to make sure that you...’


She immediately looked back over her shoulder with another ‘oh, really?’ look, and her eyes said everything... she was in trouble. Barracuda sat on the bed and, with unbelievable easiness grabbed her body, turned it around and... She closed her eyes expecting a slap.


Barracuda hugged her for very long minutes. At first she whispered soothing and reassuring words to her, then Natalie broke and started crying copiously. She didn’t wanted to, after all she was being held by the woman who had brought all that... fear and distress to her life.


But once the first one went by...









‘Oh... NO!!! Mistress!!!! Natalie is going to be so...’


‘I know, I know...’


‘Do you want us to go to there now?’


‘Not yet, I... I am still here, she’s having a bath while we speak. What I want you both is to believe in her words when she says that it was ‘great’ and ‘fun’ and whatever other words she might come up with. To all intended purposes, she is having a ‘popcorn and DVD’ weekend. To you and Winifred she is having a wonderful time... Let her bear the courage to tell you both the truth alone and in peace, is that clear?’


‘Yes mistress!!!’


Natalie simply couldn’t believe in what she was hearing. Three women were with her in her bathroom. She was bound hand and foot and inside her tub (albeit her hands and feet were above water resting at the edge of the tub) and gagged and blindfolded with white tape. The young secretary of Barracuda’s boss was kneeling on the floor right behind her, keeping an iron grip over her taped lips and right shoulder (if by any chance Natalie made any noise she’ll be pushed underwater automatically), while she whispered phrases like ‘It’s almost over’ or ‘You’re doing fine’ and the likes in her ear. Barracuda, who had put her in her current situation, was talking with Winnie and Ruth through a cellphone in the speaker mode. Right besides her was her mysterious boss who was hearing another call.


They had just told Winnie and Ruth that Barracuda’s work had followed her all the from Annapolis in a most distressing way. In Ruth and Winnie’s minds Barracuda was a lawyer whose first name was Callista, and now was also the reason of a few hours of real distress for their friend since, according to ‘Callista’, someone broke into the house and tied her up (after she had tied Natalie) and had robbed her notebook and a few CD-Roms.


But in order to prevent any of them to call the police the attacker (a ‘slick bearded masked man with a heavy cough’) had showed her pictures of her ‘home slaves’ under the guard of two of his partners back in Annapolis. He would flee town, then contact his partners who in turn would leave her house allowing her three slaves to have a chance to get free.


Only after ‘Chantel’, ‘Tasha’ or ‘Fanny’ called her is that she would see if call the police was really necessary. She said first that she had already gotten in touch with her firm in Annapolis and ‘things had been set in motion’...then she declared to both women that Natalie was fine with that, but due to the fright she was a bit shocked-up and was having a bath to calm down... and her friends had bought it, hook, line and sinker!


‘And if, by any chance, she tells you the truth straight off, don’t be surprised... she’s really a tough cookie, of the sweetest kind, isn’t she?’


‘We know mistress... how we DO know that...’


‘I will have a conversation with her in a few minutes... In one or two hours I’ll call back.’


For a moment there was silence in the room, her subordinate captors were expecting their boss to say something. As a diva she took her time, but said what Barracuda wanted her to say. Ruth and Winnie had been spotted in the alley behind her house by a bodyguard, they were inside Ruth’s car and were trying to spy on the house through two ‘big and pricey’ cameras! The tramps!!! She got a bit agitated for her captor’s likes.


‘Calm down, Ms. Sanders... It seems that my associate knows your friends as much as you do, if not better. Even if they don’t know anything about her... So... what will we do now?’


‘Natalie will be allowed to have a long bath all alone, while wearing this ballgag, the key to the padlock will stay with me of course. After she’s done, and I’ll have her tied up over her own bed, I’ll go meet the two ‘peeping tommies’ and give them a long tongue lashing, which will give you enough time to leave with the two ‘assets’ through the front door.’


‘Wouldn’t be simpler to just lure them in here and have them sharing her captivity?’


‘Probably, but I’d like to give Natalie a chance if you don’t mind, ma’am. I already gave her a reasonable idea of what may happen to her if she opens her mouth to the press or the police. Right about now it’s the crime ‘scoop’ of the year for New York City and all the cities nearby, in the following weeks it will become much more since most of what happened last night will never go to the public knowledge exactly as it had happened. Fogs and mists of secrecy will help the whole case become another crime legend in this town. She can help to shed a light on the whole affair, but this will only made her a target for all sorts of reporters and ‘reporters’, the police, those who lost something last night, those who wished or are going to wish that they could have won something last night, your rivals and, of course, the most dangerous one among them all... YOU, ma’am.’


‘Please, Callista, don’t paint me as if I am the Wicked Witch of the East or she might think that she’s Dorothy... and you know what Dorothy did to the Witch, didn’t you?’


‘Anyway. I can assure you that, in the remote possibility that she goes to the press and turns her world and life upside down, such possibility won’t happen before one week at least.’


‘What do you think?’


The woman, now no longer holding her but still kneeling behind her, answered without making any change in the light pressure she applied over her shoulders.


‘Last time that I doubted her words and dared her to prove me wrong...’


‘Was it that bad to be her chair for a whole evening? Let’s give this two a bit of privacy...’


First she undid the knots over her ankles, then her hands were freed and she could see again. She was helped to stand up and ordered to turn around, the tape and packing were removed and she stood still, holding her hair up with both hands and with her mouth open, as the ball was buckled tightly in place and the padlock closed.


‘You have half an hour, use it...’


Barracuda, or whatever was her real name, ‘helped her’ (more like forced her) to sit in the bathtub, unplugged the drain (since she felt that the water had went cold), kissed her forehead and left her alone. She stood up and waited for the hot water to fill the tub as she pondered about everything as calmly as she could now.


Barracuda was right, she had turned on the TV a short while after her tears had finally subsided and they had (Barracuda seating crosslegged at the head of the bed and she lying on her back on it with her head over Barracuda’s lap) watched about one and a half hour of news. Things were getting way too confusing and out of hand, about four or five different reporters had received incomplete (yet mostly true) information about the events of the night before, and they had started an avalanche of confusing and diverging reports that had sparkled her attention (as well as of the rest of the country) and sent her into an even deeper state of confusion about what had happened and where she stood in the chain of events.


That weekend, that horrible weekend, was almost over. Only a few more hours and they would all be gone for good. FOR EVER AND EVER!!!


It was a long and lonely bath...









‘Are they ready for transport?’


‘Drugged, hogtied and bagged, ma’am.’




‘She has jut been ‘accepted’ inside her toys’ car. Seems to have been delivering quite a reprimand to the women before one of them opened the door for her... they’re both looking like girls caught red hand by the meanest dean of the world...’


‘Leave me alone with her...’


The bodyguard left the room. She was not going to be able to identify any of them, she hadn’t seen their faces or any other feature and this was the first chance she had to hear one of their voices, and he was using a synthesizer. She on the other hand...


She would never be able to forget her voice!


‘Do you want to hear a secret? One of these days, perhaps in four of five months, perhaps more, perhaps less, she’s going to be here when you return from work...’


Her mewl of sorrow and distress was very anguished.


‘Shush! There won’t gonna be none of that! Do you understand me?’


She did. Perfectly.


‘But, as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, ... she’ll be here, you’ll become her captive once more and, more likely than just perhaps, you’ll both will...’




The woman lowered her boxer shorts and her cream colored panties, raised her arms as in a strappado way, and gave quite a few hard blows, then she made her kneel on the bed.


‘Do not interrupt me again, is that clear?’


She nodded and was allowed/helped to lie back on her belly over her bed.


‘But as I was saying... both of you will have a great time together because, between now and then, you’ll have found the best help available...’


And the woman whispered a name in her ear and a phone number. She then put her clothes back on its proper places, drew her elbows as close as possible and wrapped three turns of that soft material (silk?) that was now holding, gagging and blindfolding her, around it and cinched the knots out of her reach. She finished with another phone number whispered in her ear and (what these ****** had with her behind?) a light pat down there...


Twenty two minutes later Barracuda was back in the room, she stayed in the house for the remainder of the day and most of the night treated her very fairly and gently. To her captor it was like she was used to have a bound and gagged ‘guest’ under her care, to her it was an odd situation since that was exactly what she had been craved for for the past month, and yet it was totally different than she wanted...


Barracuda/Callista (both names were fake and she wasn’t sure which one she preferred) did surprise her by asking her, while she was being fed like baby again (this time it was Chinese food, delivered to the front door while she enjoyed the confinement of her closet) while bound to a chair at the kitchen’s table, if her boss had gave her the name of ‘Dr. Yaris’. Caught by surprise she nodded before she realized it, but she was told that Ana Yaris was one of the few psychologists that had specialized in treating men and women that had passed for what she did. If Natalie did some research she’d find out that she was telling the truth. After the dinner they shared the bed as candidly as possible, and she wake up free of any bond around noon the next day, completely alone.


She didn’t dared to tell her ‘peeping’ friends what had really happened, instead told them a slightly altered version of the bogus story she had heard Barracuda tell them. She found very odd that she ended up defending her captor, as she claimed that (fearing for her slaves’ lifes) ‘Callista’ had really kept her as a prisoner for the most part of Saturday (but had treated her very well given the circumstances), so she did the research that her captor had suggested and learned about Dr. Yaris excellent reputation in the ‘field’.


Six days later she had her first meeting with the doctor...


In the meantime she saw the development of the whole mysterious affair in which she had been dragged into end up in more questions than answers for all parts involved.


Exactly six months after their first meeting, she returned home to find HER waiting for in her room, at the eve of her long anticipated vacations...














‘...and that’s the end of my report, ma’am.’


‘Thank you Natalie. You seem to be doing very well... Is there any ‘small’ problem that you may think it’s not really worth to tell me and did not?’


‘I made that mistake only once, ma’am, and I won’t do it again...’




How did she found out about it?


‘Hmm, well, me and Ruth... we sort of ‘borrowed’ a couple of girls each for a damsel fantasy of Winnie. WE paid for it, in full, the whole four days, not her but...’


‘But the women responsible for my New Yorker and Dallasite branches of the ‘Damsels for Hire’, and who have been doing a great job so far, have just decided: to ignore the lists they are in charge of, to lie to those who have booked the four best girls of their branches (two for each) and to have the same girls for a private party..., am I wrong? Natalie? Na-ta-lie...’


‘No, ma’am, you’re not...’


One year after the incident in she had met her as ‘Barracuda/Callista/laichoisan1935’, Debs had told her real name and profession. Not really hard to do since the whole affair in which the Duchess had been arrested was in all the media. At the time Natalie and Ruth had found themselves unemployed, after the bank they worked in had broke due to incredibly stupid investments made by members of the board (that were too eager to prove to Natalie that they knew more about the market than her), and ‘visited’ by their mistress.


After a full day and night of ‘fun’ she had decided to be (finally) honest with the girls and had told them the truth, all of it. They talked and talked and in the end (before more hours of ‘fun’) she made a job offer to both women. There was this new perfectly legal business the Duchess had started before her arrest that was called ‘Damsels for Hire’ and...


Ruth had not spent more than a semester working under Natalie’s orders when she was nominated the director of the soon-to-be created Dallas based branch of the ‘DfH’, but that had made their ‘meetings’ far more spaced than they liked. A meeting between them and Winnie (who went back to London more or less at the same time that Ruth had moved to Texas) had not happened for over two long years!!! They needed that party!!!


But they should have booked the equally and flexible beautiful girls that were available...


‘Am I in trouble, ma’am? I mean... more than...’


‘Of course you are. Both of you. For the next days Andressa will be ‘holding the reins’ in Dallas and Anatoli will do the same there... As for you girls...’


‘A... a week in the ‘crypt’?’


‘Two..., for you. Seems to me that I was too lenient with you last time. Starting... now.’


The same three pair of hands that were directly in charge of her safety were now stripping and binding her body. The beige business suit, one of her bests and favorites, was quickly and neatly removed along with her stockings and white silk lacy lingerie (she helped her bodyguards/captors all along). Not even her earrings remained after they were done.


In truth she didn’t minded to be sent to the basement, through a private lift, hanging naked and restrained over someone... Elsa’s right shoulder... with her body almost completely covered in black electrician tape with a huge white ballgag strapped to her mouth...


She still was a sub (with all her heart) after all, albeit only Debs had the right to call her ‘slave’, and she had done something incredibly stupid.


She deserved the following two weeks of... captivity? Yes, captivity!


Again she would be put in a series of situations that she usually liked to be put in, but with no say or will in the matter. Since it was a punishment, and Dolores was in charge of the ‘crypt’, it would not really be a pleasurable experience like the previous hadn’t been.


But there would not be any real scar in her mind that needed help to be healed.


Harvey and Lenore were dismissed by Dolores, who asked Elsa’s help to ‘prepare her for the night’. The gleam in their eyes... Uh oh... She had heard the stories about those two...


At the time she had enjoyed them, now...


She knew that the news of her ‘punishment’ had already reached all rooms and all desks of the building over her head, she knew that it was going to be a long way to gain back all the respect of her co-workers/subordinates. She knew all that.


But now, right now though, only one thing dominated her mind, bringing her uneasiness and fear. The thing that was in Dolores’ right hand.


A solid oak hairbrush...





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